The Spring Girls by Anna Todd

The Spring Girls

Four sisters desperately seeking the blueprints to life—the modern-day retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women like only Anna Todd (After, Imagines) could do.The Spring Girls—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy—are a force of nature on the New Orleans military base where they live. As different as they are, with their father on tour in Iraq and their mother hiding something, their fears are very much the same. Struggling to build lives they can ...

Details The Spring Girls

TitleThe Spring Girls
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherGallery Books
GenreFiction, Retellings, Young Adult, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Did Not Finish

Reviews The Spring Girls

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I think it's very brave to take on a beloved classic and do a modern remake. Personally, I was curious to see how Anna Todd's version would turn out to be. I have not read the original novel, only seen movie versions, so I do not have to compare THE SPRING GIRLS to the original book. If you have read LITTLE WOMEN or seen any of the movies you already know the book is about four young sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and their lives and dreams in M...
  • The Library Lady
    A simple summary of the plot of what Todd thinks is "Little Women 2017."Marmee is a lush, Meg is a slut trying to marry John "Mr West Point" Brooke and forget her former boyfriend, Beth is agoraphobic except when she's heading to Disney World with the family and Amy is a cipher. Father is Regular Army, and comes home with major injuries and PTSD. And here we go again with someone from Team Jo and Laurie. Laurie is a white blond bore, Jo whines be...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    I told myself I was swearing off of Anna Todd books before and yet here I am reviewing yet another one. Why would I stop reading them, you ask? Because they always make me a bit crazy! Why do I keep reading them? Because I can’t stop!Written in the first person, broken into chapters for each sister, this is the story of four sisters. For those of you that have a big family, you know how crazy the family life can be. The author hits the crazy le...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: January 2, 2017 Genre: Modern Retelling of Little WomenIt makes me sad to see the low ratings and reviews for this novel because I thought the book was very well written and interesting to read. Perhaps those who are not looking for an exact replica of Little Women will enjoy this one? I sure did. Anna Todd does a wonderful job at bringing these characters to life. Each one of them are different from the other and I could feel the...
  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
    "Le cerré la boca con un beso y decidí que tal vez Laurie tuviese razón: había muchos grises".Ay, ¿qué les puedo decir yo de este libro? En realidad quería que me gustara, pues la saga After me fascinó (sí, sí, no me juguen, ahórrenselo). Pero, siento sincera, Sisters me pareció un libro bastante soso. Ya les diré por qué, pero antes quiero aclararles que tengo entendido que es un retelling de Mujercitas, pero no tengo idea de si es...
  • Maria Sol
    Otro libro que entra en la categoria NO PARA MI!!!No me gusta leer autores de wattpad, no se porque, pero no me gusta...el hecho es que le dí una oportunidad a este libro porque es un retelling de Mujercitas, libro que leí por primera vez en 4to grado de la primaria cuando lo saque de la biblioteca del colegio, y después lo volví a leer muchas veces mas porque es un clásico. Pero....este libro definitivamente no es para mi, no me gustó el e...
  • Elaine
    Rating: 2.5/5This is based on the classic, Little Women by Louisa M Alcott, and endeavours to rewrite the original with a modern twist. I suspect this will prove to be one of those stories you’ll absolutely love or be somewhat ambivalent about. Unfortunately, I’m in the latter category. Yes, I did read and finish it but I struggled to do so. I found it difficult to relate to the characters, I felt little or no connection to them or their plig...
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewLittle Women by Louisa May Alcott has been always one of my favorite reads. This classic gem was one unforgettable read that showcased strength, resiliency, family, love, and all the feels. It will always be remembered as the book that made me fall in love with Meg, Beth, Amy and Jo March. And so when I heard Anna Todd was doing a modern retelling of the book, titled The Spring Girls, I kn...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    This is a modern day version of Little Women that was like looking into the window of a home I was walking by and zooming in on a snapshot of the family’s daily life. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are the Spring Girls, they live with their mum Meredith who is doing her best to raise them in their father’s absence overseas serving in the military. They live on an Army base and move around every few years or so and money is tight for them.The story is ...
  • Karen Mc
    ”Never, ever, let anyone take your strength. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than whole, and if they try, show them who you are.” A CHARMING and COMPELLING coming-of-age saga that paints a vivid picture of sisterhood and the strong family bond, The Spring Girls grabs you and never lets go. This Little Women-inspired read is so RIVETING and RELATABLE. The setting of New Orleans and Germany were places I’ve lived or heavily frequented...
  • Shabby -BookBistroBlog
    A retelling of Little women . A story of a woman and her 4 daughters and how they come about in age when their mom is struggling at home as  dad is away serving the country.The story is interesting in the sense the daily struggles of teenage girls, their budding awareness of their sexuality, their surroundings and entailing realizationsI found the characters not clearly etched, but thats just me.Meg is the eldest , she's supposedly the leader...
  • Meg
