Archival Quality by Ivy Noelle Weir

Archival Quality

Everything you need to know is in the archives.The Logan Museum is a mysterious old building practically covered in skulls, and also the new workplace of Celeste "Cel" Walden, a librarian who was let go from her previous job after a mental breakdown. But Cel is desperate to feel useful, and Abayomi Abiola, the Logan Museum's chief curator, is desperate to hire a new archivist. Cel soon realizes the job is unlike any other she's had. There's an ap...

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TitleArchival Quality
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherOni Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Health, Mental Health, Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Ghosts

Reviews Archival Quality

  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    Archival Quality is a graphic novel about Celeste “Cel” Walden who’s battling mental health issues on her own. Due to her condition, Cel was fired from her work as a library assistant; she searched for a new job online and found an archivist opening in the Logan Museum. She was hired immediately by Abayomi, the Chief Curator, and she was offered a free lodging in the museum’s apartment; Cel is required to work after museum hours thus the...
  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]
    Archival Quality is an interesting and somewhat dark story about a young woman who becomes the overnight archivist librarian for an asylum-turned-library, where dreams of a strange and tortured young woman lead her on a chase for answers and a way to offer reprieve to a broken, lost spirit haunting the library. The art style in this graphic novel isn't my favorite, but it's made up for by how much I enjoyed the plot and how easily I could relate ...
  • Lin
    Ohh, where do I begin with this.I really did want to love this book, the idea and the premise were so promising and I was hooked...I did appriciate that it dealt with mental health, th diverse characters and the whole idea of thw museum and its macabre secret, but my appreciation ends here. The story was poorly executed, the charaters fell flat and I, as a person that strugles with depression, could not relate to the main character Cel. In fact I...
  • Chad
    Cel has just lost her job at the library. It's inferred that she had some kind of mental breakdown at work. She finds a new job as an archivist at a medical museum. It's a very odd job in that there's an apartment for her to stay at in the basement and she has to do the archiving by herself overnight. It makes very little sense. She, of course, starts hearing strange noises, things are knocked off shelves, all the usual cliched spectral visitatio...
  • Schizanthus
    Trigger Warning - mental health.This should have been the perfect graphic novel for me. I hate writing negative reviews and I want you to know there are plenty of really positive reviews too. I would encourage you, if you’re considering reading this graphic novel, to check out some of the 4 and 5 star reviews as well. Just because it wasn’t for me doesn’t mean it won’t be for you. 😊Our main character, Celeste Walden (Cel), has lost her...
  • Sara
    Following a very intense mental "episode" twenty something Cel Walden loses her job working in the tech department at a library. Desperate for another job she takes a position as an "archivist" at a local medical museum. Before long she becomes embroiled in the strange goings on there. From an ominous seeming, enigmatic board of directors to the off putting head curator to mysterious noises and "accidents" in the darkest hours of the night Cel su...
  • Devann
    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalleyThis was a really nice story that managed to be cute and creepy at the same time. I liked how it dealt with Celeste's mental illness and also tied it back into the ghost story and talked a bit about the history of how we've handled mental health [aka not well]. I liked all the characters but also they all felt a little bit two-dimensional and some of their actions I feel were only there to move th...
  • Kristin
    Hoo boy, there's a lot wrong here. The main character is insufferable instead of sympathetic. The characters don't start investigating the mystery until the last quarter of the book. The art is so shaky that character's pupils are sometimes going in violently opposing directions. Worst of all, this is set in a museum library and archive, written by a librarian, that treats librarianship like a fallback job. The characters that work here are a col...
  • Jayne
    I received an e-arc from netgally for an honest review.The main reason I drawn to this graphic novel was because I work in a museum and the prospect of dealing with haunted objects is something we joke about. The story centers around Cel, who lost her job in a library due to her mental illness and subsequent breakdown. She then sucures a job in a museum which was once a sanitarium amougst other things. The fact that the location itself is quite u...
  • Flor
    This, was not what I was expecting... yes it is a ghost story inside of an archive, but more than that, it's a story about overcoming fears and personal demons. An and fast paced graphic novel, thank you Netgalley for providing me this arc.
  • ♛ Garima ♛
    Solid 3.5 starsI don't know who bottom 2 girls are but 3 standing are, Molly, Gina and Caleste I really liked the cast here, all of them. All had their flaws but it made book more compelling in the end. I think blurb is pretty accurate and all you need to know to get into this book. (view spoiler)[ One thing which is not explained in the book is, why Cel was loosing track of time. As a reader, I could only guess that spirit might have taken over ...
  • Paige
    I enjoyed this book for its representation of mental health and how it can effect someone and those around them when they are at their lowest. It highlights how important it is to have those people in your life who are there for you when you do get to that low point.
  • RJ
    The cover and title are a little misleading! I was expecting a paranormal romance about archives, instead got a slightly spooky mystery about mental health and the legacy of psychiatric sanatoriums. I would have preferred the former, but the latter was alright. I don't think the art will be for everyone, but I found it charming.Also not to be That Librarian - there's some big suspension of disbelief to be done regarding how this fictional library...
