Captive Audience by Lucas Mann

Captive Audience

An intimate portrait of a marriage intertwined with a meditation on reality TV that reveals surprising connections and the meaning of an authentic life.In Lucas Mann's trademark vein--fiercely intelligent, self-deprecating, brilliantly observed, idiosyncratic, personal, funny, and infuriating--Captive Audience is an appreciation of reality television wrapped inside a love letter to his wife, with whom he shares the guilty pleasure of watching "re...

Details Captive Audience

TitleCaptive Audience
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Culture, Pop Culture, Biography Memoir

Reviews Captive Audience

  • Ariel
    My favorite memoirs are the ones that push beyond the boundaries of the author's personal relationships or circumstances to engage with the cultural/political/historical phenomena that create context for the author's particular life. And my favorite cultural critics--Maggie Nelson, Hilton Als, John Berger, etc--are unafraid to engage personal feeling, memory and experience alongside the intellect. Lucas Mann accomplishes both powerfully in Captiv...
  • Chris Roberts
    The real condemnation of this book is that it "needed" writing, that it exists.Love? Reap now, I have twisted artand sculpted love away from the heart. Chris Roberts, God Ascendant
  • Kristine
    Captive Audience by Lucas Mann is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late April.The author's narration is very much in the first-person about what they've seen or read in the style of a journal that's added to as you watch or remember something.  In this case, it's about a generation of people who want to be noticed, famous, and find personal meaning through social media, streaming video, and reality tv.  Yet, also, it's the act of being a s...
  • Jaime
    This book is brilliant. It's about love and reality TV, yes, but also writing, truth, bodies, confession, selfishness, generosity—everything. It's fascinating and funny and sad and beautiful. I couldn't put it down. I loved it so much.
  • Kayo
    I love reality TV, and I couldn't get into this book. What is wrong with this picture?!!Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
  • Elizabeth
    The description of Captive Audience offered by the publisher implies that the book is a timely study of reality TV (though Trump is not explicitly mentioned) and a watcher's relationship with it. Instead, the format is descriptions of scenes from reality TV shows, interviews with people involved in the creation of reality TV programs, and the author's thoughts of reality TV....... all interspersed with scenes from his life with his wife (who also...
  • Elizabeth
    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. When I entered the giveaway I figured this would be funny, but it's not. It's a serious look at one man's reality TV consumption... kind of. It was a weird mix of memoir and research based non-fiction and I found myself loving chunks of the book and slogging through others. What I liked: I enjoyed his interviews with producers and research surrounding reality TV. Kind of wish there was a references section...
  • Matt Ely
    When is comes to Lucas Mann, the one thing people can agree on is that he's *spectacular*. Some say he's a spectacular success, others a spectacular failure, but it's hard to be lukewarm about his work. I'm decidedly in the success camp, having loved his first two books. I appreciate the uniqueness of his voice, the seeming inexhaustibly to his self-inquiry (which then, of course, necessitates an inquiry of his self-inquiry). Each of his books is...
  • Alex
    Mann is a confessional writer. He watches reality TV. He loves his wife. He analyzes the shows the watch, the way the watch them, the conversations they have about them, and wonders if there is any thing to be gleaned from all this watching; what it might say about their relationship.As someone who frequently watches reality TV with my wife, I got a kick out of his analyses of various shows. And as someone who often defends confessional writing -...
  • Daniel Simcock
    This is a great book that made me think and feel deeply about love and reality TV, the tension between wanting and not wanting to be seen, between complicity and empathy, between the real and the contrived. Reading "Captive Audience" was an unusual experience. It's satisfying because the author lifts the curtain, shows us a life of love, which he weaves into the conversation about reality TV; but it's also sometimes uncomfortable, like perhaps I ...