Reckless by Lex Martin


Reckless features Tori and Ethan and is a standalone companion to the USA Today bestseller Shameless.Tori…For the record, I’m not going to hook up with my boss.I'm a lot of things—a screwup, a basket case, a flunky. But when I take a nanny job to be near my pregnant sister, I swear to myself I’ll walk the straight and narrow, which means I cannot fall for my insanely hot boss.I don't want to be tempted by that rugged rancher. By his chise...

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Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Reckless

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳When you combine a single father of two, who works in a farm with horses, and a feisty nanny who is there to save the day and express love towards a new family, you have a masterpiece created by the one and only Lex Martin... ➳A romance that not only captivates you to wanting to read more of Ethan and Tori's love journey, but also intrigues you to the life style of working with horses, being with two beautifully behaved children, a life styl...
  • Val ⚓️ Shameless, Skanky, and B*tchy ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    3 StarsI am definitely in the minority on this one based on the ratings I am seeing. Everyone seemed to love this one and I am just in the "it was average" corner. It definitely picked up at the end...which is why I gave it a solid three stars instead of something lower, but it just wasn't enough to salvage the total for me. This wasn't a bad read by any means, I just felt like it was a little weak for me in certain areas. The vast majority of th...
  • Hanne
    I have read every novel by Lex Martin and I loved them all. I know I’ll reread some of them one day. I couldn’t start Reckless fast enough and I devoured it. I loved every second I spent reading it. Reckless is so good! It’s an emotional, hot, beautiful and funny book that ends with a beautiful epilogue.I absolutely loved Tori and Ethan! Tori is feisty, genuine, passionate, kind, funny and loving. She’s a little lost at college and in rel...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    *4.5 stars* I loved this book! Ethan is one of the best heroes ever! He’s hard working, loyal, loving, so sexy and an all around nice guy. He has 2 kids, Mila and Cody from a previous marriage and needs a nanny. In comes Tori, a smart, sassy, sweet, loving woman who rocks his world!The relationship between Ethan and Tori was so beautiful. They start out as boss/employee but quickly become friends. Their chemistry was off the charts from the sta...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    This book was so adorable. SO. ADORABLE. Ethan and Tori were a delight to meet and fall in love with and boy, did I ever fall in love. From the ovary explosion of the hands-on single dad, to the shock waves through my heart from the palpable chemistry sparking between Ethan and Tori, this book hit all my sweet spots and I sailed through it with a goobery smile plastered on my face.I mean, it wasn't all fun and games. There were some dramatic emot...
  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    4.75 ‘Worth it all’ StarsWOW.... Reckless was Magnificent! Seriously, Tori is up there with my all time fav Romance heroines! She was so genuine, so funny, so heartfully emotional and overall kickass. I adored her! And Ethan... Yes, the saying ‘Save a horse, ride a cowboy’ applies to a T here. This man was not only absolutely drool worthy, but so caring and loyal, he just stole my heart. And the kids... Arghhh, so freakin adorable! I love...
  • Na Dine Bookaddict
    "Whatever it is, I think I'm addicted."Well, this quote sums it up pretty well. I just couldn't put down this page-turner.Reckless is my first book by Lex Martin and she totally flashed me with this one. "I don't care that this thing between us could go wrong in a hundred different ways. I don't care that I could fall way too hard for him."OMG, I fell hard, harder, hardest. For Tori, for Ethan, for Mila, for Cody, for Logan. All of them are so ad...
  • Leonor
    What I liked:?I liked the relationship she had with her sister.I also liked the relationship she had with the hero's kids. These kids needed someone that could be there for them since their father worked all the time and their mother was a harpy. I also like that the heroine never talk bad about his ex wife to the kids in fact she went out of her way to reassured the kids that the harpy loved them even though the harpy never showed them. I respec...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    Sweet and emotional, slow burn romance.Tori is a recent college drop-out who is a little stagnant in life because of circumstances with an ex she regrets. She doesn’t trust her own judgement, because she was burned so badly.Ethan is a single dad just trying to maintain his ranch, love his children, pay the bills, and manage a relationship with his soon to be ex-wife.Tori reluctantly comes to work for Ethan as a nanny. He needs a nanny, but he...
  • Fanny
    Reckless de Lex Martin narra la historia de Tori ( hermana de Kat, protagonista de Shameless ) y Ethan, un nuevo personaje.Me da un poco de verguenza admitirlo pero desde que hace un par de años descubri a Lex Martin, cada par de semanas la stalkeo para saber si ha publicado algun libro nuevo, en la actualidad es una de las autoras que mas me gusta y nunca me decepciona. Simplemente las historias que crean son mi paraiso personal, siempre tienen...
  • NMmomof4
    3 StarsOverall Opinion: Meh. I didn't find this all that exciting tbh. I know that I had a lot of other stuff going on this weekend to distract me from reading this quickly like I usually do, but I still feel like I wasn't dying to get back to it either. The h grated on my nerves at times, but the H and the kids were fun! Overall, I just didn't love it (but I also didn't hate it either) 🤷🏻♀Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Tori and...
  • Olga therebelreader
    In short:Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 4/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 4/5 | Romance 5/5 | Angst-Suspense 4/5 | Darkness 0/5 | Humor 3/5 | Secondary Characters 4/5 | Drama-Conflict 4/5 | Mystery 0/5 | Twists 3/5 | Pace Steady | Action 2/5
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    Sexy, sweet and my favorite nanny/employer trope. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Full review to come...For more of my reviews:My Blog: Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog
