Reflection (Twisted Tales, #4) by Elizabeth Lim

Reflection (Twisted Tales, #4)

What if Mulan had to travel to the Underworld?When Captain Shang is mortally wounded by Shan Yu in battle, Mulan must travel to the Underworld, Diyu, in order to save him from certain death. But King Yama, the ruler of Diyu, is not willing to give Shang up easily. With the help of Shang's great lion guardian ShiShi, Mulan must traverse Diyu to find Shang's spirit, face harrowing obstacles, and leave by sunrise--or become King Yama's prisoner fore...

Details Reflection (Twisted Tales, #4)

TitleReflection (Twisted Tales, #4)
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherDisney Press
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Retellings

Reviews Reflection (Twisted Tales, #4)

  • Luna
    This book follows the journey of Mulan as she travels to the underworld and tries to save her friend Shang from dying.This book picks up around the time the movie left off, and to me it seemed like the author used the movie as an excuse to not provide proficient background nor elaborate on the relationship with Mulan and Shang.The whole book is based on her trying to save her friend from dying, and because the book didn’t build up on their frie...
  • Natalie
    I had high hopes for this one, because Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.This is the fourth book in the “twisted tales” series, and I have to say I like this one the most. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Mulan and Shang grow and develop. I also liked the relationship between Shang and his father. Mulan is still trying to figure out who she is, and I thought the book did a great job depicting her inner stru...
  • Shenwei
    a wild ride from start to finish. loved the incorporation of Chinese mythology, and the familiarity of some of the allusions really made it more enjoyable because I could guess certain things based on foreshadowing and then feel the triumph of being right😂😂😂this book does a combination of paying tribute to the movie and creating something original that explores Mulan's character in greater depth. as the title suggests, it's a journey of ...
  • Katrina
    *I received an ARC courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*This is the fourth book in the Twisted Tales series and to be completely honest, I never read the other three books. I heard they were terrible and I just had no interest in reading them. However, when I found out that they were doing Mulan, I knew I had to read this. I went into this book terrified that my favorite Disney movie was going to be ruined but found myself falli...
  • Lindsay
    After Shang is injured by Shan Yu, Mulan travels to Diyu, the Underworld, to try and save him. She encounters Shang’s guardian, Shishi, and they both make it their mission to find Shang and make it back to the top level of the Underworld all within a specific time. If she fails, Shang is trapped in the Underworld forever (his soul will either remain in Diyu, he will be reincarnated or he will ascend to Heaven) and Mulan will transform into a de...
  • LaRonda (Flying Paperbacks)
    I didn't finish this one. I tried, but ultimately felt disconnected and bored. I guess I won't be reviewing it considering there's not much to say about it \_(ツ)_/ I didn't finish this one. I tried, but ultimately felt disconnected and bored. I guess I won't be reviewing it considering there's not much to say about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Alyssa Schneyman
    The idea for the story reminded me of Dante’s Inferno mixed with Divergent and Lord of the Rings. t felt very true to the spirit of the movie. I received an ARC of Reflection by NetGalley
  • Gladys
    Reflection is a variation of the actual Disney movie story, where Mulan destroys the Huns but instead of Shan Yu wounding Mulan he wounds Shang when he shoves Mulan out of the way. Mulan is devastated that because of her actions now Shang is hurt and dying. Chi fu decides to leave Captain Shang to die and prohibits anyone from helping Mulan save him. this is the beginning of their adventure, during the night Shang gets worse he is one step from d...
  • LANA
    “When will my reflection show who I am inside.”I’ve always been a fan of Mulan. The movie is stunning. As a little girl I thought Mulan was amazing, but now I see her as an inspiration to all women.Reflection by Elizabeth Lim is a masterpiece.I loved the characters and plot twists so much.Speaking of…***Characters***Fa Mulan/Ping- Mulan (like I said) is an inspiration to all women out there.I liked how she made everyone believe that Ping ...
  • Emelia
    Would maybe go to 3 and a half stars.Three reasons for reading this. The first books weren't brilliant but had merits and I liked the 3rd. This is is a new author who deserves a chance. I got it half price.This differs from the previous Twisted Tales as it's more of a story within a story, instead of drastically altering the main plot of the film. It's a bit of an unexpected route to go down, resembling part of the plot for Hercules. But it's goo...
  • Tabby Shiflett
    Part of a YA series, this retelling is the best one so far. All the books have had potential, but this one unfolds quicker than its predecessors. A Mulan adaptation that includes hints of Dante's Inferno (Divine Comedy), classic Greek stories, and fused with Chinese culture. The story flows well and after the first couple of chapters (which follow the Disney animated film closely), the pace is steady. This one has convinced me to keep reading the...
  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    This is the first of the Disney twisted tales I've read, and I really enjoyed this one because Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. I will say that the best part of the book was the later half once it got away from familiar territory. I also think the strongest characters were the new ones, particularly one clever female character, who I think ultimately stole the show. I'm excited to see what Lim does when she is liberated from stories and...
  • Bookishgirl19
    The writting is beautiful. The author really use the key element in the movie and adapt them in her book. I am a huge fan of Mulan and this book is an awesome discovery for me!! The description of the underworld are incredible I can imagine myself there with Mulan and her friends. I will definetely check out Elizabeth Lim next book!! If you like adventure and you want to read an amazing Mulan retelling.. its a book for you!
  • Jessica Anne
    I like the way that Disney is making their female characters more independent in these books, challenging gender stereotypes and making the women the heroes, saving the men. These are the sort of characters young girls and boys should be exposed to, to educate them that women are not weak and don't need to rely on men for help and support, they are equal and need to work together to get to the best outcome.
  • Grace
    The first few chapters are such a bore, the action feels so distant and you're just willing yourself to read further ... but, once Mulan enters into Diyu THEN things get really interesting!!! Really detailed, fun to read and lots of good action and amazing Li Shang moments! So so good.You just have to hold on until she goes into Diyu, and then just read the magic!
  • Hanan
    I actually bought this version to match the rest of my series but I reviewed on the other version....
  • Hanan
    4.5*On Sunday I had decided that I was going to dedicate this day to reading and on that Sunday (and I admit Monday before school) I finished this gorgeous book! I was on the edge about reading this book not really it to mythology or the underworld but I am I glad I did! The only thing I was really disappointed about was that Mushu wasn’t in it..... Anyway if your worried you might not enjoy this book give it ago if you liked the Mulan movie or...
  • Gabrielle Belisle
    Entertaining, but the writing is an absolute *hot mess.* It's like some sort of weird fanfiction that both copies the movie, and completely tosses out most of it. The attempt at plot is so confusing I can hardly tell what's happening most of the time. Combine Dante's Inferno, Greek mythology, writing that somehow reminds me of something akin to My Immortal, and Mulan... and you get whatever this was.