The House by the River by Lena Manta

The House by the River

The first novel by acclaimed Greek writer Lena Manta to appear in English translation, The House by the River is an intimate, emotionally powerful saga following five young women as they realize that no matter the men they choose, the careers they pursue, or the children they raise, the only constant is home. Theodora knows she can’t keep her five beautiful daughters at home forever—they’re too curious, too free spirited, too like their lat...

Details The House by the River

TitleThe House by the River
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The House by the River

  • Beverly
    It started out well, I especially enjoyed the story about the strong, resourceful mother with small daughters outwitting and hiding from the Nazis during WW 2 with their father away serving in the military. The Greeks suffered much under their occupation, but unfortunately that was a tiny part of the narrative. The father comes home and vanishes from the picture complements of a rusty nail and the mother, Theodore and 5 beautiful daughters must s...
  • Kevin Kuhn
    This was a freebie from Amazon for World Book Day. I was in the mood for a novel set in another country and was looking forward to Greece. However, it was a DNF at 15%. I was hoping to get lots of descriptions of the city, the food, and the intricate details of a small Greek village. Instead, I got many older men falling in love with young girls. It starts with Gerasimos, a 47-year-old man who decides to die rather than lose his leg, which became...
  • mary
    Έχω την εντυπώση πως αυτό είναι ένα από τα χερότερα βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει ποτέ!Έχουμε πέντε αδερφές η μια χειρότερη από την άλλη όλες συμπτωματικά καταφέρνουν να ζήσουν μέσα στα πλούτη και τη χλιδή να βρουν εκατό άνδρες που να πέφτουν στα πόδια ...
  • Lisa
    A emotional and poignant Greek family saga following five young women as they pursue their dreams, only to realize their home by the river is a healing place.SUMMARYLife was simple in the house by the river at the foot of Mount Olympus in Greece. Theodora and the tall, handsome Gerasimos kept goats and chickens and a vegetable garden in the years preceding World War ll. And during this time they have five bright, beautiful and talented daughters:...
  • Ismini
    Αντικειμενική ούτως ή άλλως δεν μπορώ να είμαι καθώς δεν μου αρέσουν τα αισθηματικά μυθιστορήματα, ωστόσο αν έπρεπε να το περιγράψω με μία λέξη θα έλεγα κλισέ. Απόλυτα και αφόρητα κλισέ, με μια παλιομοδίτικη, απαρχαιωμένη νοοτροπία που μπορώ να π...
  • Vaso
    Μπορώ να καταλάβω τις 5 αδελφές που ήθελαν να φύγουν από το χωριό τους, γιατί κι εγώ από επαρχία κατάγομαι… Όλοι έχουν δικαίωμα στο όνειρα, και αυτά τα κορίτσια το προσπάθησαν… ν’ αγγίξουν το όνειρό τους. Μπήκα στη θέση των ηρωίδων, έκλαψα, θύμωσα,...
  • Betty Adams
    This family saga started out quite promising, but it was the same story told five times. It made me wonder how two matriarchs who were solidly grounded raised such self-focused daughters. That disappointed me no end.
  • Ann
    I kept reading and reading thinking this book would get less melodramatic. But it got worse. Totally soap opera type plots that are in no way believable. Dialogue that is unreal. Repetitive descriptions- how is it that each of the 5 sisters “suddenly “ realized they were bored? Story lines that were begun left unfinished. Yikes. I’m almost angry this book was so long and took up so much of my reading time. Skip this if you have a low tolera...
  • Leslie
    I kind of liked this rather sweeping novel about sisters that left their village home and set out through the world because it was set against a background, Greece, that was unfamiliar to me. The situations faced by the young women were all too familiar, however, and by the time five sisters had struggled through their lives, things started feeling an old story retold. The sentimental ending was foreshadowed throughout the individual stories and ...
  • Nancy
    It’s very long. It’s very repetitive. You know what’s going to happen. But you keep reading. And reading. And reading.
  • Brittany Howell-Blaszczyk
    This is one of the best books ive read in A LONG TIME!!!!!!! This book is so captivating!!! I got it with my KindleFirst choice on Amazon and I do NOT regret it at all!!!! I wasn't sure how it would be when I read the description but it pulled me in from beginning to end. It has a lot of character development as well which I love and it also has multiple points of view which I also am a fan of as well. Would highly recommend!!!
  • James Curtis
    Wonderfully captivatingI loved this book from start to finish. Recently I loved back to my small hometown and felt myself drawn to this powerful story of these women who no matter their life journeys always had their roots pulling them back. I laughed and cried and marveled at how if I hadn't had been told this was a translation, I never would have guessed. It flowed smoothly and drew me completely in.
  • Liana Chronea
    Έλεος παναγία μου! Ανάθεμα την απορία μου που δεν είχα διαβάσει Μαντά!Τόση συμπυκνωμένη μ@..., ούτε εβαπορέ να ήταν!Πού στα κομμάτια βρίσκει τόσες κοτσάνες μαζεμένες; Πιο πιθανό ν'ανοίξω κανα λύκο και να βρω μέσα γιαγιά ζωντανή ξεχασμένη από χρόνια,...
  • Gillian
    ReviewI absolutely loved this book. While it is not of a genre I normally read this book kept me reading from the first page to the last. I do hope that more of the author's book will be translated.
