All the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, #2) by Heather Fawcett

All the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, #2)

After the terrifying events on Mount Raksha, the witches have returned, and River has betrayed Kamzin to regain his dark powers. The witches’ next step: march on the Three Cities and take over the Empire—led by River’s brother, Esha.If Kamzin is to save Azmiri and prevent the fall of the Empire, she must find a star that fell in the Ash Mountains to the north. Fallen stars have immense power, and if Kamzin and Lusha can find the star, they ...

Details All the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, #2)

TitleAll the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, #2)
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
PublisherBalzer + Bray
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews All the Wandering Light (Even the Darkest Stars, #2)

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    Definitely River and Tem are my favorite characters in this series. I found that this second book irritated me at some points and I had a harder time getting through this one.
  • Lauren
    I have not loved a book and a series this much since 2014 when I first read Cassndara Clare/The Mortal Instruments.All the Wandering Light was by far so incredible and better than Even the Darkest Stars. I adored ETDS, but issues I had in that book were fixed in this one. One example is the traveling in the first book, at times, could be really boring where as every second of travel in ATWL were so so enjoyable to read. It was great seeing the gr...
  • Esmay
    "Choosing to lock yourself up in a life that doesn't suit you is its own sort of death." 4,5 stars.BOOK NUMBER 100 OF THIS YEAR AND WHAT A BOOK IT WAS!! I absolutely adore this book and this duology will definitely make it to my favourites list, but I can hear you asking why I gave it 4,5 stars and not 5. Well that's mainly because of the ending, it did not really feel rushed, but I really would have enjoyed a longer ending and am I the only one...
  • Emily
    LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!God this book was so amazing and better than the first one! All the flaws I found with the first book were corrected in this sequel and I love seeing the growth Heather Fawcett had as an author. The writing was great, the characters were all flushed out, and I have no unanswered questions. River and Kamzin are two of my favorite literary characters and I am so sad to see their journey come to an end...but I do believe that the...
  • Laura
    Soo good. Loved the descriptions and the atmosphere. And River, of course.
  • Ingrid Hermans
    I really disliked this book. I couldn’t care any less for the characters, I disliked the slow af pace of the book and I thought it was all very boring. Sorry not sorry #unpopularopinion- I did like book 1.
  • Amber ~ The Reading Addict
    Okay, so I liked this one in many ways. I love the mystery surrounding witches and River, but I missed some of the adventure captured in the first book. Still, a worthwhile sequel! Check it out if you liked booked number one.
  • mylibraryofdreams
    Persönliche MeinungWas soll ich sagen?Band eins habe ich gelesen, weil er in einer subscribtion Box war. Ich fand das Buch mässig und nur der Schluss war wirklich, richtig toll. Das war auch ein Grund wieso ich Band zwei gekauft habe. (Und natürlich das schöne Cover)Band zwei legt gleich da los, wo Band eins aufgehört hat, aber es will nicht so recht losgehen. Es hat schon fast 200 Seiten gebraucht, bis die Story ins rollen kam. Dafür rollt...
  • Narayan Saka
    really amazing books! it has really great plots, not so fast but also not so dull either. each character is well told and has important role in the story. it has unpredictable endings, when i read the book, i thought i know how the ending would be (like most book with the same topic) at first, but somehow, the more chapter i read the more i didn't know how it would end. and that's rare for me these days. what i really love about this sequal is ho...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts*All the Wandering Light is the second and final installment in author Heather Fawcett's Even the Darkest Stars duology. Set in a fictional kingdom reminiscent of Nepal, All the Wandering Light is inspired by both Eastern mythology and the early climbers of Mount Everest. The lush mountain setting is full of dangerous cliffs, sheer rock faces, ice and snow—the perfect backdrop for...
  • Manon
    Around 150 pages in, I was afraid the book would lack some suspension, but right after that, it picked up pace, right until the end! This book was phenomenal!
  • Femke
    4,5 stars! I really, really liked this book! I think the first one was just a little bit better, because it set up a really original world with some exceptional worldbuilding, by introducing us to some very interesting characters and also exploring the supernatural in a very good way. This book picks up immediately after the events in book 1, and I could not be happier about it. I really liked all the revelations we get in this book and I loved t...
  • Jamie Coudeville
    The book started off slow. It didn't help that it had been over a year since I'd read the first one making it a bit difficult for me to remember the details of what happened. But about halfway through the pace started to pick up. Lusha still annoyed me, though. But I like how everything unfolded and how it ended.
  • Skye ~ A Court of Binge Reading
