My Week with the Bad Boy (My Week, #1) by Brooke Cumberland

My Week with the Bad Boy (My Week, #1)

Never trust a man who answers the front door wearing nothing more than a pair of low-cut jeans and a panty-melting smirk.That should’ve been my first sign.I write about guys just like him for a living—sexy and charming, yet reluctant to get into a serious relationship. His body screams sex appeal, but his condescending personality makes him a classic fuckboy. And I want nothing to do with that.Writing romance novels comes with its perks—tra...

Details My Week with the Bad Boy (My Week, #1)

TitleMy Week with the Bad Boy (My Week, #1)
Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
GenreRomance, New Adult

Reviews My Week with the Bad Boy (My Week, #1)

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳Well, this book was sure as hell something alright... ➳Usually, next door neighbor type of romances are not my thing. And they will still be NOT my thing. I had to give this novel a chance since I am a huge fan of the authors, I needed to see if they would be able to get me out of the un-comfort zone in regards to next door neighbor romances. Unfortunately, my dislike for them is still there but that does not mean I din't enjoy this book. Th...
  • Olga therebelreader
    My week with the Bad Boy is the type of novel you pick up to relax your imagination and enjoy the ride. It’s sexy, romantic, funny and thoroughly entertaining. The ideal blend of romance, humor, angst, and spice! Ethan and Vada make such a cute couple! New love is so much fun and I love reading about the ins and outs of it. The dialogue sparkles but I truly love the sexual sparks these two emit. It crackles from the pages. The plot is captivati...
  • Heather Cam❀Book and a Blanket❀
    This was a fun, low angst sexy read. Vada and Ethan’s relationship starts out with a lot of animosity due to their preconceived notion of each other. Ethan appears as the sexy bad boy player and Vada comes off as uppity and snobbish. However, they quickly move past this because of their instant attraction to each other. The banter between these two was hit or miss for me. Funny at times and at other times, fell short.I usually don’t mind inst...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Chicago Romance writer Vada needs a vacation to finally get her new book written - off to Charleston she goes. She rented a little guesthouse from a guy online.But she wasn't expecting this mega-hot, shirtless guy to open the door.Ethan makes his money creating beautiful pottery pieces. He's a huge internet hit with his live videos of making his famous coffee mugs. He also has a very sad past.But Vada thinks he's just one of those horrible bad bo...
  • BookSmacked
    I seriously can't get enough of Lyra Parish and Brooke Cumberland whether they are writing under the name Kennedy Fox or writing as Lyra Parish & Brooke Cumberland I am desperate beyond desperate for their books. And when I finally get them in my hands I squeal with delight because I know that I am going to fall in love with it. My Week With The Bad Boy is no exception and let me start off by saying I'm in LOVE !!!!!Ethan Rochester, I have no wor...
  • Kim
    This was the perfect weekend read! It was heartfelt and at times emotional, but there was also plenty of steam and laughs. Ethan was hilariously cocky and I loved all the innuendo and banter between him and Vada. He had an incredibly filthy mouth, and his clever one liners and ability to turn even the most mundane thing dirty was impressive! Don't even get me started on his piercing or massive cock.... Henry ;)It was very enemies to lovers at the...
  • Shayna
    Review to come.
  • The Biblio Life
    Disclaimer: I received a complimentary eARC from the author(s) in exchange for an honest review. This is a completely spoiler free review, my detailed spoiler laced review will soon be available via my blog.E (or Ethan) is a typical bad boy - tattoos, washboard abs, a sexy "panty melting" smile and a cocky says-it-as-he-sees-it attitude. He's everything that relationship-jaded Vada should stay away from, the opposite of what she expected, yet it'...
  • Alura
    My....god.....Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish have done it again and completely knocked it out of the park. I had ALL THE FEELS when reading this book and I (as with literally all their other books) could not put it down. When uptight, loner, city-girl Vada decides to get out of town and rent a beautiful cottage in South Carolina to work on her writing, the last thing she expects is Ethan. Rochester. Ethan is a bad boy with a complicated past w...
