The Unkillable Kitty O'Kane by Colin Falconer

The Unkillable Kitty O'Kane

When fiery and idealistic Kitty O’Kane escapes the crushing poverty of Dublin’s tenements, she’s determined that no one should ever suffer like she did. As she sets out to save the world, she finds herself at the forefront of events that shaped the early twentieth century. While working as a maid, she survives the sinking of the Titanic. As a suffragette in New York’s Greenwich Village, she’s jailed for breaking storefront windows. And ...

Details The Unkillable Kitty O'Kane

TitleThe Unkillable Kitty O'Kane
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Unkillable Kitty O'Kane

  • Erin
    Audiobook performed by Alana Kerr Collins 9h 42mPerformance is a 4 star My listening enjoyment -solid 3 stars. A sweeping story surrounding a fictional Irishwoman named Kitty O'Kane who had a front row seat during many events in 20th century Europe. Kitty, herself, was a very difficult character to like as she seemed a bit of a whiner. Colin Falconer knows how to set the tone and make sure his situations ring true, but goodness couldn't he have t...
  • Lisa
    *Received this book in a Goodreads giveaway for free*The title and cover image are terribly misleading. I thought this would be a story about a woman who strengthens and grows over the course of the novel, who triumphs in the end. Instead, Kitty runs away from a horrific home life in Dublin and become a stewardess for White Star Lines. Thus, she is on the Titanic and survives it's sinking. It's on that ship where she meets two men who will influe...
  • Amanda Helling
    The premise of this novel intrigued me & I was able to purchase a Kindle edition for a few dollars. I was wildly disappointed by the book.It was featured in an email from Amazon and I wanted a book to read. The summary indicated it would be a story about a strong woman who faced down adversity and went on adventures. Instead it was a strong girl who grows into a woman buffeted about by horrible men. It is exactly what I feared would come of a man...
  • Tonya
    I get really tired of all the authors using bad language. While a good story, I didn’t even want to finish the book due to bad language. Granted, I have been going through kind of a dry spell and finding things to read. As my eyesight fades, I have to think about how I’m going to read. I am always interested in other peoples ideas of what is a good Kindle book.
  • Judy
    I got the book as a kindle first book of the month. The historical events and time period intrigued me, as did the potential of one character witnessing so many of them. Kitty is not your typical heroine. She does not have a lot of tools to change her initial situation. She uses the tools that she can to remove herself from the slums and continues to do so throughout the book. Many people find fault with the way she is attached to men who are bad...
  • Abigail McKenna
    I want to be able to say that I loved this book. I want so badly to be able to say that. But I can't. Which is so disappointing. Here we have a hisfic about an absolutely fascinating idea - a woman who survives not only the Titanic, but also the Lusitania, the whole Bolsheviks situation, and the Irish Civil War. Now, I thought Kitty was a real person. I was wrong, which is also sad. But the book is still really cool in concept. Unfortunately, the...
  • Mary Schatz
    I've read a number of books lately with intrepid young women in the early 1900's finding their way in the world. I've really enjoyed novels about these pioneering women (Radio Girls, The Secret Life of Violet Gray, Lilac Girls) I expected this book to be similar, but it really isn't. Kitty O'Kane is presented as a feisty, smart, unconventional young woman. I guess she sort of is? She follows around unconventional men. But, she is always with and ...
  • Tawni Winns
    What a life! Bad luck seemed to follow this girl like a shadow. She wanted so badly to leave her mark on the world and she did but just not in the way that she imagined. Her whole life she had all of these near misses, she could never get things to come together the way she wanted it. I admire her gumption to keep pressing forward in situations when someone else would have given up.
  • Mary Barrett
    Five starsThis book has been an adventure, from the beginning, to the end. From the terrible poverty and abusive father in the Irish Slums of Dublin, to working for the White Star line aboard the Titanic, Kitty O'Kane lead a whale of a life. Colin Falconer does a good job leading us through trauma, and terror of her life. Of course, the silver lining we all hope for is there for rescue, if she will only grab for it... Well written and well edited...
  • Samantha (AK)
    Every month, Amazon sends out it's "kindlefirst" books, and most months they're pretty disappointing. I can't actually remember what the other options were the month that this one found its way into my library, but it ended up being a decent read.Kitty O'Kane is unkillable--not untouchable. She finds herself in one bad situation after another, many by circumstance, some by her own decisions. Careening from disaster to disaster, she finds handhold...
  • Irene
    "Kitty O'Kane dreamed of a kind husband and a just life; what she had was haddock water for supper and a dribble of her own blood, seen at close quarters, on the toe of her father's scuffed boot"Heartbreaking stuff am I right? It pulled me in and had such high hopes for Kitty, but somewhere around the halfway point it all fell apart for me. From a bright, poverty stricken Irish girl with a simple dream that she could have easily achieved Kitty ch...
  • Karen Thompson
    A takeoff about two real journalists who wrote about wars in the early 1900's, this book was extremely interesting in so many ways. Kitty O'Kane grew up in an Irish household with an alcoholic, abusive father and all she ever wanted was to get away, and this she did. She worked as a maid on the Titanic where she met a journalist who asked her to join him as he covered different wars of the time. This led her to faraway places and unbelievable liv...
  • Edgar Guedez
