What You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2) by Kristen Lepionka

What You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2)

The thrilling follow up to The Last Place You Look, starring troubled and determined private investigator, Roxane WearyMarin Strasser has a secret. Her fiancée thinks her secret is that she’s having an affair, and he hires P.I. Roxane Weary to prove it.Then, just days into the case, Marin is shot to death on a side street in an apparent mugging. But soon enough the police begin to focus on Roxane's client for Marin’s death, so she starts to ...

Details What You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2)

TitleWhat You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherFaber Faber
GenreMystery, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Fiction, Adult

Reviews What You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2)

  • Meredith
    4.5 starsAs good as book one! Multilayered PI centered mystery. This series is led by a compelling heroine who has depth, heart, and a whole lot of snark! Roxane Weary is down on her luck. The buzz over her last case has died down, and she is once again struggling to make a living as a PI. Therefore, she is back to taking on small, easy cases like following a woman who appears to be cheating on her fiance. But this case has depth, and when the w...
  • karen
    awww, why, thank YOU!if you haven't read lepionka's debut, The Last Place You Look, which is the first book in this series, you should go do that now. the rest of us are gonna hang out here and reminisce about it and then i'm gonna talk about the new one. sigh, remember The Last Place You Look? that was awesome, right? okay, that’s enough reminiscing. onto What You Want To See.first, what you want to know - is this book as good as her debut? ye...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Last year I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Roxane Weary, P.I. extraordinaire to the public and problem child to her family. It's been a hot minute since I was introduced to such a fabulously flawed main character, so Roxy and I bonded immediately and have been mates ever since The Last Place You Look. I'd be lying if I said What You Want To See wasn't one of my most anticipated sequels of 2018, and I'll be darned if Lepionka didn...
  • Liz
    This is a standard detective novel. Which right now, is a good thing, because I’m sick and tired of weird psychological thrillers. Something straight forward is exactly what the doctor ordered! Roxanne Weary is a detective and she takes on a standard PI case, checking on a fiancée’s fidelity. When the check bounces and she stops tailing the woman, the fiancée turns up dead later that day. From there, things get really strange in a good way...
  • Kendall
    What You Want To See by Kristen Lepionka is another one of my favorite series! I love Roxane Weary's sassiness and her DGAF attitude :). I love the tough women that know how to handle the bad guys! ;).A very intriguing mystery with cleverly layered characters that adds a whole lot of bang to this mystery's buck ;).If you enjoy Robert Bryznda's series Erika Foster I definitely would recommend this one! Roxane is a private investigator that is stil...
  • Charlotte May
    “I thought about how she deserved better than she’d gotten: a dead husband who could be a real asshole sometimes when he was alive, three borderline fuckup kids who drank too much and end up hurting the people they were supposed to care about.” This was a fantastic follow up to The Last Place You Look I enjoyed being back with Roxane, wrapped up in another dangerous case she should really stay out of! After the end of her last case, Roxa...
  • Dan Schwent
    When Roxane Weary takes on a case, trailing a woman to see if she's cheating on her much older fiance, things take a turn when the woman she's following gets murdered. Who killed Marin Strasser? Was it the fiance, like everyone things? That's what Roxane wants to know...I loved the first Roxane Weary book, The Last Place You Look, so this one was a no brainer.What You Want to See is a murder mystery with a lot of other stuff muddying the waters. ...
  • Kristy
    Roxane Weary is hired by Arthur Ungless, owner of a print shop, to track his fiance, Marin, whom he believes is cheating on him. But her case devolves quickly, between a bounced check and Tom (Roxane's dad's former partner) and a rude cop named Sanko showing up on Roxane's doorstep with the news that Marin is dead. Not only that, they make it pretty clear that they want Roxane to stay out of it. But this is "pathologically nosy" Roxane we are tal...
  • Laura
    3.5 starsI didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first, but it did not suffer from second book syndrome. I think it was more a situation of me not being as into this particular case. It was still good and twisty and all that fun stuff. But it just didn't intrigue me quite as much.Roxane is still this complex, flawed, amazing PI. She is bisexual - a rep done right, by the way. She's an alcoholic and her dad died recently - all the makings of ...
