Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9) by Lauren Rowe

Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9)

***MISADVENTURES ARE STANDALONE ROMANCES THAT CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER***Straitlaced freshman Zooey Cartwright has arrived at UCLA determined to have a heck of a lot more fun in college than she did in high school. What’s the first item on Zooey’s agenda before classes start in two days? Losing her pesky V card. She’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, so where can Zooey find the right guy to do the deed and move along without a backwa...

Details Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9)

TitleMisadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9)
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreAcademic, College, Sports and Games, Sports, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Romance

Reviews Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #9)

  • Sophie
    My first TOP READ of 2018! Man how I LOVED THIS book! It's Lauren Rowe's best book to date. I just loved it. It's trademark Lauren. Packed full of heart, hope, humour, love, steam and sweetness. There are just enough angsty feels and emotions to really make this book OUTSTANDING! Tyler is without doubt my top book boyfriend ever! I LOVE everything about him. He has the perfect amount of cocky, arrogance and devilish good looks. He's sexy and swee...
  • Martha
    This book rocked my world!! Lauren Rowe did an outstanding job. The story flowed and was flawless. You could definitely tell her whole heart was was in this one. I absolutely LOVED the chemistry and relationship between Zooey and Tyler ❤. Tyler is so freaking perfect it is scary. Just when you cannot imagine him being more perfect BAM he does something incredible. Zooey is also my hero. She is adventurous, trusting and such a realist. These two...
  • Renee
    100 Million Stars! Soooooooooo good! Highly recommend this one to EVERYONE! This is easily one of my favorite reads ever! This one is on the re-read list.
  • Cindy M. Green
    LADIES! LADIES! LADIES! Listen to me please. This book, the characters, the feels, the banter, the heat, the laughs, the love, the heartbreak…the list goes on and on. You will get everything you didn’t realize you needed with Zooey and Tyler in this sexy romance.Zooey is heading off to college and can’t wait to “start her life.” I truly adored her zest for life and sassy personality. She was naïve in many ways, but yet adventurous in a...
  • Becca
    5 ’Cheeseburger’ Stars Someone hold my earings why I am dancing around the room! Guys, this book is ’fantabulous’! Like big time. Gah, I adore EVERYTHING about it!!Misadventures of a College Girl is everything that the brand Lauren Rowe means – sexy, funny and full of heart.Seriously, Zooey and Tyler are hilarious! I love them dearly.If you want to cuddle up with a book, I highly recommend this one!
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures #9) by Lauren Rowe5 stars!!! “You’re the answer to a prayer I didn’t even know I had.” January has certainly started with a bang and Lauren Rowe has managed to do something I never thought she could, she has written a new favourite. I read Countdown to Killing Curtis nearly three years ago and that book has still remained my favourite by this author, until now. This was an unputdownable rea...
  • Desiree •°°•.UnboundBookReviews•°°•
    WOW!! Talk about a book that hit ALL of my check marks for an amazing novel. My addiction to this story began as soon as I finished the first chapter. It was swoony, sexy, steamy, laugh-out-loud funny, with a little dash of angsty moments. I loved every, single, second!New college student, Zooey has a problem on her hands; Her virginity. She's determined to lose it with no prospects on being in a relationship. Just sex, no strings, no commitment,...
  • Madonna Blackburn
    Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren RoweHonest confession here: I did not really want to read another 'virgin' or YA book. Two reasons why I did: LAUREN ROWE; SOPHIE BROUGHTON (full stop)The first reason...because I have read her before & I am a huge fan of her writing therefore trusted her when she told her readers it would be different to most others out there.The second reason...this woman KNOWS what she is talking about. If Sophie recom...
  • Lauren R.
    Tyler has “crashed into me”  over 100 times while reading this book. Zooey is brought “alive” when she meets Tyler. These 2 characters bring the hotness of attending college to life. My 🍒 combusted with the instant chemistry these two had. If only we can or could meet a guy like Tyler in college who could or would educate in everything Naughty, we would be set!  I enjoyed the journey of Zooey finding h...
