Second Chance Hero (Bad Boys Redemption, #1) by Kimberly Readnour

Second Chance Hero (Bad Boys Redemption, #1)

Meet bad boy pitcher, Zach Pritchett...Two things I love: baseball and Lacey Stark. Back in college, I had them both. But after graduation, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I let Lacey go.Five years later, I can't complain. A Cy Young winner, I've achieved what I set out to do--pitching in the Major Leagues. Life is great.Until it's not.And the day it all went south? The day Lacey Stark appeared at my post press conference. The reality of n...

Details Second Chance Hero (Bad Boys Redemption, #1)

TitleSecond Chance Hero (Bad Boys Redemption, #1)
Release DateOct 23rd, 2017
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Baseball, Contemporary

Reviews Second Chance Hero (Bad Boys Redemption, #1)

  • Jennifer Pierson
    Second Chance Hero is the first book that I've read by this author, and I'm HOOKED 100%! I absolutely LOVED every minute of this story, and if I had one complaint, it would be that it wasn't long enough, as I didn't want leave this world! Lacey Stark & Zach Pritchett had a thing in college, and rather than admit their true feelings, they parted in order for Zach to go off to the Majors. But neither ever forgot the other. Five years later, Zach is...
  • Jemima
     Surprise surprise a second chance novel that I like..... Not!what can I say? I like second chances :) Second Chance hero was a cute read... If you are searching for a quick read that isn't going to keep you up at night rather it's going to make you smile Cause everything turned ok..Then this book is it. Give it a try. The storyline was interesting but I do have to say this... Zach.. He got on my nerves sometimes, I mean "Dude! I get it! You're ...
  • Katherine S.
    DNF at 55%That twist was the breaking point for me. I don’t want to spoil anything ‘cause you’ll never see it coming, but I just didn’t like where the story was going. It was not for me.ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • Anne
    Sweet story of second chance love. Typical book one in a series: clear plot with introduction of possible characters for more books. The hero lacked depth and the miscommunication was frustrating. Although, the writing style made up for it. This was the kind of book that you don't realize how far you've read until it's too late. The author's storytelling flowed well and kept your attention. The plot worked, but I wanted more. Will I keep going wi...
  • Bethany
    Oh man. This book is the perfect read for sports and romance fans. SECOND CHANCE HERO is a book about redemption and winning back the person you love. When Zach thinks his baseball career is crumbling, he doesn't except to see Lacey at his press conference in the middle of it all. She isn't as happy to see him though. They didn't end things on the best terms, but he still has an affect on Lacey and she can't stand it. That doesn't stop him from t...
  • Ana Matucec
    The beginning of this book was so awesome cool and really good written.Till fifty 50% I loved the story,H and h but then I literally feel it going in a bad way down....what a disappointment.To this point it was a 4 star for sure read for me.Who ever wrote the last 45% ruined this story IMO.I read a lot second chance books but it’s always that the girl is the one whose left behind for some reasons bla bla bla and it’s always the girl who finds...
  • Inn Auni
    Apart from the secret Lacey kept from Zach, everything else was okay. I won't spoiled you the secret but, I hate it when things like that was not told to the second party. So, what's new about the book? I have to say, nothing. I've read a book with practically the same story-line except the hero played rugby.What would work better? Lacey's pov should started with '5 years ago' so we could better grasped her anger towards Zach. And Zach's pov shou...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Gah, who doesn't love a second-chance romance? I know it's one of my most favorite tropes to read. Add in a sports element and I am hooked. In a good way. Sigh.In Second Chance Hero we meet Zach and Lacey. Zach is a big deal in Major League Baseball. He's worked very hard--singularly focused upon his baseball career--to achieve his dreams. He loves his baseball life, and doesn't quite realize how empty his life is until he sees Lacey again.Lacey ...
    DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.27 year old Zach Pritchett is at the prime of his major league career with the Philadelphia Phillies. On the heels of a no hitter, he hears a voice from his past in the press conference. His eyes snap to the source. There she is. The one he pushed away.27 year old Lacey Stark works for the Yew York Times and recently was give...
