Cocky Fiancé by T.L. Smith

Cocky Fiancé

He wasn’t meant to be on my radar, he was definitely the off-limits guy. My brother’s best friend, my friend’s ex, but most of all he was my boss. Hawk Carnage resembled one thing, and one thing only. Sex. He used it, he knew it, he lived it. Hawk owned the largest lingerie company in the world, and I was his leading lady. In business. But now business and friendship were about to be crossed. The lines blurred, and I was ready to dip my toe...

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TitleCocky Fiancé
Release DateDec 2nd, 2017
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Favorites, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Cocky Fiancé

  • Rhea_sways
    meh... Mediocre...Everything just worked out and life was good
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**A hot and sexy forbidden romance that you will read in one sitting! Cocky Fiancé by TL Smith and Melissa Jane was perfect in every way. “He was completely off limits…” Hawk Carnage is definitely off limits for Britta and she knows it. They’ve known each other for quite some time. Friend to her protective brothers and she’s his model for his successful lingerie company. Howe...
  • bookmarkbelles
    3.5/5! Review to come
  • Astha
    OK this book was totally different from what I taught I would be .Both the characters were kind of messy .At first I taught it would be like some hired help would turn the world up side down .But the boss was note on list. As per as I taught.The most important thing that made this book less interesting was the fact that the name of the book and story had the least similarities.Which actually made me more irritated.The fiance part was just like a ...
  • ♛ Mademoiselle Smut ♛
    [Review to come]
  • Kate Hastings
    Hello Hawk Carnage... #HubbaHubbaThis is my first time reading either of these authors, (though each have titles on my TBR), so I’m unfamiliar with their individual styles. What I do know having finished Cocky Fiancé however, is that together their writing is fluid and seamless.Draw in quickly by the likeable characters & their sassy, snarky banter, I rarely put the book down. It’s funny, smart, steamy, & layered with a little twisty angst, ...
  • belle ☆ミ (mybookcastle)
    Cocky Fiance was an incredibly fast, entertaining, dramatic and steamy read. Hawk Carnage (what a name) is the boss of Britta and he’s the owner of the largest lingerie business. After a run in with her ex, she found herself in a fake engagement with her boss. I was enjoying myself so much that I read the book in one sitting. Britta and Hawk balances each other out. I loved their banter which are adorable, witty and definitely dirty. Britta’s...
  • Cocktails and Books
    I wanted to like this one more, but just as I was enjoying their little secret romance there was a jump the shark moment in the storyline. The mystery of the redhead and the ensuing drama wasn't really needed and added a moment of angst that really did nothing for the story (other than irritate me)l
  • Emmbooks
    Super hot, super sexy read!This book consumed me for the few hours it took to read it. For a writing duo to write so seamlessly is freaking RARE!!Cocky Fiancé is witty, super hot and utterly,utterly addictive.I hope we get many more books from these two authors together.Five Whiskey & Unicorn stars!
  • Allyson Morris
    It was hot and cute!!
  • ❤ Fantasy Land Blog ⚛Reviewer⚛
    So this is my first T.L. Smith book and I have heard great things about her and her books and I am so happy to have read this book. This is a cute story about Hawk and Britta who have been friends since childhood. And although Britta has always seen Hawk as something more she has never acted on it or really shown anything more than friendship towards him. So when Britta needs a fake fiance for her ex-boyfriend's wedding and Hawk just happens to o...
  • Lisa Sylva (The Book Bistro)
    Mmmm.... Let’s Talk Hawk!I just love a writing duo that can come together and give you a story that consumes you from beginning to end. I want to do cartwheels because I simply loved this book so much. What can I say about Hawk Carnage? The man is that “Book Boyfriend” you yearn to read about. He’s intense, broody, passionate and sexy as all get out. He starts out as sort of an enigma and you’re trying to figure out what in the world he...
  • Angela
    5 StarsArrogant Fiancé is a very sexy collaboration by T.L Smith and Melissa Jane. I am very familiar with both authors, having read Ms. Smith’s ‘Dark Intentions’ series, and Ms. Jane’s ‘Monsters’ and the ‘Bittersweet’ series. I have loved their individual worked, so I was excited by what their writing partnership would produce. To say they got their recipe right is an understatement. What they have delivered is a wonderful, seam...