  • Jacquie
    So, I finished reading this book over a week ago and I TOTALLY struggled with how to put my feelings into words! I will TRY to articulate them as best I can....to start with, I'm a HUGE fan of Lauren Rowe's writing. I ADORE her unique style and I LOVE how she reels you in, setting you up for the "fall", so-to-speak...Misadventures of a College Girl is no exception, it's simply EXCEPTIONAL!!! It's PRIME Lauren Rowe at her BEST!!!When college girl,...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Lauren Rowe's Misadventures of A College Girl was fantastic!!! OMG I loved it. Tyler and Zooey were amazing. And holy crap did I crack up laughing. Just the inner monologue/jedi mind trick spiel during the five second stare down- Lord I was wiping tears off my face! I loved their chemistry and banter and the sexy times. *PHEW*. They were kindle scorching!!When College Freshman Zooey Cartwright decides that she needs to lose her pesky V-card "prob...
  • Amber
    Amazing story!!! Zooey and Tyler are so unlikely but that makes them perfect together! Zooey “needs” to lose her V card and Tyler is a resident “playboy” and when they see each other, body parts zing! Except Tyler isn’t what Zooey expected and Zooey is definitely not what Tyler planned on. And so thus starts this weird miseducation plan that Zooey and Tyler embark upon.Such a hot and funny story! Tyler and Zooey are just so much fun to ...
  • Brandi
    Zooey was finally ready to spread her wings. Life has never been what she expected but now she has a chance to get the one thing she feels is like a weight upon her shoulders. Enter Tyler Caldwell, he is literally man’s gift to women everywhere. He shoes away from relationships and tries to avoid the clinginess of ones that simply won’t take no for an answer. His witty comebacks finally charm Zooey into taking that next step. A night out for ...
  • Heather Himmelspach
    Oh Mylanta! Lauren Rowe has written another fantastic book. Tyler & Zooey are awesome! Tyler thinks that he is God's Gift to Women. Zooey doesn't put up with his crap at all & stands her ground with him. It is fun to see them interacting with each other through out their daily college life. Lauren paints such a wonderful picture with her stories that you fell like you are right there in the book with all of the characters. I love how both charact...
  • Lu
    Misadventures of a Collage Girl is an excellent new adult with a Romeo and Juliet feel. Zooey Cartwright is starting college. She's unskilled when it comes to guys; zero experience in dating. At a party she catches the eye of Tyler Caldweld, a cocky football player who has women dropping to their knees. He takes her under his wing and teaches her the art of her sexuality. Both aren't looking for a relationship, but fate has a different plan for t...
  • Nicole
    I've been a fan of Lauren Rowe since I was lucky enough to score a copy of The Club a few years ago, and with each book she releases I eagerly put my life on hold until I'm finished. And this book was no exception, I pretty much devoured it in one sitting. The chemistry between Zooey and Tyler was electric right from the start, they really didn't have any of the awkwardness between them (well, except for right after the party when Tyler is trying...
  • Claire Cronin
    Oh. My. Life!!! This book was SOOO GOOD!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Lauren and her writing with a passion, The Club series blew my socks off and is still at the top of my most favourite ever series reads, Captain slayed me completely, so yes I was expecting another magnificent trademark Lauren book, but this, this took me way by surprise in the best way possible - a story full of love, hope and dreams, with sweetness, fun, laughter and some ho...
  • Trish Kitty Taylor ***UNBOUND BOOK REVIEWS***
    Ok so first thing I need to say, I REALLY don't do a lot of college romance. I don't have a massive reason, except I hate whinny heroines & sometimes they are written to immature for my liking, but BUT .... OMG Misadventures of a College Girl has swept me off my feet in the most epic fashion. Like I'm still floating on some pink fluffy cloud drinking glitter champagne with smile that makes my jaw ache. EPIC!The one thing I love about Lauren is th...
  • Marina (Living In Our Own Story)
    I've read quite a few of the Misadventures books, but I didn't specifically loved any of them with the exception of the previous one written by the lovely Lauren Rowe, Misadventures on the Night Shift. Well, at least until now. Even though, Misadventures on the Night Shift was great, in my opinion, Misadventures of a College Girl was even better. There was just something about Tyler and Zooey's story that captured my heart. It is romantic, sweet,...