  • Sheena
    Entertaining and bittersweet..Sports hero, single mother and a second chance this was a skilfully written romance that drew me in right from the startThe story is told from the twin perspectives of the two main characters...Lacey and Zach have ‘history’ ; I loved reading their different point of views of the same events...all the angst and misunderstandings which could have been avoided....Zach is in no uncertain terms a ‘player’ on and o...
  • Patrick Hodges
    Is it true that inside every bad boy is a cuddly teddy bear just waiting to get out? Well, when we first meet Zach, a Cy Young Award-winning pitcher for the Phillies, he's pretty much what we expect: he's a star athlete, with as many notches on his belt as he has major league wins. Then we have Lacey, a sports journalist who knows more about Zach than most people do, thanks to a fling they had back when both of them were still in college.What sta...
  • Anne OK
    I'm hooked on baseball romances! This is my fourth in five days -- and could be the reason why this one didn't thrill me. It was a good story with a twist and I did really like the main characters. It was just so much like so many others. A fun-to-read trip around the bases but fell short of a homerun.
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    3.5 stars for me.Lacey and Zach's story is definitely a complicated one with history all the way back to college. Secrets are kept & misunderstandings are left to grow. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters and the action of him being a major league player. Things were a little convoluted at times fir me but overall it was a good read. I am intrigued to read Jax's story.I received an ARC of this book.
  • Tanya
    He had everything baseball and her, she left him when he went pro. He loved his life and achieved everything until he saw her again. Now he knew he needed her in his life but she was determined not to let him into her life. He will do anything to get her, will heI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Heather
    **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**You see, I've got this new obsession that developed over the last year. And that obsession is... sports romances! So when I saw an opportunity to read and review Kimberly Readnour's new novel, I jumped at it. Especially with baseball season coming to a close. I needed one last baseball fix! And I wasn't disappointed.When I say that I've been obsessed, I mean I've read probably 30...
  • Sara M.
    **An ARC was exchanged in favor of an honest review**3.5 StarsWhat can I say, this was a pretty good book. I'm a sucker for second chance romance stories, and this one was just okay. PROS:1. The main female lead, Lacey, was likable. Sometimes the female is whiny, needy, and is a jerk to the male, but this female took some of the responsibility for the breakup and tried her hardest to make their new relationship work. 2. Zach is likable. I appreci...
  • JoAnna G
    This was a sweet second chance at love novel. It was light and fun and was really easy to read. I have read this author before but she hit a triple with me on the sports mark and the relationship between the two main characters. This is the story of Lacey Stark and Zach Pritchett. Lacey gets sent by her boss to cover the story of her ex-boyfriend. She hasn't seen him since he walked out on her after their graduation. So, five years later color hi...
  • LolitaxLuna
    : Summary :Lacey Stark is a sport reporter who was sent to interview a professional baseball player who pitched a no-hitter. That baseball player happens to be her ex-boyfriend Zach Pritchett. He broke up with her so he can concentrate on his career but he didn’t realize that he also broke Lacey’s heart as well. She tried to reconnect with him after a few month after the break up but instead of seeing him she found out something and started t...
  • Natalie
    I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.After reading The Deal, I've kind of been obsessed with sports romances so I was super excited to read this one. It was a quick and fun NA read, but I think what I found lacking was the plot. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, but then when it reached the plot twist I didn't like it as much. I knew something what coming but I kinda though it was have been (v...
  • Marina
    A really good sports romance. It had the right amount of baseball: not too much to make it boring but enough to highlight Zach's character as a successful baseball player. Lacey and Zach have great chemistry and they are rather good together. But how they get together and never really completely talk everything through and enter a new relationship with more thought, that's something that took away from their romance. There is one twist we could h...
