Adrift by Rob Boffard


In the far reaches of space, a group of tourists board a small vessel for what will be the trip of a lifetime - in more ways than one...They are embarking on a tour around Sigma Station - a remote mining facility and luxury hotel with stunning views of the Horsehead Nebula.During the course of the trip, a mysterious ship with devastating advanced technology attacks the Station. Their pilot's quick evasive action means that the tour group escape w...

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Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Adrift

  • Kate
    I absolutely loved this! Hugely exciting adventure in space which fully delivers on a great premise. I can imagine people of all ages enjoying this. I didn't want to put it down at all. This is the kind of book that makes you miss bus stops! Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.
  • The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew).
    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek: https://thetattooedbookgeek.wordpress...I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.The war between the Colonies and the Frontier has been over for ten years. During the war, Sigma Station or as it was known then Sigma XV was a mining outpost located in the Horsehead Nebula that both sides fought over.Now, in the present, ...
  • Andris
    LV: Sūc uz kociņa.ENG: This one was a bummer. It is a huge achievment to come up with such a good premise and then write a dull book whith bunch of dull characters - I cared for noone. Took me four months and lots of willpower to finish this book.
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    4.5 stars...Loved it! The suspense was great and there was non-stop action the entire ride! I literally held my breath through quite a bit of the book. The boys, Corey and Malik, were my favorite characters out of all of them, besides the pilot, Captain Jana Volkova, I liked her a lot too, but the kids were seriously the stars of the show. I only had an issue with one small part-(view spoiler)[ Roman turned sides way too easily. It seemed like on...
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally posted on The Nerd Daily | Review by Jayse SmithWhen a group of intergalactic tourists decide to take a scenic tour around the luxurious Sigma XV Station, a remote mining facility and hotel with stunning views of the Horsehead Nebula, none of the passengers on board Sigma Destination Tours ever imagined that they’d be embarking on an epic fight for survival and ultimately their lives in deep space.Adrift Rob BoffardThe expansive vacu...
  • Nadine
    Hop in as Boffard takes his readers on a thrilling adventure in space filled with action, betrayals, and secrets.Adrift follows a few characters as they’re trapped in a tour ship as a mysterious technologically advanced space ship attacks a luxury hotel. Those trapped on the ship are regular civilians who have to work together in order to survive the unforgiving confines of space.Adrift is told through multiple perspectives: Corey, a preteen, H...
  • Carlos
    If you love science fiction books like leviathan wakes , dark matter , and illuminae then I highly recommend this book for you .
  • Liz Barnsley
    I loved LOVED the Outer Earth trilogy from Rob Boffard – I was utterly bereft after reading the last one, so when Adrift landed (or floated by or something) I was all YAY.Rightly so it seems because this, too was so so so so good. It was just exciting and clever and emotional, pacy and incredibly compelling.We have ten tourists stuck on a ship that is, well, not that brilliant. Everyone else is dead and gone having been attacked by a mysterious...
  • Jess Crafts
    The concept of this sounded similiar to one of my favourite doctor who episodes (midnight) so as soon as I saw it I had to give it a try. It's about a group of tourists who get stranded on a small tour ship after the space station they were visiting gets attacked. Its set almost completely within the small ship and has multiple point of view characters that are refreshingly different from each other. Including a ten year old boy, sixty five year ...
  • Jeremy Szal
    The publisher provided me with a proof copy in exchange for a blurb. Here's what I gave them: A claustrophobic and fiercely written adventure, Adrift is a crackling read full of intrigue, isolation and smart world-building. The story moves at a breakneck pace, every page dripping with tension. This is Boffard’s best book yet.And I meant every word. This as about as tight-knit and close-quarters as outer space stories come, balanced on a knife-e...
  • Maddalena
    I received this novel from Orbit Books through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review: my thanks to both of them for this opportunity.When a book manages to surprise me by offering much more than I expected from it, it’s always a wonderful discovery: this was indeed the case with Adrift, a story that ended up being more than the sum of its parts, and a compelling read. The Red Panda is a dilapidated tour ship taking groups of tourists arou...
  • Martin Belcher
    Rob Boffard does it again with an amazingly tense, and at times claustrophobic sci-fi thriller that keeps you glued until the last page.Sigma Station is in the middle of knowhere, connected by a portal, a way of travelling vast distances across the galaxy, it has become a by word for luxury, as a hotel to unwind and view the horsehead nebula.Hannah is a rookie, she takes on an assignment as a tour guide on one of the stations tourist ships, which...
  • Heather Eames
    Many thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown Book Group for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased reviewWonderfully crafted characters and a captivating story make for a great read. The story was well thought out and gave an interesting take on what would happen in this scenario. I loved how claustrophobic the whole story was, making it more intense and a real page turner. The ending is also spot on and I couldn't h...
  • Neil
    I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.An exciting Space adventure with a real mixture of characters.Although slightly slow in places at the end I was left wanting more.
  • Gregoire