  • Carol Ann
    Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe is a Must Read!!!!!! This book!!! I always know that I am going to love a Lauren Rowe book, however Tyler and Zooey just blew me away. My words will not do justice to this magnificent story, yet I will surely try to pay tribute to Lauren Rowe and her storytelling abilities. First there is the fantabulous Tyler; he is a hero for all heroes with his athleticism, intelligence, sweetness, determination, ...
  • K.M
    Well HOLY shit! Tyler-OMG-Caldwell just exploded my ovaries! I don't think I've read a book that checked all my boxes like this in awhile! Hot, sexy, funny, swoon worthy, sweet, sports romance, the feels, alpha, friends to lovers, a little angst and I could go on! Zooey this girl is my girl crush! She's the Batman to my Robin, the sister from another mister! I LOVED her. She's so honest, trusting and full of spunk. She pulls no punches and I love...
  • Shelley Youngblood
    I have no idea how she does it, but Lauren Rowe is a literary genius when it comes to setting up memorable stories filled with characters that burrow deep into your heart and never let go. Zooey Cartwright and Tyler Caldwell do just that in Lauren's latest release, Misadventures of a College Girl. Not only did this story make me feel each and every emotion they experienced, it made me laugh out loud, swoon as well as burn through the pages to fin...
  • Nancy
    Another EPIC MASTERPIECE by this Bestseller author!!!Every time that I open a book by this author I feel like i will enjoy, get my “ME time”. After I knew that this book was coming I was so ready but as always Lauren has an unique way to be a storyteller that you can identify her writing, she’s perfect!Tyler was this bad boy with the heart of gold, the skills of a master and the body of a God! Zooey is definitely one of my favorite females ...
  • Carey Sabala
    Misadventures of a Collage Girl by Lauren Rowe is a wonderful quick read that will have you laughing, crying and challenging your belief in fate.I literally sat down and read this gem in just a few hours while hubby and I were sick in bed. Sadly, for my poor hubby, while we were recouping - I was laughing out loud, crying like a baby and curling up to him afterwards asking him to say all the romantic things you wanna hear after such a romantic re...
  • Gina Lovato
    Lauren Rowe does it again. I finished this book about 12 hours ago and I am still all up in the feels. I have enjoyed and read all of Lauren Rowe’s books more once. And this one has left its mark on me. The love story of Zooey and Tyler is so unexpected, sweet, sincere, ridiculously funny, sexy, HOT AS HELL and just plain adorable. I had no idea where this story would go, and as a reader I loved the ride it took me on.Lauren Rowe has a way of c...
  • Mrs F
    Ok, just give me a moment... *screams like a wild woman* ...I always knew Lauren Rowe was a writing genius, but man alive she's surpassed herself a million, billion times over! Misadventures of a College Girl is just utter, utter, brilliant perfection!! FYI - This book needs to come with a warning. When you start reading nothing, and I mean NOTHING matters in your life until you’ve finished the very last page!Zooey Cartwright + Tyler Caldwell =...
  • Joyce
    Lauren Rowe’s writing just keeps getting better and better. This book had it all for me and I loved it. Amazing main characters that were mature, endearing, funny and forthright. A great storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat. Engaging secondary characters that added depth to the main characters. Steamy sexy times that were fun and hot, hot, hot. Tyler Caldwell and Zooey Cartwright are more than surface beautiful. Tyler isn’t just a du...
  • Books all things Books
    It’s taken me about a month to get this review out. I had to digest the words Lauren put on the pages because it was so raw, emotional, selfless, heartbreaking, and REAL. If you are looking for something honest and real THIS RIGHT HERE is the book for you! This book could be anyone of us! I felt it in my soul. For those of us already out of college this will transport you back in time. This book is so relatable that at points I thought wow you ...
  • Liz
    I am here just going through emotions. This book was everything!! I fell in love with Captain Morgan hard, one of Lauren's wonderful books, but Tyler, lawd have mercy!! Never thought Captain Morgan would get knocked out of his throne. I mean come in he’s A MORGAN! Lauren you’re a genius. Your words in this book slayed me, they ripped through my heart, yet you also made me laugh like crazy, the lines you come up with! #priceless, and then I fo...