    Amazing KittyKitty O'Kane is born in a shanty neighborhood of Dublin and has to put up with an abusive father. Tired of it, she escapes with a sailor and finds her way into a stewardess job on board the Titanic. From there, she goes unscathed through two ship sinking , and follows a war correspondent all over eastern Europe, pursuing the ideal of a new world order that would bring justice and equality to women. But she takes time to realise that ...
  • Mandy meyer
    I could not put this book down! I loved this story from the very beginning! Especially from the perspective of a woman and her life on the early 1900’s. Kitty O’Kane is a woman we can all look up to for her bravery, her adventures and her outspoken mouth!
  • Shereen
    Writing was flat, characters didn't have a distinguishable voice. There was potential, and it never quite got there. I kept thinking it was mediocre YA lit (not that YA lit is mediocre by any means, just that this book was) until there was some graphic-ish sex. (pseudo spoiler: the sex scenes are also not very good. Don't read it for that.)(view spoiler)[Kitty gets beaten by her dad, swears she'll never let another man beat her again, and when on...
  • Joy
    Kitty O'Kane had the potential to be a very strong female character, but sadly the author didn't chose to allow her growth to occur. Instead, she followed her war correspondent boyfriend all over Eastern Europe. Was it because she loved him? No. It was because she wanted to be a part of the movement to help establish rights for women. Yet, she only seemed to dabble at writing newspaper articles to help that cause.Spoiler Alert:Her survival instin...
  • Nicole Jackson
    I never actually finished this. I became bored and frankly, forgot about it until I realized id never cleared it out on Goodreads. I suppose that says something.
  • Lori
    Not what I expected in a survivor story. It was just okay...... not some thing I would recommend to put on your to read list.
  • Shae Bright
    From the beginning I was sure that this was going to be a 5 star. About page 150, it turned into a 3 for me. By the end it was back up to a 4 though.
  • Rbucci
    This book had a great start and then it just dragged and dragged. I realize the author fashioned the book after a couple of real people, but I had a hard time reading her perspective of how they behaved. I didn't find the protagonist compelling or uplifting. I found her life to be somewhat depressing, and for someone who was fighting against being a certain kind of person, she was that person except in the very end.
  • Debbie Marinelli
    This book gave me lots of information about controversial times through out history. The author took you through many time periods as you learned about Kitty O'Kane and how she tried to change the world. A must read if you like history.
  • Linda
    Liked it at the beginning...disliked it by the middleI couldn't finish the book...too depressing and disappointing. I expected the heroine to be a strong independent character, after all she is referred to as the unkillable Kitty Okane is she not? Well by the middle of the book she was a winey female who kept following her lover,who she did not love, around the world letting him humiliate her over and over again. 3/4ths the way through I gave up!...
  • Shirley C
    This is one book I sincerely wish I had read the end before the beginning. I simply could not find Kitty O'Kane believable. Out the slums of Ireland, survived the Titantic sinking, met a man who took her all over the world during a time when the world was truly in Revolution. She survived wars, both military and personal, while developing the ambition to be a writer because her lover and mentor (of sorts) both encouraged and discouraged her. And ...
  • Angela
    I don't typically read historical fiction but I really liked this book. I recommend the audio book just because hearing it with the Irish accent is better than what my inner voice could have done. Kitty is the embodiment of everything good and bad and glorious and flawed and beautiful in a strong minded and strong willed young lady. I just love her with all her imperfections. I also loved the historical context - putting a story around events tha...
  • Katerina Ligounaki
    I loved the story line and how her life draws a full circle with a lot of suspense and adventures in between. There were times I could tell it was a man who wrote the book, especially during the more intimate scenes; but then, the inner dialogue and the descriptions followed these scenes and makes up for that. I found very interesting that the characters are inspired by true people. It was nice to travel from Ireland to America, to Russia and bac...
  • Staci
    Everything about this book is awkward, from the abrupt dialogue to the spastic plot. Does the author want us to relive choppy segments of history, feel compassion for the many randomly inserted references to the suffrage movement, or the illusions to the plight of the lower class, or are we to cheer on Kitty’s resilience through her many self inflicted hardships? The characters are neither endearing or villainous. I won’t be recommending this...
  • Hillary
    This was yet another Kindle First Book and a pretty good choice. The idea is intriguing: A young woman who is an observer/participant in many world events in the first part of the 20th century. Not only that, but she rises up from abject poverty in the process. This novel is based on several true events and people, but is definitely fiction.Kitty is a strong character who has withstood and survived poverty and abuse. She is also very much a produ...
  • Cynthia Law
    I received this book from Kindle First for Prime Members. I gave it three stars for technical choices made by the author in constructing the narrative, not for the choices made by the lead character in the story. I believe the character's life choices were very close to the thinking process of someone who little formal education and had been severely physically and mentally abused as a child during that time in history where there were few altern...
  • Fanna
    I'm so disappointed by this book. I picked it up for the women's fiction that it claimed to be but ended up preferring the historical fiction references more. No doubt, it's a women's fiction, but not a progressive one; the female protagonist remains wherever she was at the beginning of the book. While her ideologies and concepts about the world, especially since she survives through Titanic, Lusitania and others that are in now way important to ...