Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

Out of the Blue

Sometimes, I imagine alternate endings to the story: last-minute miracles, touches of magic. I picture how things might have gone, if I wasn’t there. If I’d left just a few minutes later. If I hadn’t been alone. It doesn’t make any difference. One way or another, the crash always comes.Ten days after Jaya Mackenzie’s mum dies, angels start falling from the sky. Smashing down to earth at extraordinary speeds, wings bent, faces contorted,...

Details Out of the Blue

TitleOut of the Blue
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherRoaring Brook Press
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Lgbt

Reviews Out of the Blue

  • emma
    for a book about literal ANGELS falling out of the SKY, this was pretty predictable.but look at me!!! i finished a book!!review to come / thanks to fierce reads for the ARC
  • Sara
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The angels started falling from the skies 10 days after Jaya's mother died. Determined to catch one alive, and overcome with obsession, Jaya's father uproots their shattered family to Edinburgh. With her family reaching crisis point, and Jaya still struggling with her grief, the unthinkable happens - a Being lands at Jaya's feet, and an extraordinary relationship begins to take shape...
  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    Sophie Cameron's debut really is something special! I'm calling Carnegie and Waterstones Book Prize nominations for next year! It's the sort of story that's just effortlessly beautiful and sweeps you up with the easy-to-follow emotional journeys. The secondary characters were absolutely stellar, in fact, all of the characters were complex and intriguing, and I loved what Cameron did with the dad towards he end of the book. I really love books lik...
  • Rachael
    ”This is why hope is dangerous: it it’s taken away, you’re left with even less than you had before.” At the risk of sounding like the kind of completely negative person I try so hard not to be, Out of the Blue is literally the first new book I’ve read in 2018 that I’ve liked. Seriously. I have no idea what this says about me, but if you take anything away from that statement, it should be that this book is amazing. First off, let it b...
  • Victoria
    Jaya, biracial gay and scottish, finds a fallen angel in a world where angels keep falling from the sky without anyone knowing why. But this angel, unlike others, is alive.I really really like angel books and this was really cute while also dealing with heavy subjects like loss, grief and guilt. The LI is a bi girl with a chronic illness and her arc was handled rather well (although I would love to read ownvoices reviews about it)I definitely nee...
  • Nikki
    I received this book from the publishers via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. So there is so much to love about this book! I love the concept. I so want to know more about it all but actually feel that what we get is perfect. But will this is obviously a book about angels falling from the sky, this is also a book about relationships - family and romantic. I loved all elements of them. So first. So much inclusion omg. Bi-racial charact...
  • Nicole Sweeney
    Review originally posted on The Bibliophile Chronicles.I recently did a 24 hour readathon and this was one of the books I was hoping to get to. After reading just a few pages I was absolutely hooked and I’m pretty sure I barely even breathed as I devoured this beautiful and original book.This is such an important book and it deals with so many issues. It deals with grief in a really fascinating way as Jaya and her family attempt to recover fro...
  • Joséphine (Word Revel)
    March 27, 2018Full book review is up on Word Revel._________January 27, 2018Initial thoughts: I would definitely recommend this book to teens who need to see themselves in fiction — if they're biracial/Sri Lankan, gay or have a terminal illness, then this book should be in their hands. These characters seize life as best as they can and that matters so much in YA fiction.In terms of plot and depth, however, I think this is a huge case of Out of...
  • Megan (YABookers)
    Disclaimer: I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.When angels start to fall from the sky, at astonishing speeds and landing with such brutality, Jaya Mackenzie struggles to understand whether it connects to her mother – who died 10 days before the first angel fell. They call these angels Beings, and Jaya’s father suddenly becomes obsessed, trying to figure out where the next one will drop. Her father uproots...
  • Emily
    This was quite a good book! Admittedly, I did first decide I was interested in it because some of it takes place in Edinburgh (a city I adore), and I bought it while I was in Edinburgh, and also read it while here. I liked it, I think that the storyline and concept are not something that have been overdone. (A review of the UK edition.) I haven't read many books about angels, but this one made me want to explore and see about how others might wor...
  • Amy at Golden Books Girl
    In her debut novel, Sophie Cameron whisks us off to Edinburgh (YAY Scottish setting!), in a world where `Beings` have began to fall from the sky. The concept and worldbuilding was amazing, and I loved it. I also thought that Jaya was a great main character as she reacts in a very relatable way to finding the first live being, and attempting to hide it from her dad, who has made a hobby out of searching for one in a bid to cope with Jaya`s mum`s d...
  • Rosie
    Beautiful, real, heartbreaking and hopeful.
  • Grace
    Completely improbable, and totally wonderful. This book is gonna be big.* full review to come on almostamazinggrace.co.uk *
  • Adelina Genova
