進撃の巨人 25 [Shingeki no Kyojin 25] (Attack on Titan, #25) by Hajime Isayama

進撃の巨人 25 [Shingeki no Kyojin 25] (Attack on Titan, #25)


Details 進撃の巨人 25 [Shingeki no Kyojin 25] (Attack on Titan, #25)

Title進撃の巨人 25 [Shingeki no Kyojin 25] (Attack on Titan, #25)
Release DateApr 9th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Horror, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction

Reviews 進撃の巨人 25 [Shingeki no Kyojin 25] (Attack on Titan, #25)

  • Maria
    HELL YEAH FUCK ME UP!!!!!!!! 😩👏🏼💪🏼 this is my favorite volume so far. I’M SO PROUD OF MY PARADISE KIDS JKGGRFHUB how cool are they???? this is just??? mind blowing btw this cover is 💯💯💯
  • Jon Ureña
    This is a review of volumes 23 to 25. There are no more published volumes, although I'm also having in mind two chapters that would belong to volume 26. After the last arc, (view spoiler)[The Survey Corps knows the actual history of the world and has managed to secure the entire island. However, Eren's goal of becoming fully free after securing the walls has been thwarted. They are surrounded by a big ocean, but beyond that is a mainland full of ...
  • Farah Shamma
    I am confused. More than ever.
  • Maria Kth
    if something happens to eren, i will explode.same applies for mikasa, armin and levi.
  • Emily Wells
    Ughhhh, I don't even know anymore. Like, don't get me wrong, I am following the storyline and I understand what is going on, I just do not care. I mean, I spend 90 some chapters getting to know a certain set of characters, and then suddenly they are nowhere to be seen. And there is just this completely new cast and I'm supposed to feel bad for them? Hate them? Love them? How am I supposed to feel towards these new characters, because I'm not feel...
  • Calvinist Batman
    This is THE book of the series. The one we’ve been waiting for. The series is close to its end. Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Ken Yuen
    Exciting! War is ugly, but it's interesting to see the role reversals in this volume. Love seeing the characters' updated looks. Both sides of the war have new toys to show and it's a pretty great battle.
  • Fatemeh
    ازت بدم میاد، ایسایاما.
  • M. Ashraf
    This is the long awaited fight since the fall of wall Maria.This is the revenge that we deserve.The daemons of Paradise Island.One of the best volume so far, with a great cliffhanger in the last volume... this one did not disappoint.We took the war to them.A lot had happened in four years.They all look different.Can not wait for the next volume!
  • A. Hydra
    I like this story because the plot is amzing and the characters are well-developed and the places have a great style.
  • Alice
    I've been reading this series since 2012...and I can't believe I still want to know how it ends. I hope Eren has some sort of an elaborate plan. If not, Mikasa needs to slap him. SASHA SHOULD HAVE KILLED GABI WHEN SHE HAD THE CHANCE.
  • Marialena I.
    Wow.....This volume just blew me away! It was just fantastic!
  • Allison
    Honestly, this volume deserves 5 stars. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is cause I need to reread it because OH. MY. GOD. All I could think about while reading this was how AMAZING this was going to look in the anime.The stakes are rising even higher for everyone, and I am not prepared for what might happen, based on the direction this series is heading. It is said that Attack on Titan is the Walking Dead of Japan. I argue that now it is...
  • Hamad
    wow just wow this volume is up there with volume 20 for my best volumes in the series
  • Adam Fisher
    More answers are revealed in this action packed Volume. FINALLY!Willy Tybur has called a meeting of the Marleyan people and army. He comes to them with an explanation of their true history, but he is really bating Eren to attack so the whole world can see how "bad" the Eldians are and they would unite behind Marley to destroy Paradis Island. Willy reminds them of the story they've been told: Helos, hero of Marley, helped stop the Great Titan War ...
  • Paulina
    [*Inserte todas las estrellas posibles* / 5]YA NO PUEDO SOPORTAR TANTAS EMOCIONES AL MISMO TIEMPO.A ver, básicamente Eren se reúne con Reiner (y Falco) para "escuchar" la ceremonia, sin embargo, decide atacar y es ahí cuando ¡¡la Legión de Reconocimiento vuelve a hacer su aparición!! y vaya la manera en que se me han movido todas las emociones cada que veía a los personajes bastante crecidos / cambiados (Eren con bigote pre-adolescente; M...
  • David Basora
    This is definitely the best volume in a while, because everything has finally come together, and mostly makes sense. All of our babies are all grown up, and all have too much hair to demonstrate their age. I really cannot stress enough how much I did expect the level of complication this plot has developed, nor did I expect the complete 180 degree turn the scope of the series took, regarding who is affected by the story. This went from a secluded...