  • Sweet Spot Sisterhood Book Lover's Blog
    With Shameless being on the shelf of my “Top Reads Ever” I was highly anticipating this book and it definitely met all my expectations. I have come to know that anything Lex publishes will be amongst my favorite reads and top recommendations. This story is so full of emotions. Ethan is a single dad, overwhelmed by the demands of his ranch, raising kids, finances, and lack of time to stop and catch his breath. Tori is in need of a fresh start,...
  • Jasmine
    ***Actual rating: 3.5/5 Heart-Protecting Stars*** I start to wonder, if he’s that gentle with his daughter, maybe he’s the type of man who could be gentle with my heart too. Reckless is a rather light-hearted read for me because the story flows wonderfully with the author’s superb writing style and the characters are pretty lovable as well. The story follows a 23-year-old college dropout, Tori, who parties hard and has been dating an old...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK I was really iffy about reading this since the blurb mentioned the Hero was going through a divorce and that's just not my favorite type of drama. In the end, though, I'm super happy I gave it a chance because I ended up loving these characters. They started out with this bickering type sexual chemistry but it quickly turned into something sweet and as adorable as a hunky cowboy can be. I really liked that we got to...
  • Ella Fields
    I’d forgotten just how easy it is to be swept into the pages of a Lex Martin book.Ethan and Tori gave me feels of every degree. A heartwarming tale of second chances and new beginnings that I couldn’t inhale fast enough.
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    Absolutely LOVED this story!!! 2am and my eyes are burning but I have a big dopey smile on my face 😊😊😊Ethan is the very best kind of BBF - HAF single dad, kind & honourable with just the right dash of alpha. I loved Tori and all her supposed faults. She was genuine, loving and just what Ethan needed. Her sass and humour made me LOL many times and her vulnerability made me want to hug her. So many funny one liners in this story, coupled w...
  • Lanie
    an arc was freely given by the author. thank you so much lex! LIVE!! -, I want to give Lex my heartfelt thanks for sending me an arc of this book. I cannot express enough my appreciation to her sweetness and thoughtfulness.Secondly, I want to ask Lex not to take too long in releasing a book! It’s been ages since I read a book of hers and I really miss her writing! No wonder, when the arc landed on my kindle, I imme...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author and Give Me Books***4.5 StarsWhew. This was an emotional read. There was so much for Ethan and Tori. You wanted things to be better for each of them, you like them, you sympathize with them, and you want all of the good things to happen to them. You are angry at the things that happen to them, frustrated with them, there is some angst, and there are moments when Ethan shows just how much Tori means to him that just l...
  • Lisa Marie Barrera
    OMFG!!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! LEX MARTIN you Blew this BOOK Out of the Water!!! What can I say, Wonderful, Outstanding & Drama...Lots & Lots of Drama!! One of my Favorite books from her besides SHAMELESS!! RECKLESS is about Kat's little sister Tori from Shameless which totally can be read as a Standalone! Tori always felt like the black sheep of her family compared to Kat but she wants to prove them wrong. So as she is taking a break from College, To...
  • Carmen Rae
    I am going to start by saying, incase you're like me and missed it, this is a true standalone spin off from Shameless. This is the story of Kat's sister Tori and I freaking loved it. Not only did we get a whole new story but we also saw a fair bit of Kat and Brady and caught up on their lives together.I absolutely love Lex Martin's writing and this story was so flawlessly written with so much emotion I couldn't put it down. I spent the whole book...
  • Amy
    4.5 Stars!!“Tori has a wildness about her, a level of honesty I’m not used to.”“For some reason, I want to remember every detail of this moment. How she glows in the moonlight. How the chirp of crickets swells in the meadow around us. How the scent of cedar and wet earth permeates the air. And, for the first time in years, how I feel alive.”“You make me come undone. From the moment you strutted into my house, you have occupied most of...
  • Jessica
    I fell in love with Lex Martin's writing when I first read Shameless and experienced the emotional roller coaster of Kat and Brady's story. I couldn't wait to read another book in that small town, farm life world! Tori is used to screwing up and disappointing everyone in her life. And when she finds out that the man she actually saw a future with was a complete lie, she accepts that she will never amount to anything and is destined to be alone. W...
  • Amanda
    “Because have I ever wanted anyone more than I want her? As a friend or a lover? Never.” I’m in love with Ethan!Oh my goodness, what a steamy and wonderful surprise this book was. I can’t get over how much I enjoyed Reckless by Lex Martin. I can’t stop thinking about Tori and Ethan and their families! Ugh, I seriously loved everything about this story.I devoured the crap out of Reckless. First of all we have Tori who is young and has ha...
  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    RecklessBy: Lex Martin4.5 StarsAfter falling in love with the lavender fields in Shameless, when I heard that Lex Martin was writing a standalone companion, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Tori has been on a sabbatical from men. Her past record with heart breaks has done her in. This last relationship was the one that hurt so bad. So, when her sister comes to her with an offer to get out of town and live by her, while being the nanny to ...
  • Shabby -BookBistroBlog
    Save a horse. Ride a cowboy. And that's what we should do, cause Cowboys....SEXY Cowboys are a dying breed ! So does Tori Duran . She's A party girl on her back, cause life has fucked her over. So no degree, no set of skills and no money later she needs to get a job to survive ASAP!. Kat, her sister hooks her up with Ethan Carter and off she goes Even if it means enduring the summer in the middle of nowhere with some stranger and his two annoyin...