You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac

You Me Everything

“Glass of chilled rosé, check. Comfy chair, check. Box of tissues, check. You Me Everything is everything you need for a moving, funny, heartbreaking, and ultimately joyous read.” --Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Map of the HeartSet in the French countryside on an idyllic summer vacation, a delicious, tender novel about finding joy and love even in the most unexpected places. Jess and her ten-year-old son William set of...

Details You Me Everything

TitleYou Me Everything
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherPamela Dorman Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult, Contemporary, Cultural, France

Reviews You Me Everything

  • Louise Wilson
    Set in the French Countryside Sick of his lies, cheating ways and complete lack of interest in fatherhood, Jess left her boyfriend, Adam, only months after she gave birth to their son. Adam moved to France to follow his dream, unencumbered by a series relationship and a child he never wanted. Ten years later, Susan, Jess's mother, lies in a nursing home, battling a debilitating disease. Susan forces Jess to recognise that William needs his father...
  • Pauline
    You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac is a story about family and relationships. Jess is trying to cope with being a single mum to her ten year old son. She is also trying to cope with the fact that her mother is suffering from Huntington disease. Jess takes her son on holiday to France so that he can spend some time getting to know his father. This trip will be a learning curve for everyone. I would like to thank NetGalley and Simon and Schuste...
  • Laura
    Book reviews on Ohh, what a wonderfully written and emotional book - I didn't want to stop reading, despite the tears (I do cry easily but even so, this was a heartwrencher!). Catherine Isaac's writing feels so like real life - in many ways but, at its heart, just in the way she portrays dialogue and actions - it all feels natural and so convincing. The situation - Jess trying to get her ex (and father of her child) to bond a...
  • Kathy - Books & Munches
    The one thing that definitely deserves to be mentioned first is how there are so many hard topics tackled in this novel. From illness to alcoholism to being a single parent to the pressure kids can have on a relationship - it's all there!And all those topics made this book that more amazing to read because they are incorporated in a real, genuine way that made my skin crawl at times. You can feel the hardships all characters are dealing with - p...
  • Kavita Kumar-Karthik
    Thank you NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for generously sharing the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review I chose to read this book because in the Advance praise section I had read,Oh wow. Just wow. If you liked Me Before You, you'll love You, Me, Everything. Heartbreakingly beautiful’Claire Mackintosh And I am a sucker for heartbreak !! But, I was left disappointed after this book. When the story began, I instantly liked it. I was...
  • Sandie Bishop
    Wow! What a brilliantly written, lovely book. Everyone: you HAVE to read this if it's the only one you read this year. Just make sure you have the tissues handy though as it WILL make you laugh and cry throughout its pages.
  • Jo
    Oh My Heart! I just need to take a little breath before I write this review, because this book is just so incredibly gorgeous. It is such a beautiful book. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and I fell in love with all of the characters. I couldn't focus on anything else while I read this book, set in the beautiful Chateau de Roussignol, in the French countryside. It waa all consuming.It's a book about lost love, about paternal lov, about the love...
  • Irena
    Review to come.
  • Cassidy (Cassidys.Bookshelf)
    I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. The setting of the book takes place in the French countryside and you can't help but want to be there with the characters. The story revolves around Jess and Adam and their son William. Adam has never been an ideal father, leaving shortly after his birth and only seeing him a few times a year since. Jess wants more for her son and is making one last attempt to make things right between everyone all whil...
  • Megan Prokott
    A French charcuterie of cheese ball and idealism.
  • Joann
    What a charming read this was. Jess, who has been raising her 10 year old, Willian, goes for an extended visit to the chateau, in France, that William's father has recently converted. She is hoping that William and his father, Adam, will be able to bond. She has a very good reason to want this to develop. Without dragging the whole plot out, I will just say that it was an enjoyable read, though predictable. There’s just the right balance of hum...
  • booksofallkinds
    Oh, this book really got to me and it is a story that will not be easily forgotten. Jess and Adam fell in love but it wasn't enough to keep them together. Ten years later and at the request of her beloved mother who is fading away before their eyes, Jess is heading to France with her amazing ten-year-old son so that Adam can form a real bond with their child. And who wouldn't enjoy a few weeks in a lovely chateau in the beautiful French countrysi...
  • Stephanie
    You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac is a witty moving novel with just the right balance of romance, humor, and sadness. Since the book is set in the idyllic countryside of the Dordogne valley in France, and the French countryside is one of the top 10 places in the world that I've visited, I could not help but curl up, imagine I was back there on vacation, and immediately get lost in the lush, vivid summer scenery of Château de Roussignol...
  • Fabulous Book Fiend
    I loved this book, i loved the way the story was told and I loved Jess as a lead character. This books is exactly what it says it is, heartbreaking and hopefully all the same time. You will not want to put it down once you have picked it up because Jess is such a great character to spend time with, but also you will need to know what is going to happen next. As soon as I started reading this book, I felt like I just needed to settle in for the ni...
  • Jessica