  • Nikki
    An enjoyable read!Ok so I freely admit that the initial reason I bought this book was to help support these authors during the #cockygate incident. They are both new to me authors, and generally I don't buy books from new authors that cost more than $.99 just because I've been burned in the past. However, with all the drama going on I wanted to show my support for all these authors (and I did so by purchasing several books) but I digress... I'm s...
  • ConfessionsofaRomanceJunkie
    Reviewed by: Candice Marie Cocky Fiance was my first book by new to me authors T.L Smith and Melissa Jane. I really enjoyed it! Hawk was HOT and Britta hilariously adorkable with just the right amount of sass. This book was sweet, sexy, and funny. Some parts were a bit infuriating, and I thought Britta to be a bit too forgiving when it came to a certain friend of hers. However, the cast of side characters were entertaining and the family dynamic ...
  • Janine Bosco
    Cocky, Arrogant, either way I loved it!I absolutely devoured this book. The writing was seamless and the story engaging. I would like to see more from this duo of authors. Britta's brothers perhaps? Pretty please. Oh and hawk was deliciously cocky in all the right ways.
  • Gogol
    Musings of a teenage girl. It was sooooo bad.
  • Laurie Breitsprecher
    All I want for Christmas is Hawk Carnage! Hey, a girl can dream right? This book is witty, funny, sexy and addictive! This writing duo is pure perfection!
  • Rhea
    A fantastic book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s written really well and I didn’t want the book to end!
  • Co
    I have read several books by T.L. Smith before, this is my first time reading something by Melissa.I fell in love with Britta and Hawk. It had a great storyline. Hawk is the sexy hot boss. Britta the workaholic. From page one this book had me laughing. I just had to read it in one sitting to see what would happen with these two. This is a must read for 2017. I sure hope these two authors write another book.
  • Rahmayanti
    Reading ARC for Cocky Fiance, i am more than excited to give my honest review!Now, if you know TL and her darkness, you would be amaze with how funny, light, sexy and smart with this book.But for Melissa Jane, this is my first book from her and won't be the last.Their duet though, got to read!Britta and Hawk...ehmm yummy couple. An alpha, bossy, broading, too intense meet a feisty, sexy and smart. Result: call the fireman cause they are just too ...
  • Tersia Eloff
    I have read all of TL Smith book's and I've read Melissa Jane's Cartel Series.These two authors hook me from page one.Cocky Fiance was a lighter read than what they would normally bring us, but I loved it. As always it had a male lead you want to bring to life and keep (if only) and a strong leading lady that knows what she wants and how to get it.I loved Cocky Fiance, it's a fun read and the release date is timed just right for the holiday seaso...
  • Jayne Evans
    I Have been lucky enough to read this as an ARC for my honest review.I am an avid reader of the dark books of TL Smith but as yet have not read Melissa Jane (that will change going forward for sure)I thoroughly enjoy this fun, easy to read book.Funny in all the right places and sexy too.Britta is a great leading lady and Hawk.........well he's an intense alpha with a heart.Friend of her brother's and her boss she's been told repeatedly to stay aw...
  • Andrea Crane
    I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. T.L.Smith is known for her dark books (which I love) but I haven't read anything by Melissa. If you need a easy,funny,and hot alpha male book this is for you. I seriously sat and read this in a few hours. Willa has four over protective brothers who love her dearly. She works for their best friend Hawk who is basically part of the family. Well on her way to work she runs in to her cheating ex and boom s...
  • Shagofa
    I don't know we're to begin, but let's start at the beginning I guess. I felt like the plot was all over the place, many things didn't make sense and in my opinion i didn't feel the attraction between the characters. The book mentions many things, but by the end of the book everything hangs loose and we don't have an answer for everything. Now I can understand that this is probably supposed to be a quick read and therefore the pace has to pick up...
  • Nusaybah
    well this book could have been soo much better and the MUs were there for the heck of it.
