The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

How do you stop a murder that’s already happened?At a gala party thrown by her parents, Evelyn Hardcastle will be killed--again. She's been murdered hundreds of times, and each day, Aiden Bishop is too late to save her. Doomed to repeat the same day over and over, Aiden's only escape is to solve Evelyn Hardcastle's murder and conquer the shadows of an enemy he struggles to even comprehend--but nothing and no one are quite what they seem.Deeply ...

Details The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

TitleThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
Release DateFeb 8th, 2018
PublisherRaven Books
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Crime

Reviews The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)
    (4.5) If you’re looking for a book to keep you awake at night because you NEED to finish it then this is it!Somebody’s going to be murdered at the ball tonight. It won’t appear to be a murder so the murderer won’t be caught. Rectify that injustice and I’ll show you the way out.I loved how unique the premise was, a murder-mystery where the main character gets to relive the same day 8 times to try and solve it but every day he's in a diff...
  • ❄️Nani❄️
    4.5⭐Do you know how many books it’d taken me to finally use the word, unputdownable? I think I'm more thrilled to have finally said it than actually reading this book. What can I say, I'm a simple girl. The simple pleasures bring me the most joy. But back to the task at hand because friends, let me tell you, this. Was. Unputdownable! Hold on, let me gather my wits first, this book was very taxing on my brain.So, you’re thinking ‘a high-co...
  • Paromjit
    Stuart Turton has written an extraordinarily original, atmospheric, intelligent and fiendishly complex novel that I really loved! At one level it masquerades as an Agatha Christie style golden age classic crime, and indeed many of the tropes present in that genre are here such as the diverse range of characters at a country house party. It is no exaggeration to say it is so much more, including the presence of time leaps, and absolutely nothing i...
  • Amalia Gavea
    ‘’I’m a man in Purgatory, blind to the sins that chased me here.’’What would it be like if one day we found ourselves in an another body? What if this happened on a daily basis? Us changing the vessel but retaining most of the traits that make us who we are? What if by changing identities we could turn back the time and prevent an injustice, a horrible crime? This is the wonderful premise of this exquisite novel by Stuart Turton, one of...
  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨
    3.5 maybe it is just me? But never the less confusing stars🌟🌟🌟The concept of this book was really quite brilliant... A little reminiscent of both Life After Life and Ground Hog Day.... with the added little twist of the body swapping....Admittedly it is holiday time and I was not as focused on this book as I needed to be.... so as far as me being confused throughout the majority of this book, it could very likely just be a me problem.......
  • Petrik
    3.5/5 starsThe less you know about this mystery thriller book, the better your experience will be.First of all, take that rating rounding up or down with a grain of salt, this is a 3.5 stars book for me. As for the review, I honestly have no idea how to review this book, not only mystery/thriller is not my usual read or books that I review, I genuinely think that anything I say can be considered a spoiler for a book like this. I’ll keep this re...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    3.5 stars 🌟 I have no idea how I actually feel about this one!This was probably one of the most confusing and complex novels that I have ever read. I actually quite enjoyed the premise of this story as it definitely was quite clever and really made me think but in the end I was a little disappointed with the “what just happened?” ending which left me feeling a little unsatisfied. I felt a little bit cheated as I was so hoping the ending wo...
  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    “Now do you see? Escape isn’t to be found at the end of this dirt road; it’s through me. So run if you must. Run until you can’t stand, and when you wake up in Blackheath again and again, do so in the knowledge that nothing here is arbitrary, nothing overlooked, You’ll stay here until I decide otherwise.” Story ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Imagine you’re in a body you don’t know. You don’t remember your name, your age, nothing.You have an em...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    5★“The hunt begins in half an hour and I can’t miss it. I have too many questions and most of the answers will be carrying shotguns.”Who is this “I” with the questions? My dad told me he’d read about a man whose dementia got so bad that he got up one morning, looked in the bathroom mirror, and said “Who the hell are YOU?” The reason he told me was that he had dementia, but he was a long way from that point.Our narrator is having...
  • Ova Incekaraoglu
    See Full review on my blogObviously, I am like the other reviewers:This book is amazing. The plot is so complicated and full of action, you literally could not stop reading until you learn WHAT THE HELL IS ACTUALLY GOING ON!If I didn't have that unforgettably pleasant night, I'd go with 3 stars, If the end didn't disappoint me I'd go with 5 stars,So I settled at 4. I so liked this book but I wish the ending, was a bit different. This is me on pag...
  • Hannah
    Groundhog Day Meets Agatha Christie was all I needed to hear to be completely, positively intrigued by this book. I had an absolute blast reading this and trying (and failing) to figure things out. Aiden Bishop wakes up in a body that is not his with no memory at all. He learns that he will wake up on this same day 8 times in 8 different hosts to solve a murder that will occur in the evening. We follow him chronologically (from his perspective), ...
  • Faye*
    4.5 starsThis book was SO FREAKING GOOD! If you like mystery/crime/whodunnit stories with the little "extra", go read this book. The one advice I would give you is to go into it with an open mind and don't research too much beforehand. I would say it is best to know as little as possible but if you prefer to know what it's about, all you need to you know is that Evelyn Hardcastle will be killed at a fancy gala thrown by her parents and our protag...
  • TS Chan
