All the Way (Romancing Manhattan, #1) by Kristen Proby

All the Way (Romancing Manhattan, #1)

In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby’s brand new Romancing Manhattan series, three brothers get more than they bargain for as they practice law, balance life, and navigate love in and around New York City.Finn Cavanaugh is known for being a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. He owns a successful law firm with his brother and brother-in-law in Manhattan. On the rare occasion that he has down time, he spen...

Details All the Way (Romancing Manhattan, #1)

TitleAll the Way (Romancing Manhattan, #1)
Release DateAug 21st, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews All the Way (Romancing Manhattan, #1)

  • Michelle
    *ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.*Excited Things hadn't gone easy for London after injuring her leg in a accident. The accident had turned London's world underside down. It's changed her life not in a good way. Being in Broadway was her life and even that was being turned around. The only thing that was goin well in her life was the hot sexy attorney Finn dealing with her case and he just happens to be her neighbour at ...
  • Claire Robinson
    3.5 - So many highs and lows... Review to follow.
  • Jennifer
    All the Way is the first book in the new Romancing Manhattan adult contemporary romance series. This series is about three brothers. I am assuming that we will most likely get one book for each brother.In this book the main narrator is London. She is 32 years old and a Tony winning Broadway actress/singer/dancer. She was recently hurt so she is now recuperating.The other narrator is Finn, a single lawyer. The book alternates narrators. However Lo...
  • MiDouradoP
    London and Finn brought love All The WayI'm in awe with this book! I always loved this author's work, but this one was somehow different. Normally, her books are light, sexy, funny in a sweet way. And don't get me wrong, All The Way was also sexy and sweet, but it was also more intense than her other books.Since the very first page I could see this would be a different kind of book. Not only for the tragedies it brought, but the whole vibe, the f...
  • Louise BookbestiesUK
    I adore Kristen Probys writing so it was so secret how excited I was when I heard she was releasing a brand new series of books with some fresh new characters. And it was no secret that I received an arc as even the neighbours heard me squeal with delight when i got the email saying I had been granted an ARC of this book 2 months before it's release. In this story- we meet London- a Broadway star whom has recently had a massive tragedy hit her li...
  • Jennifer
    * A review copy was provided by the author/publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review * ~ 4.5 Stars ~ All the Way is an enjoyable beach read that had wonderful characters and an entertaining storyline without a lot of drama. I also liked the added suspenseful element to the story line. That made me want to turn the pages even faster.What I really enjoyed about this story was that we got adult aged characters. The Hero is 40 and the...
  • Ginny Rose
    It's safe to say that when Kristen Proby starts a new series, she holds nothing back. All the Way is no exception. From start to finish the story keeps you enthralled. While Kristen continues to provide her swoony signature, which I absolutely LOVE, All the Way is different. London Watson, an independent, irrepressible woman has been one of the strongest characters I've read from Ms. Proby thus far. I love that she stands on her own, fearlessly. ...
  • Hsu Lee
    I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honestThe characters + storytelling were very captivatingLondon was taking a break to recharge.Finn was looking for some down time to rechargeWhat are the odds that they woud get more than they bargained for ?They were not looking for love, but love found them.Now they have to decided if this newfound love is strong enough.The storytelling + the character's build we...
  • Treena
    *Thank you to William Morrow Paperbacks and Edelweiss for granting me an ARC!*I think Kristen Proby has another hit series on her hands!You will fall in love with London, our heroine, right off the bat. I did. And you will also grow to love Finn, our hero, as much as I did even if at times I wanted to throw my Kindle at him. Hahaha. He’s strong, alpha, take charge yet thoughtful, sweet and so loving towards London. That kind of H is my catnip. ...
  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)
    London Watson's current state of mind is riddled with loss and despair, in one fell swoop she lost her parents and then lost her career to a devastating injury; she is trying to cope with all this loss, but being in the city is smothering, she needs an escape. Which takes her to her parents home in Martha's Vineyard, she is supposed to be relaxing, letting her body heal, but it also leaves lots of free time on her hands so she decides to sort thr...
  • Kim
    3.5 to 4 starsThis is the first book in the new Romancing Manhattan series that will feature two Cavanaugh brothers and their widower brother-in-law that run their own law firm. First up is oldest brother, Finn.When he first meets London Watson, it is not a good time for her, nor is it an appropriate time to really pursue her. But when they meet again in another location and under different circumstances, all bets are off. Finn is charismatic, se...
  • Leah
    I loved this book by Kristen Proby. It is the first in her newest series Romancing Manhattan and is the perfect summer romance. There is a hint of danger, a bit of miscommunication and a whole lot of sex. Definitely a beach book to end the summer season with!London Watson has just suffered the loss of her parents in a horrible house fire. She barely escaped by jumping out of a window and breaking her leg. Most people could roll with this outcome...
  • Laura
    ARC received in exchange for an honest review. Kristen Proby starts this new series off with a heroine that I enjoyed and a hero that it took a while for me to get used to. But in the end, we get a wonderful HEA that we have grown to love from Ms. Proby. Reeling from the death of her parents and her injury, we find London Watson in an attorney's office for the reading of her parent's will. Her brother is a real piece of work and makes the beginni...
  • Susan
    When I hear that Kristen Proby has a new series out, there is no doubt that I get excited. She has a magical way of writing characters that you fall in love with. And I absolutely fell in love with these new characters- and the new setting!!London Watson just lost her parents- and perhaps her dancing career at the same time. She escapes New York City to spend the summer on Martha's Vineyard while she recuperates and goes through physical therapy....