    2.5 etoiles "L'aventure du Poséidon" revu et corrigé dans l'espace ... un huit clos qui aurait pu être passionnant tant sur le plan psychologique que sur le plan technique et politique mais qui reste à mon humble avis, trop concentré sur la description des événements et moins sur le ressentiParfois, j'ai même eu du mal à me souvenir que l'action se situait dans un vaisseau spatial et pas un quelconque bureau pris en otage J'ai du lutter ...
  • Angela
    SF survival thriller that gets bananas around the halfway mark. This was a really solid space adventure novel, perfect for busting me out of my recent reading slump. A lone tour vessel from a vacation resort station just misses being blown up in a terrorist attack on the resort that demolishes everyone but the ten people on board. What follows is a desperate bid for survival against low food rations (it was supposed to just be a very short tour, ...
  • Jess
    *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Little, Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley*3.5 starsSigma Station attracts tourists for its stunning views of the Horsehead Nebula. The Red Panda, a tour ship, sets off for a routine trip, the customers on board expecting nothing more than to see the Nebula.Then a ship attacks the station, killing the thousands of people inside. The Red Panda survives thanks to the talente...
  • Sid
    A brilliant book with wonderful characters. The story line and the plot was really well crafted and was a wonderful read. I enjoyed it from the very first page to the very last page.
  • Dave
    Hot on the heels of his epic Outer Earth trilogy, Rob Boffard has delivered his new book, Adrift. A standalone this time, Adrift follows the (mis)fortunes of a group of tourists aboard the Red Panda, a small tour ship from Sigma Station, out by the Horsehead Nebula. Things, as you might expect, go awry fairly quickly as a mysterious ship appears and attacks the station, leaving the Red Panda adrift and alone in outer space.Regular readers will be...
  • Corvus
    I won this as an ebook from goodreads giveaways. I'm picky about fiction so I tend not to enter many giveaways for it but this looked interesting and the horsehead nebula has personal meaning so I figured why not. I also have to say that I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I love the cover art. I would say this book gets 3 stars for writing and story, but I bumped it up to 4 for representation.Overall, I enjoyed this book....
  • Jamie Brackell
    Full Review appears at Pop Culture BanditI discovered Adrift whilst on one of my regular jaunts through Netgalley's Sci-Fi section, and was immediately struck by its beautiful cover artwork and compelling synopsis. I loved the idea of introducing a Science-Fiction twist into the familiar disaster movie trope, switching out the deep blue seas for deep dark space and rather than having great white sharks circling a life raft, we have deadly enemy s...
  • Jordan
    Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature!I've been reading a lot of space-related science fiction lately, so I was excited to have an opportunity to read Adrift--and even more excited that it turned out be another great space book!Adrift takes place in a futuristic world in which space travel is common and traveling through wormholes is also possible. The war between Frontier and the Colonies has been wrapped up for ten years and the two gr...
  • Bruce
    Adrift turned out to be a different book than I was expecting! The synopsis had me thinking of something like a disaster movie. But it steers a little more into the action movie lane. Still, it was a story perfect for a summer flick -- a fun, page-turning read, straightforwardly told. The narrative voice is plain, almost conversational, so I can imagine the audio book would be a good listen. It takes a while to get going though. The introduction ...
  • Chris
    *copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*Adrift is the latest sci-fi novel from Rob Boffard, also known for his rather good ‘Outer Earth’ series.The premise is an intriguing on. Following an attack by an unknown force, a small personnel shuttle is cast loose with a group of passengers inside. Damaged and alone, the passengers have no obvious way home, no way to signal for help, and only each other to rely on. That tension, the sense of b...
  • Liesl
    You know a book's good when you're reluctant to put it down at the end of your commute and are desperate to steal any moment possible to read more of it. "Adrift" is fantastic: limited viewpoints, so we get heavily invested in a few key people, see the situation from multiple perspectives and also don't learn everything that's going on with certain characters until it's too late. The spaceship obsessed Corey might just have been my favourite, but...
  • Bill
    3.5 starsThe blurb on the front reads "An edge-of-the-seat epic of survival and adventure in deep space."I think I understand why "epic" but to me it was misleading. This is mostly a small story, in scope. A group of random individuals go on a "pleasant-time-waster" tour and end up fighting for their survival. The bulk of the story takes place over 3 days and even the denouement (love that word :-)) is a day or two after the climax.Another thing ...
  • Michael Dodd
    A classic ‘lost at sea’ story, just set in space instead of on the ocean, Rob Boffard’s Adrift is a far-future tale of a group of people trapped in a tiny ship with little food, no comms, and nowhere to go. It’s Hannah Elliott’s first day on Sigma Station and she’s not doing great with her now job as a tour guide. After the station is attacked by a strange and powerful warship, leaving her ship – the Red Panda – stranded and alone...
  • Lori
    Sigma Station, the ultimate vacation spot. Hanna has taken a job there as a guide to get away from her parents and older sister, all successful in their own way, and all disappointed in what they see as her poor choices. Her first full day on the station, her first day at work, she is Guide on a twenty minute trip around the station with a handful of visitors and a pilot who is not very friendly. When an unknown vessel attacks Stigma Station, des...
  • Caitie
    This is more of a 3.5 but I will round it.Adrift was a heavily character-based story. This was one of the aspects that I really enjoyed about the story because I haven't read a book similar to this in a while. However, it did fall flat on some notes. One being at times it felt like it was following too much in the direction of a Space Film. By that I mean the phrases and actions the characters did were very similar to that of a typical "we're los...