Crank (The Gibson Boys, #1) by Adriana Locke

Crank (The Gibson Boys, #1)

This is one mistake Sienna Landry can’t buy her way out of. As Walker Gibson looks at her, then at the damage to his precious truck (that she may or may not have accidentally inflicted), she knows she’s in trouble. It’s not the busted headlight and dented grill that’s sunk her though. It’s the downright sinful man in front of her that’s the problem. The small town mechanic is broody. Rough. Smells like engine grease and gasoline and S...

Details Crank (The Gibson Boys, #1)

TitleCrank (The Gibson Boys, #1)
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Did Not Finish, Contemporary

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  • aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog
    I may sound a like a broken record but before I move forward to my review, let me just say, Crank is Adriana Locke's best book to date. And, I am definitely Cranked!There's a reason why despite my swamped schedule I always look forward to Addy's release. It doesn't matter how full my calendar is as long as I can get my next fix. And that is solely because of Adriana Lockes's writing style. Feels god story? Check. Hot AF hero? Check. Sassy and str...
  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT. I LOVED IT. Can I say that over and over and over and over and over again?! Because OMG! Crank was everything I needed, everything I wanted, everything that's good and right about a sweet, sexy, and heartwarming contemporary romance. I LOVED it. I can't even tell you how much I needed this book in my life. It made me smile and cry and swoon and smile again. ALL THE FEELS, man! They were down right p...
  • Tina
    Prepare for the rant! I am so pissed offExcuse the cursing, couldn't help myself hereI don't know who I hate more, him for being the biggest asshole ever because he had his heart broken, her for being brainwashed by his sexiness and instead of beating him with a bat right across his face for treating her like that, or his brothers and cousin for being MAJOR manwhores and I am talking about big time here.Yeah, I can't decide reallyI think it's tim...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon USCrank is the first in a brand new series by Adriana Locke. Though if you've read her Landry Family series then you'll know the heroine. Sienna Landry is the sibling that can't seem to settle down at home, which is how she finds herself in a small town still feeling a little lost. But how she wound up working in a auto shop and trying to keep her hands off her'll have to read the story to find out. I was actually ...
  • Shayna
    AHHHHH! I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! The FEELS! The laughs! The amazing family dynamic! I just couldn’t get enough! CRANK has got to be a NEW FAVORITE of mine from this author! Just when you think you couldn’t love Adriana Locke’s writing anymore than you already do, she gives us a brand new family to FALL HEAD OVER HEELS for! The Landry Family will ALWAYS be special to me, but The Gibson Family is a FORCE of NATURE! This small town family is lova...
  • RentasticReads
    “True love isn’t something you pick; it’s something the universe picks for you.” I absolutely, 100%, just got CRANKed by Walker Gibson and I wouldn't, without a niggle of a doubt, have it any other way! Hell, I already want to go back in and just live inside this world where the Landrys and the Gibsons are real. I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am that Adriana Locke chose to start her newest series by crossing over the phenom...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    You can’t tame a girl like Sienna.Once again Adriana Locke blesses us with a sweet and hot small town contemporary romance. Somehow she can weave in the close-knit small town vibe, the going to church and family dinners on Sundays with a reluctant love story and make it just work so seamlessly.Walker & Sienna are sweet. They are funny. They are hot. They are a little bit of everything which can also be said about this story as a whole. I laughe...
  • Jayme
    Did I already say that I am totally in love with Adriana Locke writing? Because it was wonderful!***ARC kindly provided for an honest review. Thank you!
  • Lu Bielefeld **
    I liked the story and our hero who didn't want to get involved or to fall in love but he ended up with his four tires flat because of our heroine. LOL! She hit him from the start and he didn't even see it coming.(view spoiler)[I completely understand readers who got pissed off with the fact that our hero being married and not say anything to our heroine. And his brothers also didn't say anything to her.He was separated from his wife for years and...
  • Fiona Fog
    Where to start... Firstly how did I not know about these books? Omg I love this family.Sienna Landry's first meeting with Walker Gibson is one for record. Smashing up his truck Daisy might not be the best first impression to make, but Walker is left reeling with his first encounter with Sienna. Sienna and Walker, the whole family will have you laughing, and turning the pages as this story starts to unfold.Walker keeps to himself, closed off from ...
  • nicklein
    “Nothing can fix her broken heart except the love of a man that won’t, maybe even can’t, love her back.”Yep, I knew exactly what I’m in for when I read this. Clearly, I loooove torturing myself. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions while reading this. I got frustrated, I swooned, I laughed, I cried (God knows how many times) and I fell head over heels in love.I’m obsessed with Walker and Sienna and Peck and Nana. Ugh. I want to just s...
  • My Pink Fairytales
    Big fan of Adriana Locke and her Landry family!This one is about Sienna, who’s one of my favorite heroines. She’s smart, funny, loving, down to earth, complex woman. I simply love her. And don’t get me started on the broody Walker. ❤ Can’t wait to read the next one. Big fan of Adriana Locke and her Landry family!This one is about Sienna, who’s one of my favorite heroines. She’s smart, funny, loving, down to earth, complex woman. I...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Enjoyed this one. Broody dude, light-hearted girl. Match made. Can't wait for more Dom these Gibson boys!