    I had absolutely no idea when I picked up this book to read how emotional it would be! It is a real tear jerker so you will definitely need plenty of tissues when reading this!The main character Jess has been through so much and at parts of the book you just think it can't get any worse for her then it does and my heart just went out to her. She is an incredibility strong person that you instantly connect with.The thing I loved most about this bo...
  • Shaz Goodwin
    2018-04-07 first scene in the prologue when Jess is giving birth gives a very clear picture of Adam and where his loyalties lay. Then 10 years later, Jess and William are packing for their summer stay with Adam. While in the Dordogne, Jess reflects on her relationship with Adam before she fell pregnant which I must admit, made me feel ambivalent towards him. I didn’t want to like him but found myself as emotiona...
  • Elizabeth
    Not deep literature but for me, it was a nice, fast read that managed to be light but not fluffy, romantic but not sappy and also gently explore what it means to live fully when life hands you circumstances you would never wish for. After a serious issues-heavy book (The Female Persuasion), this was a perfect dessert read. If you are a fan of Laura Dave’s books, I think they’re fairly comparable although this was probably better than some of ...
  • Linda Hill
    A summer in France will bring more than a suntan for Jess, William and Adam.Pass me the thesaurus. I simply do not have adequate vocabulary to express how much I love You, Me, Everything. Let me be honest, it isn’t the most literary work of fiction I’ve ever read, it doesn’t have a heart thumping plot with visceral murder and psychologically challenged protagonists, but I absolutely adored every moment of being submersed in the lives of tho...
  • Saarah Niña
    Underwhelming This book fell a little short for me. Just, underwhelming considering I thought it might be like Jojo Moyes' Me Before You or just Moyes' writing. The only comparison? It's a love story. And, one I didn't enjoy very much. Nor, did I like the way the book was written- it was unnatural. The reader was told too much too soon. There was no anticipation, until near the end but everything else was immediately put out there. I had no curio...
  • Jeanniehay64
    I loved this beautiful book which is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings!! It had me burning the midnight oil a sure sign of a fantastic read. Jess the main character who I s facing an uncertain future due to illness selflessly puts her own feelings aside to try to forge a relationship with her son and his father. Family relationships, love,seperation, illness and friendships are all beautifully explored . A emotional must read.
  • Kaisha (The Writing Garnet)
    All reviews can be found on my blog at https://thewritinggarnet.wordpress.comOh.....I don't even know where to begin. How do you even review a book like this? I hadn't even reached the halfway point before my heart decided to start breaking. 'You Me Everything' is a story which managed to capture my heart almost straight away. As a single mum myself, it was pretty clear that I was going to side with the main character and relate to her point of ...
  • Lili Marcus
    3.5 Stars...I REALLY love second chance Romance and I always mention that. So anyway, when I saw this on, I was excited to read it. But I wasn't expecting Adam to have a current girlfriend and FOR ME that was a big turn off. But to the good stuffs first. I love almost everything about this novel. I love Laura and how she managed to take care of her son, William, all these years and how her parents included in his son's life. Her par...
  • Rachel Gilbey
    I had been looking forward to starting this book for ages, but equally slightly apprehensive as I know the author is Jane Costello writing under a new name, Being a huge fan of Jane Costello, I had no idea what to expect from this new change of direction, and was scared it may not be for me. Well I need not have worried as the book was fabulous, and I completely understand the need for a new identity! This is story written with a lot of love, hea...
  • Book-shelf Shelf
    This is the story of Jess who has a 10 year old son ( William) . Its years since Will spent quality time with his father so Jess is taking him to spend time at his holiday complex in France. The Idea is Jess's mom as the future is never guaranteed and Williams Dad(Adam) left when he was young so missed out on his childhood.Jess finds that Adam still hasn't grown up and he has a young model on his arm who takes priority over Will, much to Jess's h...
  • Linda Hutchinson
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “You Me Everything” written by Catherine Isaac is at its core a precious love story. Like most love stories, it’s a journey filled with good days, bad days, horrific days, and wondrous days. I enjoy these type of books because they are sweet reminders to live each day to the fullest and treasure what we have, to live in the moment. I can’t share too much without giving away the plot but I really thought it was a charming stor...
  • Liz
    I felt a little tentative when I started this book because of the issues it tackles but I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. Catherine Isaac’s writing flows so easily, her descriptions of France were evocative and her handling of difficult issues sensitive and compassionate. There was a good mix of characters and I found myself really caring about what happened to them. I liked the balance between happiness, humour and heartache. It...
  • Jinghay (TheSecretNoceur)
    I absolutely adore this book SO much. It constantly had me engaged with the story and when I wasn't ugly crying from how tragic life can be I was laughing so hard until I ended up crying again anyway.The characters are so lovely, and that just makes the events that happen all the more heart breaking.. (You might want to send help because i'm kinda still in pieces over here). I feel like reading "You Me Everything" will really help to show you wha...
  • Shazia
    As a Womens Fiction/Chick Lit debut, this book could easily receive a 4, even a 5-star rating. This isn't my preferred genre to read - I'm honestly not even sure why I picked this book up. However, You Me Everything was well written and had a great story line, which I enjoyed enough to make me want to finish reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to read a Chick Lit-y book.