Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21) by Victoria Thompson

Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21)

When a murder hits close to home, Frank finds himself in an unusual position--the prime suspect in the latest installment of the national bestselling Gaslight Mystery series...Sarah and Frank Malloy are enjoying married life and looking to make their family official by adopting Catherine, the child whom Sarah rescued and has been raising as her daughter. The process seems fairly straightforward, but at the last minute, the newlyweds discover that...

Details Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21)

TitleMurder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21)

  • Linda
    There's a bit of theater in all of us.Frank and Sarah Malloy are the mainstay characters of Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mystery series. We're now entering #21 and I've been locked in since the very beginning and always will be.Our newly married couple have been through quite a lot of adventures and misshaps throughout the years and Victoria Thompson carves out very creative scenarios for them. Sarah has taken her midwifery skills to a higher lev...
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I received a copy of Murder on Union Square from Penguin’s First to Read. Murder on Union Square is the 21st book in Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Mystery series featuring Frank and Sarah Malloy. In this entry, the couple is trying to adopt Catherine, a young girl they’ve taken in. She’s already become part of the family and the Malloys want to make it official. Unfortunately, they discover that a legal technicality is standing in their wa...
  • Monnie
    It took me a while to get into this book, mostly because I haven't read any others in the series (and since there have been more than 20, clearly I've missed a lot) and also because for whatever reason I didn't realize that it's a turn-of-the-century setting. Once I figured that out, though, the dialog and interactions among the characters made total sense; from then on, reading it was quite an enjoyable experience.At the beginning, New York marr...
  • Betty
    Frank and Sarah Mallory planned to adopted Catherine in this long-running historical mystery but are stymied by a legal technology. Frank goes to see Catherine's legal father, Parnell Vaughn to sign papers relinquishing his paternal rights. He finds Parnell beaten to death and is accused as the killer. He finds himself arrested and charged with murder. Sarah, Maeve, and Gino worked with Frank to locate the killer in order to save his reputation. ...
  • Lonestarreader
    I love these books. I'm a huge fan of Sarah and Malloy and have loved following their evolving relationship as they solve crimes that are not exactly of the cozy variety. However, I must say that I feel the inclusion of Maeve and Gino has hurt the series. I'm also not a huge fan of Malloy suddenly becoming rich. I would have much rather seen Sarah and Frank buck the odds of being together against their social standings in society, but I can at le...
  • Kay
    I really liked the first half of the book. The plot was exciting and, uh, a little kinky. The dialogue about Mrs. Hawkes made me giggle. The second half was a bit slow and drawn-out.
  • Brenda Freeman
    I love this series and these characters. I've enjoyed watching Sarah and Franks relationship change and their families increase. Frank now asks for Sarah's help on the cases while still wanting to protect her. Waiting for the next Gaslight Mystery.
  • Carol
    This is a creatively, complex and thought provoking historical fiction cozy mystery. This book takes the reader in the theater during this time period. You will meet the cast of well crafted actors and actresses. Youwill meet managers and learn of the syndicate ofthe acting world at that time.All the characters are well rounded, well developed,three dimensional and interesting characters.Murders, dark secrets, affairs, ghosts, danger, falsearrest...
  • Pamela
    I cannot believe it is book twenty one already. I can remember when they met, and Sarah was a midwife full time. Mrs Malloy was a dragon back then, and Frank hardly touched her hand. I swear it took ten books before he kissed her. They are married now, and Frank is rich which, at the time, came out of left field. It goes into more detail in this book, and how the money could not be left just to young Catherine. The little family is about to becom...
  • Laura
    DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Penguin First to Read in exchange for a fair and honest review.Frank Malloy and his wife Sarah are looking for a killer in the latest Gaslight Mystery by award winning author Victoria Thompson. When Malloy is found with bloody hands over the body of a dead man, the local police figure they have an open and shut case. Malloy, former cop t...
  • Cynthia Rodrigues Manchekar
    Full & Detailed review: on Union Square was the 21st book of the Gaslight Mysteries series, and so there was much that I could not relate to. Even so, I plodded through, hoping the mystery would make for enjoyable reading. It didn’t.Right away I must say that I wasn’t too impressed with the mystery. It didn’t seem solid and airtight, which is the impression that a good murder mystery should lea...
  • Caitlin
    Received free from Penguin First to Read, but my thoughts are my own.A man dies, and Malloy is the only one with a clear motive to want him dead. To clear his name, he'll have to find the real killer, which seems easy enough for a former police turned P.I.But motive proves illusive, and then another death happens. People keep lying, and it seems like the truth is impossible. The lives of most of the characters are complex, though a few were caric...
  • Tammy Buchli
    I'm a bit torn on this series, which I've loved since the first book. It seems that, since Sarah and Frank married, they've gotten soft. The early books were excellent, gritty mysteries, but the last several (since the wedding) have been more in the cozy category. I find that, while I like to see Sarah and Frank happy, I miss the struggle of the earlier books.
  • Karen C
    I was very bored by this book. Ever since Sarah and Malloy got together, the books are getting less interesting. Plus when they finally revealed the killer, I didn't even remember that person being in the book. Too long and drawn out and repetitive.
  • Linda
    Continuing this very appealing mystery series, Victoria Thompson has Sarah & Frank Malloy once again investigating a murder that hits close to home. As the Malloy's go through the legal process to legally adopt Sarah's ward Catherine (and the reason for Frank's good fortune a few books ago), they are stymied by the fact that Catherine's father of record (at least legally) is the actor Parnell Vaughn. To adopt Catherine, they will need Vaughn to s...
