Elevate by Joseph Deitch


A modern world that is bursting with data can often make us feel even more lost as we struggle to find meaning and look for the answers to life’s mysteries. Joseph Deitch shares his lifelong pursuit of wisdom and growth in an accessible, practical, down-to-earth gift to his readers. Elevate is a celebration of life and the potential that exists for all of us. It provides both answers and insights as it links awareness and action, East and West,...

Details Elevate

Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherGreenleaf Book Group Press
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Psychology

Reviews Elevate

  • Holly Weiss
    Want to improve your health and well-being? Our complex culture weighs heavy on all of us. Deitch assists us in finding and choosing techniques for successfully navigating our increasingly-convoluted lives. Rather than being victims of our world, we can care for ourselves effectively. The author’s relaxed, encouraging voice offers practical tips on surfing the changing waves of the world. We are at the center of our lives and have the ability t...
  • Christy
    I won this book from Bookish in exchange for my honest opinion. Ok, so I'm one of those people. I listen to motivational videos, hype songs, and speeches. My bookshelves are full of books to help me grow as a person. I'm always looking for a new way to look at an old concept. Elevate is a perfect addition to my collection. The writing is clear and precise, the author is easy to understand and relate to, and he reminds you of those things you alre...
  • Karla
    I received this book from the publisher via BookishFirst in exchange for my honest review. -- I am a sucker for a good self-help or motivational book. My collection started when I was doing my undergrad and my college had a slight obsession with adding them to the curriculum of all the business classes. That being said, I need a book that is easy to understand, relatable and has the capacity to bring me some real-life applications. This book does...
  • Pam
    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Elevate is a wonderful summary of the best, scientifically backed, actions individuals can take to improve their own overall health and well-being. The first part of the book discusses valuable concepts that one should consider weaving into the fabric of their lives and the second part gives practical advice in how to do that. While most of the content was not new to me, or prob...
  • A. D. Paventi
    Elevate is definitely not one of those books that can be stopped and started often; you have to devote time to reading it through at least once, then go back and reread each section with the purpose of taking notes! Author Joseph Deitch catches the reader's attention with honest truths without being too wordy. For example, in Part One (Awareness) Deitch writes, "true attention entails looking, listening, and learning without prejudice." Without ...
  • Angela Gibson
    Elevate is a book worth a second read. It’s written in an engaging narrative, author’s personal examples are provided, and the structure makes it easy to follow advice and progress.This book provides concepts and follows those concepts with steps and advice. There are some self help books which are wordy but without meaning or practicality. Elevate is not one of those books. The realizations provided by Deitch are relateble and worthy of assi...
  • JP
    With so many topic-specific self-help books already on the market, Deitch’s aspiration of a comprehensive “Essential Guide to Life” is lofty. He succeeds. The 330 pages of Elevate come quickly because the concepts are compact and broken up with plenty of engaging stories. I’m well read in this genre and still noted plenty of gems of new wisdom to leverage, plus lots of reinforcement of ideas I’ve encountered before. Deitch draws on comm...
  • Johanna Sawyer
    Im fascinated. Mar 12 2018 – 17:02 By jsawyer Who hasn't picked up a self help book because they have felt frustration. Self help books lately have fascinated me. I'm in the category get busy learning or get busy dying. I correlate the learning process with staying healthy. An idle mind is the devil's playground. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.... All right, I'm ready. This isn't a one sitting type book but a book to read st...
  • Leigh Hatcher
    I was so happy that I recieved Joseph’s book Elevate. I knew this book would be coming to me the moment I read the first look. I have been on an awakening, spiritual, finding my true self journey since I was around 18 now I’m 42. Which has changed my life just like Joseph talks about in the book. I will be continuing following my true path for the rest of my life. This book would help everyone who reads it, if they are willing to let go of th...
  • Jim
    I won this book on Goodreads. This book is a fascinating look into one's mindset. At times I felt vulnerable looking at my biases and concepts towards things in my life. The concepts that I want to utilize and takeaway for myself is to "ask" and to "listen." These are just two points to consider from everyday life to starting a new business and everything in between, these can be used for basically all that life has to offer. Listening is valuabl...
  • Connie
    “...when our awareness expands, so does our world ... and it becomes increasingly wondrous.”~ Joseph DeitchYears ago, I devoured many of the self help books on the market, after going through a particularly rough period in my life. I learned a lot that over the years has been very beneficial. When I saw this, I wanted to read about what a man who wrote a book about lifelong quest for wisdom and self-improvement would have to say. I feel I was...
  • Bern
    Look past the bland cover and nondescript title, and you’ll see that this is not a run-of-the-mill self-help book. In an engagingly casual, encouraging voice, Deitch, a leading financial planner with a well-informed interest in personal growth (he also won a Tony Award for co-producing “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess” on Broadway), provides a “roadmap” of shortcuts to leading a fulfilling life. Like any good teacher, the author draws f...
  • Energy
