Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files by Mark Powers

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files

New York Times-bestselling author Jim Butcher expands his beloved "Dresden Files" novel series with the all-new "Dog Men" story set within official continuity, created exclusively as a graphic novel!Harry Dresden is a man on the edge--and that is something that can be dangerous to friend and foe alike. He's been drafted by a senior member of the White Council of Wizards to investigate a series of murders in rural Mississippi. As always, there's m...

Details Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files

TitleJim Butcher's The Dresden Files
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherDynamite Entertainment
GenreFantasy, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Reviews Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files

  • Chad
    A nice little Harry Dresden side story. Listens to Wind comes to harry for help so they head to rural Mississippi to help find some missing people. A witness claims she say a Dog Man leaving the house, but could it be something else. As with any Dresden Files book, Harry mixes it up with multiple antagonists until it all comes crashing together into a crescendo of magic and violence. One thing that bothered me about the book is how it kept focusi...
  • Mitticus
    +Digital copy gently provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review+*the problem: I don't know what happened with the edition, but there is a lot of missing letters so it looks like bad spelling ... as I see anothers reviewers complaining about the same I guess it's not just my copy.--------------------Harry Dresden is passing a bad time , consumed by regrets and nightmares, afraid mostly for his friends' future. This is after Jim Butcher...
  • Daniel
    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.0 of 5I've only read a handful of the original Dresden Files books/stories, and a slightly larger handful of these Dresden Files graphic novels, but I'm really enjoying this graphic novel series much more than I would have expected to like them.In this latest edition, Harry Dresden ... wizard detective ... has been called to rural Mississippi by one of the leaders of the White C...
  • Mark
    Harry Dresden as a novel has been wanting in the recent years, it seems almost like the writer has taken some time of from the Dresden files. Only this year there seems to be a small change with short story collection in the summer and the next Dresden novel early December. Until that time I am sure the next dynamite comic will undoubtedly appear as they have done these last few years.Generally I do buy the separate installments but with this min...
  • Cale
    This is a short story of the Dresden universe, with Dresden and White Council member Listens-to-Wind investigating a murder in Louisiana. Things are obviously supernatural, but are the titular dog men the real danger? It's a pretty basic story, with Dresden going overboard and getting smacked down by several entities before finally turning the tables. The art is well done, but none of the characters really get a chance to develop any depth. I did...
  • Maxine
    Dresden is in a dark state of mind after his encounter with Puck and even he is concerned that he may be a danger not only to enemies but to friends. So when a senior member of the White Council contacts him to investigate a series of brutal murders in a small rural town in Mississippi, he accepts. But will Dresden be able to overcome his emotions to deal with the challenge? The graphic novel The Dresden Files: Dog Men contains volumes 1 – 7 of...
  • InkHeart
    Injun Joe... Mouse...
  • Emily
    The artwork was quite good, but I wasn’t madly in love with the story. I’ve been missing Dresden, but I wasn’t thrilled to get another ghoul story, let alone an angsty, rage-driven Harry.
  • Angela
    I love the Dresden Files graphic novels. The visuals are great, and the voice is the same as the books. Nice to tide you over until the next book comes out.
  • Altivo Overo
    Quality art and a story line that had a lot of potential, but (sigh) in the end depended too much on violent action instead of plot and character development. Best character in my opinion is Harry Dresden's dog, Mouse. Imagery of federal government operators as narrow minded and inept thugs, though sometimes accurate, seems pretty trite as presented here. The titular "Dog Men" get short shrift and are not really the plot hinge but just accessorie...
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    3 1/2 stars. I received a copy of Dog Men from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. If you’ve been following the Dresden Files (either the novels or the graphic novels, or both obviously), then you’ve got a pretty good idea of the world that’s been established. Dog Men fits into that world (of course), though it feels more like an aside than part of the main plot.(view spoiler)[ I mentioned above that Dog Men feels more like ...
  • Lisa Feld
    I'd give this a 4 for art and a 2 for story. Diego Galindo does a solid job of illustrating Harry, Listens-to-Wind, and the various side characters, and making everything flow effortlessly. But whether it's the fault of Mark Powers or Butcher himself, the writing is a mess here. Harry is usually someone who mouths off to people, particularly those who intimidate him, but he prides himself on being a wizard, one of the wise, thinking a couple of s...
  • Ron
    It always brightens my day to watch Dresden wiggle his way out of a problem by unleashing his power. Unfortunately, that is exactly the wrong thing to do in Dog Men. Luckily, he has Listens To Wind along when he went to Taylor, Mississippi, to check out a monster attack. Listen To Wind brought Dresden along to help him deal with the Dog Men in the area who are in danger from an unnamed Federal agency. But then a ghoul infestation raises its head ...
  • Taylor Ellwood
    As others have said this is a slow paced story, but once the action heats it takes off. And if you're waiting for the next Dresden Files this is a nice way to take the edge off and enjoy a story about one of your favorite heroes. Over all I enjoyed the story and like the development of Harry's relationship with Listens to the Wind.