  • Dilek VT
    After I understood how shallow the book is, I just skimmed and scanned it to make sure it was definitely unworthy of my time - it sadly was and I dropped it.This book feels as if it is written knowing the smut sells; however, it is not that good, either, nope, it is shallow, too - no chemistry, no steam, no feelings, just the action! Oh, and there is no talk of safe sex, no talk of protection, no use of condoms. Where on earth do these people liv...
  • Na Dine Bookaddict
    "If she fucked like she kissed, we would never leave the apartment."I'm a little lost for words here. Seriously! I never imagined when I started this book, I'd be finished just a few hours later. I had such a great time reading it, that time just flew by. My travel home from my sisters place never felt shorter.Cocky Fiancé is a quick paced, witty, hot as hell and entertaining story. So basically it has all the necessary ingredients to become a g...
  • Dri ✰
    ★ 4 stars!!! ★ Leitura rápida, leve e super gostosinha. Gostei bastante do Hawk e da Britta e claro, dos irmãos super protetores dela!!!
  • Becca - ✭Little Red Reading Hood✭
    Holy monkey, what an amazing ride! Cocky Fiancé is your sweetest desire. A sexy, hilarious and very, very hot book with a touch of angst.I really did have the greatest time reading Cocky Fiancé. It’s that kind of a book you won’t be able to put down, not only because it’s rocking your booty but it also has a heart and will keep you on your toes.Hawk and Britta are like nothing else. These two made me laugh so hard I’m pretty sure my nei...
  • Anne Milne
    So this was a new author pairing and it worked, as I read a collaboration I always try to work out who wrote which part but I have no idea which makes me happy. I loved the relationship between Hawk and Britta it’s fun and flirty the banter had me smiling and laughing continually. The chemistry is off the charts, you can feel the sparks flying the writing makes you feel like you are there every step of the way.From the first page I was invested...
  • Julie
    Wow! This was great fun. Two great authors a great collaboration.Britta works for Hawk Carnage, the owner of a successful lingerie company. She's his assistant and his right hand man. Britta has just had a bad relationship breakup and is attempting to move on, which includes continuing mooning over her sexy boss, when said dumb a** ex boyfriend calls to inquire if she's received her invite to his wedding. Caught on the hop, she replies she has an...
  • RentasticReads
    Cocky Fiancé is a fun and very entertaining read with just the right amount of intrigue and twists you won’t see coming. It’s like a buffet of forbidden romance and unexpected conflicts. It’s somehow your typical fake fiancé tale where the couple ends up developing feelings for each other and falling in love, but not quite completely. Hawk and Britta’s story tended to be more intense and a whirlwind that can end up blowing you away if y...
  • Nathalie*
    3.75 stars This was a cute story ;) I liked both of them.. I liked the family. The best friend is stupid! I liked that her attitude kept growing she became more sassier.. her brothers were overbearing but sweet.
  • Jan
    A brilliant first time collaboration for TL Smith and Melissa Jane..... give me more!. I loved cocky fiance, not only is Hawk a moody, bossy sex god but Britta is one sassy vixen, brilliant pairing of characters. A friends to lovers romance. Britta is the sister of four protective brothers who are all friends with Hawk and in addition Hawk is also her boss. Britta bumps into her ex who cheated on her with her best friend and is reminded of the we...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    I love a good brother's best friend/boss story and Cocky Fiance by authors T.L. Smith and Melissa Jane was excellent! After running into her ex-boyfriend, Britta tells a little white lie that happens to drag her boss Hawk Carnage right into the middle of a situation that is spiraling out of control. Not one to let an opportunity pass to finally have the one woman Hawk has always wanted, he agrees to help.Cocky Fiance was an enjoyable, sexy, enter...
  • Becky Rendon
    Cocky Fiancé is a naughty fiancé. Fake fiancé, I meant to say, fake...but also naughty and very cocky. If you like filthy talking, hot suit wearing, big brother's best friend, who is also your boss, One Click now and squirm with Britta.Squirm I really need to spell it out? Filthy talking Alpha CEO with a "talent" that is beyond measure....(Thought that would get your attention!)Cocky Fiancé is fun, sexy, and sweet. It will make y...
  • Teresa Lara
    love Hawk and Britta amazing fabulous funny and emotional love story.Could put it down.
