Love Smart by Phillip C. McGraw

Love Smart

In Love Smart: Find the One You Want -- Fix the One You Got, bestselling author Dr. Phil tells people who are dissatisfied with their love lives to stop making excuses and start taking action.You deserve a committed relationship, and it is within your control to have the one you want. First, though, you need to determine what you want in a partner, plot your course, and get out there and create velocity in your pursuit of a loving connection. In ...

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TitleLove Smart
Release DateDec 26th, 2006
PublisherFree Press
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Psychology, Relationships, Humanities, Family

Reviews Love Smart

  • Aya Hassan
    ظننت ان الكتاب يتحدث عن الذكاء العاطفى فوجدته يتحدث عن الهروب من العنوسههو نسخه مبنيه على اساس علمى من كتاب كيف تصطادين عريسااكبر استفاده لى شخصيا هو انى عرفت كيف احصل على المعلومات التى اريدها من اى شخص بمناقشه لا تمت بصله من قريب او من بعيد الى ال...
  • Jen
    After I read this I made a list (like it suggests in the book) about what I wanted in a lifelong partner. I started dating David shortly thereafter and realized that he had more than the suggested 80% of qualities that I was looking for in a mate. We got engaged 8 months later.
  • آيات مختار
    الكتاب عجبني انه ركز في معظمه علي فكرة ان مفيش شخص مثالي ، لازم نقعد منتظرين انه يجي ، لكن فيه شخص مناسب لينا بنسبة كبيرة لكن فكرة الشخص المثالي واللى فيه كل المميزات دي فكرة خيالية جدا عجبني كمان فيه فكرة الحب بذكاء ، الكتاب مش بيقول ان الحب بيجي بم...
  • Jennifer
    Yes, I have this book. And yes, it's on audio tape. Whilst taking a leisurely drive home from Maryland to New York a few months ago, I stopped off at this depressing little outlet mall in Delaware. They had one of those cheap bookshops and outside, a rack with $1 audio books. Audio books, NPR, Prairie Home Companion, I love it all while driving so I thought I'd take a look. The best thing there was this Dr. Phil book and since hey, I'm a fool whe...
  • Marwa Ayad
    This was an OK read. I couldn't help noticing the similarity between some of the things Dr. Phil mentioned and some of the things Dr. Barbara De Angelis mentioned in her book "Are you the one for me?" (which I highly recommend by the way) which was published in the 90's. Also, Love Smart reminded me of "Why Men Love Bitches" (published in 2002), at least in parts. The book didn't feel original; I felt like I'd read it before (and I hadn't). There...
  • Heba Tarek
    اممممم أجلت ملاحاظاتى على الكتاب حتى أنتهى منه تماما ..قبل اى شىء .. الكتاب يصلح له عنوان ( كيف تصطادين عريسا ) وسيحقق أعلى المبيعات فى مصر والدول العربية !!عندما قرأت العنوان اعتقدت أنه على شاكلة كتب الرجال من المريخ وكيف يفهم كل جنس الاخر بطريقة صحيح...
  • Farheen
    I love Dr. Phil. What I would give to have just one day to talk to him in person...
  • Sara Sherzad
    Well , to be reviewed :D :P
  • Aroob alruwaished
    يفترض أن يكون عنوان الكتاب "لعبة الحب" لأن أبرز ما جاء في الكتاب هي قواعد لعبة الحب التي يتقنها أغلب الرجال وتجهلها أغلب النساء.صحيح أن بعض ما جاء في الكتاب لا يناسب ديننا ومجتمعنا لكن أنصح بأخذ الفائدة وترك ما لا يناسبنا وكل شخص أدرى بقناعاته.من أهم...
  • Alaa Civil
    كتاب رائع يساعد على فهم الطرف الاخر والنظر للعلاقات بصورة اكثر كفاءة .اجمل ما فيه كلماته التحفيزية ....
  • Talia
    I went to the library to get “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” on the recommendation of a friend. However, it was gone. This book was next to the empty spot. I’ve never seen Dr. Phil on TV or read any of his books, so I thought, “hey, why not?”Overall, the book was pretty good. I liked how he stressed that you have to be happy with yourself and realize that you don’t have to have a partner to complete you. I think too many wom...
  • Maraya
    I've gotta say - I do like Dr. Phil but I didn't think much of this book. Maybe I'm just too old and jaded and have read enough relationship books to recognize when one is surprisingly good - or not. It was OK. It was basic.The cover would have you believe the book was written for 'people' when in fact it's specifically directed at women (of course), and young ones at that.It contains a lot of good, entry level, information on how to attract the ...
  • Chriss
    Of course everytime I watch Dr. Phil or read one of his books, everything looks so easy. The book does have some very valid points, good suggestions and seems to make a whole lot of sense when looking at the big picture. It's just putting it all together that is difficult. Of course that is why we are reading it in the first place. It's not as simple as going to the local coffee shop, meeting the guy and finding out he's great and living out our ...
  • فنافن
