Reckless by Lex Martin


Reckless features Tori and Ethan and is a standalone companion to the USA Today bestseller Shameless.Tori…For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss.I'm a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I’ll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss.I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chise...

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Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary

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  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳I didn't even realize this beauty landed in my kindle up until I saw it JUST now... YES!! ➳ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review coming closer to release date...➳Follow Me On:Blog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter
  • S.Shade
    One of my most anticipated reads of 2018.Lex Martin is a writing genius. I did not think that she could top Shameless but I was proven wrong. This book was all heart. It was super fun to read and the characters were amazing. I fell in love right along with them.Tori was such a fun and lovable character. I was so impressed by her. She was the little wild child in Shameless but in this book she really grew into herself. It took one really bad exper...
  • A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog
    What can I say about this book? Um, stop what you’re doing and GO ONE-CLICK NOW! You will not be disappointed! This book has it all; all the feels, all the emotions, all the things you want in a book. Lex Martin pulled me into the story from the beginning and left me wanting to devour the whole book, which I did in a single day. The writing was flawless and the story flowed effortlessly. So effortlessly that hours passed before I realized I had...
  • Amanda McCalip
    Oh my gosh! Where do I begin?! I absolutely adored this book for one! This was my first Lex Martin read and certainly will not be my last! I received this ARC for my honest review, so here it goes! Ethan and Tori gave me all the feels!Ethan being in the middle of a divorce needs a Nanny for his children, this is where Tori comes in. These two definitely are in insta-lust but rather than Tori giving into that after a nasty relationship she acts li...
  • Flo Grugel
    I loved this book, the writing, and every character! I was rooting for Tori from the first chapter,I won't say if she got her HEA but it's certainly worth finding out!!
  • Konny
    Reckless features Tori and Ethan and is a standalone companion to the USA Today bestseller Shameless. - the author.Shameless is the previous book an tells Kat and Bradys story.Reckless is Tori and Ethans book.Meet Tori - Victoria - Duran. Shes a 23 year old woman who managed to mess her life up pretty bad. Her relationship was toxic, she skipped college and shes in a funk and has no plans for the future. Her sister Kat needs her nearby and she ge...
  • FunUndertheCovers
    Tori has always been the reckless sister. Giving up on men after her last boyfriend did a number on here, she decides to take a summer job to be closer to her sister. What she wasn't anticipating was her new sexy boss, Ethan or his two amazing kids.Lex Martin never ceases to amaze me with her writing. Tori and Ethan's story was no different. I was hooked from the beginning!! I was drawn into the book so much that I felt like I was living the jour...
  • Melanie Helms
    So damn good!!!! I loved reading about Kat's sister Tori and Ethan 😍😍 It was even better seeing Kat, Brady, and Izzy from Shameless and i missed them. But this book was so good from the beginning, middle and end. Ethan and his kids and that goof ball Logan stole my heart!!! i couldn't get enough of them!! I didn't care for one character. They shall not be named. They can eat some shit and die. 😂😂🙄 but i will say im gonna need a Log...
  • Susann Husfloen
    I wanna have sex in a stable too! I'm again being reminded why she is one of my favourite authors! No one gives me all the feels like Lex Martin. The way she plays with words and makes small jolts of electricity run through my body in sexual tension and anticipation when I read her books. Best feel ever! Her story about Tori and Ethan is so good! I love Tori's rebel way and free speaking sass, combined with the most goodheartet girl ever! (and sh...
  • Charlene
    Tori has a horrible past love life, an unfinished college education, loan debt and a crappy job. Ethan has a ranch, an ex-wife, kids, and a lot of stress. When Ethan needs a nanny for the summer, Tori’s sister talks her into taking the job. Can a feisty, sassy party girl live in the middle of nowhere with an intense rancher and his two kids? Lex Martin made me feel so much empathy for Tori, my chest literally hurt! Ethan is just adorably swoon ...
