The Late Show by Michael Connelly

The Late Show

#1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly introduces Renee Ballard, a fierce young detective fighting to prove herself on the LAPD's toughest beat--the Late Show. Renee Ballard works the midnight shift in Hollywood, beginning many investigations but finishing few, as each morning she turns everything over to the daytime units. It's a frustrating job for a once up-and-coming detective, but it's no accident. She's been given this beat a...

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TitleThe Late Show
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreFiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews The Late Show

  • Paromjit
    Michael Connelly has begun an exciting new series with a new LAPD detective, Renee Ballard, who with her by the book partner, Jenkins, works the Hollywood nightshift, otherwise referred to as The Late Show. This means they pick up cases, which are then passed on to the dayshift cops, Renee has been shunted onto the Late Show because she had the temerity to file a sexual harassment complaint against the head of the homicide team, Lieutenant Robert...
  • Susanne Strong
    5 Stars. Michael Connelly at his Absolute Best. Detective Renee Ballard is Cop. Plain and Simple. Except that she is anything but. She works “the late show” at the “Hollywood Division” of the LAPD after being shipped off there for filing a complaint against her former boss (Lieutenant Olivas). A Sexual Harassment Complaint. It wasn’t well received. Now she is kind of known as a black sheep and she works cases with her new partner Jenkin...
  • Larry H
    Here's a little bit of an oxymoron for you: Michael Connelly is one of my favorite authors, yet I haven't read one of his books in a while. I love the way he writes, but somewhere along the way I lost track of which Harry Bosch books I've read so far, so I've missed a bunch of them. I'll have to just suck it up and read from somewhere in the middle, because he sure knows how to tell a story.The good news is, with The Late Show , he's introduced ...
  • Kaceey
    The late show. The graveyard shift. Where crimes scenes are initially developed, then turned over to their respective departments in the morning when the full investigation begins.Renee Ballard was an up and coming homicide detective rising up through the ranks. Until she stood up to her boss. Now she’s the queen of the late show. Running down calls all night, only to reluctantly hand them over without the chance to get her hands dirty.But Rene...
  • Matt
    As if he did not have enough on his plate, Michael Connelly has decided to launch a new series (or at least a standalone) that takes a new approach to policing, still in the busy city of Los Angeles. Renée Ballard is a well-established detective with the LAPD, working the ‘late show’, police talk for the 11pm-7am shift. It’s mostly picking up the scraps of the nightlife and directing cases to daytime divisions, but police work all the same...
  • Diane S ☔
    The start of a new series by a go to author of mine, usually I would be a little alarmed, Would this new series be as good as his others? Is he still going to write the Bosch series, my favorite of his.?Well by the third page I was hooked, seems good authors, dependable authors can do that, just pull in a reader, quickly. Renee Ballard, stuck on the night shift after an accusation against a higher up leaves her in a bad spot, is a very likeable c...
  • Linda
    "I've seen long careers and careers cut short. The difference is in how you handle the darkness."And L.A. police officer, Renee Ballard, is living and breathing in that darkness. She's been relegated to the late shift, the underbelly of the beast, the dark side of the moon. When Ballard's sexual harassment complaint against a fellow officer goes south, she's been assigned to cases that exist under the midnight rocks that hardly see the rays of su...
  • Mary Beth
    Renee Ballard lost her sexual harassment case against her supervisor and because of this she has to work the 11:00 pm-7:00 am shift called the late show shift. She starts the investigations and then sends them to the morning shift to finish them. Ballard and Jenkins first call on their shift was a burglary of an old woman's house and a credit card gets stolen. Immediately after this, they are called on another case to the Hollywood Presbyterian M...
  • Andrew Smith
    I’ve long believed Connelly to be a master storyteller, he tells it straight and he keeps the lines clear. I don’t get confused when I read one of his books – I always know what’s happening. That’s not to say I necessarily know where it’s going, that’s a different story. In fact, he normally keeps me guessing, with hidden linkages, motives and agendas. His lead characters speak their mind, can be abrupt to the point of rudeness and ...
  • Liz
    I am a huge fan of Michael Connelly and was curious to see how this, the start of a new series, would be. Boy, it does not disappoint. The story engages you from the get go. And I love how Connelly provides lots of back story on Ballard. She is a wonderful heroine, gutsy, sharp, competitive. At one point, her partner shares a Japanese proverb about the nail that sticks up gets pounded down. Renee is that nail and there are quite a few in the bure...