The Orphan Band of Springdale by Anne Nesbet

The Orphan Band of Springdale

With the United States on the verge of World War II, eleven-year-old Gusta is sent from New York City to Maine, where she discovers small-town prejudices — and a huge family secret.It’s 1941, and tensions are rising in the United States as the Second World War rages in Europe. Eleven-year-old Gusta’s life, like the world around her, is about to change. Her father, a foreign-born labor organizer, has had to flee the country, and Gusta has be...

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TitleThe Orphan Band of Springdale
Release DateApr 10th, 2018
PublisherCandlewick Press (MA)
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction

Reviews The Orphan Band of Springdale

  • Beth
    I like this a lot. Let’s start there. It’s smart. It’s warm. It’s interesting. It’s even unique, in a way - it tackles situations unusual, I think, to middle grade fiction. Gusta is sent to her grandmother in Maine, and her grandmother runs an orphanage; her father is a labor organizer (a Communist, y’all) on the run from the law; both of them have German last names, and it’s 1941. This is an unusual mix, one I’ve never seen befor...
  • Jessica Lawson
    If Anne Nesbet doesn't win a Newbery Medal or Honor in the next 3-4 years, I'll eat my hat.The seamless characterization, the flawless voice, the fully-realized setting, the details (! oh, the details!), the history, the humor, the heart, the MAGIC (yes, I firmly believe in the magical wish in this book), the ...oh lord, I could go on and on.Warning: The Author's Note might make you cry.
  • Shelby M. (Read and Find Out)
    I received a finished copy of this book for review from Candlewick Press. My Video ReviewOh my goodness... This book. I did not expect to love this as much as I did. This is some of the highest quality middle grade I have ever read. Gusta, the protagonist, was shy, sweet, and brave. I adored her. The themes that were explored were so well done, in a way that can connect with adults as well as middle grade readers. Themes include patriotism as a c...
  • Alyssa Nelson
    *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*This is a heartwarming story about a young girl named Gusta who moves in with her grandmother and aunt because her father is in trouble and her mother doesn’t make enough to feed her. She finds herself not quite fitting in, having a very German name on the verge of World War II, needing glasses, and coming from a rather poor family. But, ...
  • QNPoohBear
    Eleven-Year-Old Gusta Hoopes Neubronner has moved around a lot. From the mill towns of New England to New York City as her father, a union activist, rallies people to the cause. She's always had her parents by her side no matter where they went; quietly observing and absorbing their beliefs. Now her father has put her on a bus to Springdale, Maine to live with the grandmother she doesn't remember far from her mother still in New York trying to ma...
  • Juli
    I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for my advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Wow, what a complex book. This book is so much more than a middle-grade book. The story takes us to Maine (and to be honest pretty much the reason why I wanted to review this book in the first place, I am only slightly obsessed with everything Maine). Springdale is a small, non-coastal, working-class town. We find ours...
  • Vikki VanSickle
    French horns, carrier pigeons and Dairy Wars! Colour me charmed! A sweet story about a girl who is sent to live with a grandmother she has yet to meet in Maine in the early 40s. Gusta's father may or may not be on the run for being a labor organizer, a secret Gusta keeps hidden as her classmates (and town in general) seems preoccupied with what it means to be a 'real' American and rooting out alien citizens in the shadow of the war in Europe. Sad...
  • Rajiv
    A BIG Thank You to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for providing me a copy of “The Orphan Band of Springdale” by Anne Nesbet in exchange for my review. I loved reading this story from the get-go! Omg, is there anything this book didn’t have? Magic coins? Check. Carrier pigeons taking photographs? Check. Family secrets, scandal and intrigue? Check, check and check!Okay, don’t get fooled from my previous remark thinking that this is some koo...
  • Amie's Book Reviews
    THE ORPHAN BAND OF SPRINGDALE by Anne Nesbet is a work of Historical fiction, written with middle-grade as the intended readership. It is  "... nightingale sweet and honey-smooth." Anne Nesbet has beautifully mixed  music with history, family and a morality tale of doing what is right, no matter how difficult that may be. Eleven year old Augusta Neubronner Hoopes is sent from her home in New York City to stay at her grandmother's house deep in ...
  • Dianna
    I adore this book! The writing is lyrical and clear; the characters are believable and lovable; the historical events covered are highly relevant today; and there is a French horn, an attic full of old books, and an interrupting boy. Eleven-year-old Gusta is easy to relate to. Her life hasn't been easy, but she's figured out ways to make life work. So when she's dumped off a bus to go live with her formidable grandmother, she makes it work. When ...
  • Jaina Rose
    This review and more like it are available at Read Till Dawn .I'll be honest: I didn't really know what I was in for when I picked up The Orphan Band of Springdale, and I kind of thought it was going to be a little bit boring. I like historical fiction, but some areas (such as orphans going to live with a troubled family in a small town) have been done nearly to death by this point.I'm very happy to report, though, that The Orphan Band of Spring...
  • Becky
    First sentence: Gusta Neubronner hadn't expected to be on a bus in Maine when she lost her father. She hadn't expected to be sitting alone scrunched up next to the dark blue coat of a woman she didn't know, or to have her French horn case balanced between her ankles, or for the weight of a night's worth of not sleeping to be pulling at her eyelids and making her mind slow and stupid just at the moment when she needed to be even more alert than he...
  • Afoma Umesi
    The Orphan Band of Springdale, set in 1940's America, as World War II rages in Europe is Gusta Neubronner's story. Left behind by her father on a bus, eleven year old Gusta moves into her grandmother's orphanage. While there, the nearsighted, snaggletoothed girl learns about family, sacrifice and the bitter taste of prejudice. Central to Gusta's story is the French horn that is "the bravest part of her - her sweet, large, secret, brassy voice".Gu...
  • Alisia