  • Bloggers From Down Under
    ** Provided on behalf of the authors for an honest review **** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **Hawk Carnage....Very self assured, all things drool worthy, powerful in business and a womanizer like you wouldn't believe. Yeah he's got the lot and Britta wants a piece of the action.But there are two things that stop Britta from entering forbidden territory.One....Her brothers, although they love Hawk dearly they know what he's like w...
  • Kristy & Kayla - My Person's Books
    Cocky Finance is the debut novel of a joint venture between TL Smith and Melissa Jane. Wow wow wow, this book was AMAZING and I loved every minute of it, so much so that I re read it after reading it the first time. A sexy hot book, chemistry that is off the charts, a touch of angst and humorous banter that will have you laughing out loud. You will not want to put this down, the characters will keep you captivated and leave you wanting more. From...
  • Robyn Corcoran
    I can honestly say I was extremely excited when these two fantastic authors announced they'd written a book together. My excitement is justified and they aced it! This is a must read book for everyone!Hawk Carnage is a successful owner and manager of a lingerie business. Britta is his hard working and reliable second hand who loves the business nearly as much as Hawk does. Throwing herself into work after a bad relationship breakup Britta has mov...
  • Cindy
    Cocky Fiancé is the first book co-written by the talented authors T.L. Smith and Melissa Jane. It's a sweet, sexy, hot, hilariously written book. I was captivated from page 1. I couldn't get enough!! I couldn't put it down!!! Hawk and Britta are entertaining! I'm a sucker for an office romance, but we get sooooo much more, as Hawk is Britta's brothers best friend, and frat brother. Which should make their chemistry and attraction a no go. And as...
  • Karin
    What a great read. Probably my favorite book by T.L. Smith to date. But a first time for me reading Melissa Jane and I hope for lots more of collaborations fromthese two if this book is a indicator. It was a bit of everything I love in stories mixed in with lots of humor. When Britta finds herself stuck in a extremely strange situation with a disgusting ex she hatches a plan without even thinking that involves a fake fiancé and she picks none ot...
  • Amanda
    Y’all... this BOOK... I haven’t devoured or loved a book this much in a long time! Hawk Carnage... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I fell hard for Hawk and his sexy af alpha ways! This addictive book had me hypnotized from beginning to end!! To be honest, I didn’t want this book to end! I loved the relationship between Britta and Hawk! And oh lord.. that unicorn scene! I’ve never laughed so hard!!! This book is everything! I absolutely ...
  • Melissa Christenson
    This is not my normal genre of books to read but I absolutely loved it. T.L. Smith and Melissa Jane really hit it out of the park with this book! This book is about 2 people finding love even though the odds are stacked against them. It had everything from forbidden love to betrayl to best friends. Britta's exfiance and exbest friend betrayed her and Hawk is her brothers best friend. They aren't meant to be together but Britta sees her ex and he ...
  • Whitney Cannavina
    I received an ARC for an honest reviewReview by Country Gals Book Blog Omfg this was a hot, sexy and fun story! Britta strong, fun, and smart while Hawk was intense, cocky, and sexy. Their chemistry was fun, flirty, and sexy with enough drama to keep us on the edge of our seats. With both their pasts making appearances trying to split them apart and break them, there was a lot to hop for with these two to make it through the drama. Loved this sto...
  • Booknerdingout
    Cocky Fiance is witty and sexy. I knew after reading the first few pages, this was going to be an addictive read, AND it was! Hawk's this hot business owner, with a no FG attitude, that I loved. But I think it was Britta that I wanna be like when I grow up. Her characters definitely GOALS. Beautiful, smart and funny as heck. And her hot brothers! Hello, adopt me! Fingers crossed the Valentino brothers get their own books. I look forward to readin...
  • Kimberly
    Such a good book!! I read it in one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. This story doesn't lag at any point, the characters are so well thought out, I loved all the brothers, I wish they would get their own books but I don't know if that's in the cards or not. Melissa Jane and TL Smith should write together more often. This story is told in dual pov.
  • Afini
    Loved loved this one!
  • Karlie (cozyreadsandtea)
    Super cute, funny, sexy and a quick paced read! I really enjoyed it. I definitely needed something light hearted!