  • Chele'
    Listen to me.... Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are co writer GOALS!! I mean, I knew that having read every single Kennedy Fox book but WHOA! I feel like they stepped up a level with Ethan and Vada's story.There were things that I was expecting, hilarious banter, sexy time, a well written story.....and of course I got all of those things but also so much more. Vada has her issues.....I mean, what can you expect from someone who keeps picking o...
  • Imani (Enamored Reads)
    I honestly don’t even know where to start with this one. This book blew my expectations OUT. OF. THE. WATER! Brooke and Lyra have seriously outdone themselves! Now naturally I had some reservations going in. For instance I stay away from insta love and I honestly thought it was heading in that direction...BOY WAS I WRONGGGG!For one this story was MUCH more fast paced than I’m used to (hence the insta love theory). Which was another thing that...
  • April
    ARC received for an honest review.Another manic book rambling brought to you by April;Read & Share Book Reviews.5 'Horngry.' StarsSmuttastic, addictive AF with a side of emotionally gripping turmoil, My Week with the Bad Boy is sure to be a hit! I seriously cannot get enough of this duo, whether they're writing as Kennedy Fox or as Brooke & Lyra; I have a book nerd lady boner for their work. There. The secret is out. Because, yes, I am addicted t...
  • Mo (The Scarlet Siren)
    My Week With the Bad Boy is my first book from the writing duo of Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish. I was excited to read this book, as the cover is completely edible, and it seemed like it would be a fun, light, and sexy read.Unfortunately, that excitement fizzled out pretty quickly. While the bones of this story are good, it’s execution just didn’t work for me. I found myself rolling my eyes early on in this book, and things never really i...
  • Sophie
    Brooke & Lyra are an UNSTOPPABLE writing duo. Their stories are incredible. Their characters are memorable. Their the  whole package. I was SUPER pumped when they revealed they would write under their own names together as well as Kennedy Fox because it MEANS MORE BOOKS and while these two knocked out incredible books I'll be here to devour them. And devour I did. My Week with the Bad Boy is a stunning romance, filled to the brim with epic, inte...
  • Sharon Jones
    This story had so many elements to it. It was funny, it was so very heartbreaking but most of all it is just a beautiful romantic book.Ethan and Vada have both had terrible romantic pasts. But so completely different to one another. Vada seems to always pick the wrong man for her when it comes to dating. After first meeting Ethan, she puts him in the same category as all of her exes.I really enjoyed the way they interacted with one another. Their...
  • Amy Leibenguth
    I loved this book from page one! I knew that Ethan had some sorrow in his past. But the story of it was heart wrenching. Vada had zero self confidence. From a past history of horrible relationships, she wants nothing more than to run as fast as she can from Ethan. But fate brings these two together in a whirlwind relationship when Vada's trip is set to be one week. A blast from Ethan's past sends Vada running scared. But Ethan is not giving up an...
  • Lauren Brown
    *ARC kindly provided by authors*YES YES YES!!!!!!I'm beyond thrilled that I got the chance to review this book. It's MORE then anything I was expecting. I usually have a few criticisms when reviewing, but there's nothing to be said. For me it was absolute perfection. Whether I was laughing or I wanted to cry my heart out. This book has the best of everything a good romance novel needs.Thank you Brooke & Lyra for allowing me to review this masterp...
  • Sarah Green
    Oh man!Ethan, well how tragic. Totally melted my heart. I definitely want me an Ethan. Then there's Vada. Sassy, issues and doesn't hold back. I did want to shake her though, I mean, a whole year? I'm looking forward to reading the next one.BookSmacked review
  • Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora)
    ➳ Rate: 5 / 5 starsAs soon as this baby dropped in my kindle, I dropped everything else around me and started reading. And oh boy did it hook me line and sinker from the very fast page! I swear I haven't laughed so much while reading a book like I did with this one, at least not in a while, not even with romcoms. It really was such a pleasure to read this book. I devoured it, it had everything I love in a book, a sexy, filthy hero, banter, very...