  • Theresa Natole
    The title says it all. Kristen Proby does it again. This story goes all the way in the stars department. A definite 5 star read. Her characters are wonderful and enlightening. A true joy. Finn truly loves London but he is sort of a control freak. London wants to do things her way and not be dependent on anyone. Finn does things for her out of love but she doesn't see it that way. What these two characters learn is communication. That is what make...
  • Lynn
    I was provided with an ARC courtesy of Edelweiss+ and Harper-Collins Publishers in exchange for an honest review.All the Way is the first book in Kristen Proby's new contemporary romance series Romancing Manhattan. As an avid reader of her previous series, Fusion, Boudreaux and With Me in Seattle, which I have reread twice, I started this book knowing I was going to love it as much as her other works. Finn and London's story begins with the readi...
  • Lora
    4 out of 5 starsFinn is a corporate lawyer who worked on London’s parents’ will as a favor. London’s parents were killed in a house fire that severely injured her leg and made it seem like she would never work on Broadway again. It turns out that Finn did the favor for her parents because he lives in the summer house right next to them which London discovers when she goes there to recover and rejuvenate. The story was sweet - Finn definitel...
  • Tracey Jerald
    Kristen Proby has knocked it out of Central Park with the first book in her newest series! Finn and London’s chemistry leaps off the pages in one of my favorite cities in the world - the Big Apple. Finn - a corporate lawyer- and London - the star treading Broadway’s stage - meet after a tragic circumstance that sends London careening from the life she knows and the people who care about her. Happenstance has them meeting again months later as...
  • Yve
    I was super excited to find out about Kristen Proby's new Romancing Manhattan series; she's one of my automatic, go-to, drop everything and read her new release authors. And let me tell you, she does not disappoint! I fell so hard for Finn; he might have come off a bit strong at first, but oh, my gawd his dominance was über hot when it came to the sexy times. But that wasn't what made me fall for him; his attentiveness, thoughtfulness and the fa...
  • Donna
    London Watson has had it all! Tony Award winning actress and star for years but she still is lost in one department, true love. After a debilitating accident, London meets her parent’s attorney, Finn Cavanaugh, and is furious when he asks her out. Time goes by and they meet again on Martha’s Vineyard and become better acquainted. Kristen Proby once again shows off her storytelling prowess in this catchy and heartwarming story. The characters ...
  • Paris
    I’ve been a huge fan of Kristen Proby’s for years now. Her books are absolute must-reads for me. They are exactly what I need and the characters are always ones that I can connect to. When I started reading All the Way, I realized that there was something different about this book. I mean I loved it from the start, but there was a bit of intensity to it that I wasn’t expecting. It was the same sexy, sweet tone that I’ve come to expect, bu...
  • Julie
    I received an ARC thorough a Goodreads Giveaway promotion. this is the first book by Kristen Proby that I have read. I really wanted to like this book. I loved the scenario – actress recovering from a tragedy, cute lawyer is her next-door neighbor in Martha’s Vineyard. They connect and continue the relationship once they are both back in New York City. She has some continuing personal drama and they are navigating a new relationship. .I just ...
  • Shari Suarez
    Kristen Proby is one of my favorite romance writers and this book doesn't disappoint. London is a Broadway actress who was injured in a fire that took her parents' lives.Finn is the lawyer who is handling their estate. They run into each other in Martha's Vineyard and the romance begins. They are both stubborn and they butt heads quite a bit especially when Finn doesn't take into account some of London's opinions. There is also the issue of Londo...
  • Tanya
    Well I am not sure if book 2 continues with the same couple or goes on to another family member but either way I need more of ALL the characters.Kristen mixed some suspense with this great love story. She also was able to blend wonderfully 2 strong characters and expose their weakness without risking the more drama than wad necessary with the suspense aspect already there.If Kristen chooses to continue this story with London and Finn we can only ...
  • Izzy
    Kristen Proby is coming full force with a quick fun romance centered around a broadway star and hot shot lawyer. A little forced proximity. This book has a packed into not a ton of pages.The good is that there is tons of chemistry. London and Finn are fun to be with in the book and it gets very steamy! I enjoyed my time with the story!My only dislike was the drag in the plot around the major plot point you can see coming from a mile away. I kept ...
  • Crystal
    Brand new series from Kristen Proby does not disappoint!! I got really excited when I heard Kristen was writing a new series, and I must say, this book was great!! I loved the dynamic between Finn and London ❤ London’s experience really pulls at your heartstrings. I love how there is some slight suspense wrapped in here too! Well done Kristen!!! You have another great series that I just want more more more of! Brand new series from Kristen...
  • Dione
    All the Way is the start to a brand new series by Kristen Proby. It starts with Finn and London’s story. Finn is a lawyer and London a Broadway actor. London is injured and her parents killed. She retreats to her Martha’s Vineyard home to heal. There she meets neighbor Finn and the chemistry is instantaneous. Finn and London’s journey toward love is well written in this newest Proby novel. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.
  • Amanda
    The first book in a new series, it stays true to Proby’s style of writing whilst still feeling fresh. London is a strong woman going through some hard tunes, and Finn is just what she needs. A story full of interesting side characters (that I can’t wait to see more of in future books), the plot was good, if not a wee bit predictable. Overall though it was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to what comes next in the series
  • Natalie
    3.5 starsReceived an ARC courtesy of the publisher via Edelweiss. I liked the romance and that the main characters were a little more mature. I think the mystery suffered a little. I figured out what was going on pretty early, and I would have preferred one less sex scene and maybe more set-up with the mystery.