Batman, Volume 5 by Tom King

Batman, Volume 5

In the continuation of BATMAN VOL. 4, author Tom King pens the fifth volume of his critically acclaimed, best-selling Batman series in BATMAN VOL. 5!Don't miss out on the newest installment of this best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel series written by breakout star Tom King! Batman and his new vigilante colleagues take on a new dark and terrifying force in BATMAN VOL. 5. Collects BATMAN #33-37 and BATMAN ANNUAL #2.

Details Batman, Volume 5

TitleBatman, Volume 5
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Batman

Reviews Batman, Volume 5

  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.After the newly-found quality that surged from The War of Jokes and Riddles, writer Tom King delivers another excellent volume featuring no supervillains at all. How is that event possible? Rules of Engagement is an exploration of various relationships, notably the two new lovebirds who came crashing in with a love for each other bigger than life itself.In this volume, we are presented with three...
  • James DeSantis
    Tom King has done it. He has made a 5 star volume of Batman. It's been a LONG time since I gave a Batman book a 5 star. See this volume does something the previous did not. There's no big threat, no danger looming in the background, nobody dies (okay maybe someone at one point) but this is a story that gives real humanity to Bruce. We finally see a extremely vulnerable Bruce who's going through shit internally and you can see it effecting him. Th...
  • Artemy
    Who has the patience to wait until May to read the new Batman volume by Tom King? Certainly not me. So I got the single issues and read them all at once.After the brilliant thriller that was The War of Jokes and Riddles, Tom King is taking it slow with Rules of Engagement. There are no super-villains, big schemes, crazy explosions or anything like that in this volume. It's just pure, unadulterated character piece, and it's perfect. Tom King is ph...
  • Wing Kee
    PerfectWorld: The art is just simply beautiful and the tone is beautiful and this arc is entirely and utterly the perfect arc. The world building is fantastic cause it not only moves the world forward in a way that u did not expect that DC would allow but also honors and deals with the past with Talia and even Damian. It's well thought and we'll constructed. Story: What can I say about this arc. It's perfect in every possible way. From the tone, ...
  • Logan
    Very good! So Tom King as cracked the code on writing a batman comic I feel as these last two volumes have been very good! So if you have been living under a rock, Batman and Catwoman are engaged! Whether your on board or not with that (I am), this volume pretty much focuses on that. Its 3 different stories in this volume, but the batman catwoman engagement plays a theme through out. The First story has batman and Catwoman go to the middle east f...
  • Kevin
    Tom King is absolutely on fire on Batman right now. I cannot properly express how much I love his run.
  • Katie
    Romantic Batman is my JAM.Boy does Tom King know how to write a good romance story full of cute butts and a Superhero Double Date 70+ years in the making.Brb, swooning forever.
  • Eli Seibert
    Alright, I’ll admit it; I love Tom King’s Batman. Let me tell you why. *Long rant warning*Everyone has “their” Batman; their idea of who Batman is and how he should act. Whether that Batman is closer to Adam West’s, or Christian Bale’s, or Kevin Conroy’s, or anywhere around and in between, everyone even remotely knowledgeable of the character has a certain picture in their heads when someone says “Batman”.I know Batman is nearly...
  • Oscar
    It's a bit of a mixed bag, but despite giving this the same rating as Vol 4, it's a big step up. This volume collects together Rules of Engagement (3 issues), and Super Friends (2 issues), which pair together well due to the subject matter (Batman and Catwoman's engagement).In the first story, Batman and Catwoman travel to find her old partner, Hollie, whose crimes Catwoman is being held responsible for. If they can clear her name, then she doesn...
  • Malum
    If a superhero comic is going to be mostly talking with little action, then it usually has to be very well written to keep my attention. Well, King knocked it out of the park with this one. This volume is all about Batman and Catwoman preparing for their big day, and it is completely engrossing, funny, and even relatable, to the very end. We have seen silly 60s Batman, ultra-violent Batman, cartoon Batman, etc., but we are starting to see Batman ...
  • George
    The best part of King's Batman so far, for sure. I am Bane was an epic climactic finale, and WoJaR was a pretty significant dip in quality, but this is a return to form that feels classic and sweet and meaningful and strong, like its Batman. Joelle Jones's art is good though it has low moments, but Clay Mann does excellently in Superfriends.
  • Am Gill
    Holy crap this was so so good. My first exposure to Tom King's writing was a pleasure. Catchy dialogue that didn't get too wordy. Joelle Jones' art was incredible and Bruce and Selina's interplay was awesome
  • Scott
    Over all rating: 4⭐’s Rules of Engagement: 3⭐’sSuperFriends: 4⭐’sSome of These Days: 5⭐’sI’m still really liking Tom King’s run on Batman and have to say this is the first time in decades I’ve really stayed up on the title and cared for it. While The Bat will always be my favorite main line DC character, I’ve not always been a fan of the book. King has done something I don’t think any one else has ever accomplished; made...
  • Artur
    This was really rather sweet. I loved the look at what made Batman and Catwoman fall in love with each other and at the friendship of Bat and Superman. And then there was the double date issue, which is just perfect.
  • Soffy Sopraffare
    Es hermoso ver la relación BatCat♥ y esa cita doble del capítulo 37 fue super divertida. I'm so ready for the next chapters.
  • Gareth Brown
    Generally excellent and a refreshing change on recent volumes, theres no big bad but there are big events underway for Bruce Wayne and catwoman.
  • Nick D
    Features Bat & Cat facing off against Talia, Batman & Superman double dating, and the INCREDIBLE Batman Annual #2