Mystery in the Mansion (Case Closed #1) by Lauren Magaziner

Mystery in the Mansion (Case Closed #1)

Carlos Serrano has never solved a mystery in his life. And he’s counting on you to solve his first one.On the morning of a big investigation that would save her failing detective agency, Carlos’s mom gets sick with a nasty flu. But Las Pistas Detective Agency can’t afford to lose this case, or they will close down for sure. That’s where Carlos—and you—come in.With the help of his best friend Eliza and her wild little brother Frank, Ca...

Details Mystery in the Mansion (Case Closed #1)

TitleMystery in the Mansion (Case Closed #1)
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Mystery

Reviews Mystery in the Mansion (Case Closed #1)

  • Beth Loflin
    I received this book as an ARC to read and pass down to my middle school aged kids. What a great fun read. I had so much fun deciding which path to read. The fun of this book is if you have kids that may not want to read, the sections are short, there are a ton of options to chose and they direct the story. The story is really cute about 3 kids that are helping out the main characters mom that has the flu. She leads a detective agency and really ...
  • Billie
    Mystery in the Mansion is the first in a series of pick your path and crack the case books. This is a choose-your-own adventure book for children ages 8 - 12. Carlos Serrano, his friend Eliza, and her little brother set out to solve a case for his mother's detective agency. The agency is failing and this is somewhat of a last resort to preserve their family's belongings. The reader will be challenged to uncover the answers. There are many choices...
  • Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusFairly interesting, and seems to have (it's hard to tell from the E ARC) a "choose-your-own-adventure" element to it. Detective books are a hard sell in my library, so I'm debating. Definitely take a look at it if this author is popular with your readers or detective mysteries without murders do well. On the rare occasion my readers want mysteries in mansions, I am tempted these days (June 2018) to fling John Bellairs at ...
  • Storm Reads
    Case Closed is a fun little middle grade book that is a choose your own adventure mystery. You ask the questions and decide what to do and hope that you can figure it out and solve the crime. Carlos has no clue how to solve a mystery but when his mother gets a really bad cold he decides to try and get to the bottom of one of her cases with the help of a couple friends. His mom owns a detective agency and she tells him to tell her partner to take...
  • Lorie Barber
    What an interesting concept: a choose-your-path mystery that had me flipping around all over the book, with some puzzles to solve along the way to keep you moving. I can’t imagine who’s difficult this must have been to write, with the kids attempting so many well-thought out strategies and coming up short. Only downside: I wasn’t too fond of Eliza’s little brother - he seemed superfluous and a bit annoying. I kept rolling my eyes at him l...
  • Barbara
    Hard to put down. I am enjoying trying to figure the mystery. Such a fun book. Lots of clues to follow and lots of dead ends. So many fun ways to read the book. I have never read a book that can have so many different possibilities. A must read for anyone who likes to follow clues. My Grandson and I are reading and we are both following different clues. It is fun to discuss his ideas as solving the mystery. This book is ideal for both Adults and ...
  • Roxanne
    This is a Goodreads win review. This is the book I have read in a mystery where the reader picks their path to crack a case. So depending on what the reader picks to follow is turns into an adventure book. This is great for middle school kids or even a little younger.
  • Romain
    I am reading this book with my kid and it is quality time. The plot is funny and there is a good balance between the number of times we are asked to take a decision, the difficulty of the small games and the duration of the investigation by the young detectives.
  • Lisa Lewis
    Case Closed- Mystery in the Mansion took me back to books of my childhood- the Choose Your Own Adventure Books. I think children will enjoy the math and puzzles and have fun going back to make different choices. I must admit, it took it many tries to solve the mystery!
  • Beth Parmer
    This will be a fun read for many kids! I love the puzzles in the book!!
  • Mary Beth
    Kids are going to love the puzzles in this book! The math is great!
  • Laura Mossa
    Pre-order this fabulous new middle grade series which is a throwback to the choose your own adventure series I loved reading growing up. Review forthcoming.