Can't Help Myself by Meredith Goldstein

Can't Help Myself

A disarmingly honest memoir about giving advice when you're not sure what you're doing yourself, by the woman behind The Boston Globe's Love Letters column.Every day, Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein takes on the relationship problems of thousands of dedicated readers. They look to her for wisdom on all matters of the heart- how to cope with dating fatigue and infidelity, work romances, tired marriages, true love, and true loss. I...

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TitleCan't Help Myself
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography Memoir

Reviews Can't Help Myself

  • Michelle
    Can’t Help Myself: Lessons and Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist by Meredith Goldstein is a fun and engaging memoir that began with Ms. Goldstein’s employment as a journalist at the Boston Globe. Friends and family members sought her opinion and advice for years, including her mother, who had difficulty dating in her early forties following her divorce from Goldstein’s father. Assisting her mother writing dating profiles was the ea...
  • Michelle
    I grew up watching my grandmother read Dear Abby and Ann Landers. To my 4 year old eyes the face of wisdom was an older woman with big coiffed hair. Both of these women hailed from another time. A much simpler time where people stayed happily married until death do they part. But this was not my life. The very reason that I was my grandmother's house was that I was visiting my Dad for the weekend. They represented a perfection to which I would no...
  • Julia
    Meredith is a friend and it was so fun to read the behind the scenes on the work she does for the Boston Globe and the wider advice world. Kudos mer!
  • Natalie
    One of the great things about reading for NetGalley is the opportunity to explore books that I might not have picked up under other circumstances. This book is one of those, and it turned out to be quite a treat. Meredith writes, and orchestrates, a LOVE LETERS column in Boston. In this book, she manages to gracefully weave her own story into those of her readers and advice givers.Unlike typical advice columns, Meredith asks readers to chime in w...
  • Laura
    Excellent story, loved the interaction between Meredith and her letter writers, her readers, and how she used what was happening in her life to color her advice, and how the column shed light on her real life. Very interesting read.
  • Audrey
    3.5 starsThis was a totally charming and self aware memoir. Meredith has a lot of common sense and empathy and gives excellent advice to her letter writers. These were interweaved with her own family background and mother's illness. Now I want a cotton candy machine.
  • Jen Kirsch
    Spent my Sunday afternoon reading this quaint yet moving book in its entirety and is it too soon to say I'm ready for the big screen rom-com based on it? It has all the things I long for and fall for and get so taken by in a memoir/book of essays: love, loss, grief, moving on, acceptance. It covers romantic relationships and friendships and the relationships we have with friends. I smiled a lot. Wrote notes in the book. Put tabs on notable senten...
    In 2008, Meredith Goldstein, author of "Can't Help Myself," launched an advice column for the Boston Globe. She considered herself a natural for the job. After all, she "was the consoling, honest confidante who could make anybody feel better about a breakup or a bad first date." Unfortunately, she was also an emotional wreck at the time she started counseling others, since her boyfriend and colleague, Patrick, had recently dumped her. To make mat...
  • Kathy
    I loved this book and read it in about 48 hours. Through most of it I had laugh out loud moments but finished the last chapter in tears. Meredith Goldstein, the advice columnist for the Boston Globe has written a searingly honest book that shares her personal story intertwined with her professional work. Each chapter takes on a modern day subject (divorce, exes, breakups, illness, etc) where MG shares her personal experience and then follows up w...
  • Sabiha
    Thank you to Meredith Goldstein and Grand Central Publishing for giving me the opportunity to win a free copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways. This is the best book I've read all year, so far. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read a book that I may not have otherwise picked up on my own. Meredith Goldstein is a a feature writer for the Boston Globe's "Love Letters" column. Each chapter focuses on a select topic that readers may be st...
  • Nalene
    As Goldstein puts it, "This is a memoir told in stories and letters." The stories are hers--tales of failed relationships, successful (though at times unconventional) friendships, family struggles and loss, and humorous and honest observations about all of the above. The letters are her readers'--letters submitted to her for her Boston Globe advice column, letters she uses as a framework for sharing recollections of experiences in her own life. T...
  • Ann Green
    Goldstein does a fantastic job of integrating the author, her advice column "Love Letters" and real life into a witty and thought provoking novel. As the author searches for responses to the reader's concerns, she is often surprised to discover answers to her own dilemmas as a single woman searching for her own answers. However, the story really opens up after her mother is diagnosed with cancer. After all this time and the episodes with her mom,...