    The Spring Girls by Anna Todd is a modern retelling of Little Women, which is, let’s be honest, every little girl’s favorite book. I was so excited to read this! I I love Louisa May Alcott and I love retellings of classics!In The Spring Girls, Meg is a personal makeup artist to their wealthy neighbor, Mrs. King, Jo is counting the days until she can graduate and move to New York City, shy Beth is homeschooled, and Amy is there, too. The famil...
  • Gwen
    Had I not paid money for this book, it’s likely I wouldn’t have finished it. It is likely that my expectations for a “modern retelling” of my beloved Little Women were too high. I found that instead of the modern retelling I was hoping for, Ms. Todd used limited parts of Little Women (character names, limited characteristics of and facts about some characters) mostly as a jumping off point for her own story, which in very few ways mirrore...
  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)
    A shaky 2 because I have several issues with how this was retold. Though I did enjoy one serious plot correction and also that Amy remains The Worst, no matter how many times and ways this is adapted.
  • Readingbringsjoy
    Lets just first off by saying that this cover is absolutely stunning and goes perfectly with the title of the book. The moment I saw the cover I thought to myself that this book would look beautiful sitting on a bookshelf. As I looked more closely at the cover I saw that it was a modern-day retelling of Little Women. I was very intrigued to see what Todd would do with my beloved characters of Little Women.Let me first off by saying that this is a...
  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    Λοιπόν... Πού να το πιάσω και πού να το αφήσω... Ας ξεκινήσω από το ότι θα μπορούσε να χαρακτηριστεί έξυπνη η ιδέα του να ξαναγράψει κανείς, επί της ουσίας, τις “Μικρές κυρίες” και να τις φέρει πιο κοντά στα σύγχρονα δεδομένα. Ωστόσο, την ίδια στιγμή, ...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **The New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of the After series Anna Todd brings a modernized retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s classic Little Women to life in The Spring Girls.I am not going to give you too much background for this book, almost everyone has heard of Little Women, but if you haven’t just know that it is a story of four sisters trying to find their place in t...
  • Esmeralda Sempere
    Este ha sido un libro increíble que me ha encantado de principio a fin. Ha sido para mi un verdadero placer conocer y disfrutar de todo lo que tenia que contar las hermanas Spring ♥Si tuviera que sacarle un pero al libro y ese seria le motivo por el que no le doy la máxima nota seria que la linea temporal en algunas ocasiones no esta del todo bien definida por lo que no sabia muy bine cuanto tiempo había transcurrido entre momento y momento ...
  • Mdg2810
    J’ai enfin fini ce livre! Grosse déception! Autant j’ai adoré After, autant les Quatre filles du Dr March viennent d’être massacrées. L’auteure garde sa touche de romance/ érotisme. Elle aurait pu moderniser l’œuvre que j’avais adoré enfant mais elle en a fait une œuvre surfaite... Meg est devenue une fille extrêmement superficielle, Jo n’a plus sa force de caractère qui la rendait si intéressante ..
  • Xènia 🥀✨
    4'8/5⭐ Me ha encantado, pensaba que se me haría súper pesado pero ha sido todo lo contrario. 4'8/5⭐️ Me ha encantado, pensaba que se me haría súper pesado pero ha sido todo lo contrario.
  • Ashley
    I’m a goner for anything Little Women related - however this adaption wasn’t my favorite. It was just too far from the original, and I totally understand this is an interpretation, it just wasn’t for me. I did appreciate how the author modernized the characters and included an LGBTQ element. Thanks, Net-Galley for the ARC!
  • Judy Collins
    Love Cassandra Campbell (one of the narrators). My favorite childhood book, Little Women. An entertaining Modern-Day Retelling. Highly recommend the audiobook. Review to follow.
  • Naomi
    No sé que estaba esperando de un libro escrito por Anna Todd... pero definitivamente no era una masacre a uno de mis clásicos favoritos.Esta adaptación de Mujercitas a un mundo moderno ha resultado en un fracaso total.Comenzando con las hermanas Spring, quienes no le llegan ni a los talones a las hermanas March. Meg es una tipa frívola, superficial e interesada. Podría decir que Jo resultó un poco más decente que el resto de sus hermanas, ...
  • lacy [a ravenclaw library]
    A special thank you goes out to Netgalley, Gallery books, and Simon and Schuster for allowing me to read this early. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You guys don't understand how excited I was and still am for this book! It's a modern retelling of Little Women! How much more awesome can that get! I don't really talk about classics a lot because I haven't read a lot and I don't want to sound uneducated. But I adore Little Women, even if I ha...
  • Arwen
    1,5/5Bueno... ¿qué decir de esto?Nunca me interesó Anna Todd como autora por las temáticas de sus libros, ni cuando estaban en Wattpad ni ahora. Sólo leí este libro porque Mujercitas fue el primer clásico que leí en mi vida, me encantó, y actualmente es de mis favoritos, así que quería ver de que se trataba esto.A ver, tengo que ser sincera, nunca leí un retelling más allá de este libro y no estoy segura de saber como rayos es que f...
  • TheSnowBook
    1.5La verdad que me costo mucho leer este libro. No pude encontrar la trama y como retelling deja muchísimo que desear. Tiene capítulos larguísimos y el cambio de personalidades de las hermanas entre si parece una tomada de pelo.Soy fan del clásico y definitivamente no vale la pena uno por el otro (como he oído por ahí decir, que leían primero este y el clásico después)Pronto reseña completa
  • Roxanne
    Thanks to Netgalley and Gallery Books for a copy of the eARC in exchange for a fair review.Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy are military brats on a base outside of New Orleans. Meg is in a relationship with John but still caught in in feelings for Shia. But she really wants to be an officer's wife doesn't she? Jo wants to see the world, but when she meets Laurie suddenly she wonders if she can have it all. Beth just wants to play music, and Amy wants to be ...