    A mind-boggling Buddy Read with the wonderful Celeste.4.5 stars.An ingenious and brilliant debut, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a deliciously thrilling and mind-bending page-turner.This novel has been termed as Groundhog Day meets Agatha Christie, or even Inception meets Agatha Christie. While the reference to the grande dame of mystery is doubtlessly appropriate, I find Quantum Leap in a time loop a more fitting description of what th...
  • Carolyn
    In this novel the main character, Aiden Bishop finds himself in a time loop of the 'Groundhog Day' variety. He is at a country house party for Evelyn Hardcastle who has just returned from Paris after a long period away. Set in the period between the wars (1920/30s) the guests include a mixture of titled nobility and socialites along with a supporting cast of valets, maids and household staff. Evelyn will be murdered at the party and Aiden finds h...
  • Andrew Smith
    I’ll start by saying that this is unlike any other book I’ve read. I’m not even sure I can categorise it, as the normal genres just won’t do it justice. If I said crime fiction then it would really only touch the surface. There’s certainly a strong element of whodunnit about this novel, but it’s delivered with a very large helping of something else – something I’m not willing to delve into here for fear of ruining the experience f...
  • Helene Jeppesen
    Original. Mind-blowing. Refreshing. I loved it! Although I do recommend going into it without any expectations, because I’m afraid all this (well-deserved) GREAT HYPE it gets might ruin it for some people.
  • Celeste
    Full review now posted!4.5 out of 5 stars.“How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?”There’s very little I can say about this book except that it’s one of the most original things I’ve ever read. It’s a twofold mystery, and had been compared to both Agatha Christie and Groundhog Day. I think you could throw a little comparison to Invasion of the Body Snatchers into the mix, and have an almost perfect description of th...
  • ✨Brithanie
    5/5 "this book blew my damn mind" stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Favorite Quotes: "How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?""Nothing like a mask to reveal somebody's true nature."Pros: -This book was insane in the BEST way possible! It had me guessing from beginning to end! 💗-There were so many twists and turns! It was fantastic!Cons: -What cons? There weren't any for me. I couldn't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by this book...
  • Laura
    Ah, thank goodness for this book.I really loved everything about how the story was told. It was like a movie playing inside my head. I thought the book was going to be somehow confusing but no, it was a fun and intriguing ride. All the characters made a strong impression and the riddles each of them carried! I read this book expecting a lot of things, the hype has been beyond measure, and it really met those expectations! It was rich, clever and...
  • Emma
    What just happened 👀 Now it's clear that Stuart Turton doesn't mind setting himself a challenge. Keeping track of what the hell is going on is challenging enough as a reader, I cannot imagine the effort and planning it must have taken to put it all together as a writer. Imagine: there's a kind of Groundhog Day repetition in different bodies, a multiple murder mystery/investigation, a multitude of characters, an escape plan, an evil footman, ti...
  • Marialyce
    2.5 very disjointed and disappointing stars.When reading this book, I felt like I needed a road map or a gps system to navigate through the various occurrences happening. It was one of the most confusing books I have ever read and because of this confusion, the message which I think the author was trying to relate got lost.Having someone or in this case someones change identity and become someone else on a daily basis made one feel as if they nev...
  • clara
    3 1/2 stars. “How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?” This book was such a pleasant surprise!Stuart Turton has created an extraodinarily complex (and at times, confusing) mystery, with an incredibly unique premise, a remarkable cast of intriguing characters and an atmospheric setting.Aiden Bishop is stuck in a time loop, forced to relive the same day over and over again. Every day, he wakes up in a new body, and his only w...
  • ☙ percy ❧
    bloody, bloody, bloody hell. this was the most stunningly unique and outrageously clever novel i've read in a long time, and if i had to sum it up with one sentence, it would probably be "agatha christie on LSD." even the premise in itself was incredible - a man who has eight days to solve a murder, each day repeating over and over except he is in different bodies of the guests at the party, and only after he solves them can he leave - otherwise ...
  • may ❀
    DNF @ 75% i feel like im the only one on earth who holds this unpopular opinion AND IM SO DISAPPOINTED but...i feel like i've aged 10 years over the course of reading this had sO MUCH POTENTIAL AND I WAS SO EXCITED TO READ IT BUT its achingly SLOW and there are millions of characters introduced i literally had no idea whos who ;-;i read the last chapter and i have no idea what happened or how it got solved AND I REALLY WANNA KNOW so if an...
  • Kim
    This entire book has been such a rate treat. The story is very complex, so innovating and intricately woven that it keeps you guessing up until the very end. There isn't a dull moment in these 505 pages, even if the pace of the story isn't always going at breakneck speed (far from it, actually). But that never bothered me one bit. At the start it held the same atmosphere as And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie: Blackheath sounds like such ...
  • Sarah
    Holy shit, my head hurts. I haven't read a book that made my brain melt like this since Blake Crouch's Dark Matter. And just like in that book it is so satisfying to watch all the pieces come together. This book is a wild mixture of Agatha Christie, Groundhog Day, and Black Mirror. I'm not going to say anything about the plot because I think it is better to go in blind and not read reviews (many of them reveal way too much, IMO) or even the blurb...
  • Lucy Langford
    This book was fantastic! It was so mind- bending and also crossed over different genres. It read like an Agatha Christie Novel with some sci-fi splashed in there- almost like Groundhog Day (but far better!).Aiden Bishop is a man who is stuck in a loop- each day there is the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle and until Aiden, who is a guest at Blackheath, can solve her murder- he is repeated to live the same day on a loop. However, each day he wakes up i...