  • Lily Beiter
    This is one of my favorite parts in the whole series. The survey corps have invaded Marley and are trying to steal some more titan powers to weaken the nation. Marley has kept the Eldians on Paradis island for too long and the survey corps are here to end this. They come in with new technology and uniforms ready to win this battle. The chapters are action packed and leave so many emotions and questions going through your head like "where are thes...
  • Sol González
    Ch 99. Mientras Eren habla con Reiner mientras afuera se escucha el gran espectáculo que es la declaración de guerra a la isla Paraíso. Sin embargo lo que cuentan es la historia original del rey Fritz.Ch 100. Reynard explica a Eren sus razones, mientras dejan inhabilitados a los otros titanes conscientes. Al final Taybard declara la guerra y Eren se transforma en titan.Ch 101. El titan original y el warhammer comienzan la batalla. Rescatan a l...
  • Giulia B
    I don’t even know how to feel. I’ve felt betrayed since we discovered the truth about Paradise Island and Marley, everything we were made to believe was just biased (Giants are not evil, Humans are not really Humans) and I thought that was a really good plot twist. But what happened in this volume... On one hand I understand why they had to declare war, and that was a pretty bad ass fight (really, I almost screamed when Mikasa and Levi appear...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Eren’s infiltration of Marley comes to an explosion conclusion as the real truth finally comes to light, and a declaration of war sounds across the continent. Eren comes face to face with three Titans he has never faced before, but even in a strange land far from home, he is not alone.This volume has it all; we get some answers, some badass fighting from both Titans and humans, and a sense that things are really kicking into high gear. Familiar...
  • Mark
    Wow. Just, wow.We're given even more background as to the history of the wars and the truth behind who was the real hero that brought an end to the old wars.But, we're also given more cause to believe that we may have been backing the wrong horse this entire time. Is Eren's crusade just? Is he the real devil of the story? Are the Eldians in the wrong once again?And, that ending . . . oh sweet jeebus, I'm so frustrated that I have to wait yet agai...
  • Vitor Frazão
    Com este volume deixam de haver heróis na série, apenas vilões em campos opostos. Parece um desperdício de desenvolvimento das personagens, se nos volumes seguintes não lhes devolveram alguma dimensão. Por outro lado, excelente violência. Se for apenas isso que se queira, um pouco de acção acéfala para descontrair, este é o volume certo.
  • Fiction State Of Mind
    Coyer Summer Bash This is the arc that changes everything! As the cover shows Eren has invaded the Marley stronghold and is intent on vengeance. Innocent blood is spilled and we see the survey corps in spiffy new outfits. The war hammer titan is breathtaking and the wait for the next volume will be torturous
  • Gregor
    I like the time jump so far, but I want to see what Eren's real intentions have become (pure revenge or something else more complex and elaborate), and what happened on Paradis Island during that time.
  • Brandon
    This volume contains chapter 100, so you know it's going to be good! I loved the interaction between Eren and Reiner is this volume and hope to see that relationship continue to build in the next volumes.
  • Evelyn
    What’s left of the gang is back together and if you haven’t guessed from the cover, we’re in for a big fight. Enough political talk. More smashing as we set up for what looks like a war to end it all.Just everyone looks so grown up and we haven’t even seen Armin yet.
  • Mary
    Oh, boy! Things are about to go down. I love that it is addressing politics, as well as still being tragic deaths happening everywhere (wait, that sounds like Game of Thrones...seriously though, don't get attached to anyone just in case).
  • Valentina Menares
    HOW THE FREAKING HELL ENDS LIKE THAT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE? SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE I just needed to scream, sorrydamn jean is hot nowlevi 4ever tho♥ HOW THE FREAKING HELL ENDS LIKE THAT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE? SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE I just needed to scream, sorrydamn jean is hot nowlevi 4ever tho♥️
  • T
    The Survey Corp can choke and die for all I care. I feel sad for Mikasa but the rest can just die, especially Eren. I still love the warriors.