    What if you are not alone in your hardest moment? What if there is someone to share it with you? What if the crash comes but this time there's someone to catch you?You don't know me and probably will not be able to comprehend what that means but I was being late for a music festival in the middle of the summer in one of the sunniest cities in Europe so I can finish reading this bloody book (for the first time). And there are very few books capabl...
  • Kim
    This book was provided to me at no charge by Edelweiss. I am reviewing it voluntarily.I love a book that manages to fit in not only an original concept, but excellent character development, and those all important action scenes. Even more than that, I love an author who doesn't think all the loose ends have to be tied up in order for the story to be complete. Out of the Blue is an excellent book. It pulls at the heart strings and jacks up the adr...
  • Layla
    I was sent a proof of this book from the kind people over at Macmillan – and fell in love with how pretty the book cover is! Rose golden feathers on a baby pink background, it was a perfect book to take photos of. So I did! Then I read it – of course.BOOK SYNOPSIS: It seems like the world is ending when angels start falling from the skies, but not for Jaya. Her world ended when her mother died two weeks before the first angel fell. No angel h...
  • Dana L. Davis
    Easily fell in love with this beautifully written novel. You know how you read a book and a year later you simply can’t remember characters or what happened, etc.? You find yourself saying… "I know I read that…but… what happened again?” There are however, books that stay with you and leave a lifetime imprint. I know this will be one of them. There is something ethereal, touching and lovely about Sophie Cameron’s OUT OF THE BLUE. Thoug...
  • Fae Crate
    This was such a cute and refreshing read. If you liked Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor or even Halo, this book would fit right in on your shelves. Out of the Blue poses some interesting and thought provoking questions to everyone who reads it. It takes place in today's world with Beings that fall from the sky with broken wings. Different people come up with different answers for what is happening. They think they are being punished by Go...
  • Steph
    Some stand out moments in here, with moments of lushness. I really loved Teacake and Jaya was excellent. Bits of humour, excellent representation and a good dollop of magical realism. The ending was pretty satisfying too.
  • Miriam Joy
    I know I said I wasn't going to say "review to come" and yet here I am doing it twice in one day, but 🤷 I'm tired.-- Full review -- Will also appear on Miriam Joy ReadsThis is a difficult book to review because I didn't have a huge amount of brainpower at the time that I read it, and thus keeping my thoughts in order is a little tricky. On the whole, I liked the book, though there were a few changes that might have made me like it more. I was ...
  • Lauren Hartley
    I received this book as part of a subscription box on the theme of angels and I had never heard of it before. I really enjoyed the characters in this book, their personalities, and the interactions between them were fantastic which I really appreciated. The way disability and sexuality was displayed throughout this was also great and I liked how subtle it was compared to other books which make it the main focus. In terms of the great character de...
  • Johanna
    I loved this book. I wish I could give it 6 stars. And I wish I could buy a million copies and put one in every children's library. And I wish I could time-travel and give one to teenage me. To be perfectly honest I was sold at "this novel is set in Scotland" but I got so much more than I imagined!This book is kind of your average YA novel, but also not at all. It is both new and familiar, like meeting your best friend for the first time.The main...
  • Charlotte
    I first became aware of Out Of The Blue when Sophie Cameron was a guest on the weekly Twitter book chat #UKYAChat and was fascinated by the concept. This is a book that captures the reader from the first line, luring them in with little bread crumbs of information building up to the bigger picture. The protagonist, Jaya, is introduced just as her life is uprooted to Edinburgh for the summer because her father believes that is where the next Being...
  • Kayleigh Brindley
    I'm really sad that I didn't enjoy this as much as I'd hoped. It has all the ingredients to make it a great YA/Fantasy:- LGBT representation- Disability representation- Characters of colour- Angels falling from the skyYet somehow, for me, it fell a little short. There were a lot of things I did like about this book though. I liked the overall story, and how the author handled a crazy amount of issues in this book like; grief, loss, mental illness...
  • Kate
    This is BEAUTIFUL 😭
  • gem
    Splash + ET x A new story about an angel= Out of The BlueThis is a brilliantly inventive book, and I was so desperate to find out what would happen that I read it in one sitting. The story confronts several hard subjects such as grief, guilt, friendship, love and coming to terms with who you really are and whilst all of this is happening, angels have been inexplicably falling from the sky... Jaya's determination to help the being gives her someth...
  • Jess
    Jaya’s mum died before the Beings started to fall from the sky. Nobody knows where they’re coming from. The rocket towards the ground, alive, panicked, wings broken. They all die on impact. Some think they’re angels, others think they’re devils. Jaya’s dad is one of those obsessed by them, and trying to calculate where the next might fall, he drags Jaya and her sister to Edinburgh in the midst of the Fringe festival. When Jaya sees a Be...