Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

Two Girls Down

When two young sisters disappear from a strip mall parking lot in a small Pennsylvania town, their devastated mother hires an enigmatic bounty hunter, Alice Vega, to help find the girls. Immediately shut out by a local police department already stretched thin by budget cuts and the growing OxyContin and meth epidemic, Vega enlists the help of a disgraced former cop, Max Caplan. Cap is a man trying to put the scandal of his past behind him and mov...

Details Two Girls Down

TitleTwo Girls Down
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Two Girls Down

  • Debra
    I could not put this book down! I read this book over the course of one day. Brilliant. Two Girls Down is a page turner with well developed characters, an intriguing and well written plot, suspense and a feeling of dread. Jamie is a single Mother to two young daughters, 10 year old Kylie and 8 year old Bailey. She is running errands and goes into a Kmart ALONE (R U f'ing kidding me? Who leaves kids alone in a car?)to buy a birthday present. While...
  • Larry H
    I'm between 4 and 4.5 stars here.I love when a book you stumble upon by an author you're not familiar with turns out to be a terrific read. Such was the case with Louisa Luna's Two Girls Down . It's a well-written, suspenseful whodunnit with some pretty fascinating characters.A single mother, sometimes Jamie Brandt just needs a break from her two daughters, 10-year-old Kylie and 8-year-old Bailey. They're always wanting something, needing someth...
  • Mackey St
    4.5 starsTwo Girls Down by Louisa Luna is everything that a good mystery/thriller should be! This fast past story was riveting, character driven, dark and twisty from beginning to end! Alice Vega, as the ceaseless bounty hunter, was an enigmatic character that drew you in and made you anxious to know more. In a small town in New Jersey, two girls are taken from a shopping mall parking lot. After a few days without progress, the family calls in Al...
  • Sarah Joint
    An intense thriller based in my very own state of Pennsylvania... which doesn't paint the state in a very flattering light, but makes a valid point about a lot of small towns in America. This is an unpredictable book with a lot of action and twists, involving so many suspects that it's dizzying. Hired by the family of two missing girls, Alice Vega drops everything and makes the trip to Pennsylvania from California. Only ten and eight, it's clear ...
  • Liz
    Talk about how to grab a reader. “Jamie Brandt was not a bad mother. Later she would tell that to anyone who would listen: police, reporters, lawyers, her parents, her boyfriend, her dealer, the new bartender with the knuckle tattoos at Schultz’s…”. What Luna does is get the characters exactly right. In just a few pages, she was able to nail the main characters. I loved Cap from right off the bat. An ex-cop and current PI, he loves his te...
  • Dennis
    Louisa Luna's Two Girls Down is a binge-worthy whodunnit crime fiction novel that realistically paints how rural America is affected by today's drug epidemic. The story starts off with single mother Jamie Brandt taking her two daughters Kylie and Bailey to the mall so they can get a gift for Kylie's friend's birthday party. Jamie is a struggling single parent in a town where income inequality is rampant. Denville, Pennsylvania is a small town o...
  • Amy
    Good God this was one hell of a roller coaster ride! From the strong opening sentence all the way until the end this one had me glued to the pages as I wondered what happened to Bailey and Kylie Brandt?! Missing children stories always get to me, no idea why I’m so drawn to them because it’s such a nightmare thing to imagine happening to my own kids, yet they never fail to gain my attention and Two Girls Down was one of the most riveting miss...
  • Diane S ☔
    A small town in Pennsylvania, a town considered safe, a mother makes a mistake with horrific results.A single mom in a hurry, she leaves her you get daughter's in her vehicle and runs into Walmart to grab a last minute birthday gift. When she returns to her vehicle, she experiences a parents worst nightmare. Her girls are gone.The grandmother hires Alice Vega, a bounty Hunter who specializes in finding missing children. When she gets into town sh...
  • Carrie
    When a young mother is out running errands with her two young daughters she decides to leave the girls outside in the car to quickly run into the store. After returning to the car she finds the children gone and frantically begins to search the surrounding area but when the girls aren't found the police are called and the search begins. With very little to go on and hope disappearing the family decides to hire Alice Vega, a private investigator f...
  • Laura
    3.5 stars “Did you see two girls in party dresses?” she asked the people behind the counter. “Eight and ten years old. Did they come in to use the bathroom?” Then to the couple, and the man: “Did you see two girls?” They all said no. She left, looked back at her car, still empty. When two young girls go missing from a strip mall parking lot, the family reaches out to a bounty hunter, Vega, known for finding missing kids. She's the typ...
  • Reading.Between.Wines
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 / 5My reviews and other random thoughts can also be seen at ----------------------> https://readingbetweenwinessite.wordp...Two Girls Down is my first book from Louisa Luna, and while I probably won't read any of her previous books, I will definitely read any other adult books she will (hopefully) put out. This book was intense, very mysterious, and I had no clue who it was until it was revealed at the end. The cover of this book...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    About: Two Girls Down is a mystery thriller written by Louisa Luna. It will be published on 1/9/2018 by Doubleday, an imprint of Random House, 320 pages. The genres are mystery, thriller, crime, and fiction.My Experience: I started reading Two Girls Down on 12/19/17 and finished it on 12/28/17. I love the start. I read this book during my Christmas travel and sometimes only read snippets of it so I didn’t fully enjoy the read as much as I norma...
  • Lisa
    Two Girls DownLouisa LunaMY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐▫PUBLISHER Doubleday BooksPUBLISHED January 9, 2018A riveting and entertaining page-turner that will keep you guessing all night long. SUMMARYTwo young sisters, Kylie, age 10 and Bailey, age 8, disappear from a strip mall parking lot in Denville Pennsylvania. Jamie Brandt, the girls mother was not a bad mother, but she was not a perfect mother either. Jamie’s wealthy aunt hires Alice Vega, a tire...
