Say Nothing by Brad Parks

Say Nothing

"The work of an author who continues to raise his sights and refine his immense talent."--Richmond Times-Dispatch"Terrific book. Truly terrific. Tension throughout and tears at the end." --Sue GraftonJudge Scott Sampson doesn't brag about having a perfect life, but the evidence is clear: A prestigious job. A loving marriage. A pair of healthy children. Then a phone call begins every parent's most chilling nightmare. Scott's six-year-old twins, Sa...

Details Say Nothing

TitleSay Nothing
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherDutton Books
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Crime

Reviews Say Nothing

  • Paromjit
    This is a fast paced and tense hybrid domestic and legal thriller set in Virginia that kept me totally glued to the book until the end. It all begins with Judge Scott Sampson receiving a text from his wife telling him she will pick up their six year old twins, Sam and Emma, from school. Whilst resentful of missing the opportunity to spend time swimming with them, he thinks nothing more of it until his wife, Alison, comes home without them and say...
  • Kaceey
    A Traveling sister read with Norma, Brenda and Holly!4.5*Scott and Allison are living the ideal life. Both highly successful in their careers and blessed with adorable 6 year old twins named Sam and Emma.Receiving a text from Alison that she’ll be picking the twins up from school, Scott doesn’t think twice about it. That is until Alison arrives home without the children.“What text?”When the phone suddenly rings… the true nightmare begin...
  • Norma
    Traveling Sisters Group Read Review by Norma, Brenda, Kaceey and Holly4.5 stars! SAY NOTHING by BRAD PARKS is a wonderfully blended tale with an extremely engaging storyline that includes child kidnapping, a legal thriller, and a psychological thriller that was tense, thrilling, and gripping that kept us guessing and wondering right to the very end.  This book really grabbed our attention quite early on and the ending was so powerful that it had...
  • Maureen
    Gripping is the word best suited to describe this wonderful phsychological thriller from Brad Parks. Alison thinks her husband (Judge Scott Sampson) has picked the kids up from school as he usually does on a Wednesday, but Scott received a text from Alison saying that she'd pick them up - the only problem being, it wasn't Alison who sent the text! When Alison arrives home without the kids, Scott is about to ring the school when he receives a call...
  • Diane S ☔
    2.5 A well respected judge and his wife of many years. Two abducted six year old twins. A text that advises the judge to "Say nothing" if he ever wants to see his children again.Intriguing premise, so why did I utterly fail to connect with this story, one that has garnered many high ratings and reviews? Well for one, from the very beginning I found the tone irritating, off putting. I can't imagine anything worse then having your children abducted...
  • Holly B
    This was a great book to read along with the Traveling Sisters Group! Including Norma, Brenda, Kaceey and myself! We had so much fun pointing fingers at all the characters we suspected of the kidnapping! I really needed Lindsay to help me out with a believability issue I was having, but she was no where to be found!I was transfixed to this book after the first chapter. There is no slow build-up here, we go straight into the horrifying conclusion ...
  • Dannii Elle
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Brad Parks, and the publisher, Faber & Faber, for this opportunity.The terrifying subject of abduction is explored here in a twisted and yet sensitive light. When Judge Scott Sampson receives a text from his wife, stating that his weekly swim with his six-year-old twins has to be postponed due to a doctor's appointment, he feels nothing but slight disappoint...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    Actual rating 4.5 stars. This is a brilliant combination of child kidnapping, a legal thriller and a psychological thriller.It's blended wonderfully. I was really into this book from very early pages and the ending just about ripped my heart out!Judge Sampson, his wife Alison and his two twins are a happy family. The Judge is well-respected and regarded for his decisions in the courtroom and life is fairly peachy. Until one day when it all change...
  • Sandy
    3.5 starsThe book begins with every parent’s worst nightmare. Judge Scott Sampson & wife Alison get a phone call one afternoon & just like that, life as they know it is over. Someone has snatched their 6 year old twins. The instructions are simple: say nothing.The next call concerns a drug case Scott is due to pass sentence on. It’s pretty open & shut but if he wants to see the twins again, he has no choice but to follow the kidnappers’ dir...
  • Warrengent
    Absolutely addictive,this is a fantastic page turner, that grabs your attention, from the very first page and never lets up. Can't recommend this enough.
  • Amy
    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comThis is another book, that as a parent shattered my heart. Scott Sampson has a pretty awesome life, he’s a federal judge and has been married to his wife Alison for years and they have adorable six year old twins, Sam and Emma. Then one day Scott gets a text from Ali saying she’s picking up the kids from school even though it’s his day. When they meet up at home it’s immediately clear t...
  • Susan Johnson
    3.5 stars A federal judge's twin children are brazenly kidnapped. It turns out someone wants to fix a lawsuit that's on the judge's docket. They give it a test run and the judge comes through beautifully so he is rewarded. Then the major case comes up. What will the judge do this time? There were a lot of implausibilities in this book for me. I have a hard accepting a federal judge would not involve law enforcement no matter what the kidnappers t...
  • Liz Barnsley
    The tension in Say Nothing is palpable – and that is what you want from a decent thriller, for it to actually feel like you are right on the edge of a cliff..This novel featured many nail biting cliff hanging moments and is written beautifully to drag the reader into an impossible decision making process taking place within the pages. Judge Scott Sampson is stuck between a rock and hard place, from the moment he and his wife Alison realise thei...
  • Cody
    Say Nothing, by Brad Parks, is a crime thriller about a federal judge whose two young kids are kidnapped. He and his wife must do exactly as the kidnappers say — and they certainly have reasons; they've planned it out very thoroughly — or else. This is a fine novel. It has all the elements of addictive crime reading, but . . . it just never came together, for me. The writing isn't emotional; the prose is very pedestrian, matter-of-fact. I cou...