  • Julia - The Romance Bibliophile
    NO SPOILERS!My Week with the Bad Boy was an extremely sexy, entertaining, and addicting romance, and I absolutely loved it! Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are extraordinarily talented authors, and I loved their writing style and the storyline and characters they created in MWwtBB.Ethan and Vada were amazing, especially Ethan, and I fell in love with them and their story. I loved their personalities and red-HOT chemistry together, and I enjoyed...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    *ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*4 Stars!My Week with the Bad Boy was a fun, low angst, with its laugh out loud moments book. But don't let that fool you, it also packed the emotional punch. I loved Ethan's profession (Hero) it was something new I hadn't read before and it added that extra something. I liked the flow of the story. Low on drama and high on likability.Vada is a romance writer seeking a change of scenery and a l...
  • Rather Be Reading
    4.5 StarsOH MY GOD! Why can't we all have a bad boy like Ethan? I mean seriously the world would be a better place if we all could have our own bad boy. This Story was great. I loved Vada, she is a romance author on a deadline who escapes to a small cottage she rented for a week in Charleston. She's been burnt too many times before so shes focused on her writing. Of course she has to run into the cottage owner who is an arrogant, egotistical, hot...
  • Becky Rendon
    Let me preface my review by saying a week will never be enough!What this week entails:- snark, snark, and a side of more snarkI love snark, sarcasm, and witty comments. These two light the fire and keep it blazing with their innuendo, snark, and straight talk.- cock. There is a lot of cock. Chases and fear. Fear of cock. It's totally a thing. (okay so maybe I'm exaggerating...But just remember these words when reading. lol)- naughty, naughty thou...
  • ConfessionsofaRomanceJunkie
    Reviewed by: Candice Marie I devoured this book in about 2 hours! Based on the burning in my eyes after I was done, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even blink!This book was so good! From the moment Ethan made his appearance in all his yummy glory I was smitten and grinning from ear to ear over the banter between him and Vada. The sexual chemistry between the two of them was so intense it was palpable!Phew and when it finally exploded..oh my GOODESS....
  • Tina Morgan
    Wow These two authors together are a powerful team that can put out ahhhmazing books!!! And this one is no different I devoured it in one day!! The way they seamlessly entwine their words together to where you cannot tell who is writing what is just part of their talent. The other part is to entwine humor and angst and everything in between to bring some of the best books you can read. And let me tell you not only will you need a cold shower and ...
  • Charlene
    Although I've read many of Lyra Parish's book, I'd never read anything by Brooke Cumberland, so wasn't sure what to expect from this duo, but wow, together these two are amazing and I can't wait to read more!Vada travels from Chicago to South Carolina for a quiet change of scenery to write her book, however, along with that comes an egotistical jerk named Ethan. On the flip side, Ethan feels he's just met an uppity snob and can't help but mess wi...
  • Brianna
    **4.5 stars**Despite this being an emotional book from both characters, I loved the constant humor throughout the book. I think that's a big factor in why I loved it as much as I did. Because even though it got really emotional, there was still humor and smiles. What can I say about Ethan... Lord almighty, Ethan.... I can't help but swoon over him and his bad boy ways. Yes, he's a bad boy, but MAN is he a sweetheart and a gentlemen! It doesn't ge...
  • Amber
    The two ladies who brought you the Kennedy Fox Checkmate Series have done it again! Vada is an author who rents a quaint cottage in Charleston because she's got a massive case of writer's block and she's on a deadline. From the moment she gets there, Ethan affects her. She thinks he's just another bad boy who is a one-and-done kind of guy, which he fully admits he is. He's got a way about him though and Vada finds out there is more to this bad bo...