Dragon Reborn (Dragon Point, #5) by Eve Langlais

Dragon Reborn (Dragon Point, #5)

I’m not crazy. I’m a dragoness.Deka knows she’s the center of the universe, but sometimes even the almighty sun has to act when her main squeeze disappears. Samael might not yet recognize that they’re mates.But he will.She won’t give him a choice. First, though, she has to find him.An ancient enemy has captured her stud. It is going to be super dangerous getting him back. Awesome because Deka thrives on risk—and will do anything for l...

Details Dragon Reborn (Dragon Point, #5)

TitleDragon Reborn (Dragon Point, #5)
Release DateDec 28th, 2017
PublisherEve Langlais
GenreFantasy, Dragons, Humor, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters

Reviews Dragon Reborn (Dragon Point, #5)

  • Fatimama
    I loved this! I love how Deka (h) was strong, smart, and determined and she did the rescuing of Samael (H). She was convinced he is her mate even though he didn’t really notice her when they first met. I would normally not like that but Samael’s circumstances made sense. I liked the rollicking adventure and it was a very fun, fast paced read. The banter was quite funny. Looking forward to the next book!
  • Trina
    Rescuing Her Prince!!!Deka Silvergrace knew that Samael D'Ore was her fated mate the instant she laid eyes on him. Samael D'Ore had always envied what his brother Remiel ( DRAGON FORETOLD ) had. When he couldn't get the love of his brother's mate even through deception. He nearly lost it then he was taken by an ancient enemy. Deka was out to find her mate, no matter what. While Samael thought back on all he'd lost because of his actions. She went...
  • Tabitha
    The sassy funny witty and arrogant dragons strike again. There isn't anything not to like about this story. There are so many moments when you giggle and gasp. It expands the plot of the last Dragon Point novel with the slightly psychotic Deka Silvergrace and her going after her man Samael. Well rescuing her muffin, shes strong and funny as hell. I must admit after Sue-Ellens book i wasn't a fan of the arrogant/evil golden dragon but the love of ...
  • Jan
    OMG, Deka is too funny. This one had me laughing all the time. Samuel having to regroup and find himself needed her to get him through it. Deka is just so much fun. Actually all the Silver is fun. They all are a bit crazy. And that makes them so worth while. And with the steamy sex between these two, they are a "killer" team. But now we have a new enemy in our mist or is he? I cant wait to read Demon Walking.
  • Niki
    New favorite book!Just when I think she can’t get any better, Mrs. Langlais comes out with a new book to prove me wrong. Reborn was dirty, naughty, and oh so good, quickly sucking me in and not letting me go. I loved this book, and cannot wait for Demon Walking!
  • Diane Selander- maglioli
    Golden DragonI just can't express how much I love this authors books. Her imagination doesn't stop. Her characters always have very vibrant personalities. She has a special way of mixing, danger, action, sexual encounters and at the same time making you laugh. Awesome book!!
  • D A
    Enjoyed how Deka got her man (in more ways than one) and helped him save dragonkind & the world from the evil Susie :) Deka & muffin, er, Sammy are a perfect match. now curious where that end teaser will be leading
  • Lisa
    These books are ridiculous and fun. I liked Deka a lot. She was one of the craziest silvers, after Adi.
  • Amy
    Meh... not a bad story, but not as good as the others.