The God Scrolls by Michael J. Rhodes

The God Scrolls

Michael Whyse, a simple college professor, learns that he’s an ancient Egyptian priest who has reincarnated to stop the reptilians and New World Order from enslaving the souls of mankind forever.Unable to defeat the enemy in the past, he and the other priests reunite to battle the aliens before they can initiate their nanobot mind control program. Against insurmountable odds, they must race against the clock to restore their magical powers and ...

Details The God Scrolls

TitleThe God Scrolls
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
PublisherAncient Elders Press, Inc.

Reviews The God Scrolls

  • Chloe Entwistle
    This book was, I found, well written (however as it is still in it's editing stage, of course it isn't 100% polished yet) but at the beginning, the main character thinks to himself a lot, and I found it difficult to distinguish between the thoughts of him, and the spoken words of himself and other characters. Overall, it was a great book with a very interesting storyline (the conspiracy was well thought out and made complete sense!). Thanks for t...