Not Perfect by Elizabeth LaBan

Not Perfect

From Elizabeth LaBan, the acclaimed author of The Restaurant Critic’s Wife, comes a captivating and very funny novel about a wife and mother’s fall from grace, and why keeping up appearances is not her biggest secret. Tabitha Brewer wakes up one morning to find her husband gone, leaving her no way to support herself and their two children, never mind their upscale Philadelphia lifestyle. She’d confess her situation to her friends—if it wa...

Details Not Perfect

TitleNot Perfect
Release DateFeb 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Humor

Reviews Not Perfect

  • Cindy Burnett
    While portions of the book were fine, overall this was not the book for me. The protagonist is highly unlikeable, making one bad decision after another. At times I wanted to reach into the book and shake her. Her husband has been gone for months, she is stealing food from restaurant buffets, but still she spends very little time trying to find a job (she doesn’t even have money to pay for lightbulbs so they are almost in the dark in their apart...
  • RedRedtheycallmeRed
    This Kindle First pick intrigued me, Tabitha's husband disappears...and then what? It's not hard to imagine myself in the situation, but there's no way I would act that stupidly. She has a college education yet she can't seem to make the simplest of decisions. Any mother who ignores her daughter's medical symptoms because she can't afford the $20 copay (but has a credit card that she uses for the dumbest of reasons) deserves ire, not sympathy.She...
  • Amy
    The premise of this one struck a chord with me right away I wondered what I would do if I were in Tabitha’s shoes? Would I pretend just to save face? Would I keep it quiet like she did and try to save my pride? Now I have no secrets my own husband could threaten me with, but the fact that if my husband did disappear I would be totally screwed both terrifies me and piques my curiosity. While I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t even think of doin...
  • Goth Gone Grey
    Frustrating ImperfectionOn one level, this book works well. It's a well written story of a woman who falls apart when her husband leaves, a whisper of a threat in his goodbye note. She's paralyzed by fear of what she has done being discovered - a vague looming black cloud for most of the book, slowly revealed. She's handicapped as well by her pride, not wanting anyone she knows to see her doing anything she shouldn't, while she steals food to fee...
  • Brenda
    I thought this book was awful. I didn't like any of the characters, and I got angry at the main character, Tabitha, many times. Her husband, Stuart, has run off, and she doesn't have enough money to put food on the table for her two children. She knows that they're in a bad situation because her husband's paychecks are no longer being deposited to their account. She knows she needs to get a job, but she thinks she has the luxury of being picky ab...
  • Julie
    See the picture on the cover? It’s Tabitha, embarrassed by all the stupid and illegal stuff she did. Oh, this one is unbelievable! Tabithas husband leaves her. She has no job and two young children. But she doesn’t tell anyone, not even the kids, what happened. Daddy is in a long business trip. She also does not get a job. So when the money runs out after a few months, she starts stealing food from anywhere they offer a free meal. She has the...
  • Linda Zagon
    My Review of “Not Perfect” by Elizabeth LaBanWhat would you do if your husband left after a disagreement, and just seemed to disappear? He is not answering your texts or your frantic telephone calls? Where is he? What is happening? After being so captivated and engrossed in “Not Perfect” by Elizabeth LaBan, these are many of the questions that I am left to think about. The author writes about the emotional pain and journey of Tabitha Brew...
  • Tracy's Place
    I downloaded this one from the January First Reads on Amazon. None of the First Reads ever really catch my attention, plus it pisses me off that they’ll choose a children’s book over a romance, but I digress. This one sounded kind of interesting but in the end it was not for me. Tabitha is a horrible person. She does nothing but lie and steal throughout the book when she could have gotten support from friends. I understand she felt threatened...
  • Heather Catlin
    Loved this book. It was a great, easy, chick-lit read.
  • Fyrephoenix
    I can't believe I trudged through this one. Tabitha has to be the most idiotic character I've ever read about. Get. A. Job. Seriously....not a hard concept. She sure wouldn't win mother of the year...sheesh
  • Joyce
    This story will surprise youThis is a story of resilience, of forgiveness and realizing the good in all of us. It will encourage you to be kind to yourself and other s.
  • Ruth
    When I read about this book, it sounded interesting plus I have a few friends that read The Restaurant Critic's WIfe and loved it. It is hard to know just where to start with this one since I dsliked it on so many levels. Tabitha is married to a lawyer. Her husband, Stuart has opened his own practice and is working with miners in the Upper Pennisula in Michigan. He is gone for days at a time and she serves as a single parent to their two children...
  • Natasha
    This novel explores a crumbling marriage and how the wife survives after being abandoned by her husband. It begins by detailing a list the wife is keeping of the things she has stolen to survive. At first, she is taking simple necessities like food to feed herself and her two children. The absentee husband appears to be still paying the monthly bills, but he isn't sending money to cover food and incidentals. We know this family is affluent becaus...
  • Cynthia Warren
    Well, the title didn't lie....At first I was intrigued by the story of a woman being deserted by her husband, but it began to make less and less sense. I can't imagine anyone hiding such a thing for so long out of simple pride, especially when she's unable to properly feed and care for her children, yet she's depicted as an imperfect, but responsible parent. There were so many unbelievable coincidences, and this is the possibly the worst; an elde...
