Alone by Cyn Balog


You’re never really alone in this new suspenseful novel from the author of Unnatural Deeds, which Kirkus praised as “a PG-13 version of Gone Girl.”When her mom inherits an old, crumbling mansion, Seda’s almost excited to spend the summer there. The grounds are beautiful and it’s fun to explore the sprawling house with its creepy rooms and secret passages. Except now her mom wants to renovate, rather than sell the estate—which means th...

Details Alone

Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherSourcebooks Fire
GenreHorror, Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Reviews Alone

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    If there is one thing that Cyn Balog is famous for it is writing stories that are completely bizarre in the most perfect way. I can always count on getting something completely unheard of and something that more often than not, will throw me for a loop and make me think about it long after.When I saw that her latest was a horror book, I knew, just knew I needed to read it and without a doubt would love it. And I absolutely did love it. It gave me...
  • Delphine Lurin
    Alone by Cyn Balog is altogether thrilling, curious and strangely beautiful. Balog goes beyond authors to create a story that leaves readers puzzled, relieved, frightened, traumatized. The plot is unheard of. The writing style is quick paced and slow to climax; a paradox yes, a mistake no. The characters are disastrous and unknowingly on their way to their fate. The feelings provoked are doubt, sympathy hatred for things unseen. This chilling tal...
  • Crowinator
    Mini-review: This is the perfect set-up for a chilling tale -- an isolated mansion in the mountains, a lonely teenage girl with an oblivious family, and an unwelcome group of visitors trapped by an impassable blizzard -- and Balog puts its familiarity to good use, gradually building tension, manipulating reader expectations (through clever use of classic horror references), and subtly winding from one possible horror to another. She sets up sever...
  • Danielle (The Blonde Likes Books)
    When Seda's mom inherits a creepy old mansion full of secret rooms and passages, Seda isn't thrilled to be leaving her home in Boston, but her mother swears it's just temporary. As more and more time passes, Seda's mom decides she wants to renovate in order to find the perfect buyer for the house, which means they'll be living there longer than expected. As winter sets in and a blizzard hits, a group of teens ends up stranded during the storm, a...
  • Pamela
    3.5 stars. Young Seda feels so alone since her family has left Boston and is now living in a run-down macabre mansion with no-one nearby to help them. A snowstorm is coming, so now they're really trapped! Some teens arrive in need of help, but what lies ahead? Perfect creepiness for young adults. A nice little homage to "The Shining" for our younger readers.**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review**
  • Barb (Boxermommyreads)
    So this is going to be one of those reviews which is hard to write because almost anything I say could give the entire thing away. Seda and her family, which consists of her mother and two sets of twins, move to a remote run-down home in the mountains which was previously used as a murder mystery B&B. That is important because all the creepy plots only add to the atmosphere of the dilapidated residence. Seda's father had no desire to stay on and ...
  • Rachel
    3.5 starsMostly predictable, but I liked the ending.
  • Tabby
    Received from: SOURCEBOOKS FireReceived Via: Why this book?Seemed interestingWhat I thoughtThis book didn't really leave an impact on me. I'm forgetting it already, but I remember the twist was just really messed up. Especially because one guy seriously what an ass! I also didn't feel creeped out all.
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineSeda's horror film professor mother has inherited a "house of horror" from an aunt and uncle, and has moved Seda and her younger siblings there to prep it for sale. She seems to be enjoying it to much to sell it, even though it is in the middle of nowhere and Seda hates being there. It doesn't help that Seda had a twin who didn't make it, and who sort of lives in her mind, making her think she is crazy, and ...
  • Brittany Lamb
    Okay. So, it's been a few days (or six) since I finished this book. But I really had to get my thoughts together on this one. I am still struggling with the rating, because there are parts about this book that just scream, "3 STARS!", but there was so much that was good about this book, that I think I finally just decided to let it outweigh the bad (for the most part). Alright. No more stalling. Lets get to it. Venture on for lots of spoilers...
  • Cillian
    Keep your eyes peeled for this one, children. Keep it at the top of your TBR if you enjoy subtle terror, unreliable narrators, and a unique setting: an almost dilapidated mansion in the middle of nowhere that used to be a murder mystery hotel.And I did not predict the ending; that was one big surprise.
  • Kirsty
    So I always knew I didn't really like silly, cheap twist endings, but this book has made me realise that it's more than that: I actually bloody hate them.
  • dg
    this was honestly not what i thought it would be at all.things the blurb doesn't mention that i feel were pretty important:-seda has a voice in her head, her dead twin that she absorbed in the womb named Sawyer. presumably she has some mental illness that causes this, and he has told her to hurt herself and others throughout her whole life, but it's never actually discussed because she told her mother he was just an imaginary friend. i'm kind of ...
  • Kris
    I thought the premise of this book was really unique and interesting. I didn’t find it so much scary as creepy. I was creeped out the whole time while reading this book. I didn’t expect the ending at all which was a huge reason why I did end up liking the book. I also liked the fact the the story didn’t drag, it was just the right pace. As always short chapters with cliff hanging endings in thrillers or horror book always make me happy, so ...
  • Michelle