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    We had two reviewers read this book, and they had differing opinions. Our star rating is an approximation of their thoughts, so read on to see what they both had to say!! That's books, right? Crank is one of those books where I don't even know where to start. There was so much goodness tucked into these pages and my heart is bubbling over with how happy and satisfied it is. I'm relatively new to Adriana Locke's work - this is only the third book...
  • Nicole P
    I generally like books by Adriana Locke and was looking forward to this book as it was about the last Landry sibling, Sienna. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectation and was a disappointment. The last book of the Landry Family series Swink, saw Sienna leaving Savannah and heading to Chicago to start up a design company. The story picks up a few months from that and is the introduction to a new series about the Gibson brothers. Walker G...
  • Beth
    Way to start a new cross over series! You don’t need to read the Landry series to read this book. I haven’t read the Landry series and I didn’t have any problems at all. I will be sure and go back and read it now!This a blue-collar vs silver spoon characters, enemies to lovers, opposites attract romance all staged in a small town. Walker Gibson is cranky, broody and incredibly sexy. He isn’t looking for a relationship or love. He fights t...
  • Karen Frances
    Yet another amazing storyI try to keep my reviews to the basics, because I hate giving away the storyline.But I'm really struggling to find the words to do this book justice. I loved everything about Sienna and Walkers story. The words flowed from the page effortlessly.In this story we see Sienna as a strong-willed and independent woman making a life for herself away from her family.Walker, I fell for the bloody mechanic.This is a must read for a...
  • Alaina Meserole
    If you ever read Adriana Locke's Landry Family Series, like I have, then you'll love this spin off series. Crank is apart of her new spin off series that features a Landry family member, Sienna. Now I loved Sienna in her brothers books so I was beyond happy to find out she had her own book - FINALLY!I loved everything about this book but that's mostly because I never hated anything about Sienna ever. Then throw in Walker Gibson, and I'm head over...
  • Pick a Book
    4,5 starsI looove it! This was my last read of 2017 and it totally worth it. Such a good story with amazing characters. I love when the hero and heroine are ballsy. I appreciate a lot strong characters. It was a really good book and can't wait to the next book about Lance. PS: Peck totally deserves a book!!! I'm crossing my fingers and am really hoping for it!
  • Paperback Princess
    La la loved Crank!! I’ve been so excited ever since I heard Sienna was gonna have a spin off with a whole new set of yummy hot brothers and this story did not disappoint. These Gibson brothers were hilarious and so sexy. I can’t wait for more from these Gibson boys!!
  • Tracy *To the point Reviews*
    OkLoved the cover for this one! Walker our hero is broody asshole. And to be honest, there's no good reason why.Sienna is sweet, but she really put herself out there to get to him. However it seems as though her plan was not contrived, it SOOOOOO was! She practically forces her way into the assholes life. Meanwhile he treats her like hot poo! (Not a fan of chicks who throw themselves at assholes)This is a lot of story that gives us very little ro...
  • Alyssa
    3.5 StarsThis was not my favorite by Adriana Locke, and I was super excited about this new series, but in the end, it totally had some redeeming qualities. Sienna Landry finds herself in small town Illinois with her best friend from their business venture. This chapter of their business is coming to a close as her bestie has to dropout and she finds herself at a fork in the road on what to do next. Although she basically comes from Southern royal...
  • Emma Nichole
    Do you know how hard it is to cure "book hangover"? I was reeling from the ending of a certain Arthurian menage trilogy and never thought I'd be able to read ever again.... But then Crank hit my kindle. Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD. I never thought I could love another family as much as I loved the Landry's but (I'm so sorry, Lincoln) I love the Gibson Boys even more. I know! I'm sorry! Gah! Walker Gibson is everything a book boyfriend should be. Bro...
  • Allyson ☘️
    *50 States Reading Challenge-Illinois*There was just a dash too much asshole in Walker’s personality... I wasn’t able to really like him because he was acting like such a dick. He didn’t turn on the sweetness until too late... for me anyway.
  • Ashley Gayhart
    There is so much to say about this book, I don't even know where to start to be honest. So I will start from the outside and then work my way inward, because holy hell this is one of the best covers I have EVER seen on a book. It is so simple, but at the same time so flirtatious. Once I finished the book I realized how much this cover showcases both the hero (Walker) and the heroine (Sienna). So Adriana, good luck trying to top this cover lol. Se...
  • Tracy
    I can't even begin to put into words how good this book way I can do it justice...I would say 10 stars for sure! I didn't think there was a series family I could love more the Landrys. that I've been introduced to he Gibson boys I know I was wrong...but do I love them so much because a Landry brought them to me? Hard to say for sure but I can't wait to get to the rest of these characters...this book has all the feel goods you need....
  • Emma Johnston
    What an awesome kick start to a new series! It was an amazing, enjoyable read where we meet new characters and get to see some of the old ones.Loved Walker and Sienna