  • Jessica
    Not a perfect book, but pretty darned good!This is not a perfect book, but I really enjoyed it anyway. I think it took took way too long to find out when and why Stuart left his family. It wasn't really mysterious ss it was annoying. Tabitha was rather shallow and way too concerned with appearances; too casual about things like medical appointments and tests, and where the children were, what they were doing, and where the next meal was coming fr...
  • ~lucy~
    If the story had been written from the point of view of more than one character, perhaps one of those where alternate chapters are from different voices, I think it would have been a good story ... but as it was, I found it simply ridiculous. We follow Tabitha, a mother of two who has been abandoned by her husband and who seems more interested in her own pity than in looking after the children or behaving in a rational way. If the timescale was s...
  • Susan Bazzett-Griffith
    This book was my Kindle First choice for January, and I found it too drawn out to hold my interest for extended periods. The story og abandoned wife Tabitha just dragged on and on without much character development or dynamics, and had this bizarre vaguely romantic subplot that's connection to the story seemed forced. I found it difficult to believe that this character wouldn't have confided in her best friend, a woman whom she is apparently clos...
  • Beth
    I found this read on Amazon when it was free and I am new to Elizabeth's book, so I was super excited to jump in and see where she would take me. For me it was a quick read and I really did enjoy Elizabeth's writing style. Such great characters. I see a lot of folks are not impressed by this read, it was different style, unique thoughts, but who says a book has to be set whatever way, it was might be very creative, different, not the normal a lit...
  • Helen Dunn
    This book was fine - light reading for me to read when I'm a little bit sick and not quite ready to read anything with more heft. The author is from Philadelphia and I really enjoy all the local flair in her novels. This one is about a single Mom of two living in a nice part of town in the months after her husband mysteriously leaves her and the kids. She doesn't want to tell anybody and slowly her resources have dwindled to the point where she's...
  • Kathy
    Not what I thoughtThis book was definitely not what I thought it was going to be when I started it. I kept thinking I would stop but I began to be pulled into the story more and more. And I really enjoyed it. The husband was a terrible person and I don't think anything he did was justified. I can't believe a father would treat his children that way. He knew his wife didn't work and he put her in such a terrible situation. It's not surprising that...
  • Tiffany McElmeel
    Bumps in life Keeping up appearances can be destructive and this story touches on that. It was a good read but far from practical. It’s like when one thing (of many) went wrong there was quickly a solution.
  • Jay & Corrine
    ChoicesLoved the slow unfolding of a mystery in a real world setting. And how sometimes we are forced into bad choices, sometimes we just make them, and sometimes they just happen. But there is always grace and mercy and the choice to do good.
  • Kayo
    Read authors previous book. This one does not even come close to PERFECT.
  • Addictive
    Once I start a book I kind of HAVE to finish it. Unless the book is so bad that I can't. Not Perfect by Elizabeth LaBan was not the best.We open the book to find out that the husband Stuart is gone. He disappeared from his life as a loving father to two kids and a role as a perfect husband to Tabitha. Tabitha completely falls apart and abandons the needs of her kids and is consumed with where her husband is, who'll she'll steal from next to make ...
  • Shelly
    Elizabeth LaBan's Not Perfect has a few things in common with the book I finished just prior to reading this one, Big, Little, Lies - a few hazy facts, lots of unanswered questions, distracting hints, and possible death (so it wasn't surprising that the main character Not Perfect is reading another of Liane Moriarty's novels). The fact that I'd just finished that brilliant work didn't do Not Perfect any favors. Don't get me wrong, Not Perfect is ...
  • Becky Sookdeo
    Can I just say how out of whack these characters can be sometimes? Rachel just said she wants to hold off on having kids but since Levi's accident she has this revelation of how she wants to be a great parent (just from watching in awe how Tabitha handles her children). I feel like Tabitha and Toby's relationship was moving way too fast.  They go from hanging at sports games to climbing into bed with each other. There should have been some time ...
  • Nicole
    I am torn between giving this book 3 stars, or 4. So, let's split the difference and go with 3.5! I love books with flawed main characters. I like to see a little bit of myself in the books I read. Tabitha was a completely likable and mostly believable character. I could relate to some of the parenting decisions she made, especially considering her circumstances. I often waited to call the pediatrician (only for my kids to feel better as soon as ...
  • Alex
    I see a lot of negative reviews for this book, and I understand where they are coming from. The protagonist, Tabitha, makes some questionable choices. (But hey, look at the title of the book! What did you expect?) Minor aspects of the story are not entirely plausible. But LaBan is a great storyteller. This is not an overblown mystery where the plot is so convoluted you can't follow it. It's more like a card player revealing a winning hand one car...
  • Clarissa
    Tabitha Brewer has a lot of problems. Her husband Stuart has disappeared without a trace, leaving her unable to support herself and her two children in the upper-middle-class lifestyle to which they’re accustomed. Tabitha is trying to find a job, but in the meantime, her life becomes a tangled web of secrets and lies as she tries to hide her husband’s apparent abandonment from everyone around her, including her children.I keep wanting to call...