    It almost reminded me of a movie I watched as a Teenager. I thought I creepy house, feelings of dread and a group of teenagers? Yes, please! That was until I read it.Ok so don't get me wrong this book wasn't takes quite a few pages to get to the really good parts, about 60% in. I understand what she was trying to do but I think instead of focusing on how creepy the house was, the characters needed more of something. There is a par...
  • Trisha
    "Welcome to the most haunted mansion in Allegheny County. The legend of this home says that no one has ever been able to live here through the winter without succumbing to the disorienting effect of Solitude Mountain."I liked the idea of this house and all these siblings locked in it for months - so much they rarely bathe and completely lose track of what day it is. They have little to no connection to the outside world other than random shopping...
  • Donna
    Fifteen year old Seda Helm, her 4 siblings (2 sets of twins) and her mother, an author and college professor, are spending the summer at an old mansion that her mother inherited from an aunt and uncle. It used to be a murder mystery hotel with it's many secret passages and many, many guest rooms. It was fun at first exploring the old place, but now winter is setting in and Seda's mom has decided she wants to stay and renovate the old place. Seda ...
  • Shane
    Twisted!I had no idea I would end up liking this story and all its craziness as much as I did, with how slow the first few chapters were and me not really being pulled in by the main character. But once things started to pick up and the situation went awry, I became well-investigated and needed to know if my suspicions were accurate, especially about Seda. I knew she wasn't all the way there, but I did not see her remarks toward the end coming. B...
  • Brooke (The Cover Contessa)
    I like a good scary story that doesn't leave me unable to go to sleep! This is that story.The setting, an old hotel where murder mysteries used to play out. A snow storm that keeps anyone from going anywhere. A mother with a great imagination. All put together to form an intense and fun story.If you like The Shining, but you don't like your books too scary, this is perfect for you. The characters are fun. The scenes are well thought out. The susp...
  • Colona Public Library
    Seda's mom inherits a house from her aunt and uncle. The house is unique and has a storied history that runs back multiple generations. Her deceased aunt and uncle used the house as a Hotel Murder House. They would put on Murder Mysteries with their paying guests every weekend. When the family moves in, there is blood and fake dead bodies in every room. Her mom plans on cleaning it up and selling it and moving back to Boston. When a snow storm hi...
  • Michelle
    A crumbling mansion on a secluded mountain during a blizzard sets the scene of Cyn Balog's novel Alone. This mansion was left to Seda's mother after her aunt and uncle die. Seda, 16, is desperate to get back home to Boston but her mom, a writer, can't seem to part ways with the mansion and decides they'll stay awhile. I should mention that when her aunt and uncle owned it they were using it as Murder Mystery Hotel and the devilish props and novel...
  • Megan (Under the Book Cover)
    Review also posted at: you to Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for review! All opinions are my own.This is one of those books where the cover and the synopsis worked together to draw me in and make me want to read it. Unfortunately, this was a huge disappointment for me and...well, that's about it.Plot:I generally explain the plot a bit in my ow...
  • Jessi ♡
    you know i was gonna rate it 3 but the ending deserves a star on its own
  • Peaches
    ***Spoilers included***“Places like this bring out the demons in all of us” (89).I gave Unnatural Deeds 4 stars when I reviewed it, but I think about it regularly, sometimes making me think I should up it to 5. I don’t think this book was as complete for me, but I wonder if it will eventually have the same effect. Cyn Balog really knows how to tell YA in a refreshing, climactic, different way that stays with you. The heartthrobs, female pro...
  • Lauren
    Note: I received an ARC copy of this book from Sourcebooks Fire via Netgalley. This in no way influences my opinion.I absolutely loved Cyn Balog’s Unnatural Deeds, so when I saw that she was releasing a new book later this year I just had to read it. I was not disappointed! I was completely hooked on this book and read it in one sitting.We are introduced to our MC from the very first page – along with the problems she has (I don’t want to s...
  • J Aislynn d'Merricksson
    ***This book as reviewed for Sourcebooks via NetgalleyAlone by Cyn Balog is one dark, creepy psychological thriller. Bismarck-Chisolm House, a grand old mansion on Solitude Mountain, was once a murder mystery mansion, but has fallen into severe disrepair. Seda and her family inherited the home upon the deaths of her aunt and uncle. They intended to spend summer vacation to get it ready for sale, but Seda’s mom decided that she would only be wil...
  • Alicia Balliett
    I really enjoyed this story. If I didn't need sleep or take breaks, I would have finished this book in a day instead of two. I kept turning the pages desperately wanting to know what happens next. However, I did have some problems with the book. One being that at times the book was slow and felt for awhile that nothing was happening. I was still eager to turn the pages but felt disappointed at times when nothing was happening.Two. Seda constantly...
  • Bridgett
    Such an odd book. For the first 150 pages, I was so freaking bored, I was about ready to toss my Kindle across the room. The entire beginning and middle of the book is nothing but Seda's internal ramblings about her insecurities, the weird twin brother that she "ate" in utero, and how much she hates the "bug mansion." The ending, which I guess is supposed to be creepy, is actually just weird. What kind of mother is this woman? Highly, highly impl...
  • Gray Marie Cox
    Meh. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think about this book, it wasn't good but it wasn't bad either. It failed to scare or even disturb me. Also the ending was one of those cheap plot twists that are meant to creep you out, but it just feels like a cop-out. And I found the whole idea of Seda's "problem" ridiculous and laughable (view spoiler)[ she consumed her twin in the womb, and her twin is an evil master mind who lives inside ...