Almost Love by Louise O'Neill

Almost Love

If it doesn't hurt, it's not love: the gripping new novel from the bestselling author of Asking for It. Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and Jodi Picoult.When Sarah falls for Matthew, she falls hard.So it doesn't matter that he's twenty years older. That he sees her only in secret. That, slowly but surely, she's sacrificing everything else in her life to be with him.Sarah's friends are worried. Her father can't understand how she could allow hers...

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TitleAlmost Love
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
GenreFiction, Contemporary, European Literature, Irish Literature, Adult, Feminism

Reviews Almost Love

  • Kai
    HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY!"Love was holding your breath until they texted you. Love was waiting for them to decide that you're good enough."Almost Love is a tough book because Sarah is a tough main character. Don't be fooled into believing that this is a romance novel. It is not, even if the title suggests otherwise. It's a book about obsessive love, unrequited love, fading love.You won't like Sarah, the main character. You're not supposed to. You're n...
  • Rachel
    I recall to this day a very involved debate I had with someone about Elena Ferrante's Neopolitian quartet. This person loved them and I hated them. It transpired that my reason for hating them was rooted very much in my need, as a person and from life experience, to have redemption in my fiction. The books that shaped my childhood were all of the sort that 'have a moral in 'em', like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables and Narnia, so I develope...
  • Roman Clodia
    Well, that was disappointing from the usually wondrous O'Neill - partly because the book itself doesn't bear much relation to the publisher blurb. Yes, there is what we might vaguely call an 'affair', though it's really just a series of hook-ups between Matthew, a smug, super-rich, older man and the protagonist, Sarah. Both characters are unpleasant: Matthew is pretty obnoxious, Sarah is a narcissist who is selfish and self-deluding. She's ashame...
  • Isabelle Broom
    Louise O'Neill continues to astound me with her raw, honest, brilliant, talent. This novel is an absolute triumph! Full review to follow upon publication in March.
  • Gabriela Pop
    Louise O'Neill truly never fails to amaze me.I must admit that,for once,I was little worried going into one of her books simply because the core theme of a young woman infatuated with an older man who couldn't really give less of a toss about her could go wrong very easily.That being said,I think Louise did a spectacular job walking that very fine line.There were things that I expected in this book and that played a large part in my high expectat...
  • Patricia Crowther
    “Love was holding your breath until they texted you. Love was waiting for them to decide that you’re good enough.”A painfully realistic reflection of how relationships and feelings change over time, how past relationships can impact on current ones and how self destructive one can be because of bad relationships.I actually found certain parts hauntingly familiar and poignant. I saw elements of myself and past experiences in Sarah and her ci...
  • Kirsty
    Not for me. I was bored throughout and didn't understand the point of the story. The main character was vapid and dull.
  • SissiReads
    Oh my goodness, this book is good. The scariest thing about it all is how much I can relate to the main character Sarah; how much she resonates with me. It makes me think about a past relationship and how terrifying it is to see it again through a fiction, a book; how terrifying is to see how commonly we all make this type of mistake, we all have to have our heart broken this way in order to learn and move on to better things that we deserve in o...
  • Chloe
    5/5 stars."All I ever wanted was for him to say that I was enough. If he said it, maybe I could believe that it was actually true."Louise O'Neill became my favourite author after I read her first two books, Asking For It and Only Ever Yours, which both succeeded in making me cry and think a lot after finishing them. Therefore, obviously, when I heard she was releasing a brand new book, and an adult one this time, you can bet that I pre-ordered it...
  • Jenna Morrison
    As ever, a brilliant yet bleak story from the wonderful Louise O’Neill. This is her first adult novel, and she has done a fantastic job of describing unhealthy, toxic relationships that many people can relate to.You won’t like the characters, but in this type of story you aren’t supposed to. The physical and psychological abuse carried out throughout is the type that many are victim to without fully realising it is not ok and not a normal r...
  • Latkins
    This novel, set in Ireland, follows two time lines ('Now' and 'Then') in the life of Sarah, an art teacher in Dublin who originally comes from a small town in the countryside. In the 'Now' strand, written in the third person, she's living with Oisin, the wealthy son of a feminist artist and a black English Booker Prize winning author. But their relationship is failing as, back in the 'Then' strand, which is written in the first person, she was co...
  • Amy
    On its face, Almost Love is a story about a woman’s affair with an older man: how it started, progressed, and affected all of the facets of her life, both during and after. However, when I finished the book I felt as though, overall, this is just about a very unhappy woman.Primarily, I found Almost Love utterly disappointing. But if there is a positive I can draw from reading it, it would be that the writing is good. This might seem a little pe...
  • Kate (infinitelynovel)
    "We all have regrets. That's part of being an adult."A raw, bleak look at obsessive love/toxic relationships and the unpleasant aftermath. Sarah—the protagonist—is completely unlikable. She's selfish and rude, but actually really rather relatable. One of my favourite things about Louise O'Neill is how unflinchingly honest her writing is: Almost Love was painful to read at times as some scenes hit home with me, as I'm sure will be the case for...
