Someone to Care (Westcott #4) by Mary Balogh

Someone to Care (Westcott #4)

Once the Countess of Riverdale, Viola Kingsley throws all caution to the wind when adventure calls in the form of a handsome aristocrat... Two years after the death of the Earl of Riverdale, his family has overcome the shame of being stripped of their titles and fortune—except for his onetime countess, Viola. With her children grown and herself no longer part of the social whirl of the ton, she is uncertain where to look for happiness—until q...

Details Someone to Care (Westcott #4)

TitleSomeone to Care (Westcott #4)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency, Regency Romance

Reviews Someone to Care (Westcott #4)

  • Caz
    B+ / 4.5 stars This fourth book in Mary Balogh’s Westcott series is a gently moving and beautifully observed story about a woman trying to define herself and her purpose in life after the death of the man she had believed, for more than twenty years, to be her husband.  Readers familiar with the series will recall that the Westcotts were thrown into upheaval by the revelation that the head of the family, the Earl of Riverdale, had contracted...
  • Jaci
    If you keep up with my blog you know that I am a huge Mary Balogh Fan, I have read everything she has written and loved them all. This story goes to my 3rd favorite, behind Heartless and Slightly Dangerous. Marcel Lamarr, Marquess of Dorchester is the perfect hero for Viola Kingsley. In some ways, Marc reminds me of Lucas (Heartless) and Wulfric (Slightly Dangerous).He is unapologetic in the way that he chooses to live his life. He is beautiful i...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    3.5 StarsViola Kingsley used to be the Countess of Riverdale until she found out the marriage was invalid since her late husband was already married to another woman. She and her children lost the title and fortune, but in the time since her family has rallied around her, and her children have come through remarkably well. Still, Viola hasn’t really dealt with her feelings about the whole situation and suddenly, she’s feels the need to escape...
  • OLT
    (Could) Someone (please help me) To Care about this story? Again I seem to be missing my "sensitivity" chip while reading a Balogh HR. Instead of enjoying the heartwarming sentimentality of a story about love, family, and acceptance, I found myself annoyed and sometimes in danger of tooth decay from the sweetness I ingested here. One day this past week this story was offered at $1.99 so I snapped it up, since the usual price for a Balogh HR is a ...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Someone to Care isn’t your typical romance but is one of a mature couple finding passion and love for the first time. Both main characters had disastrous first marriages and have been walking different paths before they saw each other again. Viola Kingsley is a widowed former countess who has lost everything and throws caution to the wind for a sexual dalliance with Marcel Lamarr, the Marquess of Dorchester. Marcel has become a rogue to the hig...
  • Sophia
    Violet Kingsley once had it all in the eyes of the world, then travesty struck. She held it together and now she just wants to run away from it all. I wasn't exactly anticipating Violet's book, but once I realized it was coming, I got curious about this middle-aged woman who felt the profound injustice of another person's deceit.Someone to Care is book five of the Westcotts series. This is a series that builds strongly on what came before so does...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is fourth in a series and you really should read the others first. There's a lot of emotionally relevant events and background that plays into this story and it works better if you have gone through them. The second (Someone to Hold) is of particular importance and Camille and Joel and their family are key to some important scenes.I've been looking forward to this for months. So it is with sadness that I admit it isn't up to the standard of ...
  • Jan130
    Overall rating, 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. The first half of this book was better for me than the second half. I give 4 stars for the first half, maybe 3 stars for the second half. Hence my overall rating.I've read 3 of the books in this series now, and for me this has been the best one. Although it still shares a couple of the failings of the others. I liked the trope to begin with - a lonely, widowed marquess, a bit of a playboy. Had met the h ...
  • Sunita
    I finished this last night and really enjoyed it. For whatever reason the series is working very well for me. It’s a bit like the Slightly/Simply series but with a premise which allows Balogh to explore family and social relationships in a deeper way. It’s a historical-romance version of the found family theme we see in other subgenres. And it lets her write optimistically about relationships and love of all kinds without becoming too treacly...
  • Danker
    Strip out the pages and pages of extraneous chatter of the by now huge list of side characters in this series and there could be the bare bones of a five star story.Instead, Balogh spends too much time introducing person after person from previous stories, tying them together on their various family trees, rehashing the stories of preceding couples, re-assuring her readers that they are still blissfully in love, or in the case of individuals, lik...
  • Tracy DeNeal
    The Westcott family saga continues. Mary Balogh has turned the family series trope on its ear with her current series, which centers around the surviving members of the extended family of a disgraced bigamous earl. In this fourth installment, Viola Kingsley, the woman who thought herself for over 20 years to be married to the bounder, Humphrey, Earl of Riverdale, finds her own happily ever after quite unexpectedly. Viola is 42 years old. She is t...
  • Amy Alvis
    I absolutely LOVED Viola and Marcel's story!! I was a second chance story and those are one of my favorite!!Viola and Marcel had a brief flirtation many years ago, but since she was married nothing came of it. Years later, nothing stands in their way of a little fun. Viola has been through a traumatic couple of years and when Marcel propositions her, she finally jumps at the chance to do something for herself. But when their family catches up wit...
