Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

The trouble starts when Apollo introduces Percy and his friend Grover the satyr to the Chryseae Celedones. Three golden women--living statues--appear in front of them, and sing one blissful chord. Apollo has a concert tonight at Mount Olympus, and he needs the Celedones as his backup singers. But there should be a quartet, not a trio--one of the singers has gone rogue. It's up to Percy and Grover to find the missing Celedon somewhere in New York ...

Details Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

TitlePercy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherDisney Hyperion
GenreFantasy, Mythology, Young Adult, Short Stories, Adventure

Reviews Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

  • Alissa Haley
    Definitely not the most meaty addition to the Percy Jackson universe but still super fun! This made me remember how much I’ve missed Grover in Riordan’s more recent books.
  • Kataryna Hermans
    A great short story with another adventure for Percy and Grover. This has humour, adventure, more humour and it is a fantastic read. Riordan has done it again.
  • Soraya
    Percy and Grover, how I've missed you ',
  • Irraya
    This was such a fun story. Very short, but nice. Makes me want to read the Percy Jackson books again. I want to read new books with him as an adult!
  • Felicia [Felicia's Ink(t)]
    Funny short story!!
  • Gloria
    It's Grover's birthday, so Percy takes him his favorite treat: cans. Apollo comes because he has a trio of automaton singers and his problem is that it's supposed to be a quartet. One of his singing automatons has gone rogue. Apollo assigns Percy and Grover the task of finding and bringing the automaton to him before his production. He also lends Grover his lyre, which will help in the quest. The automaton is not happy to be tracked down and uses...
  • Mariah
    Short and fun. Perfect for a Percy fix in between reads.Also. Grover. I missed grover!
  • Steve
    Another Percy Jackson copy was marked as associated with The Trials Of Apollo but really it's in the Olympians series. Fun but definitely more of the same.
  • Lucy
    It was awesome, and when I first picked up this book, I thought it would just be some random book that Rick Riodan wanted to write to continue and never end the Percy Jackson books, because the summary was quite ridiculous to me, but I had it in my to-reads section. I mean, Apollo and his concert and the plot was kind of stupid to me when I read the back of the book. The quest was also weird, too. Who interrupts Grover Underwood's birthday party ...
  • Vikas
    Wonderful short story as usual focused on Percy and Grover and it was fun reading about him. I don't think that we would be getting a full flegded series about Percy again so these snippets from his life are perfect.This time Percy is celebrating Grover's birthday while he is accosted by Apollo tasking with searching the title of the story. It's fun and quick loved it, you also enjoy it and keep on reading.
  • Juliet Swift
    Una storia molto corta ma anche molto carina. Percy e Grover devono trovare un automa-cantante di Apollo entro sera. Nonostante non ci siano molte pagine per sviluppare l'azione, ci sono comunque scene avvincenti della cattura ed è stata una piacevole lettura breve
  • Kübra Yağmur Aslanhan
    Other Worlds kitabında yer alan kısım oluyormuş.VE GENE HEMEN BİTTİ, ÇOK KISAYDI. :( Neden daha uzun değil ya!
  • Rianna *Hermione* B
    It was a really funny adventure into Times Square to find a golden automaton of Apollo's musical group. I LOL'ed a fair amount for this short read. lol
  • Leticia Velasquez
    Loved it!Very good short story - gotta love how completely oblivious Apollo is and Percy's level of sarcasm! I simply love all Rick Riordan's books!
  • Wataru
    I thought it was great to get a look at something less grand, something minor, that still shows that even when things seem peaceful, some problem crops up out of nowhere. This gave me a look at Percy's life not really seen in the other books, and also gave me something else to worry a bit about other than a real threat like the Titans returning, or a world apocalypse of some sort. It doesn't worry you much, yet it does worry you. The Singer of Ap...
  • Amira
    È il compleanno di Grover e sembra che tutto stia procedendo per il verso giusto, senza intoppi di alcun genere. Ma la vita di un semidio non può definirsi normale se non viene disturbata da una puntuale interferenza divina e questa volta a chiedere il loro aiuto sarà niente di meno che Apollo. Come sempre leggere un romanzo di Rick Riordan (seppur di questa breve portata) è stato come sorvolare la città in cima ad una nuvola: rilassante, ri...
  • Daphne
    This was a super short story, but it was lots of fun. And I'm always up for seeing more of Percy and Grover :) This felt much more PJO and less HOO if that makes sense. It was funny, and the stakes weren't as high. While this story has next-to-no impact on the PJO universe, it's worth the read if you love the characters are much as I do.
  • James Lawner
    Basically, this is just like all the other short stories that Riordan wrote in the past; it's fun, easy to read and it feels like a short or minisode. I just hope that one day this might be placed in a re-released version of Demigod Diaries. Also, this would've been a perfect bonus addition to the first Trials of Apollo book.
  • Sophie
    I always enjoy a Percy and Grover adventure and this was no different. It was enjoyable enough, but not the best side adventure I’ve read by Riordan. Regardless, it’s not going to stop me coming back for more!! Percy for life!
  • Susan Beauregard
    Really goodThis is an amazing book and I would recommend it to any percy jackson fan. It is a short story but it is filled with comedy. I really enjoyed all the details and I think it's a really great book.
  • Jill
    This was an exciting quick read. I would definitely think of it as a supplemental story. Kind of off the beaten path for Percy and Grover. I enjoyed the unique "monsters" involved. It was very short!
  • Kareen
    Aunque tuve problemas con mi inglés para leerlo, lo pude leer lento pero seguro, muy buena lectura, mi última lectura qde éste gran e increíible mundo mitológico de Percy Jackson, todos estos libros están en mi corazón
  • Edwin.
    Short story pretty good.
  • Ivy
    Awesome It’s the best book ever! I have never seen a book yet as good as the one I just read.
  • Ashley Rose
    4 Stars!This made me laugh out loud, I liked the little flashbacks to scenes from the first five books, it was short and sweet. A cute, fast and fun read!
  • Cristina
    Viendo este relato corto, es increíble la evolución que ha tenido el personaje de Apolo. Espero con sinceridad que algún día se disculpe de estas perradas porque es para matarlo.
  • Heather
    Cute short storyThis is a cute short story. Probably takes about 15 minutes to read. It's basically a short adventure with Percy and Grover.
  • Cassandra Rodgers
    Fun...I like these mini books. Characters I know in recognizable settings mix it together and you get a fun story.
  • Chinook
    This is a cute story about Percy and Grover. I wish Annabeth had made it in there but otherwise it was a nice return to the series.