Corrupt (Civil Corruption, #1) by Jessica Prince

Corrupt (Civil Corruption, #1)

Garrett Wilder is rich, famous, and totally bad for me. After one night that ended with me wanting to punch him in his face, the self-absorbed rockstar has become a permanent fixture in my life...Whether I like it or not.Now I’m forced to see him every day, and that shield I put up to protect my heart is quickly crumbling to the ground. I’ve gone from hating him to craving him. And the scariest part is that he feels the same.He wants to know ...

Details Corrupt (Civil Corruption, #1)

TitleCorrupt (Civil Corruption, #1)
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Music, Did Not Finish, Musicians

Reviews Corrupt (Civil Corruption, #1)

  • The Book Bee
    REVIEW: 4 STARS"You think you don't fit in my world, but what you don't get is that you are my world." I have been recommended Jessica Prince's books for quite some time now, so I finally jumped in and I am so happy I did. In all honesty, this is the kind of book I would recommend in between heavy emotional reads. Just the kind that I could sink into because it was well written while being a quick and easy read. I didn't have to think too hard wh...
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Devoured in 3 hours. Full review to follow!Full Review---->Corrupt by Jessica Prince
  • Kahea
    ***4 ‘Hello Crazy Train’ Stars*** I'm kinda tired now and my eyes hurt from all the times they either bugged out of their sockets or were rolling because Garrett & Gwen took me on one hell of an angsty roller coaster ride. Because lemme tell you, the sweet and smexy totally went toe to toe with the angsty emotional drama in this baby. I'm not mad at ‘em because I devoured every word of their journey and was totally invested in them. But the...
  • Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite
    It's LIVE!!! Stars!!!After reading Corrupt for the second time, I think I'm ready to write my review. So here it goes.I'm always game for a good rock star story and was a little enamored with this one. Reading an author you've never read before and abso-fucking-lutely falling in love with her book, is always exciting. I wasn't sure I was going to like Garrett at first because lemme tell you, he was an egotistical dick but t...
  • Gökçe
    Az evvel baktım ki daha evvel de bu yazardan bir kitap okumuş ve beğenmemişim.Uzun zamandır rock star'lı kitap okumuyordum. Eğlencelidir diye başladım ama beni pek tatmin etmedi. Ve çokça Kylie Scott'un Stage Dive serisi kokusu aldım. Ama böyle kötü bir kopya kokusu.Gwen bir arkadaşının ısrarı sonucu bir rock grubunun partisine katılıyor ve orada grubun bateristi Garrett ile tanışıyor. Aralarında özel bir şey olduğunu...
  • BookSmacked
    OH YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hours 30 minutes that is how long it took me to completely devour this book. Once I started I couldn't stop reading it. I got sucked right into this story instantly and fell completely in love. It stars off with a hot as fuck encounter between the two main characters and from there all hell breaks loose. I will say that at first I wanted to punch, maim, dismember the hero in this book Garrett. He behaviour just c...
  • Tia Louise
    Toe-curling sexy--my new favorite Jessica Prince novel!Garrett is one terrific, sexy alpha drummer, and initially Gwen is a sad, demure transplant to Seattle. Boy, that changes fast! (The Gwen part, NOT the Garrett part.)I didn't expect the forces that drove them apart in the beginning, so I won't spoil it. Let's just say, I wasn't sure how they'd overcome THAT...It's great fun when they do start getting back together, though. Garrett and Gwen ar...
  • April Symes
    I found the new series by Jessica Prince to be very good and super engrossing. The characters leaped off the pages and take root, where you want to see them find their happiness ASAP.In the case for book 1= Corrupt, this is filled with amazing characters, nasty villain(s), serious plot and a phenomenal plot. Oh and of course the regular angst and sizzling sexy passion to go with the storyline.Garrett and Gwen meet at a party and have a one night ...