A Conspiracy of Tall Men by Noah Hawley

A Conspiracy of Tall Men

Linus Owen is a young professor of conspiracy theory at a small college just outside San Francisco. His marriage is foundering and his wife, Claudia, has gone to Chicago to visit her mother. But if Claudia is in Chicago, how is it that two FBI agents show up at Linus' office and inform him that Claudia has been killed in a plane crash on her way from New York to Brazil? And why did a man named Jeffrey Holden, the vice president of a major pharmac...

Details A Conspiracy of Tall Men

TitleA Conspiracy of Tall Men
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreFiction, Mystery, Thriller, Contemporary, Novels, Literary Fiction

Reviews A Conspiracy of Tall Men

  • Orsodimondo
    ROAD TO NOWHEREA Conspiracy of Tall Men è il titolo originale, e quindi, i lunghi del titolo italiano sono uomini alti.Foto di André ThijssenNoah Hawley è la persona che ha creato la serie Fargo, una delle mie preferite (e il film è probabilmente il mio preferito dei fratelli Cohen). Questa è la ragione che mi ha spinto a leggere questo libro.E ad arrivare fino in fondo: nonostante 400 pagine che sin dall’inizio hanno mostrato più di un p...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Before the Fall is a great book, so I was really looking forward to reading A Conspiracy of Tall Men. However, this book, well, to be honest, I couldn't finish it. Why? Let me explain: I would say that there is 25% story and the rest of the book is filler, details, unnecessary information about characters, both main and those that just show up pretty much to do a cameo. Let me give you an example: Linus, our hero in this book, meets a woman in th...
  • Sally Cartwright
    I was quite enjoying this book due to it being an unusual topic: Consoiravy theories are not normally my thing. However despite some good plot twists the ending was very unsatisying - I didn't realise it even was the ending until I turned the page. Disappointing for this reason. Not sure I'd rush to read another....
  • Karen
    Noah Hawley is one of my new favorite authors. And this is my third book of his that I have read. The first two were so much better than this one. Although it is evident here that he is a talented writer, his later offerings are so much more finely crafted. Here he tells a good story, but, at times, I felt so bogged down in minute details that I found it hard to continue. I kept losing interest. I believe that this was his first novel. It is a go...
  • Janie Hickok Siess
    It's the end of the 20th century and Y2K is fast approaching. Linus Owen, a young professor of conspiracy theory at a small college just outside San Francisco, and his wife, Claudia, an advertising executive, live in nearby San Rafael. Linus believes that his is a happy marriage and when Claudia goes to Chicago for a few days to visit her mother, he is not suspicious. Until, that is, two FBI agents arrive at his office with news. Claudia has been...
  • Martina
    Magari sarò stupida, ma io di questo libro non ho veramente capito nulla. Ho capito che c'è una cospirazione, ma non ho capito quale e neanche perché erano così interessati a Linus.La scrittura era anche buona, ma non ho apprezzato il tempo dei verbi e a volte un discorso era lungo più di venti righe e alle 3 io mi ero già persa.Sinceramente se dovessi consigliare questo libro non lo farei neanche con una pistola puntata alla tempia.
  • Frances
    I had forgotten that I even had this book; but discovered it when I was adding Hawley's Before the Fall to my card catalog last year. This book was published in 1998 and is very much a first book, but quite fun. The central character, Linus, is a professor of conspiracy theories at a small college in San Rafael. It is very reminiscent of the X-Files and the Lone Gunmen, which I was very much in-to in 1998 also.
  • Jonathan Kramer
    A debut novel, this story is terrific as is the word smith abilities of the author. I couldn't put it down finishing the book in a matter of days. Great characters, subplots and twists and nicely paced too. In some ways it reminded me of the Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts movie minus the wacko character Mel plays. Good stuff all the way to the end
  • Brianna Sowinski
    This was a weird one, I like Hawley but this felt like a first book. Entertaining but I would not recommend.
  • Wendy
    I have enjoyed Noah Hawley’s other books. This was not up to the same standard. In parts it hurt my brain.
  • Megan
    An interesting book but very exhausting. I kept thinking I would get sucked in to the conspiracies but it didn’t happen until I was about 3/4 of the done—then I had to finish it.
  • Stephen
    This is an ARC giveaway in exchange for a fair review. This is one of the best conspiracy thrillers that I've ever read!What do we fear? Who do we fear? Why do we fear?Linus Owen is a professor of conspiracy theory at a college near San Francisco.He feels his marriage to Claudia has become somewhat listless.One day at the school two FBI agents arrive with with news that Claudia's been killed in a plane crash. She was on a flight from New York to ...
  • Kathleen K. Huie