    حسنًا..من المدهش أنني وصلت إلى هذا الكتاب الظريف عن طريق إحدى الروايات التي أكرهها :)أعترف أني بدأت بالقراءة كما يلي:استعرضت فهرس الموضوعات.. وقررت أي الفصول التي سأتجاوزها دون قراءة لأن موضوعاتها لا تعنيني.. ثم شرعت في قراءة المقدمة لآخُذ فكرة عن أس...
  • Kathrynn
    I enjoyed this well written book. Felt it was nicely laid out and enjoyed Dr. Phil's humor, analogies and personal stories as he relayed some insights into the male mind. He even went into the dreaded "dark zone."This should be a MUST READ for all looking for or in a relationship, in my opinion. There are some great questions Dr. Phil shows you how to present and read between the lines. Nicely done. Highly recommended.
  • Laura Ngo
    this doesn't speak to everyday women, women that have it together but still wants to find love...this book is for those that doesn't know how to take care of themselves- that needs the hand holding to get out of bed and take a shower, put on a little gloss and self worth. Dr. Phil is preying on the fat, the ugly, and the low-esteemed people in America. I know- I sound cruel and insensitive- but those are my thoughts.
  • Alona Perlin
    I enjoyed this book by Dr. Phil. It was engaging, clever and funny. However, I do wonder about some of the techniques he mentioned that do not sound right to me. (Read the book for details... No spoiler alerts); I read it pretty quickly and it was a page-turner. I felt like Dr. Phil was talking to me and wading me through the sometimes confusing and muddy world of relationships!
  • Sharon
    'Love Smart' is down-to-earth and helpful. McGraw advises women how to develop and strengthen their niches (maneater, girl next door, etc.,) and gives insight on how men think and feel. He also teaches readers how to increase their self-esteem, be excellent conversationalists and provides insight on what to look for when meeting potential suitors.
  • Julia
    I think he has some insightful things to say and ways to change it up if you struggle with meeting love interests. Some of his advice seemed like it would be unrealistic for many people and I often felt he was writing to us as if we were stupid. If you can get past his "tough love" tone and need a new perspective on dating, I would recommend this one.
  • Corey Rae
    If you want to get married and are ready for that next step in your life, this is the book that will take you there. Dr Phil assists you with redefining realistic goals for the right type of man when searching for the one to marry. He helps to prepare you if you for real life and what a marriage should be. I read this book and met and married my husband within a year and a half!
  • Nicole Denoncourt
    Thanks Mom for giving me this book on Valentines day when I was single! Looks like the reading might have helped me out though.....interesting read just because I am in love with psychology and the human mind/manners. Although I am not sure I would highly recommend it but I do feel it is enlightening...
  • Kiara
    Gooed ideas for looking at a relationship from a man's point of view. It's one of those books that you need to reread in order to get all the info out of it; it's too much to absorb the first time around.
  • Amberly Crowford
    Well written, but a LAME, LAME, book. When I say lame, I mean, who in the world would ever take this advice? It was basically a book written about how women should behave for men. I kept on reading it because I couldn't believe how ludicrous it was!
  • Katie
    I lied. I didn't read this whole book, but I skipped over to the parts I felt I would benefit from. Love Smart was more of a "don't forget to do this" type of book, than it was a learning process for me.I am not in the right place in my life to read this book. My mistake.
  • RouGy Almudhahka
    قرات النسخه المترجمة للعربية.كتاب رااائع ، وقد اعيد قرائته في وقت ما!الحب في قلوبنا سر السعادة والصفاء ، هو صادق و جميل لانه ينبع من ارواحنا التى لاتعرف سواه... الحب فطرة خلقنا الله عليها، تجمل عالمنا وتصفى به الوان الحياة كلها...الحب لخالقك ، لوالدي...
  • James Preston
    This is obviously a self help book. So as far as entertaining, it wasn't. But there was a lot of good stuff in it. I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people, just not me. But I think I would recommend it if you're struggling with your marriage or something.
  • Tova
    I was given this book as a gift-not my usual reading material-but very practical. Some excellent suggestions on how to maintain a healthy relationship, or how to begin a relationship on the right foot.
  • Lealexsyl
    After reading this, you're going to love smart. well, I hope you are, :)Dr. Phil's book makes you realize the difference between realistic and idealistic goal in a relationship, Go for 80% because 100% is impossible. :D
  • Leslie
    So far really good. Like being able to have an honest discussion about dating with your dad. Assuming your dad is in anyway as funny and insightful as Dr. Phil.