The Outsider by Stephen King

The Outsider

When an eleven-year-old boy is found murdered in a town park, reliable eyewitnesses undeniably point to the town's popular Little League coach, Terry Maitland, as the culprit. DNA evidence and fingerprints confirm the crime was committed by this well-loved family man.Horrified by the brutal killing, Detective Ralph Anderson, whose own son was once coached by Maitland, orders the suspect to be arrested in a public spectacle. But Maitland has an al...

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TitleThe Outsider
Release DateMay 22nd, 2018
PublisherHodder & Stoughton
GenreHorror, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Mystery Thriller

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  • Matthew
    King has done it again! The last time I was this enthralled with one of his books was Finders Keepers. While I do read a lot, it is not often I find a book that I don't want to put down at all. In fact, the biggest selling point is that I am in no way, shape or form a morning person. Dragging myself out of bed is the greatest challenge of my day. But, I woke up early, without a alarm, when I had about 100 pages to go because I was so into it I co...
  • Julie
    The Outsider by Stephen King is a 2018 Scribner publication. Classic, quintessential King-An eleven -year old boy is found brutally murdered and strong evidence points to Little League coach Terry Maitland. Detective Ralph Anderson is particularly outraged and makes the fateful decision to arrest Terry in public, creating a media sensation in the process. But, as the investigation begins to unfold, doubts and alternative evidence make Ralph quest...
  • Carol
    YES! My first super favorite of 2018! REALLY good stuff here....BAFFLING stuff....CREEPY crawling chilling stuff.....and most of all....Stephen KING excellence in storytelling stuff! Just another murder - Just another mystery - Not by a long shot! At first, I thought, hmmmmm.....something so different from the KING this time around, but then after a disgustingly heinous murder of a young boy....and the arrest of an important, well respected man.....
  • Char
    I loved the first half of this book so much, I hardly knew what to do with myself. I just wanted to be reading every minute of the day. Don't get me wrong, the second half was good, it just didn't impress me quite as much.I'm not going to rehash the plot, because today, only one week from the release date, there are already hundreds of reviews that do that. I'm just going to give a few of my thoughts and impressions:The first quarter of this book...
  • Johann (jobis89)
    "Reality is thin ice, but most people skate on it their whole lives and never fall through until the very end."An eleven-year-old's body is found in a park following a brutal murder. Eyewitness accounts and fingerprint evidence point to the popular Little League coach and teacher, Terry Maitland. But Terry also has an alibi for the time of the crime...MY BOY'S STILL GOT IT. I straight up loved this book from the very first page until the final wo...
  • Edward Lorn
    It's no secret that The Outsider was my most anticipated novel of 2018, right up there with Neverworld Wake, by Marisha Pessl, and Providence, by Caroline Kepnes. So did it live up to the hype and, furthermore, my expectations? You're damn skippy it did, and then some.This is not a return to form for Stephen King. This is not "Old School" King. This is the best of new Stephen King. The Outsider stands right up there with recent favorites, like Re...
  • Kemper
    I’ve been reading Uncle Stevie for about 35 years now, and there’s been plenty of peaks and valleys in my fandom. This time out he found a whole new way to disappoint me.A young boy has been brutally murdered, and all the clues point directly at Terry Maitland. This is shocking because Terry is a happily married family man and all-around good guy whose coaching of youth sports has made him one of the most popular and respected people in town,...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: SPOILER-ISH “Doesn’t look like a monster, does he?”“They rarely do.” First things first: I don’t know if I simply lucked out or if the library is officially terrified of me at this point and placed me first on the waiting list, but whatever the case I am truly grateful to have received this on release day. On the flip side, since I was fortunate enough to be one of ...
  • Zoeytron
    A man with a ruint face and tattoos crawling up his arms - now you see him, now you don't.  A dirty white van, a flapping yellow bra strap, and frightening flashbacks of a rotten cantaloupe from childhood.  An open and shut case that most assuredly isn't.  Skin and bones, a skeleton screams.  Take heed of a man with a sack; trust me, it ain't Santa.  "Dreams are the way we touch the unseen world . . ."  Beware, the nightmare is about to b...
  • Suzanne
    This book was awesome! There is one thing I always know when going into a Stephen King novel, I’m going to enjoy it immensely but do not even begin to ponder how dark or weird it will end up being. This one isn’t his weirdest or darkest but it was one of my favorites. I thoroughly loved this and Sleeping Beauties in the last couple years. I found this one had the perfect blend of mystery and magic with one hell of a cast. There’s crime, leg...
  • J.D. Barker
    Absolutely loved THE OUTSIDER by @StephenKing - Murder, baseball, and gut-wrenching suspense. This is classic King at his best.
  • Glenn Sumi
    How does Stephen King do it? The guy turns 71 this September, and he’s still at the top of his game. This is the 16th book of his I’ve read, and it’s easily one of his best.Everything is so sharply done: plotting, pacing, characters, twists, the villain. The book is 560 pages, but it never feels padded. From the shocking beginning, to the many revelations, to the introduction of a beloved King character at the midpoint, to the climactic end...
  • Kealan Burke
    Agh, this one was hard. 65% of this book is some of King’s best, most original, and most assured writing in years. It’s when the novel switches track and truly delves into the nature of the antagonist that it begins to get a little cheesy and, overly familiar. I was excited when I heard this was a supernatural horror novel. Now I think that’s what derailed it. This might have been an incredible crime novel and easily one of King’s best bo...
  • Robin