    I love Fargo, and I’d read all of Hawley’s other books, so I thought I’d read this one. To be honest, I had a hard time taking the whole story seriously. The characters were, indeed, quirky and mostly lovable (even the “bad” guys); the writing was fun if a little over descriptive (he is a screen-writer, after all); but I couldn’t decide if the story was a satire of conspiracy theorists, an absurdist novel about a missing wife, or a se...
  • Tara Young
    I love Noah Hawley books and waited to read this knowing it would be a 'for sure' pleasant read. I couldn't get through it. Sure, I read it but only because it's a Noah Hawley book. Truth be told, I skimmed a lot and couldn't wait for it to end. That's never happened before. I saved his first book for last and now have to wait for his latest book. Or, wait for the TV show FARGO
  • Lora Shouse
    I never did see where the tall men came in.Linus Owen believes in conspiracy theories – teaches conspiracy theory at a small college in California, in fact. His two best friends are conspiracy theorists too. At first the book looks as if it will be a humorous send up of conspiracy theories generally.But early in the book, Linus is informed that his wife has been killed in a plane crash in Florida – when she was supposed to be visiting her mot...
  • Space
    The first time I read this novel I was a little slow to start, because of the awkward writing style Noah takes. It's great - don't get me wrong - but it took a bit to get used to. It's not only first-person perspective, but also present tense. "I'm walking up and trying the door." Wow. This was my first encounter with such a style, and after I got into it, I really enjoyed it.If you like conspiracy theories and gatherings of highly intelligent - ...
  • Tim
    I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory novel. A Conspiracy of Tall Men is a pretty good novel. Its narration comes from an omniscient third person point of view and it seems appropriate for the tale being told. Linus is a professor of conspiracy theory who is pulled into a conspiracy of his own when his wife is killed in a plane crash. The plot is a little convoluted and does not answer every one of your questions (how can it), but once I settled in...
  • Vanessa
    Noah Hawley wrote the sceeenplay for the latest Fargo, which I am really enjoying on TV currently, so I was hoping for something unusual and quirky.Actually, although very well written, and indeed with some interesting and somewhat quirky characters, the story lumbered along somewhat. The plot wasn't all that unusual, given that the focus was, put simply, a conspiracy expert and his disappeared wife - and behind it all was big business (as it oft...
  • L8start
    Wow, what a disappointment. A California professor who teaches conspiracy theory learns that his wife boarded a plane that exploded on the way to Brazil. Her death shatters him and the suspicious circumstances surrounding it start him on an investigation involving his conspiracy-newsletter friends, the FBI/ CIA, a drug company, secret desert meetings, and many twists and turns. The writing was good, but the conspiracy theorists and conspirators w...
  • Frank
    Surprisingly good. I generally don't like books that feel like a blockbuster movie too much (the wise-cracking supporting characters, etc.) but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Written in the present tense with an omniscient narrator, it was a bit different than usual, but it was very effective in keeping the plot line compelling. Walked a nice line between the absurdity of conspiracy theories and the realm of the possible.
  • Megan
    I really enjoyed this, even though I usually struggle with books where I don't like the characters. Maybe there was something endearing about the levels of conspiracy they believed in? I'm extremely glad I'm reading it 17 years after publishing. It allowed you to focus on the story, and not on the capabilities of the technology.
  • Genevieve Burgess
    It almost felt more like the first book in a series than a standalone novel. The end had almost as many unanswered questions as the beginning, they were just different unanswered questions. But a good read that kept moving and featured some very interesting characters and ideas.
  • Melinda
    This is literally, hands down, my favorite book of all time. The first novel written by Hawley, his characters are flawed and endearing, and the story constantly keeps you guessing. A brilliant brilliant book.
  • James
    Funny and well written. This is a good book and I laughed. I shall read more of this author and re read this one something I never do. Why did it not get an award. As funny as hell. Full of suprises. This is a coen brothers film.
  • Bob
    The descriptions and dialogs were wonderful, but the plot didn't always make sense to me and the (non-conspiratorial) relationships didn't ring true. On the plus side, it was incredibly engaging and "readable."
  • Hazel Bartie
    Started off ok but got bored halfway through and started skim reading (never a good sign).
  • Elizabeth
    I read this book years and years ago but I remember it fulfilling my need for reassurance regarding the corruption of the United States government.
  • Karen
    An odd and confusing first book by this author.
  • Chuck
    The wife of a professor of conspiracy theory dies mysteriously in an airplane explosion while traveling with another man. Did not complete 100 pages.
  • Aaron
    This book feels really dated but it certainly isn't a bad one. It feels a lot like an X-files conspiracy done in 295 pages.