  • Célia
    Acabei de terminar este livro e tenho de vos dizer que estou cada vez mais fã do género thriller! Nunca tinha ouvido falar do escritor norte-americano Brad Parks e confesso que se a editora não tivesse tido a simpatia de me enviar um exemplar para crítica, muito provavelmente tinha-me passado completamente ao lado, o que teria sido uma pena. “Não Digas Nada” foi o pedido que os raptores fizeram ao Juiz Scott Sampson depois de terem levad...
  • Laura Rash
    This is the true definition of a thriller! A lil Grisham thrown in for good measure & maybe Grippando! All added together made for a true page turner! Thanks to Dutton for this early copy in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for review!
  • Faith
    The plot of this book depends on a lot of people saying nothing, when the sensible thing to do would be to call the police or give warnings or to say something. But if they did the sensible thing, there wouldn't be a book and that would be too bad, because this was an enjoyable thriller. The six year old twins of federal judge Scott Sampson are kidnapped and the judge is told to say nothing to anyone and to just await instructions. The kidnappers...
  • Sherri Thacker
    Wow!! A gripping thriller that I highly recommend. I could not put this down. Loved it!!!
  • Caryn
    While its premise may be a smidgen far fetched, this book has a plot that reads at a breakneck speed where you don't know who to trust. For mostly a legal thriller, I had a hard time putting it down. The short chapters kept the pages turning and it was beyond suspenseful. I've never read Brad Parks before but I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!Trigger warning: The book starts out with and the main mystery is two little kids who are ki...
  • Craig Sisterson
    This is a terrific five-star thriller with darkness, humour, and depth from a very talented author who's not yet that well-known to the broader reading public on the European side of the Atlantic.Brad Parks is an award-winning writer from the United States (he's the only author to ever win the Lefty, Shamus, and Nero Awards), and is extremely well-regarded over there. But this standalone, which steps away from Parks' books starring investigative ...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    "Their first move against us was so small, such an infinitesimal blip against the blaring background noises of life, I didn't register it as anything significant."That's the opening line of Brad Parks's new thriller Say Nothing.And then it becomes real significant, real fast. Someone has kidnapped Judge Scott Sampson and his wife Allison's twins. Why his family? What do they want? Money? No, it's something else....Parks has crafted an addicting r...
  • Cathy Cole
    Since I am a diehard fan of Parks' Carter Ross series, I had to get my hands on a copy of Say Nothing. Would he be as good as Linwood Barclay at writing a novel of domestic suspense? I just had to find out.The best parts of the book for me were the scenes involving the two six-year-olds, Sam and Emma. The story just shone whenever they appeared, and the tension wrapped itself around me like taut barbed wire as I read.The most interesting part of ...
  • Deborah
    I lapped up this standalone novel by Brad Parks, devouring it in one evening. Scott is a wonderful character. We’re in his head the whole time so privy to his every thought. And suspicion. His love for his children is palpable and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get them back, including offer inexplicable verdicts that will have his credibility and ethics questioned and possibly even see him impeached. (In fact I admired the fact he ...
  • Andy Weston
    It's books like this that put me off the genre, the crime thriller genre that I have enjoyed so much in the last thirty years. I must accept some of the blame as it's clearly written as a bestseller with plenty of media hype, and those should be warning signs enough, but the premise did sound interesting. On the eve of a big trial the 6 year old twins of a leading judge are kidnapped. The judge decides not to go to the police and the story contin...
  • Sam (Clues and Reviews)
    Whoa. What. A. Book.Say Nothing by Brad Parks was unputdownable. Parks was able to create a rare balance that is uncommon in thrillers; a fast paced plot, gut-wrenching scenarios and likeable characters. I was literally on the edge of my seat. I read this one easily in the course of a couple sittings; once I started, I simply could not stop. I was completely sucked into this plot. The story follows Judge Scott Sampson, doting husband and father t...
  • I read novels
    A judge and his wife twins are kidnapped from school. As Sam and Emma leave school at the end of the day, the car looks like their parents car and the woman in the drivers seat looks like their mum, but they are being kidnapped. The parents are put through an ordeal if they want to see their children again, say nothing. A story filled with tension throughout and with twists in and with tears at the end.
  • Onceinabluemoon
    4.5. I get thrillers for my husband, but read many of his myself for the sole purpose of figuring it all out in the first 20% of the book, read enough and all the signs are there, so for me it's just how entertaining it is to get to the end to prove my theory. I will say I thought this was a great fast read and it helped that I was having a profitable day at my job while reading this~
  • Doug
    Brad Parks's SAY NOTHING is novel that is both conventional and very cleverly written. A major public figure, Judge Scott Sampson, is forced to compromise his legal responsibilities in response to the demands of the kidnappers of his six year old twins.Parks carefully leads the reader down the family's terrifying path as demanded by the kidnappers. A major financial / patent law trial pulls the Sampson's into a deadly contest pitting the fate of ...
  • Donna Davis
    Every parent with a baby or toddler has this one terrible, dark fear: that someone will take that baby. In Say Nothing, that horrific event is doubled when Sam and Emma, twin sons of Scott and Alison, are taken and the note that sends frozen tendrils of fear up their spines instructs them not to tell anyone. No police; no one at all can know. “Say nothing.” Thanks go to Net Galley and Dutton Penguin for the DRC, which I received in exchange f...
  • Jo
    Say NothingBy Brad Parks (Goodreads Author)SynopsisA powerful and moving breakout thriller about a couple who are plunged into unimaginable terror when their children are kidnapped, and the stop at nothing compulsion to get them back.Judge Scott Sampson doesn’t brag about having a perfect life, but the evidence is clear: A prestigious job. A beloved family. On an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, he is about to pick up his six-year-old twins to go ...