  • Shannon
    Another buddy read w my girl Jamie! What You Want to See by Kristen Lepionka was a solid 4 star read for me! This book is the 2nd in the series so I would suggest reading The Last Place You Look first!I love Kristen’s writing! She is so current and funny that I actually chuckled while reading this one. Roxane is a private investigator and after her last big case she is trying calm her life down. She doesn’t drink nearly as much as she use to....
  • Liz Barnsley
    Brilliant follow up to Kristen Lepionka's excellent debut The Last Place You Look, featuring once again main protagonist Roxane Weary, a character I now love more than I did the first time.Intriguing mystery elements around well rounded and cleverly layered characters equals genuinely absorbing reading material.Proper and full review nearer to publication.
  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club
    Having read and enjoyed The Last Place You Look I was delighted to be able to read and review book two in the Roxane Weary series, What You Want To See.Roxane is such a great female lead. She is a private investigator, but bless her, she has a tough time of it. She has her own issues, but these lend themselves well to her character development. In this book, she definitely has her work cut out for her!Tasked with investigating Marin Strasser, she...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: Urban renewal was in the air on Bryden Road.Who is Marin Strasser? PI Roxane Weary job is to find the answer to that question. Her client, who hired her suspecting his wife, Marin, was having an affair, is charged with murder after Marin was seen arguing with a man that resulted in her being shot. Roxane doesn't believe her client is guilty. The more she digs into Marin's background, the more she finds Marin was not who she appear...
  • Bill Kerwin
    This second entry in the series featuring Roxane Weary—Columbus, Ohio’s bisexual, hard-drinking private eye—is just as good as the first book, The Last Place You Look. It begins with a routine tailing job—a suspicious fiancee wants Roxane to follow his mysterious lady friend—but this “simple” job soon devolves into a snake’s nest of malice and motives involving secret identities, real estate fraud, lonewolf psychopaths, profession...
  • Laura
    I can’t seem to get a decent review brewing for this book. *bows head* My apologies, book. You deserve better. This is all I’ve got….The Last Place You Look introduced readers to PI Roxane Weary, who was still reeling from the death of her father. I’m not going to lie—she was a bit of a mess in the first book. In What You Want To See, we get to see Roxane trying to put the pieces back together, trying to find a bit of peace.We see what ...
  • Stephanie
    I have loved detective stories and mysteries since I was a kid reading Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, and Kristen Lepionka more than delivers both with her main protagonist Roxane Weary, private eye, and the complicated, intriguing cases she solves. When I read Lepionka's The Last Place You Look last summer and was first introduced to Roxane, I knew that I was going to love her, flaws and all...and she has many like most of us! What I didn't exp...
  • Gram
    Another terrific tale of Private Eye Roxane Weary, the 2nd in the series. This time, Roxane has been hired to follow Marin Strasser whose fiancee - print shop owner Arthur Ungless - thinks is having an affair. Just as her investigation gets under way, Marin is gunned down in the street after an argument in a restaurant with Arthur and the police believe he was the killer. Although warned to stay out of the case, Roxane believes her client is inno...
  • Melissa
    I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for a review. The fact that I didn't read it or review it before it was actually published does not negate my gratitude - thank you Netgalley!Roxane Weary, be still my heart! And good for you for trying to cut down on the drinking, because good grief how do you not have a headache all the time? Roxane is definitely right up there with all of the rest of the sleuthing queens of my heart, easily ...
  • Jessica
    Thanks to Minotaur Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!Normally when I find out I'm starting part way into a series I get a little bummed. You never know if it's a series where all the books are connected or it they're different crimes to be solved with the same detective/private eye. Roxane Weary is a Private Investigator and she is everything you want in a strong female lead!I'll try to be a little more brief in my desc...
  • Nancy McFarlane