    For me, Elevate started off similarly to The Celestine Prophecy, in that it had insights, and its goal is that of CBT, to change the way we think and process our environment. He also talks about the energy that is exchanged when we are dealing with others, another predominant aspect of Redfield's book. But that is where the similarities ended, as Elevate is not a work of fiction, rather a guide for personal growth. He presents the reader with var...
  • Laura Reading
    Like many of the other reviewers, I am a self professed self help junkie. It is a genre I am drawn to and have read and re-read the master works, as well as some of the books by people just repeating a few short concepts, while trying to make a few bucks simply. Joseph Deitsch's lengthy and complete work goes among the former, masterful, works. His ideas are well researched and well presented. He addresses not only actions to undertake but mindse...
  • Tate
    First of all, thank you to BookishFirst for letting me read this book in advance. and thank you to the author for the awesome swag!I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Most self-help books provide good information, but seem to have their fair share of "crazy." Elevate is the first one that I have read cover to cover and never had a "here we go" moment. The only critic I have for this book is that I feel like the author could have went into more...
  • Tori
    Elevate is a self-help book unlike any you may have read before, with a genuine push towards personal growth and development. You can tell from the first paragraph that Joseph Deitch has put a lot of time and thought into every sentence, really crafting a voice that sounds confident in the knowledge he shares but also like a friend who is excited about what they've learned and longs to share it with you. I'm often put off by the air of superiorit...
  • Andrea
    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.*Disclaimer* This is the first self help book I have read and therefore I am not by any means an expert on them. That being said, I found Elevate to be very well written and the concepts easy to understand and follow. Three things that make Elevate stand out: 1. Foreword by Lisa Genova endorsing this book (This is very minor in the grand scheme of Elevate, however Lisa is one of my favorite ...
  • Jordan
    What an interesting book! I must admit, boasting that this is "an essential guide to life" does make me a bit skeptical of such a strong claim, but I think this book lived up to that title pretty well. I don't often listen to a lot of motivational books and speakers, but I must say that I related to a lot of what Deitch was saying in this book. Deitch writes in a very accessible, simple, and precise writing style that really made this book a plea...
  • Srikanth
    I received a complimentary copy of this book on Bookish in return for my honest review. This book is full of ideas and actions that we can take to improve our life and personality. One concept is to have break down the challenge into simple and easy to reach goals so we can have a sense of accomplishment before moving on to the next level. The author very well follows this technique in the book by introducing us to the concepts in a way that is e...
  • PeaceLily
    By omshantiI really appreciated the way the author has organized the accumulated wisdom in this book. As he says, "It's not my wisdom, it's our wisdom." He's collected and organized wisdom from both Eastern and Western philosophies into a very readable and logical format, with two parts. The first part is "Awareness" and is about cultivating awareness for improving your life. The second part, equally important, is "Action". The author compares it...
  • Amanda
    I won this book from Bookish in exchange for an honest review, thanks Bookish and thanks to the author! I really enjoyed reading this self help book and found it to be very useful, enlightening, and full of a lot of great information as well as personal stories from the author. This book is meant to Elevate your thinking, which will, in turn, elevate your life. Elevate provides a lot of good advice and practical ways to elevate your life and impl...
  • Mary
    Full Disclosure: I received this book as a giveaway. Elevate is a different kind of self-help book. It not only explains the reason for behaviors; the second half of the book is devoted to an action plan. This book interested me as I am entering a new phase in my life and believed the information would be benefical as I craft this new beginning. Elevate did not disappoint. It is full of food for thought on how to live your best life. I have alrea...
  • Lovely Loveday
    Elevate is an intriguing read that is packed full of information that is scientifically backed. A book that is full of actions and manageable step by step steps you can take to improve your own health and well-being. Deitch writes in such an engaging way that makes it easy to follow along. Elevate is a book that is full of advice that is easy to relate to.  A read that is full of self-help information that is easy to follow and many people ca...
  • C
    I received this inspiring motivational read as Goodreads giveaway. The author presents concepts and relevant quotes in an effective manner and each chapter builds on each other through an impactful flow of reading material.
  • Christine Boswell
    Dang Joe this is an exceptional book! I am only half through it and can't put it down. My life will forever be headed in a better direction thanks to your perspective in words. One never knows what lies inside a book of inspiration. This one will be read again and again here.Thank You!
  • Thomas
    Goodreads giveaway winner...Thank you!
  • Breana
    I don’t typically read self-help books unless there’s something about them that not only get but keeps my interest, and that’s exactly what happened with Elevate. I read an excerpt and liked the initial pages. So, I was pretty excited when I got the email indicating that I was getting an early copy. Suffice it to say, I liked Elevate. It was the kind of book that took time to read and made me really think about the information as I went alo...
  • TheReadingCornerforAll
    I found "Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life" by Joseph Deitch to be a little gem of a book. Deitch has a very personable narration that gives "Elevate" a very friendly and relatable tone. Readers end up feeling like they're having a discussion with a friend. There was good formatting in the chapters since there were principle quotes in the headers (such as by Eleanor Roosevelt to Confucius). This automatically set readers up with an idea as to w...