  • Ellen Berlin
    I received this book as a giveaway from Goodreads.I expected this book to be about an advice columnist, which it was, but it was really about the author’s life. It was about her relationships—romantic and familial. Interspersed in her life stories were the lettered from her readers, her responses and the comments of her readers. Parts of this book for me were an easy read, in that the romantic/love life stories were interesting. The familial ...
  • Jazmin
    I love everything about this book, from start to finish (and the cover). I could have finished this book in a day or two, but I decided to take my time because I didn't want it to end. It is funny, heartbreaking, and extremely relatable at times - especially her mother's cancer/death. I know I'm not the only one that feels a certain way or goes through certain things, but when I read others' personal experiences, it is really uplifting and makes ...
  • Mrs. Porter
    As a sporadic advice column reader, I picked up the ARC of this book with the idea that it would be a compilation of letters and responses. It was much more. I enjoyed that Goldstein not only shared her columns, responses, and reader responses but couched it within the context of her own life. How would I summarize this book? Life is real in different ways for each of us, we all hit speedbumps of various sizes, and who couldn't use some advice al...
  • Chris Baum
    This was a fun, engaging read. I like how the author--the book is nonfiction--didn't hold back on critiquing herself, even when it was probably hard to reveal certain personal things to the reader. She was honest with herself and the readers (that is, both the readers of this book and the Boston Globe column--around which the book revolves). It had a mixture of comedy and tragedy, and the two together made for a very interesting, engaging, and ev...
  • Mikayla
    Very enjoyable read. Bite-sized chapters that are part memoir, all "Love Letters." Whether it be entries from the real column or stories from Goldstein's own life, this book is a love letter in itself- to a community formed out of something new and different, and to the way the online world can influence our lives. Goldstein is honest and frank about her life and thoughts, and it's easy to empathize with her struggles when she shares them so hone...
  • Alexis
    Loved this book! It is warm and honest and real, without being schmaltzy. Meredith talks about her own life experiences, and at the end of every chapter, she presented letters from people posting on the advice blog, and readers' comments to the letter writer. That made it a very easy read, and I could hardly put it down. It was 256 pages, but I liked it so much that I wish it were longer! What I liked best is that, as I was reading the book, it o...
  • Jenni
    I read the book in a day and found myself laughing out loud through most of it and in tears at the end. I actually skipped over many of the letters and reader comments because I found them more distracting from the story -- I loved Meredith as a character and wanted to hear more about her, especially her romantic travails and dealing with her mother's illness deeply resonated with me.Goldstein is a terrific writer and I look forward to reading mo...
  • Gina
    Can't Help Myself made me feel all the feelings. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was laughing and crying quite often! Goldstein shares with her readers how her life was far from perfect and how she struggles with love just like the rest of us. (Advice columnists, just like us!) At the end of each essay about her life, she adds a letter or two from her column that is relevant to her life. Goldstein's memoir was also a great reminder that we are ...
  • Kathleen
    I had stopped reading advice columns years ago __ redundant and unconnected to my life. Goldstein's book revealed that such columns haven't changed that much. However, the impact of her life experiences on the column and of her readers on her life were of some interest.
  • Linda
    Great bookI read Love Letters every day. The thing I like best about this book is how she weaves things happening in her life with letters that have appeared in the column. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and somewhere, her Mom is very proud.
  • Walter
    Giveaway winner...Thank you.
  • Suzi
    interesting book about meredith goldstein, who is a single Jewish woman, and the column she writes giving advice. poignant story about what she and her sister go through when their mom gets cancer.
  • Lynne
    Review to come
  • Cr
    Wonderful book about realtionships in general, and the author's personal story in particular.
  • The Reading
    A very, very good read, by turns funny & poignant. Well written & well edited!
  • Lindsey
    I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to advice columnists but Meredith Goldstein absolutely changed my mind. I had so much fun getting to know Meredith through her essays and columns. She's hysterical and open and genuine. I found her voice to be so relatable, and I was pulled in by the fact that we're the same age and enjoy the same pop culture (Buffy, mainly, but also Harry Potter). Except for the fact that I'm not Jewish I feel we could be the s...
  • S
    Not a book that I would typically pick up but I was not disappointed by any means! Her description of highs and lows from her own life were so heartfelt and at times truly hit home. I loved that she also included some letters and accounts from her advice column in Boston. Overall a very good book!