  • Mary Robinson
    Well written late entry into a series. Having not read the remainder of the series, this title was not at all confusing. The well developed characters and interesting plot will have me seeking out the series next time I'm in the mood for a cozy, historical mystery. would recommend for fans of Rhys Bowen, David Walker and the like.
  • Bebe (Sarah) Brechner
    Another consistently excellent story in the Gaslight Mystery series! Thompson delivers thoughtful, suspenseful, and fascinating stories about the lives of Sarah, a midwife, her husband Frank, a former NYC policeman, and their family and friends. Fans have followed Sarah through the years (this is the 21st book in the series!), and are always well rewarded as the characters and stories grow richer and more satisfying with every entry. The period s...
  • Madhur Mehta
    AN exceptional book. Even though, this was my first ever gaslight mystery, I enjoyed it immensely. It was a hell of a ride. This book is a page turner and hooks you from the first page itself. It has amazing characters and unexpected plot twists, humor, and is at the same time an old style murder mystery. I would recommend it to anybody who loves murder mysteries. It is a must read.
  • Susan
    Another light, but enjoyable read in the Gaslight Mystery series. Thompson continues to write stories that do not seem flat or stale, despite quite a few in the series with Sarah Brandt, now Malloy. This one involves a murder as they try to legalize their adoption of Catherine. Thanks to the publisher for an advance reading copy won thru Goodreads. (Own)
  • Maggies Daisy
    Another fascinating historical mystery set in New York City during the Victorian age of the early 1900's where Sarah a midwife and her new husband, ex-patrolman Malloy try to solve the murder of a young actor whom they have an acquaintance with through their ward Catherine. Murder on Union Square is the twenty-first in the Gaslight series by author Victoria Thompson and is just as exciting as the first one. I have grown very fond of the main char...
  • Kathleen
    Yet another great read in this Gaslight series. I began reading this series many, many years ago and went through probably the first five or six just thrilled with the characters and the solid plots. Then, as you do, I just fell out of reading them, but I was lucky enough to have read #20 last year and now #21. I am awed at how the author has grown the main characters and added new steady characters into the mix. Having skipped the middle fifteen...
    2018-05-21 on Union SquareGaslight Mystery, Book #21By Victoria ThompsonISBN#9780399586606Author Website: Victoriathompson(.)comBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:Frank and Sarah Malloy are enjoying married life and looking to make their family official by adopting Catherine, the child Sarah rescued and has been raising as her daughter. The newlyweds soon discover, Parnell Vaughn, an actor and Cathe...
  • JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)
    Frank Malloy is an ex-policeman who now owns a private detective agency. He and his wife Sarah, a midwife, are planning to formally adopt a little girl named Catherine. But they find out from an attorney that in the eyes of the law, Catherine's father is an actor named Parnell Vaughn, even though he's not the biological parent. He was married to Catherine's mother at the time of her birth, so unfortunately he still has parental rights.When Frank ...
  • Frances McNamara
    Sink into the wicked world of the theater in New York. This Sarah Brandt mystery takes us to the original heart of the theater district in New York, where Sarah’s husband finds a dead actor who was legal guardian to the child the couple wants to adopt. The familiar cast of characters represent a delightful result of the melting pot that was America at the time. The Malloys are pretty well off now and Sarah is opening a clinic, but their friends...
  • Kate
    Sarah and Frank Malloy want to adopt Catherine, but find they cannot until Parnell Vaughn (her legal, but not blood-related father) signs the paperwork to give her up. When Frank takes the papers to meet Parnell at the theater where he is acting, Frank finds Parnell dead and becomes the chief suspect. Trying to clear his name and find out who in the theater world was the murderer takes us round and round with the show's cast of characters. When a...
  • Constance Maloney
    I am a fan of this series but the latest entries have been very disappointing. Ms. Thompson has, as of a few books past, left out any new character development. The stories are flat in comparison to earlier entries in the series. Murder on Union Square is void of any emotion or empathy generating content. Additionally, there were passages of multiple pages wherein nothing happens but recycled dialogue between the characters - with no plot develop...
  • Lucy Spencer
    I have followed these books from the beginning and I do love Frank and Sarah. However, I have found myself skipping over the rehash of the rehash of the rehash of the interviews too many times. We were there at the interviews. You do not have to repeat it all again at the supper table and then again the next day and the next and the next. Also, I would like to see more interaction between Frank and the children and the other members of the family...
  • Debbie
    "Murder on Union Square" is a historical mystery set in New York City in 1899. This is the twenty-first book in the series. You don't need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this one didn't spoil the whodunit of the previous mysteries.This was a clue-based puzzle mystery. Since Frank was arrested for the murder (and so I didn't expect people to talk with him) and he didn't get to study the physical clues at the scene, I honest...
  • Argum
    I received a free copy of this book from Penguin First To Read. Love this series and this was one of the better entries. The book opens with the Malloys learning that they cannot just adopt Catherine because her legal father must sign off. Luckily the man is in town and sober. Unlucky though he has a harridan new girlfriend who wants to be paid. Even more the man ends up dead on the day Malloy returns with the papers. He is then arrested for the ...
  • Sally
    This is the 21st book in this series, I've read each one. Sarah and Frank are married and in the process of adopting Catherine formally, but a snag in the law requires them to seek Catherine's mother's widowers approval - even though he isn't the biological father. And then he's murdered and Frank is charged with the crime.I like Victoria's writing and the great research she puts into her books. You get a little history lesson in each book. For t...