Spread, Vol. 5 by Justin Jordan

Spread, Vol. 5

It all ends here. No has taken Hope as far he can. Now, under threat from both Ravello's army, the Spread itself and the outside world, Hope and No will either save the world or destroy it.The final arc of the hit series by JUSTIN JORDAN, KYLE STRAHM and JOHN BIVENS.Collects SPREAD #22-25

Details Spread, Vol. 5

TitleSpread, Vol. 5
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Horror, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Action

Reviews Spread, Vol. 5

  • Craig Evans
    Spread is no more. Gutted. Such a brilliantly-written, imaginative series that was one of the first titles to get me into comics in the first place. Great stuff, well worth picking up in trades...
  • Imogene
    Well that was a terrible and perfect ending.Damn, Justin Jordan, just.....damn.
  • Benjamin Barham
    "Did you enjoy the ride? The art, the characters, the ultimate conclusion?"...(view spoiler)["No" (hide spoiler)].