  • Karen
    TWO GIRLS DOWN BY LOUISE LUNATwo young girls are left in the car while their mother goes into Kmart to buy a birthday present from her daughters as they are on their way to a birthday party. The mother returns to the car to her horror her two daughters are gone. She goes into each store in the strip mall asking the occupants if they have seen two girls. They had stopped in an ice cream parlor and consumed all of the free tasting servings that was...
  • Liz
    Talk about how to grab a reader. “Jamie Brandt was not a bad mother. Later she would tell that to anyone who would listen: police, reporters, lawyers, her parents, her boyfriend, her dealer, the new bartender with the knuckle tattoos at Schultz’s…”. What Luna does is get the characters exactly right. In just a few pages, she was able to nail the main characters. I loved Cap from right off the bat. An ex-cop and current PI, he loves his te...
  • Monnie
    4.5 stars, actually.I've always maintained that declarations of whether or not a book is well written shouldn't be soured by how much you love, relate to, or even like, the main characters - ttttthat's my story and I'm sticking to it. But when you do, it sure sweetens the whole experience - as was, happily, the case here. In fact, perhaps the primary strength of this book is the exceptionally well-developed characters.The top two are Max Caplan, ...
  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
    I liked this book and it was a great read but the only problem was that it triggered me. I was triggered because of certain events that happened in my rough past but I know this can happen with some thrillers and it’s not the book’s fault. The book was very suspenseful and had a very surprising ending that was very unexpected. I am sure that a lot of people would thoroughly enjoy this book but for me it was hard to enjoy it at times because o...
  • Dianne
    They may get on our last nerve, they may exhaust us, but one of a parent’s greatest nightmares is that their child could be kidnapped. It happened in the parking lot in a small Pennsylvania town, two young girls were taken from the car while their harried mother di a quick run in to the local Kmart.The clues are almost non-existent and the police are ill-equipped to handle this. Enter Alice Vega, private investigator, a woman who will stop at n...
  • Chloe
    Jamie runs inside a store for a few minutes and leaves her two girls Bailey 8 and Kylie 10 year old in the car . She comes back to find them missing with nobody having a clue where they went . The police department is short staffed so Alice Vega, a private investigator, who has a great track record for finding missing kids is hired by the family . She enlists the help of an ex-cop Max Caplan to help her with the search. A lot of suspects and very...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.This was really good! I went into this book rather blindly having never read the author before and not seeing much about the book. I thought it looked like a rather good mystery so I jumped in and started reading. I didn't stop reading until I had reached the end of the book. It has been a long time since I wanted to read a whole book in a single sitting but that is exactly what I end...
  • Dorie
    This is a very well done, page turning, high tension mystery/thriller. I was engaged from the very first page and read it in two sittings. Ms. Luna’s writing is smooth flowing and her characters are very well described, in particular the two main characters in the book. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that in parts the back stories on Alice Vega, the private investigator and the ex-policeman that she engages, “Cap” Max Cap...
  • Jill Croce-McGill
    Wow... Couldn't put this book down! TWO GIRLS DOWN by Louisa Luna is everything a mystery/thriller should be. This is one roller coaster ride from beginning to end... keeps you wanting more with every turn of the page! Fantastic writing, great story, and great characters... couldn't ask for anything more!!!*I want to thank NetGalley & Doubleday Books for this ARC.
  • Nikki (Saturday Nite Reader)
    This book is the reason I need an extra shot of espresso in my coffee this morning. I may have stayed up until 2:00 a.m. last night (or technically this morning) reading the last 13% of the book. I thought, 13% left I can finish that in thirty minutes…um, I grossly underestimated how much time it takes me to read 13% - it was more like 1.5 hours or something like that: I obviously lost track of time. Plus the ending was where most of the action...
  • Donna Davis
    This is a quick read and a fun one. I received my copy free and early in exchange for this honest review courtesy of Net Galley and Doubleday. It becomes available to the public tomorrow, January 9, 2018.A frazzled mother in a small Pennsylvania town pops into a big-box store one afternoon, leaving her two elementary-aged girls in the car. They’re old enough not to wander off with some weirdo, and she’s just going to be a minute. When she com...
  • Amanda
    What a suspenseful and fast-paced read! I could not stop reading Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna.I didn’t think too much about Two Girls Down when I first decided to read it. I was itching to read a crime-thriller and I was hoping this one would cure that itch. Boy did it ever! Before I knew it, I was hooked!I’m such a sucker for Kidnapping books and even shows, ID Channel is my life. I don’t know why and it seems so weird but I am fascinated...
  • Amy's Book Reviews
    ***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of TWO GIRLS DOWN in exchange for my honest review.***GRADE: A-4.5 STARSWhen two sisters go missing outside a mall, the girls’ aunt calls in private detective Alice Vega, who enlists the help of disgraced ex-cop Max Caplan.TWO GIRLS DOWN starts off slowly but the unique characters kept me reading until I was hooked. Louisa Luna created messy, complex, highly imperfect characters who w...
  • Jen Ryland
    So I broke one of my major reading rules to read this ... and I was glad that I did. Really well-written and plotted.See the full review of Two Girls Down on Jen Ryland ReviewsRead more of my reviews on or check out my Bookstagram!I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher for possible review.
  • debra
    AudioWas going to write RTF- but just as easy to write my review now. Here it comes...Read the excellent reviews posted by Larry H, Liz, Diane S, and Reading Between The Wines. ; ))