Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Justina Chen

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

What would you do if the sun became your enemy?That's exactly what happens to Viola Li after she returns from a trip abroad and develops a sudden and extreme case of photosensitivity -- an inexplicable allergy to sunlight. Thanks to her crisis-manager parents, she doesn't just have to wear layers of clothes and a hat the size of a spaceship. She has to stay away from all hint of light. Say goodbye to windows and running outdoors. Even her phone b...

Details Lovely, Dark, and Deep

TitleLovely, Dark, and Deep
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherArthur A. Levine Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews Lovely, Dark, and Deep

  • Vicky Who Reads
    4 starsI really enjoyed reading Lovely, Dark, and Deep!It's a really good young adult novel for the younger YA readers (although it doesn't mean older readers can't appreciate it either) and something I wish I had available to read when I was a tween going on teen looking for books that weren't VAMPIRE VAMPIRE VAMPIRE to read.Viola and her struggles are super relatable. As an Asian-American teen, I felt like this was such a good representation of...
  • Kelly Hager
    I have been a fan of Justina Chen's ever since I read North of Beautiful and every book since has only made me appreciate her more. I've loved every book of hers that I've read, and this one is no exception.I think we've all heard of this condition, but it's rare to see something about it in stories. (I've really only seen it in the movie The Others, which is probably not very comforting to people who actually have it.)It's scary to think about h...
  • Laura Gardner
    Thanks to @scholasticinc for the free book to share with @kidlitexchange ! LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP by @authorjustinachen comes out on 7/31/18 and is book 2 for my #30booksummer ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫/5 ~*~*~*~*~*Viola Li (biracial Asian/white) is a senior in high school who develops an extreme case of photosensitivity (allergy to light) after a trip abroad to Africa with her aunt. Her crisis manager parents put their professional skills to work to man...
  • Madison
    Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Justina Chen is a brilliant novel about chasing life even when what that life might be dramatically different from what you were expecting. Lovely, Dark, and Deep is beautifully written, with a likeable heroine and a nice mix of uplifting messages and humour. Viola has her life all planned out - first travel overseas with her Aunt, then major in journalism before becoming an international foreign correspondent traveling ...
  • Julia Marie
    The story starts with Viola a healthy almost senior in high school and the reader experiences her diagnoses of photosensitivity with her. It reminds me some of Everything Everything - controlling parents and a diagnosis that traps the main character indoors. But Viola is older and has lived her life in the sun so she resists and fights back thru the process. Only to have her body fight back even harder.I loved the characters in this book. A beaut...
  • Sugar Middleton
    Thanks to @kidlitexchange for the chance to review this book! When I saw that Justina Chen, author of North of Beautiful, had written another book, I jumped at the chance to read it. Lovely, Dark, and Deep is about a girl named Viola, who suddenly develops an extreme case of photosensitivity - an allergy to the sun. At the same time, she meets Josh who is there every step of the way as she tries to learn to navigate this new normal. What I enjoye...
  • Kelly Gunderman
    Check out this, other reviews, and more bookish things on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings!I knew I was going to enjoy this book when I first read about it - I'm drawn to books that focus on teens dealing with realistic issues, whether they be medical issues, social issues, etc. When I came across Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Christina Chen, I fell in love with the cover, the synopsis, and let's face it - the super awesome way the p...
  • Whitney
    This book was adorable. I was really worried about the premise because of that movie that just came out where the main character has a similar allergy/disease. But what I appreciated most about this book was that Viola’s condition wasn’t romanticized or something she needed to learn to deal with purely for a relationship to work. Because she develops the photosensitivity at the start of the novel, the whole story is about her (and everyone in...
  • Amy Jacobs
    I am in the group that wasn't a huge fan of the book. The writing was okay but the the story flow wasn't one I was a fan of. Parts of it were in the form of bullet points and it made me feel like I was reading an outline in school.
  • Angela
    Note to self: Display with Everything, Everything, Midnight Sun, and Girl in the Dark: a memoir
  • Andria Sedig
    Viola has her life planned out - she wants to run 50 successful bake sales for 50 different causes to catapult her into her college of choice to become a international corespondent. But when she faints at one of these bake sales, her life is changed forever. Viola has an extreme case of photosensitivity, an unknown, uncurable allergy to the sun. Her parents begin immediately creating plans to help Viola manage, including swapping out her wardrobe...