    *I received a free copy from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review."This outstanding middle-grade historical fiction novel, set in small-town Maine during the early 1940s, tackles some big topics. Xenophobia, anti-immigration sentiment, union and labor rights organizations all play a role in the narrative that holds many parallels to modern day current events. Gusta is an 11 year old girl who is sent to live with her gr...
  • Heidi
    In 1941, eleven year old Gusta's life is turned upside down when her father disappears and her mother sends her to live in rural Maine with her grandmother and a house full of wild, fun loving orphans. Homesick as she can be, Gusta's perception of the world slowly changes as she learns to love her mother's family. She's given a pair of eyeglasses from a gentle optician with a fondness for pigeons. She gains great confidence and sees the effect of...
  • Grace
    Super enjoyable and sweet but way better than just "sweet."This book has a kind of Eleanor Estes or Penderwicks feel sometimes, centering on the pursuits and cares of children in a small town, but it's the early 1940s so the stakes are way higher than Ginger Pye. Xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment are on the rise, big business is fighting against labor organization, and Gusta's dad is on the run from the law. There is plenty of good will and...
  • Mary Lee
    This book was a very slow read for me, but slow in a savor-every-word way. After I've thought about it some more, I'll likely switch it up to 5 stars. One of my favorite things about the book is how Gusta sees the world after she gets her glasses. That's kind of what the whole book is about -- seeing things more clearly. Not making assumptions. Being brave and telling the truth as you see it.
  • Brenda
    Although I'm not typically a historical fiction reader, The Orphan Band of Springdale had so many of the elements that typically pique my interest, a girl who plays a musical instrument, set during the early parts of WWII and hints of a secret magical wish. What I was surprised with was the messaging that included wealth inequality, foreigner's being seen as "other," and how some German's during this time period were the subject of suspicion and ...
  • Jackie
    Anne Nesbet has written a masterpiece This is the second book of Anne Nesbet’s I’ve read, the other being ‘Cloud and Wallfish’. Neither failed me anywhere. ‘The Orphan Band of Springdale’ is top-rung writing and I recommend it to anyone of any age to read.
  • Sarah Perchikoff
    I wasn't really sure what to expect with this book. The year in the synopsis (1941) threw me off and I went into this book thinking World War II and the Holocaust and after the last book I read (and reviewed), I was not looking forward to that. But luckily, while The Orphan Band of Springdale definitely has its sad moments, it is, at its heart, an uplifting, lovely story. Gusta is such a sweet, curious character that it is kind of impossible not ...
  • Laura Hill
    Writing: 5 Characters: 5 Plot: 4Children's fiction -- middle gradeNew (to me) word: hibernaculum — a place in which a creature seeks refuge, such as a bear using a cave to overwinter.I loved this book — a perfect middle school read!Gusta Newbronner “loses” her father on the bus ride from NYC to Northern Maine. She will be staying with the grandmother she has never met and living in Grandma Hoopes’ orphan home. The time is 1941 and there...
  • Sunday Cummins
    “When the storm is coming, we must quickly find out who we are: who we are in the light of trouble.”—Augusta’s father.I didn't want to put it down. This is the kind of book you can read aloud to a class or give to a literature circle or book talk and leave to be snapped up in the classroom library. Augusta Neubronner, who travels alone to Maine to find her grandmother, is the type of character your students will want to meet and know…fo...
  • Linda
    I was excited to receive this ARC from Candlewick Press by Anne Nesbet because I adored another book by her, "Cloud and Wallfish". Happy Book Birthday to Anne on April 10th for this book, another one set long ago, this time pre-World War II. It's time to celebrate! Again I love Nesbit's style, including so many details in this story of eleven-year-old Gusta’s life whose life is about change just like the world around her. We readers learn her t...
  • Dawna Richardson
    I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. (Unfortunately I actually received the copy after the book had been published so I was not able to review it prior to publication. However, I am happy that I found the title on Netgalley so I was able to read it!)The Orphan Band of Springdale is classified as a Children’s book, directed toward middle school aged children. The cast of characters fits this classification as...
  • Mithila Menezes
    This book is set in 1941, at the cusp of the Second World War.The story starts with eleven year old 'Gusta' or Augusta Neubronner being abandoned by her father, who is a foreign-born labour organiser, at a bus station. Augusta boards the bus, without her father, to an orphanage run by her grandmother. Why? August has to flee the country, as "Germans" were not welcome in USA and he dreams of seeking refuge in Canada. And a safer future for his dau...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from NetgalleyGusta Neubronner is on a bus from New York City to a small town in Maine in 1941 when her father disappears. He is a union organizer, and has told Gusta a little bit about what to do if men come for him, but she just didn't expect it. At least she is on her way to her grandmother's house, and manages to arrive without other incidents. Her grandmother runs an odd sort of orphanage, so there is plenty of room for Gusta. She sett...
  • Fatima Alsuwaidi
    The Orphan Band of Springdale by Anne Nesbet *I've received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest book review*Eleven-years-old Gusta finds her self-solo in a bus heading to her grandmother's orphanage while her mother is working in NewYork, her father a labor organizer is on the run and WWII is about to explode. She's in a new town and couldn't be more of an outsider in both school and her grandmother's house but alongside her is her mo...
  • Rosemary
    It's 1941, and things are tense in the U.S. as the world is at war in Europe. Eleven-year-old Gusta is on the run with her father, a German labor organizer, heading toward Maine to stay with her grandmother, when her father disappears. Gusta shows up on her grandmother's doorstep with the clothes on her back and her beloved French horn. Her grandmother and aunt, who run an orphanage, take her in, and Gusta starts adjusting to life in a place very...