  • Amy
    4.5 Stars!! Loved this book! So worth the wait!!Full review to come!
  • Jacqueline Brown
    Reckless by Lex Martin chronicles the relationship between soon to be divorced single dad Ethan and his new young nanny Tori. Struggling with his impending divorce, raising two young children, and keeping the family horse cutting business intact, Ethan is at his wits end. With so many responsibilities keeping him busy, he takes his brother’s advice and hires a nanny to look after his children during the day. Young and feisty Tori is recovering ...
  • Pamela Lilley
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 Under the blanket starsForbidden dad and nanny romance, just perfect. Told in dual POV we have Ethan Carter, hot as hell ranch owner and dad to two truly adorable children, 5 year old Mila and 2 year old Cody. Going through a difficult divorce with Allison, a woman who doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, and quite frankly doesn’t deserve Ethan or her wonderful children. Ethan needs help and a nanny is the perfect solutio...
  • Anne Flammang spencer
    OK, Lex did it again, she has a way of developing characters and before you know it you are in over your head wishing you were living in her book. Tori in her mind has never done anything right. She always picks the wrong guy, wrong job, all around wrong. She decided she needed a change or better yet Kat (her sister) guilted her into making a change. Somertimes in life the bad choices we make turn around to be exactly the right choice for us. Ent...
  • Heather andrews
    I loved Ethan, the man respects Tori and just is sweet with her, “just meant to kiss you, honey.” Clearing my throat, I slide her leg down and fix her skirt. Even though I really want to acquaint myself with what she has going on under that particular clothing item. As gracefully as I can, I rearrange my hard-on. “Doesn’t mean I don’t want to get you all kinds of naked, but not tonight. Not if you’ve been drinking.” Tori is just imp...
  • Azalia Marquez
    Reckless by Lex Martin is a story about a single daddy Ethan who’s frustrated at the world and Tori who is frustrated at herself. Tori ends up becoming Ethan’s nanny. She also ends up becoming much more. It would seem simple everyone’s happy. Well, there so much more to this story that an HEA doesn’t come with huge bumps along the way. Can they make it? Lex wrote an well written story of fighting for who you are and who you love.
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    This was a good read. Tori is Kat's sister, who we met in Shameless with Brady. I love them! Kat lands her sister, Tori a live in nanny job for a local horse farmer, Ethan, who needs help with his two kids.Ethan when he first meets Tori- Some men are all about tits. Others like a girl's ass. Me, I'm a hair man. Tori looks like Ariel, the Disney Princess from little mermaid, only with brown hair instead of red. She looks like she is ready to star...
  • Katarzyna
    Another page turner from Lex Martin!Reckless is my #1 book of the year and definitely will be one of my most favorite ones. I'm already planning to reread it! It's a companion novel to Shameless but can easily be read as a standalone (but once you dicsover that Brady & Kat have their own book, you will want to devour it too!) :)Mrs. Martin knows how to write sexy males and kick-ass heroines! Ethan and Tori's chemistry was off the charts, they mak...
  • Kayla Brunson
    Single dad with adorable kids, feisty but sweet heroine? throw in hot chemistry and drama and you have this book. I went from drowning in sexual tension one minute to laughing at the kids outburts the next. It was great!I enjoyed the banter between and Tori and Ethan. I felt that book really portrayed them getting to know each other before deciding to take it to the next level. The writing and overall story were good.There were unexpected twist...
  • Sweet Spot Sisterhood Book Lover's Blog
    >>> Review to come <<<
  • Jordan
    *Review to come*
  • Melanie
    I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewReview to come
  • Ashley
    4.5 stars
  • Angie
    5+ Stars!!! Review coming soon on behalf of A Book Lover's Emporium
  • Stacy Jo
    Lex is amaze balls! I’m completely in love with Tori and Ethan. This book is everything I hoped for following up Brady (whom I also loved). Many smacks to you Ms. Martin