  • Sarah
    I received this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Geek queen, Viola, is working on her latest geek bake sale for good, when her skin begins flushing and she feels faint. One of the Firefly fans, who looks like Thor, steps in to help Viola and get her to the hospital. Viola quickly learns that she has developed an allergy to the sun and many other forms of light. This drastic change in her health threatens all of the plans she ha...
  • Tracey
    diverse teen fiction (hapa girl deals with sudden and severe sun allergy, overprotective parents, romance)The cover's not very intriguing, but yay for featuring a POC on it!The story is OK--kind of hit or miss on the light sensitivity details. From my personal experience, some of it was accurate, but a lot of it was off/not making logical sense; on the other hand, I guess it's a rare enough thing that someone else could possibly have an inexplica...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Chen, Justina Lovely, Dark, and Deep, 352 pages. Arthur A. Levine (Scholastic), JULY 2918. $19. Language: PG (15 swears, 0 ‘f’); Mature Content: G; Violence: G.Viola, a senior, has recently returned from a trip to Africa with her adventurer aunt. While at one of her weekly bake sales for a cause outside a Firefly retrospective, she first meets a cute boy and them has a serious medical incident. First the doctors are stumped, but them it looks...
  • John Clark
    A thoroughly satisfying story. Viola must deal with the ultimate prima donna younger sister and parents who are so into planning for every possible disaster (what they do for a living and it permeates daily life as well), they often forget their daughters are humans with needs, too. When Viola suddenly begins burning up when exposed to light, she's dismayed to learn it might be the result of medication taken while on a safari with her aunt. Regar...
  • Janet
    Justina Chen’s LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP is a gorgeously written tale. More than a coming of age story, this book tackles what happens when your dreams are crushed when you’re literally cast into darkness to survive. Viola’s sudden extreme case of photosensitivity forces her out of the sun, away from a normal social life in or out of school, away from the future she’s been working toward, working as a journalist, traveling the world, finding...
  • Heather
    Viola is a driven, over-achieving teen with dreams of being a foreign correspondent until she develops a rare, uncurable, extreme allergy to light - sunlight, overhead light, even light from digital screens. The total derailment of her dreams shatters something in her, and it takes family, friends, and one special guy to make her realize that dreams can change. This novel spoke to my heart on so many levels. There was sympathy and empathy for Vio...
  • Olivia
    True to her style, Justina Chen presents us with a young woman who is more than fiction. The sudden onset of photosensitivity leaves Viola in the dark, literally. Her future as a journalist is on rocky ground and a ghost(ing) from the past has her wondering if it’s worth the risk to open her heart to Josh, graphic novelist and real life Thor, carrying his own dark secret. Brainstorming isn’t just for plot lines; Viola and Josh come together t...
  • Cathy A.
    So. Here’s the thing. Normally, I devour a Justina Chen novel. Six days feels like a long time for this book. And that’s saying something. This one is well-written and well-researched, as you would expect. I learned stuff. But it simply didn’t grab me as much as past offerings. My theory? Maybe it’s because I’m not as cool as Justina. Plus, wow there was a lot of storyline to this one. I mean several. The mom’s fear of abandonment? I ...
  • Cambear
    Engrossing story of a girl who suddenly deals with a mysterious ailment that changes her life plans.It’s a sober tale of a big life change and finding a way to deal with changes and still live your life. There are plenty of geek references to warm my nerdy heart and there are humorous thoughts, but this isn’t a light and frothy tale. I enjoyed a lot of the characters with the exception of the little sister who has no redeeming value other tha...
  • Rachel
    Chen's North of Beautiful remains one of my favorite YA realistic novels, so I was really excited for this new one. Great characters with unique backgrounds and situations, a nice emotional progression of the main character and a satisfying but not overly romanticized conclusion. The FTC requires that I disclose that I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free.
  • Nightshadephoenix
    The journey of this story isn't really in the romance, it's in the way the protagonist finds herself despite extrenuous circumstances. I enjoyed how the novel built itself to see how her condition changed her life, but also helped her to understand herself more as well.
  • Mrs.Heather Lassley
    I love Justina Chen and this book was another great one. One thing I wish is we had a little back story before we were thrown into the disease. Felt like we only knew her with the disease and she kept wishing for her old life in which we knew nothing about. Still loved it!
  • Diane Lynch
    I love this family!
  • Lovely Loveday
    A lovely fast-paced contemporary young adult romance with intriguing characters and a captivating storyline. A story that will stay with you and leave you wanting more.
  • Abbie
    Read my review at Bookish Adventures.