  • Trudy
    3 Stars.......I think. This book was so promising in the beginning. I was having such a good time, I began recommending it to my reading buds. After, about50%, however, I began sending out apologies. Talk about a good story gone bad! The story is about five sisters who are born and raised in a small country town near Mt Olympus. When they become young women, one by one each sister leaves their home town and the remainder of the book follows each ...
  • Linda
    Im only halfway through and keep debating on whether to finish it. There are things about it that drive me crazy yet I keep reading for some reason so I'm giving it 3 stars so far. I'm reading the English translation. It drives me crazy that it is supposed to take place in the twentieth century yet a lot of the women characters seem to continually faint! And there is much discussion about arranged marriages and dowries which might be a geographic...
  • Vichy
    5 κορίτσια και 5 διαφορετικές ιστορίες. (Μπορούμε να προσθέσουμε και την ιστορία των γονέων, έτσι για να τις κάνουμε 6). Το δάκρυ κορόμηλο και καμιά δεν είχε μια μέση εξέλιξη. (Γιατί τότε δε θα γράφονταν σε βιβλίο). Όλες "προόδευσαν" ποικιλοτρόπως: η Με...
  • Cynthia Sillitoe
    I don't like panning books, least it was free. This is one where I thought it would be 4 stars, and then I accepted it was three stars, but still interesting, and then it got bad, and then I wanted a second chance at my October free Kindle book.
  • Sue Prince
    This was my free monthly book from Amazon Prime and I was very surprised at what an excellent book this was
  • Judi Easley
    The House by the RiverLena MantaTranslated by Gail Holst-WarhaftPsichogios Publications 2007Amazon Crossing 2017546 pages, ebook, paperback, audiobook, MP3 CDWomen’s Lit, Family✮✮✮✮⭒I honestly cannot remember how I acquired this book. My Amazon account says I paid nothing for it, so it may have come from a rep or I may have gotten it on one of those sales. However, this is my honest review and I am not being compensated for it in any ...
  • Siria
    Greece's hottest village is the homeplace of the characters in The House by the River! This book has everything: aliens wearing meat suits and pretending they really can act like humans, racism, the dialogue that reads like it had been copied and pasted from one of those 1970s' BBC daytime soaps where the sets were so cheap they wobbled every time an actor opened a door, the Mafia, misogyny, eroticised marital rape, Nazis, gaslighting, dead babie...
  • Anneta
    Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό ήταν το σπίτι δίπλα στο ποτάμι και οι πανέμορφες σαν οπτασία κόρες της Θεοδώρας, η Μελισσάνθη, η Ιουλία, η Ασπασία, η Πολυξένη και η Μαγδαληνή. Όλες μα όλες ανεξαιρέτως, εγκαταλειπουν τη μητρική αγκαλιά και το σπίτι τους, ανοί...
  • Brooke
    The story in The House by the River could have made for a really interesting and endearing book. However, this book was painful. To me, all the characters were shallow and unbelievable. All the emotions were over the top. The entire story was super unbelievable and juvenile. And there was soooo much love at first sight. All the daughters were beautiful and men fell in love with them within seconds of meeting them. There weren’t any deep or auth...
  • Georgia
    Η κα Μαντά έδωσε και πάλι τον καλύτερό της εαυτό, σε ένα βιβλίο με πολλά στοιχεία. Όλες οι ηρωίδες έχουν ένα κοινό στοιχείο, ένα όνειρο, την αγάπη για τη ζωή. Η καθεμία προσπαθεί να ζήσει το όνειρό της με το δικό της τρόπο και τη δική της προσωπικότητ...
  • Janet
    Too long and a bit tediousThe story would have benefitted from less daughters, less lovers and a few more boys. The moral of every daughter's story is don't cheat on your husband, live according to your morals and only bad things happen when you move away from your home town. Ho-hum.
  • Lesincele Viaja gracias a los libros
    Me costó el inicio ya que todo ocurría demasiado rápido y apenas me daba tiempo de empatizar con las protagonistas. Pero eso cambia a partir de la pargina 100 más o menos en los que la historia se va centrando en las hermanas pero de una en una. El final me ha logrado emocionar pero aún así me ha parecido quizás demasiado sencilla en ocasiones. Eso sí, muy entretenida.
  • Simona
    It is a story about five sisters from a small Greek village who yearn for the city lights, and is the story about their consequences of their decisions. Story and characterization are painfully predictable, written in readable prose, but I do think that this one can be nice/okay beach read ...
  • Νατάσσα
    Διάβασα μόνο τις πρώτες 100 περίπου σελίδες, δεν άντεξα παραπάνω. Τόσο κλισέ, τόση βλακεία, τόσο κακή γραφή δεν έχω συναντήσει ξανά - το δανείστηκα για να μπορώ να έχω άποψη. Αποσπάσματα - κι όχι τα χειρότερα:«Γεράσιμε, εσύ είσαι λογικός άνθρωπος! Θα β...
  • Jennie
    Σελ. 50«Η ζωή είναι σαν το ποτάμι που κυλάει αυτή τη στιγμή μπροστά μας. Εύκολα σε παρασύρει και σε τραβάει όπου εκείνο πηγαίνει. Όπως ένα ποτάμι δε γυρίζει πίσω, έτσι κι εσείς, αν σας παρασύρει, δε θα μπορέσετε να γυρίσετε… Να προσέχετε πάντα το ποτ...
  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    Ο λόγος που έδωσα 4 αστέρια σε αυτό το βιβλίο είναι ότι δεν έχω ρίξει τόσο κλάμα ποτέ στη ζωή μου!!Είναι απίστευτο το γεγονός πως από όλα τα κορίτσια καμιά δε βγήκε ευτυχισμένη και αν ήμουν στη θέση τους εγώ θα έψαχνα την ντουλάπα της μάνας μου για κ...