The Silver Music Box (The Silver Music Box series Book 1) by Mina Baites

The Silver Music Box (The Silver Music Box series Book 1)

A captivating cross-generational novel from German author Mina Baites about a Jewish family divided by World War II and an inheritance with the power to bring them back together. 1914. For Paul, with love. Jewish silversmith Johann Blumenthal engraved those words on his most exquisite creation, a singing filigree bird inside a tiny ornamented box. He crafted this treasure for his young son before leaving to fight in a terrible war to honor his be...

Details The Silver Music Box (The Silver Music Box series Book 1)

TitleThe Silver Music Box (The Silver Music Box series Book 1)
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews The Silver Music Box (The Silver Music Box series Book 1)

  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 When choosing to read a book about the Nazis and the Holocaust, one knows they are opening themselves up to some of the darkest days in history. Yet, if the word gentle, could be applied to any book that touches on this subject, this is the one. The focus is on one Jewish family, the Blumenthals. The men Jewelers by trade, and the events that touch them are unveiled gently, with much of the focus on the Germans who were their friends, and oth...
  • Cindy Burnett
    4.5 starsThe Silver Music Box is one of the best Kindle First books I have read. I started it this morning when I had a little free time and couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. The book is beautifully written – it was originally written in German and then translated into English so occasionally a turn of phrase or expression is a little unusual but that didn’t impact the story one bit. The tale starts out slowly but really picks u...
  • Deanne Patterson
    This book is just amazing and one of the best I've read it a long time!~ Very hard to put down!There are a lot of characters in the book and they are listed in the front of the book and I found that to be very hopeful. The book starts in 1914 and father Johann Blumenthal creates a silver music box for his young son to remember him by when he goes to fight in the German WWI . The silver music box is at the heart of the tale and the book follows 3 ...
  • Thebooktrail
    Visit the locations in the novel - Lubeck and HamburgA story that sings and soars like the bird of the bird box. It’s made by a Jewish jeweller for his little son before the father volunteers for WWI to show he is a good German. This war story, is unlike any other in that it looks at the Jewish people and how they helped and worked hard for their country, helped others less fortunate and wanted to play their part in the war. It’s a poignant s...
  • Stefanie
    This book was one of my Kindle First selections and so heart-wrenching!The tale of a Jewish family trying to flee the growing animosity towards they’re ‘kind’ from the Germans.It’s heart-breakingly accurate when you read about what all they had to go through. The characters were relatable and your heart went out to them as they dealt with the persecution, especially from those they thought of as friends.I love historical novels, getting t...
  • Mel (Epic Reading)
    When I read the blurb on the back of The Silver Music Box I expected a story that jumped between the past and the 'present'. Initially I was disappointed that this is not how the story is written. OrganizationUsually organization of material is only relevant in non-fiction; however, Mina Baites has made it relevant in this book. The blurb will lead you to believe that you will be reading the story of a woman discovering her heritage for half the ...
  • Joan Bannan
    I guess I could consider this a page turner if I meant I found myself turning the pages rapidly without reading predictable paragraphs. I found it more like a journal than an novel. I realized last night that i was reading it just to have something to read while riding my stationary bike to nowhere. I'm abandoning it without finding out why the author chose this title.
  • Linda
    Epic family story spanning from 1916 thru 1963, in Germany, London and Cape Town, South Africa.The Blumenthal Brothers of Altona, Germany, Max and Johann, are jewelers and silversmiths, and have been doing business for years. Johann decides to volunteer during the First World War, leaving his wife and young son. Before he goes, he makes an intricate silver music box for his son, Paul. The music box never leaves his son's hand.Next comes the turmo...
  • Eliz
    I thought this book was pretty good, up until the last section. It's in three parts, WWI, the years leading to WWII and the 1960s. The story of the Bluementhal family in the first two parts shows real people and issues. When we get to the third generation it's like the author rushed through and Lillian comes across as a shallow woman, and while she changes her mind, it's not done well enough to make you see any growth.
  • Jennifer Hohenbrink
    Not worth itThis book is poorly written and the plot jumps forward many times skipping over crucial developments. The characters are not developed. The young men are all handsome and loyal. The women lovely but lack personality. I got this through Amazon’s first program, bu I wish I had chosen a different book.
  • Mary Ann
    I was disappointed in this book. In fairness to the author, I'm always a bit hesitant to criticize a work in a translation. Some examples: the translation of The Solitude of Prime Numbers was superb (I do read French and some Italian); there is a world of difference between the original, very stilted Charles Archer translation of Nobelist Sigrid Undset's magnificent Kristin Lavransdatter and the later quite wonderful one of Tiina Nunnally. I have...
  • Irene
    If there was ever a "gentle" book about war (two wars, actually, The Great War and World War II), this is it. An uplifting book about war? This is it. I read it with my 11-year-old granddaughter. Tragedies. Horrible tragedies. But the book exudes such hope throughout. I will not spoil the ending because everything does not turn out for the best but it does turn out better than hoped or expected. And the centerpiece is a small, bird-shaped music b...
  • Judy Collins
    3.5 Stars. Review to follow.
  • Staci
    I really, really wanted to love this book. The story begins in Germany at the beginning of the First World War and ends in South Africa in 1963. It follows Blumenthal family through these years and tells of their trials and tribulations during this time. The silver music box is a family heirloom that also follows the Blumenthal family through the years. The premise of this story was very interesting and had a lot of potential. However, I felt the...