  • BP34
    This is book one in the Bad Boys Redemption series. If you love baseball romance stories with hot alpha males, you'll love this story. It's a standalone and has a sweet ending. Cy Young winner, Zach Pritchett one time had it all, a great career and the love of his life, Lacey Starke. But like a fool he had let Lacey go and he continued with his baseball career and his bad boy ways. Then he saw Lacey five years later and became instantly aware of ...
  • Michelle MacQueen
    Soooo, I read. A LOT. I love books. I adore romances. And I swoon for bad boys who are really actually pretty good guys. This is definitely one of my favorites. Zach tries to be the bad boy pitcher, but he's really just the sweetheart who wants nothing more than for the love of his life to be in his arms again. He had her. He lost her. And now she's back. But she isn't just back. She's returned with a vengeance as the ballsy reporter outing his l...
  • Eden Finley
    **I received an ARC and am voluntarily reviewing**Second chance romances often fail when it comes to establishing a past connection and new one. Some I've read, makes it feel like the characters don't know each other at all--let alone have a long history. The GREAT thing about Second Chance Hero is dual POV. Lacey is present tense, and Zach is flashbacks of their relationship in college. It solidifies their relationship and connection, and where ...
  • Kaitlyn
    Second chance romance ✔ sports romance ✔ swoony male lead ✔ strong female lead ✔Seriously need I say more?!? No, not really but I will!! This is my first read by Kimberly Readnour and it definitely won't be my last!! I couldn't put this book down! But I found myself doing so anyways because I didn't want the book to end! Lacey and Zach knew each other once upon a time. Life has a way of getting in the way as these two know all too well. B...
  • Sharon Jones
    Sports Romance books are my favourite genre. I mainly like to read about hockey and football, but recently I been reading a lot of baseball books and Second Chance Hero is a really great read.This is a second chance at love story. Zach & Lacey were college sweethearts. But they knew they had an expiration date. What they didn't realise, especially Zach, was that ending their relationship was not the right thing to do.This story deals with learnin...
  • Renee Mccleary
    This was a good second chance romance. I loved Lacey and Zach. They had good chemistry. The book was full of drama but also very sweet and sexy! Even though I am not typically a fan of the kind of twist that takes place in this book, I have to say this one was written very well and didnt feel forced. The only thing I didn't really enjoy was the back and forth from past and present. I loved the story and could feel all the emotions of the characte...
  • Debbie Caswell
    A great second chance story and the start of a new seriesZach made the ultimate choice he gave up Lacey to follow his baseball dream it has paid off for him he has pitched in the major league and won the Cy Young but when he meets Lacey again he decides he actually wants it all. Lacey is now a reporter in New York and her next assignment is Zach but will she give him a second chance with her or will she shut him down. there are a few twists and t...
  • Nicole Smith
    I was drawn to this book because Zach is a baseball player. I love my baseball. I like the Lehigh Velley Iron Pigs reference because my local Triple A plays them. I always get sucked in with the baseball scenes. like in the tile Zach and Lacey get a second chance. They both made mistakes, but will they learn from them. The storyline was great. I like the little hints dropped her and there that lead to a bombshell Zach never saw coming. If you're ...
  • Kimi
    I really liked this story about "second chances". Zach & Lacey make such a good couple. I loved how these two couldn't deny their attraction and feelings for each other despite their past. I won't post any spoilers because I think it's always better to read a story and find out what happens for yourself. This has some really hot sexy scenes which adds to the story in a good way obviously ;) Bottom line there's alot of emotions here and a real lov...
  • Michelle Bryan
    My choice of genre is not usually romance, but when the girly side of me craves a change I know I won't be disappointed with anything by Kimberly Readnour. This was a fantastic book. I'm a sucker for lost 'em now want'em back stories, and this was one of the best I've ever read. The characters were well developed. Zach and Lacey have great chemistry and the writing is so fresh and natural. I did receive this as an ARC, but my honest opinion? High...