    What You Want to See is a terrific follow-up to the first book in the Roxanne Weary series. There is no need to read the first book first but you will want to after you read What You Want to See. PI Roxanne has a seemingly simple and boring case – follow someone’s fiancée to see if she is cheating on him. But, when the person she is following is killed (the day after she quits following her) and her client is the main suspect Roxanne finds h...
  • lacy [a ravenclaw library]
    A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Minotaur books for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 4. 5 stars!tw: sexism, mentions of child abuse, slurs against those with mental illness, alcoholism, mentioned drug use I missed my favorite bisexual private investigator, Roxane, even though it's only been a couple of weeks, if that. But how could I not miss Roxane with all her smarty assery and wisdom? Not ...
  • Cheryl
    Big fun that I lived on the same block of the murder! Brought back fond memories of warm, summer weather in 'the hood.' This series' main cast of characters, and one relationship in particular, is what keeps me reading, as well as her ability to weave a more intricate, compelling plot. She's a master at natural dialogue, teetering on too natural for reading as it can be confusing in the absence of intonation, etc. This particular story entwined a...
  • Kathy Martin
    Roxane Weary's next case should be an easy one: follow her client's fiance to see if she is having an affair. Things get more complicated when the fiance is found shot to death on the street after having an argument with Roxane's employer. Worst yet, her employer's gun is missing and it might be the murder weapon. Roxane has to clear her client. As she begins to dig into Marin Strasser's background more questions than answers are found. She says ...
  • Brooke
    3.5 stars While I didn't enjoy this one as much as book one, I'm eager to continue with the series because I really enjoy Roxane's character. The case involving Arthur was pretty lackluster for me; by about halfway in, I honestly just didn't care anymore. Which saddens me, because that is mostly the point in reading mysteries/thrillers. It just didn't seem as complex & intriguing as I had hoped. Loved Roxane's relationship with Shelby & of course...
  • Rachel Hall
    Pathologically nosy, currently unemployed and perennially unprofessional thirty-four-year-old private investigator Roxane Weary, daughter of murdered cop Frank Weary, is glad to have landed a straightforward surveillance job to ease her back into the her less than glamorous vocation after her last encounter took its toll and lefts scars. Hired by a man who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him the last thing she expects is detectives to turn u...
  • Joanna
    Reading a mystery that's just the right kind of mystery is such a treat. One that carefully paces the clues and lets you guess where it's headed right before it makes a sharp twist that you never saw coming. One that has enough character development that you care enough become deeply invested in the suspenseful parts. What You Want to See has all this, plus a badass female PI in Roxane Weary. The book is set in Columbus, which makes it especially...
  • Kathy
    What You Want to See is Kristen Lepionka’s second novel and second in the series of private investigator Roxane Weary. Having fallen hard for P.I. Weary in the first book, The Last Place You Look, I opened the second story with elevated expectations, but also a niggling fear. Following up a great debut is no easy task. It became clear in the first few pages of book #2 that this is a series of sustaining substance. Kristi’s writing genius is n...
  • Roxanne
    Thank you to Netgalley and Minotaur Books for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.Roxane is back, she had been tailing Marin to see if she was being unfaithful until the client's check bounced. Now however, Tom and another Detective have shown up at her door and are asking her questions about Marin. It seems that someone shot her, and they think it was Arthur her client.Roxane heads back to Arthur's to see what he has to say, but he ...
  • Molly Yarosh
    I am having a hard time with my review for this book. I have liked Roxanne (the main character) since I read Kristen Lepionka's first book, The Last Place You Look. But, I have liked the characters more than I have liked the story itself.In What You Want To See, we pick up shortly after book one left off. Roxanne is onto a new case with a new web of clients that she needs to untangle. The case is complex but Lepionka does a great job of taking yo...
  • Rena
    4.75 stars.The second book in this series delves into the psyche of Roxane Weary, a detective of the smart-ass variety who lives for hot tea with a splash of whiskey, and barely manages to keep herself afloat financially and emotionally on a day-to-day basis. Basically, she's imperfect, and it's why I love her as a character. And being bisexual doesn't hurt. 🌈😊🌈Oh, yeah, and the mystery is just as engaging as the first book. 😊