    I haven’t read Stephen King in about 20 years - not since he pissed me off with It, when he made me read a nasty child-orgy as a reward for making it through about 1000 pages. Earlier this month I read his On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft in the hopes of getting some writerly enlightenment, and was disappointed. But that’s neither here nor there. I decided, after being enticed by many positive reviews, and with the intention of giving the Ki...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    There is a few special moments that happen in life. One of them being one that gets me every single time. And even if I don't go ape over the book that is his new one at the time, I'll always pick up that next one.Because...… I'll admit that the first half of this part had me drooling in my sleep. I've been working all the hours at work and can barely hold my eyes open for 2 minutes but once I actually started this one I was mumbling around (so...
  • Theresa Alan
    If you’re a fan of the X-Files, meaning you can deal with story lines that can’t be fully explained by science, you will probably enjoy this book. I loved Mr. Mercedes, but part of the reason I liked that novel so much was because things were explained by old-fashioned detective work. In this book, we have to stretch our imaginations. A man considered to be the pillar of the community is accused of a heinous crime. Numerous people saw him wal...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    Stephen King's still got it! (It's been quite a while though since I read a book of his, so this was fairly recent for me). It's a bit of a step away from his usual brand of horror which is almost oddly familiar and nostalgic, instead delving into heinous crimes and one poor guy caught up in the middle of it and being fingered for murder - a complex puzzle ensues, and although it begins to get predictable as it goes on, the story itself has terri...
  • Sadie Mother Horror
    *no spoiler review* However, if you don't want to know anything about this book, please save this review for later.I have been waiting for a book like this from King for a long, long time. I'd say I've wanted a book like this since 11/22/63-- I loved that book but it wasn't horror. After 11/22/63 we had a string of "middle of the road" books or good books that fell just short of horror for this Constant Reader. Dr. Sleep, The Bill Hodges Trilogy,...
  • Cody | codysbookshelf
    Here there be spoilers. I know this review is marked with a spoiler tag, but one can never be too careful. If you’ve yet to finish The Outsider, turn back now.Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Review:This novel should not have worked. At least, it should not have worked when written by modern-day Stephen King. Don’t get me wrong; I am as big a King fan as they come, but even I must admit he has been on a bit of a losing streak lately. The back ...
  • Kevin Kuhn
    This story has such a great ‘hook’, it’s like the book version of “Sweet Caroline”. I’m sure it’s been done before (hasn’t everything?), but the way King builds tension with evidence that Terry Maitland must have committed a horrifying crime, but also can’t have committed a horrifying crime is perfect. I could not have stopped reading this book if I wanted to, I HAD to know what happened.“. . . or how Terry Maitland could have...
  • Kayla Dawn
    3,5* - I really really love Kings writing style and his characters. He knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for every situation possible. But unfortunately the story itself fell flat for me. It was predictable and nothing new I guess? It just didn't overwhelm me. But it was still an nice read and it seems like most people enjoyed it a lot :)
  • Kelly Hager
    This book is so creepy. Like, relentlessly creepy. And if you thought (like I did) that he couldn't top Brady from the Mr. Mercedes series...well, we both had no idea this was coming down the pike.On a related note, I was happy to see the connections to Mr. Mercedes (yes, I'm keeping this vague, because we learn some things and I don't want to spoil anything) but I also very much enjoyed all the new characters. I hope we spend more time in this u...
  • Stephen Collins
    Got this in Waterstones today pre-orded so I only payed £10 not £20.I sometimes get lot crime from the Library but wanted to read this before someone spoilt it with review . A sex crime paedophile case that's open & shut from eye witness statements, fingerprints, DNA it is slam dunk.But with King it isn't The Sum bag has cast iron Albi that is 100% right so Detective Ralph Anderson wants to find out how Terry Maitland family man all round good ...
  • Andrew Smith
    I find it hard to believe, now, that I avoided the lure of King’s books for so long. I’d seen a couple of film adaptations - Christine and The Shining - and though I’d enjoyed them they didn’t compel me to grab one of his novels off the shelf. I think it was a fear of finding myself reading something that I couldn’t believe in – my aversion to all things paranormal – that was stopping me. Then a reader friend persuaded me to give hi...
  • Samantha Irby
  • Celeste
    Full review now posted!What if you were accused of a crime that you didn’t commit? What if there were eye witnesses and DNA evidence and fingerprints all putting you at the scene? But what if you had an airtight alibi, and evidence to back it up? It’s a fascinating and disturbing thought, which is always the basis for every King novel. This was my first experience reading a King novel as soon as it comes out. I read Sleeping Beauties and Gwen...
  • Stephen Collins
    Why is this copy got different cover from the Orange edition & says it's longer (larger print less lines on a page?) that's a puzzle this the American edition I got UK oneI just don't see why the UK edition could not have this cover it's more creeper Do you hear Pennywise laughing as he claws his fingers down the blackboard, he echo's into this mythical plot this old style King When find out what the Title is you wish you hadn't are listening chi...
  • Brandon
    A boy is found brutally murdered and the evidence collected from the crime scene, along with eyewitness reports, identifies English teacher and little league coach Terry Maitland as the man responsible.  The problem for detectives?  Terry was out of town at a teachers conference with several co-workers willing to back up his claim.  With rock solid evidence up against an airtight alibi, Stephen King asks the question: how can a man be in two p...
  • Chloe
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news... But I was underwhelmed and a bit disappointed by this book. Really, the story is decent and moves quick... but the lack of creepiness was unfortunate, and that's what I was craving. Sorry for an unpopular opinion, friends!