The Opposite of Innocent by Sonya Sones

The Opposite of Innocent

Poignant and chilling by turns, The Opposite of Innocent is award-winning author Sonya Sones’s most gripping novel in verse yet. It’s the story of a girl named Lily, who’s been crushing on a man named Luke, a friend of her parents, ever since she can remember.Luke has been away for two endless years, but he’s finally returning today. Lily was only twelve when he left. But now, at fourteen, she feels transformed. She can’t wait to see ho...

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TitleThe Opposite of Innocent
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Poetry

Reviews The Opposite of Innocent

  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]
    In The Opposite of Innocent, we follow a story that’s painfully familiar for a lot of people: a girl being groomed by a sexual predator, and that grooming turning into a fully-blown abusive relationship. What sets this book apart, however, is both the fact that it’s a story told in prose, and the fact that our narrator is so incredibly young and naïve; she genuinely has no clue what’s coming until it’s too late. I’ve always been in lov...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    3 1/2 stars. I don't know if this was the best thing I've ever read, but it was certainly an incredibly tense experience. This is a story in verse, and I just felt so in it. Absolutely to come!!
  • Riley
  • Camila Roy ••RoyIsReading••
    RATING: 3/5ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewFourteen-year-old Lily has been infatuated with Luke for as long as she can remember. Luke is a friend of her family, who happens to be twice her age. A crush turns into a relationship that Lily cannot handle. Staying means losing herself but leaving means losing everything Let me start off by saying that I liked the book’s writing style. 1) It felt like I was reading a poem a...
  • Tanya
    4.5 Stars! I received a copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.A Proper representation on how I feel right now. RTC
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    She thought the sun rose and set with Luke, and felt like she was living the dream, when Luke finally began to see her as a woman. However, Lily soon learned how Luke was a wolf in sheep's clothing.• Pro: It amazed me how Sones could write about something so ugly in such a beautiful way. • Pro: This was a pretty emotional read. The story was told in such a way, that I felt my heart breaking piece by piece with each bit of innocence Luke stole...
  • Victoria Lee
    I was lucky to get my hands on an ARC of this book on Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I don't usually go for novels in verse, but this was gorgeous, and so immersive, and I was immediately swept away by Lily's emotions. The slow shift of her feelings toward Luke, and the dawning clarity of Luke's true nature, was masterfully done. I'm a survivor, and in some ways this was hard to read because of just how well it reflected my own exper...
  • BookChic Club
    I was excited to see a new Sonya Sones book available on Edelweiss, as I didn't know she had one coming out. I downloaded it and read it over the course of two days. As usual, the book was in verse so it's a pretty quick read, but it was a really powerful one. Sones told Lily's story so poignantly and so realistically- where Lily's crush on Luke becomes more than just a crush and what that new attention does to her over time. I got sucked in to h...
  • Beth Rodgers
    'The Opposite of Innocent' is yet another fantastic novel-in-verse by the illustrious Sonya Sones. The story will draw readers in and not let go, making them wish for what they want to happen but know may only be a desperate wish. It will haunt readers well past the last page, eager to know just what happened to Lily and how she will tear herself away from an undeniably horrific situation.The story starts off pleasantly enough, with Lily crushing...
  • Alyson Kent
    Based off an ARC the library where I work received.This is one of those books where I’m left with mixed feelings and a low, queasy feeling in my stomach. The subject matter is horrific and heartbreaking. I want to bundle Lily up and drag her to the best therapist there is (after ensuring that Luke’s body will never be found). This is the type of book that I know I’ll be thinking/talking about for a long, long time.
  • Brianna Brickiseed
    ** I received a galley of this title ahead of its publication date from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review**Reviewing this book is particularly hard because its verse format and overall message is favorable, but its fast-paced plot and conclusion is a bit lacking of proper consideration and excitement. Instead of giving a summary of The Opposite of Innocent, I’m cutting straight to my thoughts and concerns.The easy to read format of thi...
  • Jeweliana