  • Alan
    Whereas the prior volume at least provided some set up for future Dresden stories, this felt more like just one long action piece where a member of the White Council is trying to get Dresden to grow up.Yes, Dresden does grow up a little, but I would argue that said point could have been reached with much less Carnage.
  • Bob
    New Harry Dresden graphic novel. This time, Harry and Mouse accompany senior wizard, Listens-To-Wind, to Mississippi to check out a series of brutal murders in Taylor. Plenty of action with excellent illustrations by Diago Galindo. Highly recommended.
  • Ron Turner
    Meh. Disappointing. The Wolf People were goofy. The ghouls were even goofier. And Injun Joe was wasted as a character.
  • Maria Mitchell
    Story was fun. Artwork was just so so. But it was great to have another Harry story.
  • Erin
    Oh Harry. Getting into trouble and bringing the hurt. This is the first graphic novel I've read though I've powered through all the regular books. It's a fun romp and a delightful style for Mr. Dresden, Wizard.
  • Ea Solinas
    When there's a supernatural mystery afoot, people come looking for Harry Dresden -- even other wizards. But of course, the cases he gets always become more complicated and dangerous, and "Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Dog Men" is no exception. This six-issue comic book series is pretty well packed with beast-men, ghouls and a sinister force of G-men, but it does suffer somewhat from Harry's man-angst, which ultimately doesn't really contribute...
  • Pop Bop
    Takes Quite A While To Get Off The Ground, Then SoarsThe first Dresden graphic novel I read was "Ghoul Goblin", and that one remains my favorite. "Ghoul Goblin" was the third in the Dresden Files Graphic Novels series, and this one is the seventh. Interestingly, it is almost like a continuation of "Ghoul Goblin". (There's even a footnote shoutout.)Similar ghouls, rural setting, confused but stand-up local sheriff, innocent and unsuspecting victim...
  • Lou Jacobs
    Just like a flesh eating Ghoul I devoured this in one sitting ... couldn't help myself ... 144 delicious pages of excellent art with an original tale set in Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series . In lieu of waiting for his next book , this will serve as an excellent appetizer. Written by Mark Powers and extremely well illustrated by Diego Galindo and published by Dynamite. Chicago's only Wizard is enlisted by a high ranking member of the White Coun...
  • Paul Franco
    Starts off with everyone dying, but of course that doesn’t last.I’m not heavily familiar with this long-running series, only read a few here and there, so I don’t know how often Dresden goes out of town, but in this one he leaves the comfy confines of Chicago for rural Mississippi. The bigger mystery is how such a huge dog can be so calm in a VW bug for such a long ride.Dresden makes a good point about his heart breaking and his stomach hea...
  • Ije the Devourer of Books
    Well this is exhilarating and a good one for fans of the series. I am one of those readers who dip in and out of Dresden graphic novels but even though I haven't these books in chronological order, I have still enjoyed the series immensely.The artwork is clear, bright, and colourful, and the story has a way of pulling you in right from the beginning and holding your attention to the end. So it is an excellent reading experience. In this volume we...
  • Erik Ádám
    (I have received an advance digital copy of this, for review purposes.)First, a confession: I'm an avid fan of the Dresden files, so my review may very well be biased. I loved it.Harry is back for good, and until reading Dog men, I haven't even realized how I miss Dresden files in my life. I mean Skin Games came out THREE YEARS ago. When called upon by a senior member of the White Council, Harry must ditch his beloved urban scene, and venture int...
  • Joseph
    Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Dog Men by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers is a graphic novel addition to the novel series. A nice graphic novel consisting of six comics completing the story. It’s interesting to see the characters represented in drawings. My first experience with the series was the television series that I mostly forgot except for the actor playing Harry Dresden. The novel series presents a wizard I would be afraid to meet in a bac...
  • Mindy
    I am a huge fan of the Dresden series so when I got a chance to read this for Netgalley, I was very excited. I've read all of the graphic novels as well as the novels and, while I prefer the novels, I love the original graphic novels. I like seeing the novels animated but I love having new stories from the Dresden universe. This wasn't an exception. I loved it. It's not my favorite of the graphic novels but I'll read it any day. There was quite a...
  • Angel Hench
    For fans of Harry Dresden, this is a nice little interlude while we wait for the next book from Jim Butcher starring our favorite wizard (Brief Cases, #15.5 out in 2018 and Peace Talks, #16, release date unknown).It's a typical storyline for Harry - supernatural bad guys (ghouls and "dog men") against the wizard and this time, Listens-to-Wind, whose appearance in the novels I always enjoy. It is set in a Southern town, so nice change of scenery f...
  • LibraryDanielle
    It's been a very long time since I've read any of the graphic versions of the Dresden Files, and obviously I have missed a few. So saying that I was a bit lost by the story line at the very beginning and I missed some references. I don't know that reading them all is *necessary* but it is helpful. Dog Men features Harry Dresden assisting Listens to Wind with a situation in Taylor Miss. It seems that a family has been brutally murdered and the sus...
  • Adam Fisher
    Taking place between Small Favor and Turn Coat, Dog Men finds Dresden leaving Chicago to investigate murders in rural Mississippi at the request of Senior Council Member Listens to Wind. The murders are a byproduct of a turf war between Wolf People (think almost like Werewolves, but they don't change into humans, and they don't speak our language) and a shroud of Ghouls (this is the name for a group of ghouls... thanks D&D!). The ghouls show them...