  • Maggie Gordon
    I mistakenly thought this book was aimed towards much younger readers, but it has a rather dark plot about the damages of ableism in regards to those with mental illness. Don't let the soft, cute artwork trick you! There's some really interesting stuff being discussed in these pages, though I do wish the author had pushed a bit far in some of the themes. Really interesting and unique find in the YA graphic novel world.
  • Kristen P
    I apologize for being so blunt, but frankly, this book sucks. The one thing that really stuck out to me was the illustrations. Especially compared to the other graphic novels I have read, the drawing style is under-developed and shows ambiguous emotions, as well as being not-so-aesthetically-pleasing. The storytelling overall is ineffective and does not tell a cohesive story. In relation to plot, the first half of the novel is mixed with no clear...
  • Anne Nerison
    This book kind of fell flat for me. Positives first: diverse characters (in terms of race and sexual orientation), dealing with mental health issues, a female lead (who's also a librarian), a ghost story, and an old mental health institution. Negatives: First, the way the characters interact with each other feels "off." In other words, the actions they take throughout make sense, but they act in ways that are kind of cliched and don't seem totall...
  • Laura
    I wouldn’t say this book is semi-autobiographical, but the author does know about mental illness and archiving medical history.Cel, the main character, has such a job, and the mental illness, but she loves the structure of doing this sort of work.If you pick up and only read the first few pages, you might say, “what the heck is going on,” which is what I did, but then I got past that, and realized that this was a pretty cool little story of...
  • Molly
    Cel Walden is having some mental health troubles. As a result, she loses her job at the library, but soon finds gainful employment as an archivist at the Logan Museum, a little-known repository of medical history. The new job is not quite what Cel imagined it might be: she's required to keep odd hours, obey a byzantine set of rules regarding her comings and goings, deal with a uniquely abrasive (and oddly secretive) boss, and, on top of all that,...
  • Andrea Lorenz
    Celeste, or Cel, is feeling adrift after losing her beloved library job. When a mysterious job at a local medical museum opens up, Cel jumps at the chance to do something like what she loves. The job is straightforward, but the circumstances are odd. She lives in an apartment above the museum, she can't go into the third floor or the board room, her boss, the chief curator, is both nowhere to be found and everywhere at once. When Cel starts havin...
  • Katherine
    Wowwie did I love this book. So many moments showing Celeste struggling with the effects of her depression and insecurity feel like they were taken directly out of my brain. The artwork is adorable, mixing with the darker content of the story to create a striking balance. Ivy Noelle Weir said in her afterword that the book isn't entirely backed by scientific data, but I don't think that takes away from the story's value at all: when in the throes...
  • Matthew Noe
    On the 5-star side of 4.5-stars. I picked this after hearing about it directly from one of the authors on a library webinar and getting so excited to read it that waiting for release was miserable! I knew it focused on librarian/archives work and the art is colorful, expressive, and inviting. What I didn't expect was an exploration of mental health, notably the stigma attached to it, both in the past and today. (In hindsight, if I had read any fu...
  • Leonora Anne
    This is a somewhat slight and subplot-heavy book, and it was less queer than I expected given the cover art (though the presence of adorable lesbian side characters is not to be discounted). Its heart, however, is quite captivating. As a story about dealing with depression and mental illness, and as an exploration of unethical psychiatric practices in history and modern-day condescending boyfriends alike, this story has a lot of value.
  • Annise Blanchard
    cute, LGBTQ+ friendly, shows depression in a real light, quick and beautiful read
  • Christina Taylor
    Oh my, I'm a FANTASTIC, fabulously dressed librarian in print as well. I didn't know that I had my own comic. Some details have been changed to protect the innocent, but really nothing significant!!
  • Elia
    Oy....Where to even start with this.... I guess I will start with the most obvious thing - the art in this does not match the story AT ALL. The art is VERY juvenile, which gives the graphic novel the immediate appearance of being something that should be aimed at teens or even tweens - but (despite the fantasy elements of the story) the themes in the story itself are way too adult for this audience. The protagonist is an adult woman suffering fro...
  • Nostalgia Reader
    While I very much enjoyed the story, the art style wasn’t my thing, hence the 4 stars.The story focuses on Celeste, who after losing her previous job due to a mental breakdown, has come to work as an archive assistant at a medical museum (pretty unrealistic, seeing as she doesn’t have an MILS, but also so true to being passionate about books and archives but not being allowed to do anything involving them unless you have the MILS). Curious th...
  • Kelly
    Sometimes you root for the ghost.(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)Celeste Walden has fallen on hard times. She's struggled with anxiety and depression for most of her life, and a recent breakdown cost Cel her dream job as a librarian. So when she lands a position as live-in, night shift archivist at the mysterious Logan Museum, it seems too good to be true. And it is: before long, Cel begins to lose time and...
  • Kitkat
    I loved this book! I feel amazing that I read it! So the entire concept is on the protagonist losing her job at the library because she had a breakdown. Cel starts to work at a museum which is haunted! Weird stuff starts to happen and her boyfriend Kyle doesn't believe her. He thinks that Cel is having a mental breakdown again and they have a terrible relationship. I hate Kyle because he was ignorant of what she wanted and what she was going thro...