  • Jennopenny
    Read this in one sitting because I couldn't stop. Read it when it come out on March 8th.
  • Laura Tisdall
    Like O'Neill's Only Ever Yours, a book that left me dissatisfied and frustrated, and yet with much to think about. Difficult to rate, but three and a half stars - full review coming soon.Full review: Louise O'Neill's debut novel, Only Ever Yours, deliberately depicted a larger-than-life brutality, magnifying the misogyny of a dystopian future society in order to say important things about the experience of being a teenage girl in our world. On th...
  • Nina
    I would have preferred a stronger female lead to teach us about obsessive relationships, feminism, misogyny and heartbreak. Sarah was so selfish it was difficult to feel any sympathy for her.
  • Breige
    I found the blurb for this to be misleading. I was expecting an all encompassing obsessive love, one where Matthew as the older man is manipulative and isolates Sarah, moulding her into want he wants and making her want to please him no matter what. Instead what I got was a story that alternates between THEN and NOW. In the current story line, Sarah has been with her boyfriend Oisin for almost 2 years yet her affair with Matthew is still affectin...
  • Susan Lanigan
    4 stars. Matthew is gleefully horrible, describing Sarah's boyfriend's parents' house as "something an itinerant would buy after winning the lotto". (And the use of that term nicely pitches Matthew's age and demographic) but I felt he could have been made even subtler still. e.g. (view spoiler)[when he gets the painting from Sarah, to shame her into giving it back to Fionn would have upped the gaslighting, both rejecting AND shaming in one move. ...
  • Rebecca
    As to be expected from any Louise O Neill novel this was excellently written with an absorbing plot which left you uncomfortable and disturbed. The main character Sarah was very unlikeable which I expected because this was the same with the main characters of her previous novels. When I first began the novel I actually thought the character of Sarah was alright but as it continued my dislike grew.She was a terrible friend and a terrible daughter ...
  • Georgina
    If you're the sort of reader who needs to like the protagonist to enjoy the book, I can safely say this is not the book for you. Also, if you need a compelling plot in order to stick with a book, look elsewhere. You won't like Sarah Fitzpatrick. She treats her friends and her father with contempt. She's a tortured artist who cannot be bothered to create art. And yet, for me, this is what makes the book so special. Louise O'Neill exquisitely captu...
  • Kate
    Before ordering this novel, I had read O'Neill's previous book, "Asking for It." A difficult subject, but very well handled; this led me to hoping that her latest offering would be just as good. About half way through this one, I had to admit defeat and not finish it.There are a few reasons why I struggled so much with this book. Firstly, the writing; the novel is meant to be an examination of obsession, but I felt that there was really no explan...
  • Niki F
    Leaning more towards a 2.5 than a 3. I have absolutely loved Louise O’Neill’s other books and anticipated this one since she announced it but it disappointed me. It was incredibly predictable and I felt like I had read this story too many times before. I always like her writing style and can appreciate some things she tried to do with this book, but overall I really did not enjoy this. The whole time I just thought this makes me think of Fift...
  • Annabel
    Wasn't quite as gripping as O'Neill's other books but still a great portrayal of a toxic relationship.
  • Ruth
    Terrifyingly bleak and raw, you really get a sense of the utter desolation of the main character. Beautifully and hauntingly written.
  • Katy Noyes
    Obsession and its consequences - bleak but biting look at male chauvinism and female infatuation3.5 stars"male chauvinism and female infatuation" - that's not to say that these characteristics are gender-related, but they are what the book explores. After the totally amazing debut of 'Only Ever Yours' and the powerful 'Asking For It', 'Almost Love' feels like more standard-genre, a Fatal Attraction-esque 'behind the scenes' of a toxic relationshi...
  • Lucille
    Almost Love is a difficult read and a difficult review to write but many 20 and 30 something women will relate to the main character of Lousie O'Neill's latest novel. Louise, as we've come to expect, writes tough stories about events we often want to keep hidden from the outside world as well as ourselves. Almost Love is written in the Now and the Then. 'Now' Twenty-something Sarah is living with her boyfriend Oisin and 'Then' she is besotted wit...
  • Rebecka
    I feel like I was lied to buy the synopsis of this book. I thought it was going to be about a love affair and desire. But neither of those things were true.Not only is Sarah the most annoying and boring character I’ve ever read, but she also doesn’t ”fall for Matthew” (as the synopsis say). She meets him a couple of times, both times without really caring about him (she couldn’t even remember him the second time they meet). And then the...
  • Barker Jones
    A terrifying example of how easy it is to fall for the wrong person, in the wrong way, and how manipulative some people can be. Matthew very quickly got a hold of Sarah, used her exactly as he wanted, and did it all with breathtaking ease.I felt very bad for Sarah in the 'then' strand. Being outside the situation, I could see it far more clearly than she could, and it broke my heart to watch her go back to him time after time, spoiling plans and ...
  • Michaela
    I was kindly sent a proof copy of Almost Love by Quercus books and I have never been so happy to receive a book in all my life!! I devoured this. I couldn't put it down. I finished it in a few hours and now I'm sitting here thinking about it. thinking about how I could ever live up to Louise and her amazing writing. I urge you to read this. it is amazing, it's real and raw and it will make you feel things. it will make your heart hurt. I've out i...