Lullaby (The Sand Maiden, #1) by L.R.W. Lee

Lullaby (The Sand Maiden, #1)

You've heard of the Sand Man. Meet his counterpart, the Sand Maiden.Alissandra thrills to help her human charges make sense of thoughts that need refinement, problems that need solutions, worries that beg for action, and things they should or shouldn’t have said, as she weaves their dreams. She’s been doing it her entire immortal existence. But when the most powerful king in Dream realm sets his sights on her current charge, Prince Kovis Alta...

Details Lullaby (The Sand Maiden, #1)

TitleLullaby (The Sand Maiden, #1)
Release DateJan 15th, 2018
PublisherWoodgate Publishing
GenreFantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, High Fantasy

Reviews Lullaby (The Sand Maiden, #1)

  • Rae
    Thank you L.R.W. Lee for an advanced copy of this to read!!!I received this book for an honest review. And I am happy to say that an honest review wont be hard to come by!!! Just having finished this I am still on a happy high, buzzing with all the excitement of that ending!!! WAHHH!!! I need book two like IMMEDIATELY!! This book really throws you into a new world with new magic and a cray cray evil father/king/sandman and his daughter Alissandra...
  • Samantha Zeman
    This story is a wonderfully fresh take on the Sandman (Sand maiden) and it was fabulous!First I'd like to say thank you to L.R.W. Lee for providing such an awesome opportunity to allow some of us, myself included, to receive an ARC! So, thank you so much! Below is my honest review.The characters development was wonderful, especially Kovis. He grew so much from the beginning before he knew Ali. Ali truly was what he needed to break through the wal...
  • Elizabeth De Guzman
    I just finished reading Lullaby and WOW! this book gave me the feels, and the characters are interesting more and more as you dive in to the story. I was lucky to have an ARC, and now I can't wait to have this series added to my shelves. Seriously, I can't wait for book 2. I already miss Ali and Kovis. To L.R.W. Lee thank you for introducing me to another world that I would love to explore in. Planning on re-reading it tonight. :)
  • Nikki
    I am changing my rating from 3.5 to 4 stars. I went back from the start to take note of lines that left me an impact. And I realized I enjoyed more of the story in this quick re-read. The realms the characters are in are truly unique. Also, if I can't move on from this particular scene in the book then I must have been imbued and captivated right? I would seriously love to find out more of what happens to Kennan to Ali and Kovis and how they woul...