    "I wish I could just tell them the truth/ but they'd go bonkers if they knew/ how old Luke really is." Books about pedo's are always hard to read but this one left me feeling unsatisfied with its lack of a concrete ending. Plot I'm 100% certain this plot has been done in at least 78 Lifetime movies. It's not overly graphic, but the story is pretty much laid out in the summary. Girl 'dates' 30yo man. There was definitely a lack of tension that m...
  • Jaclyn
    If you are looking for a quick, dark, taboo contemporary I would suggest trying this one out. It is told in verse and is very readable; I finished it in like 2 hours. It will def. make you uncomfortable, but I think that the author wants you to. It is interesting to see how their relationship progresses/how this can happen to someone. I do feel like it rushes a bit and certain things could be expanded more. Lilly definitely came to certain decisi...
  • Lisa Fipps
    Sonya Sones hits every note of a sexual abuse survivor's story, capturing what a predator does, so subtly at first and so boldly later, and how the prey feels each step of the way. As a survivor, I finish this book and begin this review by wiping away tears, tears because I know this book will be the end and the beginning for so many teens. The end of feeling they're alone with "the secret." The end of knotted, sour stomachs, and difficulty sleep...
  • Lindsay
    Wasn't a fan of the ending. Thanks Edelweiss for the ARC.
  • Rebekah
    ARC Copy.
  • Melissa
    **Actual rating: 4.5 stars**OK, wow. I expected this book to be intense, but I didn't anticipate how quickly I would get addicted. Or how scared it would make me feel. Lily was a wonderfully crafted character and I instantly wanted to protect her. This was a fantastic verse novel, too realistic and so heartbreaking, but ultimately optimistic, and I highly recommend you check it out.
  • Jennifer
    Received advanced reader copy from publisher via Baker & Taylor book supplierLuke is finally returning after two long years away. Lily was only twelve when he left but now, at fourteen, she cannot wait for him to see the new and improved young lady. When Lily’s parents announce that Luke will be staying with them for awhile, Lily’s heart soars. And when he kisses her? It cannot get any better … can it?The eloquent and lyrical verse of this ...
  • H
    Sonya Sones remains the queen of teen. She is the rare author whose verse evokes the imagery and emotion of prose.
  • Sarah Levine
    I picked this book up from a box of ARCs from HarperCollins, flipped through it and got hooked. I read it in two hours, I just couldn’t stop.There’s something about the sparsity of verse that really makes you feel Lily’s devastation as her relationship with Luke goes from romantic daydream to traumatizing reality. I wanted to reach into the pages and hold her and tell her none of it was her fault. All of the characters felt wonderfully, ach...
  • Darryn
    Thanks to Edelweiss for a digital copy of this book. I usually don't like books in verse but this was really good even with the abrupt ending.
  • Sam
    4.5/5 stars!This review and more: Sharing Inspired Kreations**Update - full review:Okay. Wow. What a ride. This book was nothing like I expected it to be. When I read the synopsis, I guess I didn’t really realize that this book is about a pedophile. I didn’t realize how old Luke actually was. I didn’t realize this book would hit me so hard.This book is told from the point-of-view of a 14-year-old girl named Lily. It feels like a romance at ...
  • Mrs.Heather Lassley
    This book will haunt me. I know this sort of stuff happens, but I am horrified for her. The reason I am giving this a 4 star rating is because the writing was excellent and you are right there with the main character.
  • Heidi Rikard
    Every mother and father should read this with their daughter. Such a perfect story of how predators "groom" their victims and use coercion and fear and the threat of taking away what matters to the person to get what they want. Kudos to this author for tackling this subject.
  • Maryalice
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review. Lily has grown a lot since Luke left two years ago, and her childhood crush has deepened. Though Luke is older, he is perfection in Lily's eyes. When Luke moves in with Lily's family until he gets on his feet, she feels like the stars have aligned. Her friends don't understand her crush on an older guy and are distracted by more age appropriate love...
  • Zoë Danielle
    I'm always interested in reading a new novel in verse, so of course I had to pick up The Opposite of Innocent by Sonya Sones, one of the most established names writing in that format. This is a quick read about a teenage girl, Lily, who has a crush on a much older man that is a friend of her parents, Luke. When Luke moves in with her family it is Lily's dream come true. But after Luke kisses Lily, what seemed like a dream quickly becomes a nightm...
  • Mrs. Porter
    Read the ARC I received at ALA Annual. Strong voice, excellent plot. The ending left me with hope. As always, I think that Sonya Sones should be required reading for teenage girls.
  • Paul Hankins
    Review to come with release date.