    Attention everyone: please stop sleeping on this duology. This duology deserves so much more love and recognition. I picked up the first book in this duology, Even the Darkest Stars, because I had seen a few bookstagrammers talking about it. They talked about the gorgeous writing, out-of-this-world world-building, and the incredibly unique premise. And you know what, they were right. This duology is unlike any other I have come across in the YA g...
  • noverantale
    Ever since I finished reading Even the Darkest Stars I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next in the series. I spent so much time predicting what might happen in All the Wandering Light, and all my theories were wrong. This book surprised me so much in so many amazing ways and I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible sequel. It was absolute perfection.Finishing the book was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because I desperately d...
  • Bright Star
    4.25 stars"Choosing to lock yourself up in a life that doesn't suit you is its own sort of death."All The Wandering Light was the final book in this starry duology and it was such a great conclusion! If Even The Darkest Stars focused more on the journey through the mountains and the wintery atmosphere, with some revelentions only towards the end, in this second book we have more action which will keep you engaged! I really liked how the author wr...
  • Maile
    This was great, holy crap. This duology was a ride let me tell you.I love Kamzin and River. Separately and together. They were like magic (pun totally intended). Heather Fawcett managed to end the beautifully. it wasn't too fast paced or too slow. There was a perfect amount of everything! I loved it!
  • Stephie
    I'd give it 4.5 stars, I really, really liked it but I think the first book was the tiniest bit better. I love that all the different arcs from book 1 were picked up again and that we got different povs as well. I found the book to be equally captivating and intriguing and it was really hard to put it down. Great ending for a fantastic duology. And also, Ragtooth. Yay! ❤
  • Jaimie
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐If you like books with Dragons 🐉, familiars 🦊, witches 🧙🏼♀ and ghosts 👻 this is for you!I don’t think these books get enough hype. They are well written, have a strong story, interesting characters, and AMAZING plot twists. Even in All the Wandering Light I was surprised by the twist, didn’t see them coming!This is a slow burn romance, so if you’re into that you will like it too.Here is to hoping there’s a ...
  • Anna
    This was an absolutely wonderful sequel and I really hope she continues with books!!!
  • Franciska
    How come that this was so much better than the first book? It‘s almost as if it was written by a different person...It was unexpectedly good!
  • Katie
    For more reviews, check out gkyareads.comIn a Sentence:Kamzin fights to stop the witches from destroying the empire.Review:I quite liked Even the Darkest Stars (which I read last March and unfortunately before we started the blog). Definitely a solid 3.5. The premise, as the book tells you, is very loosely inspired by people who scaled Mt. Everest, and it’s a different kind of fantasy story because of it. Very grounded (sorry for the pun), very...
  • s.alnasri
    I worried that the sequel will not live up to its prequel and this is one of the very few times where I’m saddened that I was 100% right. ─────────────────── It’s not a bad book, there were so many things going on that it made it engaging, but there are also certain things in this book that made it close to impossible for me to read a few chapters in the second half without wanting to through my tablet ac...
  • Nia
    Math. Even the most complex problems have a solution. That’s why Esther is obsessed with math. Life. Not everything in life has a solution, and even if it does, life problems are not as easy to solve as math problems.Esther’s family has just moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Her step-father Tom thinks that’ll be the best way to hide Esther’s past mistakes. Hopefully the giant statue of Jesus Christ will help inspire Esther to be...
  • Armenia d'Entre Les Livres
    Trahie par River et avec le poids de l'échec de sa mission, Kamzin est anéantie. Il ne lui reste plus que sa détermination à protéger Azmiri, sa sœur Lusha et son meilleur ami Tem. Mais pour assurer leur survie face aux sorciers qui sont désormais surpuissants, il n'y a qu'une seule solution : trouver l'étoile déchue dans les montagnes des Ashes, ce qui veut dire pour Kamzin se confronter de nouveau à celui qui l'a trompée et abandonn...
  • Kelsea
    Quick Summary:- Picks up pretty much right after the first book ends- So much exploration happens…including the search for a fallen star- More River (swoon!!) and Kamzin and Ragtooth!My Review:Earlier this year when I read Even the Darkest Stars I fell in love with the characters and plot and just everything about that adventure driven book. I had been anxiously awaiting this book and was so excited when December finally rolled around! This boo...
  • Areli Lefevre
    Kamzin worked tirelessly for an outcome she thought was the best, not knowing the person she had beginning to trust would ruthlessly betray her. Now the Empire is in danger; the witches have gained full control of their power, and it will be up to her to save everything and everyone she loves. In order to do this, Kamzin must find the fallen star before the ruler of the Empire's enemy gets to it, for the star will grant immeasurable power to its ...