  • Niles L. Kaplan
    Story too choppy, but very good in placesI would have preferred Baites to have developed the story and characters in more linear fashion and in greater depth for greater interest and cohesiveness. For instance, by the time Paul tells how Clara died, his remembered loss had none of the devastating impact it must have had when it happened. Emma's character is all but lost so abruptly that the impact of her time with Lilly is diminished when she doe...
  • Marcy Heller
    Those who follow my reviews know that I'm not parsimonious in giving out stars, but I remind you that three stars means 'I liked it'. The Silver Music Box was a free Kindle selection for Prime members this month and I selected it when only a few had reviewed it, but all of those reviews had been five stars.The title of the book makes the denouement of the story somewhat obvious. I have read a tremendous amount of holocaust fiction and this book f...
  • Katz Nancy from NJ
    A really good book!I read lots of books about Germany before WWII and the Holocaust. Some are very good. Some are just OK. But I really enjoyed The Silver Music Box and look forward to reading the second book in this series.
  • Irfken
    A rare literary gem as the name suggests is almost impossible to find but once found it shines and illuminates the deepest recesses of the soul. This book is that rare gem. It's not often I find books that tear me apart and put me back together, books that just bring tears to my eyes and have a healing effect on my soul but that is exactly what this book did. I love historical fiction and especially WWII fiction and this book is the best work of ...
  • Paula Girard
    Back to historical fiction and this interesting cross-generational novel about a Jewish family divided by World War II. I don't know why I am so drawn to this time period but I am and this novel did not disappoint. Really enjoyed it.
  • Missy
    I was lucky enough to win this Kindle edition from Goodreads (Thank you!). What a heartbreaking read. The book spans three generations, through two World Wars, and a silver music box that ties them all together. Johann Blumenthal, a Jew, is a silversmith who creates the music box for his son, Paul, before he leaves for WWI. Paul then gives it to his daughter Margarethe during the outbreak of WWII. The book centers around the music box and the lov...
  • Sina
    Der Jude und Besitzer eines Juwelierladens Johann Blumenthal meldet sich im Jahr 1914 freiwillig für den Kriegsdienst, um für Deutschland an vorderster Front zu kämpfen. Bevor er geht, schenkt er seinem Sohn Paul eine selbstgemachte silberne Spieldose, damit dieser eine Erinnerung an seinen Vater hat, solange er im Krieg ist. Doch für das jüdische Volk wird es zusehends schwieriger, in Deutschland frei zu leben. Der Hass wird größer. Dies ...
  • Zohar -
    The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites (translated by Alison Layland) is a historical fiction novel which takes place during World War II. Ms Baites lives in Germany and is the author of several books.Johann Blumenthal, a Jewish silversmith, creates a magnificent music box for his little boy, Paul, before volunteering to go to the front during World War I. Paul keeps the music box as a treasure he will never let go of.Decades later, Lilian Morrison ...
  • Kara
    Historical fiction holds a special place in my heart. Especially WWII. My four star is because of the fast forwards in time. I wanted it all. I’d have sat down and read this family’s story even had it been 700+ pages. The tragic and horrific events of WWII are dehumanizing. And in a sense it sickens me because I can sit here and call them “events.” I react on an emotional level to the written word in historical books (albeit a fiction or ...
  • Heather
    The Silver Music Box was a beautiful, touching story spanning nearly 50 years. At the centre of the story was the silver music box, made in 1914 by Jewish silversmith, Johann Blumenthal, for his then four-year-old son, Paul, before the father joined up during the Great War.The book was basically divided into three sections - Johann, Paul and Lilian - although Paul's life was given the greater focus. His struggle to protect his family from Hitler'...
  • Katie B
    Before setting off to fight for his country of Germany in World War 1, Johann Blumenthal gives his son Paul a beautiful music box. Paul treasures this item as he grows into a young man who runs the jewelry store his family has owned for years. But because the Blumenthal family is Jewish, the family business and their lives will be changed forever as the Nazis come into power. This is a story of what people are willing to sacrifice in the name of ...
  • Elizabeth
    This book is outrageously great! It is quite an achievement by an author to hold the attention of readers for any length of time. And I couldn't put this novel down for any length of time! "The Silver Music Box" is a deceptively simple story of a family who are silversmiths and Jewish in Europe during the first half of the 20th century. At the heart of this book is a beautifully crafted silver music box that follows the family and is actually the...
  • Susan Hamilton
    I had high hopes for this novel. I really wanted to love it, but ultimately, it was just ok for me. The premise of the book, a keepsake that helps a family reunite after the atrocities of the Holocaust was interesting to me. The problems for me were that the development of main characters was inconsistent, the plot dragged in places it shouldn’t have, and was rushed in places that needed more exploration, and the ending fell too neatly into pla...
  • Jazz Singh
    A beautifully told story of Nazi Germany and how a gentle way of life was overturned by an extreme ideology. Reading about that period is never a happy experience, and this book brings alive the trauma and suspense and daily fear a successful family of Jewish jewellers faced, their persecution and eventual separation. Reading about the past in the garb of fiction makes it easier to understand than from history books.
  • Anne Woodbury
    Quick read. Moved fast. Liked the plot. Somewhat predictable. I liked how it took place a lot before the Holocaust to give you a sense as to how it all happened. That was very interesting. I think the author could have done more with the conversion of the couple to Christianity. Did they believe any of it or was it just to stay safe. More of the mental transition.
  • Stephanie Mullins
    Excellent!I really liked this book! Baites takes the readers on an adventure that spans from WW1 to the 60's. The characters are exceptional. The story is very well written and covers many emotional issues of the times.