Autonomy by Lawrence D. Burns


An automotive and tech world insider investigates the quest to develop and perfect the driverless car—an innovation that promises to be the most disruptive change to our way of life since the smartphoneWe stand on the brink of a technological revolution. Soon, few of us will own our own automobiles and instead will get around in driverless electric vehicles that we summon with the touch of an app. We will be liberated from driving, prevent ove...

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Release DateAug 28th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Technology

Reviews Autonomy

  • Joonas Kiminki
    A beautifully written view into the past, present and future of mobility. I hugely enjoyed the fluent storytelling and balanced handling of the topics covered, respecting the accomplishents of both Detroit and Silicon Valley. I don’t always rate my books ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but when I do, they deserve it. This story changed my perception for good, even if I admit being looking for such perspective update. A beautifully written view into the past...
  • Kevin
    Great read> This will change your view of the future. Highly recommend.
  • Pete
    Autonomy : The Quest to Build the Driverless Car - And How It Will Reshape Our World (2018) by Lawrence D Burns and Christopher Shulgan is the first insider account of efforts by big companies to create self-driving vehicles. Burns worked for decades for General Motors and was a Vice President there and he has a PhD so he knows GM and Detroit intimately. He also points the billions of dollars that Detroit has poured into research for fuel cells ...
  • Tim Dugan
    Good infoBut why are electrics so rare? Why no self driving? Those are the obvious questions But also, he said electric cars will be cheaper....why is Tesla so damn pricy?And one of the things a fleet of taxis won’t handle: rush hour. This has to be solved by better mass transit. Here in houston—everywhere?—it sucks