  • Marlene
    Originally published at Reading RealityWho are we when we are no longer who we thought we were?That’s the question that is initially before Viola Kingsley, who spent over 20 years believing that she was the Countess of Riverdale, only to discover that her marriage, an unhappy union that had produced three children who are the light of her life, was never valid.The man she thought was her husband was already married. While the discovery of this ...
  • Mary Craven
    I won this book from Goodreads. It is an advance reading copy and will be out to the public in May 2018. While I have not read any books by Mary Balogh before, I knew of her and had her on my list of authors to check out.I really enjoyed this story, maybe because it was about a older hero and heroine. Love doesn't just happen to the young. The characters were interesting, the story engaging and there can be happily ever afters for everyone, no ma...
  • Tracy Emro
    4.5 starsMarcel Lamarr, The Marquess of Dorchester is not happy, his coach has stopped at an inn to take care of a horse with a loose shoe, and he and his brother Andre are stuck in the taproom until it can be repaired. He just wants to get home, make an appearance and then go back to his libertine lifestyle in London. Being home just reminds him of his failings and he has no desire to think about them.While he is brooding, he happens to glance o...
  • Bambi Unbridled
    Someone to Care is the 4th book in the Westcott series, revolving around a family who got the shock of their lives to discover that their father/husband was a bigamist, thereby illegitimizing his (second) marriage and his children of the second wife. This was quite the scandal back in the day, causing the ton to scorn the family. So we follow the Westcotts as the navigate this new dimension of their lives, learning to manage the fall-out and find...
  • Ilze
    Mary Balogh just keeps getting better and better. This book has something old (the hero is physically a dead ringer for Wulfric Bedwyn, the central character of Balogh's "Slightly" series), but a lot of new - the plot is original, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment in the Regency romance genre. There is no other author in this genre who can write characters as well as Mary Balogh - her ability to develop both her heroes and heroines into re...
  • Lu
    3,5 stars rounded to 4Older couple get their second chance at love The Westcott Series tells the story of a family traumatized by the discovery that their father had been married to someone else and therefore his marriage to their mother was bigamous and they were illegitimate.In this book, part 4 of the saga, we learn the story of their mother Viola who, after more than two decades of marriage, finds herself without her title, unaccepted by the ...
  • SUZAN C.
    Wow. How do I begin to review this book? Let me start by saying that Someone To Care is a sweet, heartbreaking, captivating story from start to finish. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out just from the first few chapters as it seemed like the ending could go either way for the two major characters. But without giving away any spoilers, the story did have a HEA which was very much to my liking - although I was hanging on by a very thin threa...
  • A (Is For Awkward)
    This was my least favourite of the Westcott series so far and the first let down. The biggest problem with this book was Balogh kept trying to fit it into the series as a whole, while also making it standalone. Given the large cast of characters, and the complicated back plot, this meant that chapter 1 had info dumps about her from his perspective, and then info dump after info dump in chapter 2 from her perspective. After chapter 2 for awhile it...
  • eyes.2c
    Enchanting!Screaming from loneliness the Countess of Riverdale, Viola Kingsley runs, well really by happenstance falls into the arms of a former 'never happened adventure' in the person of the well practiced rake, the Marquess of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr , in this funny/serious autumn romance. An invigorating plot where two souls who decide on a spur of the moment romantic adventure embark on more than they bargained for.At last the story of the...
  • Vikki Vaught
    As with all of Ms. Balogh's novels, I try to read/listen slowly, but I find her stories so compelling and well-written, I end up devouring them. Someone to Care is another shining example of Ms. Balogh's skill in Regencies. I listened to the audio version narrated by the talented Ms. Landor, and as I've come to expect, she gives another stellar performance. The tale pulled me in immediately and held me in its thrall until the marvelous ending. Ma...
  • Nanci
    Mary Balogh has the ability to truly make me feel her characters. Although she writes romance novels, to me the bedroom scenes are truly secondary and not neccessary to the story. That is not true in many romance novels. In Balogh's novels, My heart swells and breaks a little with these characters. In Someone to Care, she has truly nailed it for me. I really related to Viola and Marc as well as Marc's children. The romance is well crafted. The pa...
  • Denise
    This is part of a series but the first book I've read and I didn't feel I missed anything for that. A well-written romance. Moving back and forth between the two lovers keeps the story interesting. Like most of these books, you need to suspend disbelief.
  • Cindy
    My favorite book in the Westcott Series! I loved the age of the characters and their life experiences that made them the people they are. Very enjoyable read!
  • Roses R Blue
    4.5 stars, as reviewed at Roses Are Blue: Kingsley's life changed drastically two years ago, when it was discovered that her late husband of twenty years married her while his first wife was still alive. Thus the former Countess of Riverdale was never legally married, and their three children are now illegitimate. In the intervening time, Viola left society and town, and kept a low profile. She has just attended the c...