Scarlet (Scarlet, #1) by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet (Scarlet, #1)

The people of Nottinghamshire know Will Scarlet as Robin Hood’s shadow, a slip of a boy who throws daggers with deadly accuracy and an accomplished thief with an unerring eye for treasure. A select few know that Will is actually Scarlet, a young woman “recruited” by Robin two years earlier as he wandered the alleys of London. But no one knows who the real Scarlet is, what she was doing in London, and how she got that scar on her cheek. That...

Details Scarlet (Scarlet, #1)

TitleScarlet (Scarlet, #1)
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books
GenreYoung Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Retellings

Reviews Scarlet (Scarlet, #1)

  • Khanh (the meanie)
    This is an alternate retelling of Robin Hood, where Will Scarlet is a hemorrhoidal pain in the ass who talks like a Monty Python and the Holy Grail cast reject that gets involved in a horrifyingly painful love triangle WITH ROBIN HOOD AND LITTLE JOHN.There are two facts about Will Scarlet that you should know before starting this book.1. Will Scarlet is actually a "she," a girl disguised as a boy2. The "Scarlet" in her name refers to the fact tha...
  • Claire
    I don't know about anyone else but when I think of Robin Hood I think of this:Wait, I'm the only one who pictured him like that? Huh. Blame my childhood.Anyway, when I first started reading this book I admittedly imagined Robin Hood as being pretty hot. Like a total fox. (GET IT?!) Granted, the Robin Hood in this story was not the main character. Rather, the main character was a young woman who everyone knew as Scarlet. Her identity is mysterious...
  • sana °¤°
    3.75I literally have no idea about the whole Robin Hood tale, but this was pretty fucking awesome. Also, im too lazy to write a proper review so here's a quick list as to why you should read it:-the beginning, which was about 70ish pages for me, was incredibly boring to the point where i was willing to watch paint dry,-BUT-it fricken gets so much better.-we have a badass female who takes no shit from anyone-she's a thief who steals food and money...
  • Soumi
    Scarlet is wrenching and moving story of love and friendship, bravery and loyalty, a retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, only the voice of narration was Scarlet. Yes Will Scarlet, the most skilled knife- handling young fellow of Robin, in the traditional tales, famous for his hot temper. But he’s not actually what we think he is. He’s no lad; he’s a lass; a girl hiding her true identity in men’s cloth.Being a part of the merry men, Sca...
  • Ferdy
    1.5 starsA retelling of Robin Hood where Will Scarlet, a member of Robin's band is a actually girl in disguise.-The storyline didn't really entertain me, it was boring and the real action only really kicked in towards the end.-The narrative was strange, it was part present tense and part past tense, I couldn't get my head around it.-The British-isms and British slang didn't read right AT ALL, it felt forced and it made me cringe at how hard it tr...
  • Duckie
    This is the first time I've read a version of the Robin Hood story where I wanted the sheriff to win. Flimsy characters, clunky writing and gaping plot holes mangle what otherwise might have been a decent YA novel.The narrative is in Scarlet's voice but it's pretty hard to tell what that is, exactly. It's vaguely British and vaguely working-class but is rooted in neither Yorkshire nor London, where she claims to be from at different points in the...
  • Jillian -always aspiring-
    (Actual Rating: 3.5 stars)"We do what we do because there's something we can do about it. Things like 'how long' and 'what if' aren't part of that. It's about the hope, not the horror."Scarlet, 2012 debut novel from A.C. Gaughen, takes the legends and characters associated with Robin Hood and spins them all into an engrossing story focusing on a secretive thief who's much more than meets the eye. The people of Nottinghamshire know the thief as W...
  • Kimberly Sabatini
    OMG!!!! I loved this book. I'm going to start this review by announcing something that I NEVER expected to say (John--if you're reading this you should close your eyes and skip ahead) ROBIN HOOD IS MY NEW BOYFRIEND!!!! There, it's out in the open. Phew--I feel better now. I know that once you read this--you're going to want him too--but just remember I said it first and this post is time-stamped. But don't worry, you don't have to be turned away ...
  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    *Re-read for tomoorrrroowwwww!!* His hands came on either side of my face, holding me up to him. Waves were crashing in his eyes, sure and strong and sweeping. "You are my whole heart, Scarlet. And this is breaking it." I don't know. I don't know how I came across this or why it spoke to me...but it did. Even today I am still giddy and weightless when I think about this book. How amazing is it when you find something that, while it seems intrigui...
  • Sophie
    I simply adore these books! I've read them twice now, and can;t help but picking them up from time to time to re-read my favourite sections.Scarlet follows the story of Will Scarlet, one of the heroes of the Robin Hood legend, but who is actually a girl in disguise. She has joined Robin's band of Merry Men, but is keeping her true identity a secret. Once the Sheriff invites the infamous Guy of Gisbourne to Nottingham to rid the county of Robin on...