Machine Without Horses by Helen Humphreys

Machine Without Horses

What is an ordinary life worth?A seasoned writer stumbles across an obituary and imagination is sparked. The brief words of memoriam describe a woman who was both extraordinary—eccentric, revered in her field, a renowned expert—but also utterly ordinary. How does a writer, intrigued by all that isn’t said, create a story? Capture an unknowable woman and all the secret passions, choices and compromises that make up a life?In Machine Without ...

Details Machine Without Horses

TitleMachine Without Horses
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherHarperCollins Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Cultural, Canada

Reviews Machine Without Horses

  • Peter
    Do you believe in magic? Have you ever wondered how a magician performs their magic? If you answer is yes to these questions then please read this book.Humphreys is more than an accomplished writer. She is a writer whose precision and touch with language is delightful to experience. In “Machine Without Horses” Humphreys offers two books in one. The first part of her novel is an explanation of how she came to discover the story of Megan Boyd, ...
  • Sharron
    Humphreys weaves a story that is part biography and part novel with her usual elegant style. The first half of the book reveals much about a writer's process in preparing and then crafting her story. The second half, tells the story of a driven and extraordinary woman who spent more than 50 years tying fishing flies. This part of the story is told with the author's trademark lyrical style.