Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin

Lost and Founder

Rand Fishkin, the founder and former CEO of Moz, reveals how traditional Silicon Valley "wisdom" leads far too many startups astray, with the transparency and humor that his hundreds of thousands of blog readers have come to love. Everyone knows how a startup story is supposed to go: A young, brilliant entrepreneur has an cool idea, drops out of college, defies the doubters, overcomes all odds, makes billions, and becomes the envy of the technolo...

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TitleLost and Founder
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
GenreBusiness, Entrepreneurship, Nonfiction

Reviews Lost and Founder

  • Yuliana Oselska
    Deeply impressed by transparency and honesty of Rand Fishkin, the Founder of Moz. In this book, he shares the true story of how he successfully started Moz and then at some point failed with its growth, why he recently left the company, and what he learnt during these 16 years. He turned down the $25 million acquisition offer from HubSpot and is not afraid to publicly regret this. What’s most important he analyses all the details and outcomes o...
  • Ahmad Abugosh
    As a big fan of Rand's work on Moz (especially his pro tips on Twitter and Whiteboard Friday's), this book was a great look behind the curtain on the true nature of running a venture backed SaaS business. When I first started reading this book, I thought it was amazing. The first few chapters of this book reminded me of the type of radical honesty and insight of something written by Derek Sivers. I really enjoyed how Rand shared his story, gave h...
  • Marshall
    This is the most honest, authentic storytelling of startups from a CEO, it reveals the highs, lows, and their effects on the founders themselves and their family.In addition, this book provides some “cheat codes” for anyone who is eager to start her own journey in startup. Several “cheat codes” I’ve learned by reading this book:1. Naming of a company matters. Having a general name without any association (e.g. Amazon, Spotify) works bet...
  • Misty
    I’m not sure why I read this book. I know Rand and Geraldine but just barely. I know nearly nothing about Moz. I don’t work in tech. And although I work in marketing I have just surface knowledge of SEO. But I decided to preorder this book for a couple of reasons: my father-in-law is the CEO of a startup, and I wanted to understand what he’s gone through. And I read some article or blog post about Rand’s depression, and I appreciated the ...
  • Tihana
    I'm a big fan of Whiteboard Fridays and was truly looking forward to reading this book. It delivered. Rand Fishkin tells a noise-canceling story of a SaaS startup that had a truly exceptional trajectory. With both feet on the ground and painfully honest, Rand explains what VC funding did and did not do for MOZ and some of the long-term consequences that totally get lost in this "move fast and break things" culture. He tells a story about company ...
  • Peter
    Stimulating and valuable review of the development of an excellent seo company and the trials and tribulations of managing a team, raising money, satisfying investors and balancing personal life. Fishkin has good humor and true humility, and he is amazingly and unexpectedly frank on some issues (re shortcomings, getting fired etc). A useful book for anyone starting a company or working with a startup. For those in the field, excellent to get such...
  • Ryan Anderson
    Very much enjoyed this book as Rand walked through his experience building Moz, raising funding, building new products, having to lay off employees, and everything else that goes in to starting a company. The storytelling is personal, but the advice he manages to weave in is useful for anyone who runs (or may one day run) a business.I ended up with a lot of notes that I need to back and comb through, but I could definitely see updating this to a ...
  • Nick
    Great read, especially if you're a Search nerd. Rand is a stand-up guy, and you can't help but feel heart ache for the ups and downs - and it was great to hear his thoughts on VC funding, MVPs, and all of the "conventional wisdom" of the valley and why it might always be the best choice for your business.
  • Ben Lobaugh
    Fun read! I enjoyed Rand's writing style and open honesty about himself and how startups really work. He provides a wealth of information that founders typically learn the hard way, such as how raising money with investors really works. Recommended read if you are or are considering becoming a startup founder.
  • Jeno
    It is quite an experience I must say. I have spent 5+ years in adtech working for startups and giants but... there is lots of stuff to learn from this book.VC, stuff, product management and basic SAAS operations. Highly recommended even though I would cut the vanilla lyrics here to get it to a 150-pager. Time's moniez, Rand
  • Vinay Singh
    Excellent read for anyone building a startup or is passionate about building teams. Have been a customer for Moz, now will definitely be an early adopter of SparkToro. Thanks for the share Rand.
  • Lars Holdgaard
    Some very good points - especially for those with limited experience in the startup funding/VC game :) I like the author's honesty, but it also came out (a bit too) bitter sometimes, which moved it from 5 to 4 stars for me.
  • Keith
    It really feels like rand fishkin is speaking to your directly. Lots of insights in this book.
  • Vivek
    One of the most honest books I read in a long time. Highly recommended!!
  • Renia Carsillo
    Would I love this book as much if I wasn’t such a Fishkin fan girl? I think so. It’s funny, informative, and a much needed break from the tropes of startup land.
  • Roy Kessel
    Truly outstanding. One of the best books that I have read over the last few years. Great insight in to the battles that a founder faces on his or her road to a successful company
  • Sheylon (Eric) Burgess
    Honest, useful and instructive, Fishkin’s tale is full of insights that are hard-won. While his take on things startup might not resonate for everyone, his perspective is valuable for study.
  • Alex Milburn
    A very honest insight into Moz and Rand.
  • Thorstein Nordby
    Fantastic!One of the most honest and transparent books about the less glamorous sides of building a startup. One of my favorite books this year.
  • Jim Brown
    Very refreshing to hear the other side of startups and entrepreneurship in a meaningful way. Rand didn't hide anything. His true vulnerability was much appreciated.
  • Alexander Shpilka
    Incredible book! So many insights about VC funding and startup world in general.If you are running a tech company it is must read.